Venusian Vortex Theory Turned Reality

Farrah Fawcett as Alex in Saturn 3

Venus Retrograde in 2020 doesn’t mean that Venusian scenarios – relationships, art, aesthetics – go backward. It’s a vortex – not a reversal. Or, more accurately, a series of vortices, the plural of vortex.

In Vortex Theory, space is a liquid that flows. Is time the container or another liquid that we try to infuse with the first one? It means that Venus will be in Gemini for 18 weeks, instead of the usual four weeks. Too flighty? Not this time. After all the weighty Earth energy, who’s not in the mood for some fun, magical levity? Defy conventional, leaden reality – become a gravitational anomaly.

Valentine’s Day is already weird enough but in the wake of Saturn conjunct Pluto, it’s semi-deranged. To recap, we are emerging from ten months in which planetary heavies compelled us to accurately measure the chasm between reality and expectation. There was also a soul sting. Many people realized the extent to which seeking the approval/love of others had eroded their connection with self.

Venus Retrograde In 2020 Has Infinite Options

How many fairy tales deal with magical people giving away their powers for the apparent haven of a relationship and then having to scramble through locked rooms and treasure chests to recover them? Or, in quantum physics terms, slowed down so they could relate to denser, heavier particles?

From April until August, the Venus in Gemini vortices remind us we have omni-options and many selves. People’s version of their relationships and romantic history alters as they change, with different characters and plot-lines taking precedence. There is no Venusian passage better at reframing mating, dating, fashion and cultural vibes than Venus Retrograde in 2020. You are the alternative dimension you’ve been seeking. Venus Retrograde in 2020 is a parallel universe unto itself.

It’s not the dour plodding down streets of your past looking for perps of Saturn-Pluto on the South Node. It’s more mercurial and cool than that. As anyone who has ever tried to guilt a Gemini knows, it is the sign of amorality. Venus in Gemini for this long is potentially ultra-liberating. What if there are no ‘shoulds’?

You Are The Alternative Dimension You’ve Been Seeking

And you could reinvent your look, love sensibility, artistic style, past narrative and future aspirations at a cracking pace, zooming along as if you – like Mercury – had funky winged sandals, helmet and an access-all-dimensions pass? If you want an omen or a sign, you set your vibe to ‘receive’ mode and know it will come?

This year’s Venus Retro/Venus in Gemini for over four months is less about gazing back and more about on-the-hop redefinition moments. If space flows, time is fluid, and we can redivert one narrative into another or channel our inspiration differently. Venus is beauty, art, and love. Just as the galaxy itself is infinite, so are the ways you can express Venusian Vibe.

It’s a myth that official, pair-bonded relationships are the ultimate expression of Venus energy and that everything else is some sublimation of that alleged ideal. Venusian Vibe can be an amazing one-on-one relationship with a compatible person. But it’s also self-honoring celibacy, a project you’re passionate about, creating your own meaningful scent and jewelry, adoration of nature or revamping your style.

21st Century Cat Lady Or Nomadic Druid

You could be a 21st Century Cat Lady or a Nomadic Druid, working on your relationship with Source and Spirit. Whether you’re redecorating your fortress of solitude or getting married for the third time, it’s still Venus energy. Venus in Gemini is hardly the time to limit yourself or stick to a storyline you’re bored of. Use relationships as a vehicle for spiritual growth or to get lifts to your osteopath. Grow your understanding of your formative love influences or grow jasmine; it doesn’t matter. Why have one identity when you can change character every few days. Hours?

Between now and Venus entering the Gemini constellation, she aspects Uranus and Pluto, clearing the scene of limited paradigms and disproven hypotheses.

Image: Farrah Fawcett – Saturn 3

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So down for this.

Sim oneness

Brilliantly written,
Yes to changing character every few days/ hours..


I’ve just started journalism at TAFE this week and am already quietly zinging/vibrating with excitement at the chance to develop my voice, different voices a bit scary though yay


ooh, this is happening in my 1st/2nd…


“Venusian Vibe can be an amazing one-on-one relationship with a compatible person. But it’s also self-honoring celibacy, a project you’re passionate about, creating your own meaningful scent and jewelry, adoration of nature or revamping your style.” <<<< All this so good and true.

Amazing one on one relationship. Self-honoring celibacy. Passion projects, Adoration of nature…all have been experienced and I give them 2 thumbs up.

This Venus retrograde hangs out the entire time in my 7th house. All the way from start to finish. What collaborative beauty will come of it?


