The Gateway to the Gateway

I’m feeling like 2020 may as well just go for full weird, get us all in the mood for Pluto in Aquarius.  The C.I.A. declassified Astral Travel docs make fabulous reading.

I liked the part about how the brain does not have “an imagination” – the imagination has created the mind; something like that. But my fave section is where they are looking for the “gateway to the Gateway.”

YES! I had not realized that they were affiliated to Neptunian Life Coaching.

Also, a discovery: Electron Flux IS the new Biorhythms – remember how people went mad for Biorhythms last century? This is better. It seems to function like a kind of a weirdness index.  Below is one that covers the last year. See also, the Planetary K index, for Solar Wind & Geomagnetic Storms.

As mentioned in the Cosmic Rays post, we are getting more exposed to out-there rays these days. Beneath all the dystopian politics and challenges, you can feel something fresh stirring, yes?





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Feel like I should have been able to major in Astral Travel at University. I can just see people chatting in between classes, “Oh what are you majoring in?” “Astral Travel, I’m minoring in Off Planet Astral Travel, but also Archaeology. You?”. It would be so satisfying to actually study Astral Travel in a formal education setting (NN in Sagg). I just love this so much! What a pity shady intelligence units get all the fun. It’s going to take some doing to get into such dense info as Electron flux, my flux state is I am in Melbourne and… Read more »


The Uranian weirding was fully symbolised for me this weekend by the electricity tripping out after the first rain storm since summer began. The walls are so damp here (and hideously mouldy) it’s surprising they haven’t crumbled but interestingly this weekend I wasn’t able to reset the fuse box despite multiple attempts. I’m pretty experienced now so I was unnerved to have to spend the weekend in the dark without electricity and since I cook everything from scratch it meant I was on an involuntary hunger strike/ fast as well. I’m in the habit of fasting once a month for… Read more »


But my point was that sitting alone in a dark room for a few days and then that shock. I mean, it was jarring. I’m kind of struggling to get my groove back as it were. I’m hoping it’s just dark moon sluggishness and there’s nothing wrong with me health wise. Hopefully just some Virgo hypochondria. I’m feeling queasy and weak and just generally meh. And I was on such a determined pre dark moon power purge before the storm. Trying to get the place sparkling clean and lovely again. Such a lot of work though. And the energy is… Read more »


Wow man. Wow. The astrology weather is interesting this weekend eh? I’m feeling the Mars square-y energy so strongly and am constantly having to check my desire to start throwing some reckless blame rockets out of my window on any authority type figures in my life I still have. I mean we all have them to some extent. In my case it always seems to be some gripe about them not fulfilling their responsibilities to me and the rage rising out of the issues feels existential. Or primal, developmental even. It’s so clearly old trauma patterns for me to resolve.… Read more »


Speaking of gateways, I just had my first Aya experience a couple of nights ago…She came to me as an Eagle and very sternly admonished me to reclaim my Fierceness (among other things)

It was so much the right warning to my long term food/tech addictions/imbalance/fog

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I wish my real name was Electron Flux.

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like Aeon flux? Maybe a cousin


I look forward to reading these links. It’s an interesting period in time. A dear friend and I were chatting and she is a super human computerised Aqua, with a fabulously interesting back story. I’d buy her the quality tea, spin some tunes and we would dance. She would hate that we would have fun and then have to return to her role as Mum and trapped in DV of 11 years. Sisters in strange we are. We are close in age and I realised that I was responsible for the investigation that might have lead to the cops (many… Read more »


Epic story


Thank you Ms.
The flow of my life really has created a rich tapestry of life changing and at times soul shattering situations.


So this gateway to the gateway. If I go through both will I find the Aries weeklies there ? 😬


Oh and if you haven’t seen this movie about the CIA and the ‘paranormal’ division please watch !
The Men Who Stare at Goats


It’s brilliant, hilarious and apparently based around real events. One of my favorite Clooney roles. Great cast, must see !


Got the scopes 👍🏽 Thanks.


The movie is interesting but it does mention animal abuse that has left a negative impression on me, just warning darling Mystic!


It mentions it ? Sorry but what are you referring to ?


