The Many Moods Of Mercury Retrograde In Cancer

Mood-tripping? Expressing your emotions without trying to spin a story around them? Taking calls from a decade ago? Welcome to Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, when the message arrives precisely on time but you’re not sure what dimension it is. It’s not like the usual Mercury Retro.

Flat-out in the constellation of Cancer, without the customary retreat into the zodiac before it, this is unadulterated instinct, exclusive, and appreciated only by those with astral flair or inside info. If this Mercury Retrograde were a new drink it would come in quartz crystal bottles. The “it” ingredient would be triple-activated Numinous Fungus from Dibe Nitsaa and it would be a hipster start-up with funding from shady sources. 

Surveillance Glitching &  Zombie Telesales

You see being in the sign of Luna, the Moon sign shifts are dramatic and your natal Moon becomes louder. There are many moods of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer; here are the major four. 

Major Mood One 

Tech Nostalgia – for land-lines and that sound of dial-up internet. Yes, there was a time when we would be offline.  Phone Ghosts – texts from people who were going to call you back five years ago, automatic telesales calls from zombie offices that went bust but left their stalkerware running. A quantum version of “must-do lunch” where you take turns having terrible reception (surveillance glitching?) and saying “I’m losing you” before agreeing to reconvene in another phone call, that will be when you arrange a physical meeting. But you’ll text to confirm the phone call.

Major Mood Two

Astarte smiles upon you. Creatively, this Mercury Retrograde in Cancer has given you a direct cosmic download from some drastically rad dimension and you don’t want it to stop. The ideas are legit and lockdown is the ultimate excuse to become a shut-in without fear of censure – it’s for the good of society! Researching well-known recluses,  you are delighted to find that – apart from the Unabomber, they were/are successful happening people. Downsides: The dietary hacks, delivery-driver frightening wardrobe, and cognitive inability to make 10 epic ideas occur at once.

Major Mood Three

It’s not paranoia when you’ve researched it as thoroughly as you have. You’re using Mercury Retrograde in Cancer to investigate potential options for a health-enhancing Power Bunker – soil testing, neutrino enhancing rainwater tanks, Vitamin D lamps, heirloom seeds, electro-magnetic-radiation meters, neo-Shamanic design sensibility, spirulina tanks, Radionics and Volcanic Obsidian cutlery.  Some of your searches – Can Cats Wearing Magnets Be Trained To Find Ley Lines In Your House? and Ascension Symptoms Or Gastric Reflux? have apparently broken the advertising algorithm – because yours only show the Periodic Table of Elements. At least, you think that’s what it is. 

Major Mood Four

An existential ennui loop consisting of frustration with the interrupted momentum, followed by guilt for selfish concerns and then a chaser of missing a more frivolous and spontaneous era. Settling in for a retrospective tour through your chosen era, you startle. What if energetically attaching to the past confirms the rut you’re in? Is this a physics experiment? Do not read/watch Aniara or anything described as ‘harrowing’.  Either create your own Gloom-Lit/poignant sound-tracks or turn onto Uranus in Taurus – sextiling Mercury until August. How? Botanical baking, body oils you alchemized yourself, and magical plant/herb/rock potions.

There are many sub-genres of these moods, of course. Which one are you? And can you tell which elements (Fire, Air, Earth, and Water) they correspond to?

Vintage Love Comic 1 and 4 – I can’t find the artist/credit. If you know, please send. Sequential Crush has many similar images if you’re interested.
Wonder Woman #28 – William Moulton Marsden
Coyote Vs Acme – An upcoming movie featuring Wile E Coyote lawyering up and taking out a class action against Acme. It feels so now.

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I had to re-evaluate this for a moment, the mood break down is again awesome, but the period when Merc in Kataka was in my 10th, was definitely different. My Capricorn/Kataka flip is always a mystery to me but this has been a complete phase. I think when I’m 70 I’ll look back on these years from some actual semblance of home. A true sense of it is too big for just walls and a room these days


As a double Cancer with Mercury also in Cancer in 12th house, I loved this Mystic..thank youit’s nostalgia central at my place, working out astrological cycles with the times now, sorting old photos dreaming of exes… goes on xx


Deffo 4 🐋⚡️🌙🌬🧬


I’m definitely doing mars in my first. Mercury seems out of it frankly. The biggest players are Eris and pluto. Work scene is just ridiculously discordant. And about to collapse. Which had to happen. Eris set the plot line, So pluto could utterly flattening things for it to be built on a far better and more up to date, less machismo footing. I’m missing my zen like state of lockdown but loving being busy and wages ! Oh and my Dad is about to move on I think. Bless him. Lunar eclipse departure would be lovely but it’ll be soon.… Read more »


Numbers 2 & 4 reporting for duty, hahaha!


Just ordered Merc-Aries rant and Saturn ’20 downloads.How easy to place order and how immediate they are.New format is superb. Looking forward to listening tonight. Thank you Myst, you just keep on giving…………….xxx


To STAR WISHES: You are so brave to have chemo and wish you speedy recovery. We are here for you as you know. Keep your mind on(wrote OM the future haha) the future and how lucky you are to be in Oz where we have an excellent health system. Don’t forget to add juicing to your health regime, it is said to be miraculous. You are loved.x INVICTA: Hang in, there is a perfect property with your name on in a safe area.Seems you have turned into an Orange Person, are you reading OSHO???. MILLIE: you are one of the… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Thank you so much Pegasus.

