The Truth About 12 House Transits

The truth about 12th House transits is that they’re underrated.

They’re high magic, alt-dimensional initiation trips. But astrological literature typically talks of them in terms more evocative of Mordor or the terrifying duplicate home reality of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline.

Hear the term “self-undoing” enough times and you’ll want to scuttle through your 12th house transit like it’s a shadowy, haunted bus station where all the clocks go backwards. Or walk through it the way you do when you realize it’s later than you think, your phone battery just died and you’re walking alongside a dark park that you can all too easily imagine as the ironic set-piece for the tabloid take on your untimely demise.

But the gloomy views on 12th House transits reflect the broad take on the house – or Soul Sector – itself. It’s an anachronism, like a standing stone carved with alien symbols surrounded by sleek, modernized, made over buildings.

12th House Transits Are High Magic

Old-style astrology linked it with self-undoing, institutions, prisons, involuntary confinement and a host of other delights because historically, everything 12th house themed was dangerous. Because of the ghosts and demons? No. Think more the Inquisition and your local dickhead mayor who thought Malleus Maleficarum was a great read.

The 12th House is daimons (as in guiding genius spirit, not the Christian view), and your memories of times before now. It’s supernatural like the 8th house but not so much into merging and intense engagement with, well, everything. It’s the astral plane, your etheric body and layers of hyper-reality that defy the hypothesis of quantum physicists and mystics alike. You can visit but who would dare map it? Here, an awareness of your dreams and synchronicity is not a luxury or “maybe later.”  It’s vital.

Living by synchronicity isn’t merely about getting messages. It is about growing the poetic consciousness that allows us to taste and touch what rhymes and resonates in the world we inhabit, and how the world behind -the faerie world – reveals itself by fluttering the veils of our consensual reality.

Robert Moss

When you are having a significant 12th house transit (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto through it) you’re dealing with an intelligence or presence known to multiple cultures across time. They have many names: Aos Si, the Fair Folk, Mimis, the Patupaiarehe, Devas, the Tuatha De Danann, the Nunnehie, Faerie & Sidhe. If you’re in Japan, you may call them Shinto. Look between the lines of any history and they’re there, everywhere.

Poetic Consciousness And Active Dreaming

And for approximately the last 2000 years, having anything to do with them was dangerous. It was the very epitome of all the scary 12th house interpretations. One hint of an interest in astral planes, astrology or the ‘other’ race and you’d be in prison or dead. The English government did not burn Jeanne d’Arc (AKA Joan of Arc) for sedition. A key charge against her was that she “adored the fairies and did show them reverence.”

If you didn’t adhere to the dominant Puritan-Christian-monotheistic system, it was only a matter of time before you were in trouble. Where ever there were “fairies,” witches were not far behind. The prosecutors saw familiars as Fae and there was a theory that witches were ‘half-reborn Faeries.’ Or, for whatever reason, they could see this other race and enjoyed a level of ‘immunity.’

I saw them from an early age, but it took years to work out what they were and that few others see such things. When your 12th House is lit up, you don’t have to visit ‘sacred places’ or conduct rituals. Just listen. You are the spell and they are the magic.

FYI, the word “faerie” comes from the Latin for fate. They’re not your Tinkerbells. The Victorians shrunk them and turned them ‘cute’ in the same way they made the primal love god Eros into a plump baby with a bow and arrow.

Even long after the inquisition ended and their dungeons turned into museums, they threw people with visions or who heard music/singing that others could not into so-called lunatic asylums. And yes, they implicated the Moon; hence, ‘lunacy.’ Or, they zombified them with lobotomies and called it a cure.

The Secret Enemies Angle Is Correct

Thankfully, in modern 1st world countries at least, people are not persecuted for their religious beliefs. In contemporary times, what are the dangers of 12th House transits?

Well, if you see the 8th house as the subconscious mind, the 12th house can be everyone’s subconscious. If you’re not mentally balanced, it’s challenging, unstable ground. And generally, drugs and the astral planes are not a good mix. Shamanic journeying is ideally conscious, not something you bumble into by mistake because you mixed tequila with Dreamweed or, a Palo Alto hipster mis-interpreted “micro dose of L.S.D.”

When an Outer Planet (or Jupiter/Saturn) is travelling through the Soul Sector, your environment becomes more liminal. You see things. It’s not so much astral travel as an astral staycation. Everything is potentially a shamanic journey.

The classic concept of 12th house transits revealing secret enemies is, however, correct. The 7th house is open enemies, who are far more simple to deal with. They’re an ex-partner turned malicious or a character whose interests are broadly and openly opposed to yours.

Check Your Psychic Privacy Settings

But the style of enmity shown up by a 12th house transit hides behind chipper matiness or avocations of loyalty. They’re hanging around because you’re paying them or they enjoy a murkier benefit that comes from knowing you but they’re fuming.

And, to go the full astral, this transit can also show up any negative etheric energy you weren’t aware of*.  As discomforting as it can be, these dynamics are better illuminated than draped in their veil of vibe-scattering fuqery.

If you think about it, they’re exactly the sorts of people who would have happily bought sandwiches along to your burning-at-the-stake. Auric hygiene and proper boundaries suddenly become super important. 12th House transits are your cue to check your psychic privacy settings.