I have a horrible sense of direction and so does my mom. I’ve wondered what conditions brewed this deficiency and what environment or system would be more compatible. I’m digging this map making exercise idea. Venus is going retro on my natal Venus and direct on my Mars. All in the eighth house, and I’m ready to taste some flavors for sure. Life has gotten a bit dry and crunchy lately.

Cherry Moon (Crab formerly known as skarab)

With the direction thing i was pretty useless too, but it’s fun once you get into maps & compasses & noting the sun. You start developing a sense for it.
Well I was looking forwards to the lightness & frivolity of Venus doing its thing in Gemini, plus trans Sun, NN & Mercury will all be there too – a veritable party i thought – until i realised that it’s all going down in my 8th H. Not exactly party central. I’d really love to escape from Pluto or his territory for a change, i really would.


Maybe it’s Cap in the 3rd? I think ideally I would be living in a little village, walking or riding a horse everywhere. Summoning a carriage for longer trips maybe. I live on the east coast of the US with roads that have no rhyme or reason. Deer trails that became Native American trails and then roads. No one in their right mind would design them as such. I also get confused when things look the same. GPS is a godsend. Maybe we should make little Venus altars to help us through. I don’t even know what to begin to… Read more »

Cherry Moon (Crab formerly known as skarab)

Cap in 3rd could be it. I’ve got natal Saturn there too. It’s like driving with the fuqing breaks on – but i will refrain from going into an anti Saturn/Cap diatribe. This is a light post, this is a light post, this is a….. Anyways Venus in the 8th H – sexy times? Creating a Venus altar is a very good idea – i was in fact thinking along the same lines & started to create a little Venusian pleasure garden on the roof terrace, so today i bought a potted flowering mimosa (acacia) tree. It’s beautiful, cheery and… Read more »


Fantastic article Mystic xx


This is going to be fantastic! We Venus Gems have got this, trust us, you’ll have fun 🤪

(Natal Venus Retrograde in Gemini 3rd house)


anyy thoughts on if your a 7th house venus in gemini at 0 degreez with this super long retro?


So real and where I’m at with all of that with the above no illusions .21st century Cat lady as in cheetahs and Nomadic Druid stomping on old haunts other spot on made me laugh.!!! 🤩


The transit will be close to my natal Venus at 23 Gemini (10 house). Feeling rather down these days. It would be nice to have a lift, but I have a bad Venus aspects… so, not expecting much. I don’t know if its the weight of what is going on with the Saturn/Pluto/south node or what but I feel beyond numb…like a robot. Bored is an understatement.


Yes. Re re reading WHRWTW by Pikola Estes who notes: “Throughout Mezo-America ‘la mascara’, the mask identifies that a person has mastered union with spirit portrayed by both the mask and the spirit-clothing one wears.”

Penelope Darling

Oh my goodness… I am nervous for this!


Ah… So this is the undertow I’ve been feeling. Hooray for clearing the scene of limited paradigms and moving in from the tiring , bored of scenarios. And here’s to limitless, fluid magic 💖


Inspiration for Venus rx in my 1H: Sun/Venus in Gemini Siouxsie Sioux. So, I guess I’ll be the Cat Lady 🙂
“They say follow your heart
Follow it through
But how can you
When you’re split in two?”–KLXT2do

Cherry Moon (Crab formerly known as skarab)

So this must be Farrah Fawcett’s famous 1.2 seconds left nipple exposure?

Cherry Moon (Crab formerly known as skarab)

I say this because her one second exposure of the left nipple was the only aspect of this creepy cheese horror sci-fi flick that got rave reviews.
(well you wanted levity)


Love your new name! xx

Cherry Moon (Crab formerly known as skarab)

Thank you xx thought it was time to leave the shell.


Firstly I resonated very much with no shoulds. I cannot think of a more controlling word than should. If anyone ever says you should… I walk away right there. the other bit that hit home was the line about having slowed to accommodate denser heavier particles. I am aware I have done this. Constantly asking that they pick up the pace, up the positivity but it is a hard slog. So this year is looking utterly amazing from my point of view. Heavens only knows what will turn up but I move out on March 5th and land into a… Read more »


“There was also a soul sting. Many people realized the extent to which seeking the approval/love of others had eroded their connection with self.”

I had been heartbroken over a guy for 2+ years and then all of a sudden, on January 24, the day of the new moon in Aquarius, I was DONE. Just like that, he was out of my system, and I feel like I have myself back again.