OM love to you all ! 💖




What a stunning post, choices given for what mood to adopt. It IS our choice isn’t it. Have been having close telephone contact with dear old friend in Melbourne that i visited Feb 14, the grand gesture that lasted a full 48 hours. He is dying or thinks he is.It is a Winter Thing for Oldies. He is seriously deaf also recovering still from stroke, so speech can be punishing to listen to. All i can do is guarantee he is not alone and if he wants to go to happy hunting ground then i will assist if i can… Read more »


I don’t know about motivation. Is it contrarian that I’m currently trying to calculate how to spend the rest of the year on unemployment? The pandemic caused it, and Big Brother provided.


Major Moods #1 & #2 here.

Major nostalgia for simpler, sweeter times (this morning I decided that today’s playlist would be what I listened to on a similar summer day back in 1984), combined with a direct line to The Universe (11:11 sightings near daily, a return to dreaming regularly, and spooky tarot reads tailored in great detail to my life that I’m surprised don’t have have the cards actually addressing me by my first name somehow).


Surprisingly this has been one of the most technologically challenging Merc Rx’s… ever. Not so much about moods, but just everything is breaking down.


This is HILARIOUS 🤣 Awesome 👏 Except, I’m worried I am the ex from five years ago reaching out…cue screeching brakes! Needed this! Thanks AGAIN Mystic!!! 🙌💕


I can’t tell which elements the 1-4 belong to. Just guessing:

  1. tech nostalgia = air
  2. cosmic downloads = earth
  3. power research = fire
  4. existential ennui = water

Am I right or way off?


#4-feels like earth to me


Massive amounts of mysterious dark matter gravitationally focused by the planets may be the illusive “mechanism” that explains how <a href=””>astrology</a> works in the natural world.


It’s neutrinos.


I think I am vacillating between 2 and 3. My watery Gem, with a Mercury in Cancer, is a hard mood 4. While I was reading this post this morning in bed he was busy making a new spotify playlist featuring a band called The Black Moods, which is basically his bio right now 😄


Mood 4 here. I love the obsidian mountain link and have the numinous fungus chapter saved to read later. I’m all here a post on mushrooms, ferns etc. Recently have found calming herbs like lavender, lemon balm, mint, hawthorn soo useful.


Don’t know if this is due to my natal Mercury and Sun (and Saturn) in Cancer- but this is legit what it feels like in my brain like 90% of the time, lol. Excellent description ( as always), and very helpful way of framing the energies at play!


Ha! I got a ghost email from you Mystic, telling me my report from 2018 (Zapping Your Uranus Opposition) is ready. Of course I received the report back then and have been holding your suggestions in my mind ever since then in anticipation (my Uranus opposition is in 2022). Your suggestion was that I take on an epic writing project (natal Uranus in Scorpio 3rd house in a grand water trine with Mercury/Sun in Pisces and Mars in Cancer) and, having neglected my writing for several years, I signed up for an online spiritual/magic and ritual focused creative writing course… Read more »


Mercury is retrograded exact on my Ascendant today. I think I’ve been in mood #4 since it began even maybe before. Last week or the week before out of nowhere I started thinking about music from the band REM, which I haven’t listened to in years. Particularly songs from their albums that came out around the time I graduated from university, Out of Time (1991), and Automatic for the People (1992). The song Nightswimming is so beautiful. A watery Cancerian song..? For some reason, as I listen to these songs from so long ago, and tap into how I was… Read more »


i hear ya
i just have my son now & again…thia lockdown has made me realise how much i NEED people…LOVE nightswimming…
a fellow generation x-er!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Omg Mood # 4 is so real, especially the chaser of guilt. Going to avoid harrowing/gloom lit


Definitely #2. I think in general most mercury retrogrades helps with my communication (virgo rising). I find myself being way more eloquent and concise when speaking, writing, or even analytical thinking/processing (what a virgo thing to say). I think it helps that most of my communication is around feelings or processing what is happening around the world.


Mood #3. Jury is still out on the cats…but they like to sleep in places of negative energy…apparently!


love you mystic. wonder if the numinous fungus could mean that thingie paul stamets is so enthused about – agarikon?


I’d say all of them. For major mood #1: I designed a tech-nostalgia themed personal website, and I would say that personal websites that aren’t redirecting to Medium or a cliche theme selling something are extremely rare these days. For major mood #2: I bought this time tracker octohedron thing and I am using it to live my life all Kant-like as an experiment, devote x number of hours to writing and music alongside coding. I’m trying to stay off of major social media platforms but when I do, THAT’S TRACKED TOO. For major mood #3: Maybe this one isn’t… Read more »


Yes please! I’ve already bookmarked the Somaveda website. Thank you for that! I’d buy it even if it didn’t do anything because it looks like a glowing UFO! Would love to know about octahedron time trackers.


