Ask Mystic – Do Planets In The Same Sign Amplify Your Natal Ones?

Does a planet travelling through the same sign as a natal planet amplify it?  Fuq, yes.

Hey Mystic:

Not sure if this qualifies as an “Ask Mystic,” but I have Mars natally in Capricorn already.
Does this mean it will amplify an existing trait (strength or weakness) in my chart?
For ex, it’s in my 3rd house. Will I be extra forceful (and effective!) with communication during the transit?
And will that diminish or mellow out once Mars moves into Aquarius?

Dear T,

Yes, absolutely. If you were born with, for example, Venus in Scorpio, every time Venus travels through that constellation again, your Venusian vibe is amped.

It’s a planetary return when the planet is at exactly the point it was at when you were born. Your birthday is a Solar Return, the infamous Saturn Return occurs once every 28/29 years, and Uranus Return is at 84 years.

The Lunar Return, when your Moon is at the same place it was at your birth, is a short but poignant chance to tune into your exact, personal emotional frequency, without interference.

But the lesser-known Mercury, Venus, and Mars returns are fantastic. Having the planet in the same sign as your natal one is not as sharp or even an official ‘transit’ but it raises the volume. Whatever your natal song, it’s louder.

In your case, Mars is already strong by dint of being in Capricorn, Mars back on the scene (Mars returns every two years) aggravates your tetchy zones and stimulates ambition.

You could be at Grudge Flashpoint or mounting a campaign against obstacles you’re suddenly perceiving as a threat. Both?

Mars in the 3rd house – with or without it triggering your natal Mars – can mobilize a lot of force and heat at short notice. You could stay up 48 hours to write a thesis or a screenplay/detox your contacts list/send 100 speculative emails or escalate a standard issue annoying glitch into a bridge demolition.

Once you get into the habit of observing your astro-rhythm (and the new daily individual horoscopes will help a lot with this), you feel your various tones.

Your Venusian mornings are when you wake up with a smile, recalling a sensual dream or re-appreciating the clean feel of the sheets. You want toast with figs, and you want it now. Or tuberose perfume.

Mercurial mornings spark the desire to receive and transmit information or to connect more succinctly with specific scenes. You’re snappy with ponderous people or anything that slows you down. Your ten track mind works on momentum, like juggling.

And Mars? Well, you’re there. When Mars moves into the constellation, it was in when you were born, you’re on high alert. Even if you are not normally a Mars person, you are now. There at least five factors which have not changed since the week before, but they are suddenly your public enemy number one, an urgent target.

Your threat and opportunity matrix lights up every few seconds. People keep their distance but by Jove, s***t gets done.


Image: Wile E. Coyote – Maurice Noble 

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On a slightly different note. I’m living now on my moon IC line ? Sounds like I’ve come home.


Mercury has gone direct conjunct on my natal Mercury at 28 Aqua. I have a lot of ‘communicating’ to do this week that requires precision, attention to detail, because correct and exact outcomes are extremely important. I wonder if Mercury being in my Mercury’s sign (Aqua) will amplify this in a helpful way or not? I need to buy a car with the apartment-buyout money I get. Should I wait until the Mercury shadow has passed at the end of the month? I found a car I’m interested in and I think it would probably get sold to someone else… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Yasss, so true.


Venus, and Uranus are exactly on my Venus ( and Mars) today, in my 8th house. The meeting i had this weekend was text book He has a similar astro signature to mine, sun Venus, mercury in opposition to Uranus. So he is Uranus visiting. His Uranus is in a tight conjunction with Saturn, and losely conjunct Neptune. A very intense, sudden lightening bolt of a weekend. Beautiful, intense, sexy and serene and suddenly over, with a strange proposition of a strange relationship, that might actually be exactly what i need

Wish Upon a Star

I just have to share this dream I had the other day. I was at some public centre and I was watching TV. Mystic Medusa had her own television program and it was unreal. Very abstract and neptunian ,well it was a dream. Then in walks mystic Medusa. She has a toddler with her. Mystic starts speaking to me rapidly. I can tell something is annoying her. I look at the toddler and the toddler is Pinocchio. Then I hear an Orwellian alarm go off and simultaneously I see the Ghostbusters sign but it is related to coronavirus I Wake… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I deduce that Pinocchio suggests that we are being told lies by government.