In Taoism the release or deliverance you describe is attained through forgiveness. I remember when I first read that in a similar situation to you and thought well that’s not going to work but it eventually sunk in. I’ve posted the following before but hey, it’s worth a rerun. Deliverance The relief you experience here is not your own personal pardon, but the release of others from your rigid expectations. Like a hot air balloon, you will rise to new heights as you cast the heavy sandbags of resentments and restrictions away from you. Feel the lightness of being that… Read more »


I love how this refers to relief, and lightness of being. It’s an odd (but very welcome!) feeling to suddenly experience joy and optimism bubbling up after the heaviness of the last few years.

Unicorn Sparkles

New year and the lead up to valentines is when I look forward to incessant news reports about which high profile relationships have disintegrated.

Cherry Moon (Crab formerly known as skarab)

Oh you are naughty – and far be it from me to gossip – but.. 😛 … are you following the Jonny Depp & Amber Heard nuclear fallout? Not sure what went on there, apart from vast amounts of drugs & booze, but I just knew that would all end up in tears from the second they got together. Johnny will have Venus going backwards and forwards on his Gem Sun x 3 – while at around the same time Sol will be on his Venus-Mercury conjunction in Taurus. It’s like the Venus & Trickster Show.

Unicorn Sparkles

This is going to end in tears- was the first thing I thought when they first declared partnership. But this fallout is going to drag on and on. I also think it’s hilarious how having an insta profile has created a new level of pretending that all is well- another public figure couple here in Australia had been posting joint pics to keep up the pretence even though they split 5 months ago. A co worker of mine is still trying to maintain a partnership where clearly only one of them likes the other. Because he’s scared that he’ll be… Read more »


who’s the public figure couple?

Unicorn Sparkles

Public figures maybe gives them a higher status than they have…The Clarks… ex cricket player…. she wears plastic gloves to cook … he once dated Lara bingle. I really need to stop looking at the daily mail. My brain is shrinking.


Yar, there is a little bit of Gemini in all of us 😘


One of the funniest blog posts I have read was a guy saying that he had to be taken to hospital the night before to be treated for an overdose of schadenfreude.


‘How many fairy tales deal with magical people giving away their powers for the apparent haven of a relationship and then having to scramble through locked rooms and treasure chests to recover them’ This scenario is actually considered in Judeo/Christian/ western society to be THE seed fairy tale/ myth that all others come from. It goes something like this .. in the beginning the earth was populated by beings that had sprung from its soil. The indigenous peoples of the earth. Everything was going nicely, slowly but nicely. In the heavens though a revolution was happening. Lucifer ( Venus) the… Read more »


Clear cliff note breakdown appreciated.

I give my *I bang my head against the wall of this myth constantly with Taurus/gemini and Saturn in the 9th” logic that kicks me out of my own church blurb-

So the body did a thing, then thoughts happened and the body had thoughts and it reacted to itself and tried to change things and it could never again retain homeostasis?


The answers ti thoughts like “where the fuq am I” “who the fuq am I “ are required for mental homeostasis. The answers to those questions are available and have been for thousands of years but the ego crushing truth is beyond most of us to accept. With acceptance though of our true constitutional position in the big picture we can attain peace of mind. The foot is useful when it’s a foot and happy to be. If it thinks though that it’s the heart or the brain or wants to be it becomes disconnected from itself and the whole… Read more »



Wish Upon a Star

Happy Birthday Mum.

Triple Air Gem

Hang on, there ARE no ‘shoulds’ 🤣

Sun, Venus and Saturn in Gemini

Unicorn Sparkles

Saw a spiritual healer once declare that the concept of what “should be” blinds us to what IS.
Besides that… everyone’s “should” list is different isn’t it?


Venus, Saturn and Mars in Gemini here ✨


Hhahahahaha. I was going to say what is ‘should’ ??? Venus in Gemini 3rd! Amorality is me! No guilt gene.


Love this! I agree on the inexistence of should, just self enforced/internalized external expectations. I am often saying “don’t should on yourself” to people. I’ll have to go and check what’s happening with Gemini in my chart!


Scrambling through locked rooms and treasure chests trying to recover my power = me
Thank you Mystic 💗 time for growth!

Wish Upon a Star

Bring on the joy !

Your description of the soul sting was very poignant for me. Thanks Mystic.


I have natal Venus in Gemini, in the eleventh house. What should I look to to apply this to me, personally?

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