The time octahedron is at timeular dot com, I really like it because anything tactile to help me at my computer is great. I was a holdout for the longest time with a paper planner lol


It’s called Timeular (timeular dot com) and so far I am finding it useful and helping to build better habits. I didn’t get the subscription to the fancy software, just paid for the device and it comes with access to basic software where you can set up the device, see things in the calendar, and see analytics of how you spend time.


If you’re talking about SF, yes, 2013 was the tipping point. It’s when I knew I had to GTFO or be, as you describe, sitting at a desk with interns right out of college. The techbros, mang. I couldn’t handle the thought of dealing with it–even to score some cool pad in Oaktown. But I miss riding across the bridge and stampeding down Grand Ave., gaining air on the potholes. I’m writing poems about 2013, can you tell? And yeah, I’m on #4, with a sidecar of #1. Really badly. I’m a buncha Air and an Uraniac. But I think… Read more »


Yup I’m talking about SF… omg it feels good to know I’m not crazy in identifying that as the last call of it all. I think 2009 was my best SF year, feels so far away and inaccessible sigh


SF felt like it changed, as you described, in the late 80’s when dot com took over this city. I moved to the southetn hemisphere permanently, and occasionally went back to visit Dad..who said he must’ve been a frog in hot water…..


Oh geez, that’s when I was born and shortly before that my dad moved here to be in the first wave of techies. My great grandparents and grandparents and my mom herself all lived in SF before this so I feel I have some familial claim and am not just a product of the mass tech migrations lol


way to make us feel old, R! ;-p


Lots of native SF people used to say to me that it’s only transplants that complain about the city “changing”–those people have since changed their tune. I think 2013 is a watershed year in the tech industry, which is why it is also the same for SF. 2013 is the last year I can remember tech HELPING. Now we’re living under what I call “The Predictive Paradigm” which hinders more than helps–think of trying to type with autocorrect. I used to report on the industry (one of my beats was wireless dev) and I liken the whole thing to Google… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by SheRat

Yeah, I rented rooms out to some of these young techies from elsewhere but tried to pick the ones who were truly geeks, not the dude-bro’s. Couldn’t have lived with that.. I mostly had renters from other countries – France, Sweden, Netherlands, etc. I never worked in tech or even tech-adjacent. I worked in healthcare, public health, actually. Public health in SF….just imagine. Worked at a UCSF satellite clinic in the Tenderloin. I have career burnout now. My last good year in SF ended in the spring of 2014, so I stayed six more years too long. Just got bought… Read more »


It’s all SO true what you said. My dad was a true geek and technical genius with no college education back in his early days. Now he’s a much respected dinosaur still doing things at a security company that all of us JavaScript hipsters could never imagine… in fact his knowledge is in danger of dying out as his generation retires or passes. I’m 100% a software refugee, I grew up making websites but started taking it seriously in my late 20s when I realized that it was one of the few places I could get paid well and left… Read more »


All of the above


Ha!! I’m the one who’s been sending old emails to people. Oh! Found you in my outbox, here you go! Message through! Very funny. Must ensure I check more often. Started writing my book again as searched for something else and the drafts came up in search. Good times.

Quadruple Cappy

I just found my Sony Walkman( uses tapes) and gifted it to my friend who is delighted! She is going to use it on her walks as she is a 5G shunner .Have images of teens & children surrounding her in wonderment. . . “What IS that? and what era is it from??😂


FOUR. Definitely. But then also everything feels a little business as usual other times? The whole mars situation has me riled, and nothing is good enough. Even if we aren’t acknowledging politics/the world.


I’m swaying between 1&2! Natal Moon and Venus in Cancer 💫


Speaking of fungus, have you heard about Merlin Sheldrake’s new book?


Major Mood One: our mail room zipped open an envelope today with an invoice issued on 12 November 2011. Baffling


Wish I was more Major Mood Three right now. I am just too close to Major Mood Two for my liking


Was hoping for 2 mostly having 1


The most cancer-season activity of them all incoming into my life: bonding with babies! Going to stay with my friends, a couple of young run-down parents, for a few days (one of them Kataka by Sun sign) and help them relax for a bit, maybe celebrate their anniversary, by being a nanny&cook. As for the moods: the tech nostalgia has been real.


mood 4


Yes, Moods 2 and 4, latter is so Earth, as is my Saturn and Mars…not sure about 2 just now. It came as a side order of mega main dish i apparently ordered or created, but is rather large, even for this 12th Jupiterian multi-thing


Oh yah, Pluto in Earth sign, too.


thought it was earth…im jupiter 12th too


Watching: action movies where the double-life protagonist experiences amnesia, and then is compelled to undergo a trauma-driven personality reintegration such as Bourne identity

Last edited 1 year ago by Sam

I can’t relate to any one but facets of all. I was laughing like the jolly Buddha at the news hubby sold my car and I need to hitch with friends to work. “Wait until the 12th before you replace it,” has him puzzled. Today someone knocked on my office door as I answered the landline, then my work mob rang. Three conversations at once, what a crack up. Now to the research tasks MM has set for me.

Last edited 1 year ago by JacQui
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