I just put on my last toilet roll.

I live in a country town in Australia and people still smile and are helpful.


This is like having your own micro cosmic climate amper. Here’s Venus now double it! Or we are standing at the cosmic bar. Make mine a double jupiter thanks. No ice.


I have never missed receiving a Venusian gift when it returns to Taurus in my 11th house. I look out for it and identifying it just takes an awareness of being in that phase. The gift can present in many ways but it is always received with thanks 🙏🏽.
A question that has just come to mind.
Are there traditional relationships between planetary transits and body chemistry. I can imagine we can describe a planets action in ways like say Mars and adrenaline or Venus and dopamine ? But are there traditional relationships identified ?


Venus is always benefic with me too. I know jupiter is supposed to be but he’s clumsy in action and tends to break things that then get replaced but Venus is always so sweet.

Wish Upon a Star

So sweet, patient and beautiful.


Interesting question! I wonder if the medical astrology pages mention anything. I know that Mars transits can cause inflammation – all that hot yang energy, and sure enough I had shocking and unprecedented heartburn when I had Mars transit my 6th house. It pretty much came and went with the transit. Going back to body chemistry, I wouldn’t be surprised if Saturn has something to do with cortisol.


And that’s beautiful about your Venusian gifts!




I was discussing this a few weeks ago with a friend. I’m pretty much a soap and water, unscented lotion, argan oil in my hair kind of person in my day to day routine, though I do love floral water mists and will drop some essential oils into the mix depending on mood. But every year around February or March I will stop and sniff every perfume and lotion I walk past in a shop, or suddenly become obsessed with some kind of new serum or potion or drop a hundred bucks on some multi-step skincare line because the packaging… Read more »


How lovely. Enjoy the brief sojourn into a perfumed world.


Can really relate to this, kriblack. Have you ever paid attention to when Venus hits your natal moon as well? I did last year for the first time, thanks to the Love Warp Reading and wow, intensely Venusian and beautiful days they were. Like a dream.


Actually Scorpleocap, I have Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in Pisces in the 7th house so I have a pretty Venusian approach to life anyway, that’s amplified for a whole month around my birthday. But for the rest of the year my Virgo Rising sensibilities take over my beauty regimen.


Wow, what an interesting stellium and chart you have, kriblack! Love Piscean energy. The Virgo would nicely round it out, I imagine.


nice to hear this as i have mars in third…AND ive been researching tuberose perfumes…after reading a vintage post here featurung a perfume guy mystic met…when mystic said she’s been wearing Fracas whilst going thru a divorce he said ‘oh that will be the tuberose’ lol

Unicorn Sparkles

Buying perfume from him would be an experience rather than a run of the mill buy.

Wish Upon a Star

Just what the world needs now.

A big Gary Transit !


I need to meet this guy !


yes, would love the Gary experience 😀


Imagine your nodes transiting! Or Jupiter…


Or Pluto and Jupiter conjunct in your 12th H and the North Node crossing your natal Jupiter while the Moon glides past natal Uranus/Pluto in 8th. Epic


We sure have some epic conjunctions today. Venus Uranus. In my first. Jupiter pluto in my 11th. sun neptune. In my 12th near enough to my asc. WTF.


Venus Uranus conjunction in my 12th, no wonder that in a meditation the other day, I whizzed straight back to standing on the London embankment with an old boyfriend many years ago. I was so there…….

Wish Upon a Star

I’ve got Uranus 2 degrees from my North Taurus Mode 3 house loose Pisces my Taurus Moon.

I suppose I have a certain detachment for people that would normally get under my skin and hold me back.. And with this detachment I am able to get the information that I need. To move forward.

This is a huge thing for someone that is quite sensitive. Pisces Rising.

I feel grateful and lucky to be in the Uranus in Taurus era.


Yes, I am also letting a lot of older connections go without guilt, during this transit. Very freeing…..

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