When I compare what’s in this movie which is basically a made up comedy with the actual daily news I think she can handle it. The goats are a metaphor ?


yes watch it …so relevant to everything thats being unearthed…with a funny spin

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Unicorn Sparkles

Its based on a book by Jon Ronson.
I’m currently reading his book “them” which is about extremists and conspiracy theorists. His writing is fact based but presented with a fair bit of humour. I’m yet to see the film


Oh man I remember my osteopath told me that she studied at a place where people who were previously part of the CIA mind control and psychic studies places taught. This was a year ago probably. I looked at her like “what”? Now I have been doing their online program since the start of COVID and none of this stuff seems crazy at all to me anymore! I thought some people had “the gift” or whatever but it’s all just instruction and practice and is really practical teaching for sensitive people.


Would love to know what place you’re talking about! Is it Monarch Institute by any chance? Thank you!


Sorry, I meant Monroe Institute!

Talk about a Freudian slip! Lol!


Academy of Intuition Medicine! It’s been said that it’s like a rehab for highly sensitive people and I have found it so helpful. If only I had these skills and concepts my whole life instead of just getting it now.


That sounds like a perfect place R(Aqua/Tauri).


We are so delicately balanced here on earth she says as she pirouettes toward the Gatekeeper.


Re the CIA doc – I loved the bit about Niels Bohr.
Responding to his son’s complaint about the ‘obtuse nature’ of certain concepts in physics, he said: “You are not thinking. You are merely being logical”.

I am def going to use that line at some point in the future!


Today seems to be an uptick of … something…per the chart. Can definitely correlate the downward readings of April to mid-July to downward things in my personal life.


I don’t know if you remember Mystic but years ago you had to tune your radio into a frequency and there was a whole lot of static before the sound was clear. Today I have received a legal email intended for someone unknown to me and tonight I have looked at the insta app on my phone and it was signed in to my son’s account. He’s interstate for work and in lockdown whenever he isn’t working. He and I have never shared our insta accounts. There is something brewing …


Oh, I didn’t know you could do that with the radio! I want one again and now. Also, that snippet of the CIA files makes me think of Stranger Things. Also how weird must it be to be one of the participants, having CIA folks talk to you about opening innerspace gateways…I’m all “WUH????”


I just want to print it and draw all over it with paint, inks and little symbols. Is it the font? Is it the content? Journaling first chance I get

Stella Polaris

Focus 12 state – a great name for some kind of rave revival


This is cool. I’ve been doing these Arcturian activations with Janosh for years, like over a decade. He makes these beautiful sacred geometry mandalas and then plays music with certain frequencies and you meditate with it. I found Janosh after getting really into crop circles. He used to make designs based on crop circles, which are supposedly engineered by the Arcturians. Somehow the description below the electron fluence reminds me of all this. It’s all going toward the concept of being able to perceive at the 5D level. I’m Aqua Sun and Mercury. I’m wondering what having Saturn and then… Read more »


Archturus ‘h’ being a constant of quantum mechanics according to my book & says it is a programming centre used by physical ‘brotherhoods’ in our local universe to govern the many rounds of experiments with ‘physicals’ on our end of the galaxy, known to the ancients as the Herdsmen shepherding or watching the faithful on the other side of the river of crystal. Wooohaa too early in the morn for my limited attention span but just had to look it up Flower :-)x

Wish Upon a Star

When I first saw the heading I was expecting to hear about Lions gate. I have heard alot about it lately.

Is this something you will be covering Mystic?

Wish Upon a Star

Oh ok. I just liked watching this particular tarot/astrology lady. She talked about it like it was astrology.

She does carry on a bit about twin flames which I can’t be bothered with.

Thanks for letting me know about the ascension link. Your description made me laugh.


If id been drinking liquid of any kind it would have come out of my nose in appreciation for that.


‘Scientology for millennials’. Gonna go talk to Metatron about what you said Mystic 🙂


It’s just all top good


‘Third eyes around the world will be opened’
I must say I’ve finally come out of my pandemic hibernation swamp — thank goddess! but also had a Tao healing session with a friend to help my ‘on hold’ being stuck frustration feeling and it has worked!


Yes please, 8/8 sounds interesting from what I’ve been reading

Wish Upon a Star

Definitely sounds like numerology and astrology as it is Leo Sun season.

Anyway interested to hear Mystics take on this.

I should just google it to get some background.


Oh wow those CIA documents are fascinating! what a trip. I’m going to send them to my dad who was doing a lot of new age meditation, self development etc during that peak time in the 1980s (while he was in the Army).


Feels like just clicking that link has crossed me far over the line I teetered on. Here we go.


For real

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