Seclusion is another 12th House theme. If you’re freaked by your own company, it can be a difficult transit. But as high magic and alt-dimensional awareness runs counter to the conventional narrative, you’re naturally more inner-directed or alienated from friends and family with no interest or understanding in these areas. If you’re a creative, a 12th house activation is so inspirational that you’ll hole up alone to make something amazing. Again, projecting this as something bad reflects times when the mainstream distrusted artistry and condemned imagination.

As for the oft-quoted concept of self-undoing, see it in magical terms. You’re undoing your construct of identity and reimagining it with your dream identity, psychic heritage, and secret history woven in.


*If you suspect that, get a proper shamanic clearing. I am updating my F.A.Q. with more recommendations for this type of help.

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Thank you sooo much! Love this. (Mars transiting 12th house, Virgo, exactly conjunct natal Pluto, as I type.)

Wish Upon a Star

Reread this today. Jupiter transitting my 12th and Saturn will enter New year’s Day 2022.

Lex, Just Lex

I loved reading this, Jupiter and Saturn are in my 12th right now, Pluto will follow soon…

You wrote this, same it makes me feel comfortable, like you understand.
Thank you so much, I am truly grateful to you.


Lex: Same. Jupiter and Saturn in my 12th and Pluto to follow. The Saturn transit has not been that bad so far (except for a couple of weeks of panic attacks for no reason) because I have natal Saturn in my 12th so I’m used to isolation, feeling different and avoiding people while simultaneously, more and more, feeling excruciatingly lonely. I’m worried about Pluto moving into my 12th. I lost a lot of friends (mostly by choice) as it slashed through my 11th. I’m responding to you because I want to make a friend or two who is going through… Read more »

Nat Farr

Same here. As if Saturn isn’t bad enough (it is), now Pluto is approaching my 12th house and will remain there for the next 30 years or so. I don’t even know what to say.

Meagan Dominguez

This is really cool. Over the course of about two year now I’ve been having run ins with hidden folk an other magical beings. I’m really amazed and taken with wonder at the magical realms that are veiled right in front of us. I’ve become really interested in this topic and this article has given me a little bit of relief. I’ve found myself a little worried that my phones targeted ads are for schizophrenia treatment. I know I’m not crazy. I’m glad I followed this hunch.


What could it mean if there’s a 6 planet stellium transiting your 12th house (in Aries)?? The same stellium is also transiting my partner’s 7th house and our daughter’s 8th house at the same time. Is this a rare coincidence or could it indicate something bad? My first thoughts were divorce/secret love affair revealed or the death of someone…


This was so spot on. I just finished Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto through my 12th for the last 3 years, and holy crap….It tore me apart. Now all the planets are in the first and I’m reinventing who I was supposed to be. I processed all my trauma, released things I’d been *trying* to let go of for decades, sold a business I’d built of 7 years, spent most of the transit horrifyingly alone after losing “friends” and family, and lost myself in art. Pluto was square my moon during this transit and I can’t believe I didn’t have a… Read more »


I have pluto saturn and jupiter transiting my 12th house have been dreaming excessively the weirdest part is they often come true


I have no 12th house placements but have a Saturn transit coming up…..
I feel like I’ll enjoy the transit in a way as described by you. Thank you, Mystic!



Thank u for this post. Natal 12th house Sun conjunct Pluto and 8th house Moon. I can remember always feeling like what I was born with was negative, cursed…unwanted astro trope from the old that I had been a nun locked away in a tower lol or some equally lonely, isolated past life. Wasn’t until I met an astrologer in my early 20’s who said I have the magicians cap…how to use this power is mine to interpret and make. A life time of plutonian tides ebb and flow in my life, I am comfortable with magic…its where I… Read more »


This is perhaps the most divinely timed article for me in recent times ! 12th house Cap here .. not to mention lover of all things FAE …


Love, You are great <3


As a native with a 12th house stellium, this article helped me a lot giving me a better understanding of what it implies since this stellium was activated harshly with the transit of Saturn AND Jupiter lately.

Thank you!




I’ve got Saturn, Pluto, AND Jupiter transiting through my 12th house currently (and none is even a third of the way through yet), and Mars will be there in the coming days!

Love this post for general perspective on 12th house transits, but do you have any insight for this absolute ONSLAUGHT? 😆


I have the exact same transit, march 19 1977 birthday. I’m pretty excited about how this could aid metaphysical studies, but also worried about the negative stuff


Currently Chiron and Black Moon Lilith are conjunct in my 12th house and Venus is at the other end along with Eris. My 12th is Aries so I’m guessing this will be interesting for love, healing and Lilith matters (independence, feminism). This could be why my artwork has become both more sparkly and pretty, and also emotional and feminist over the past months.


A+ Awesome Article


uranus transiting my 12th, about to oppose pluto… fun


😭😭😭😭😭 best 12th house natal/transits I ever read! So illuminating what this portal within our chart stands for!


Epic transit, epic day! This is what showed up in my cards tonight – 8th House The Knight Of Swords is either a super Yang new love interest – or more accurately, lust – OR you’re looking at a fresh assertive new spiritual vibe in your life. Something occurs that helps you to get your own Mars on – less self-effacing, less fear and more pure raw cut-through. If the Knight Of Swords is not in your bed (or on his way there), it’s about an energy you’re now bringing in to your persona. You draw a line and it… Read more »


Joining in with a “thank you” for this timely blog Mystic.


I love this. It makes a lot more sense. Thanks Mystic!

Wish Upon a Star

This is kind of 12th house related. I am having so many dreams with people singing to me soulfully or joyfully to the point that makes me cry in my sleep. Also hearing very original music. I am a Taurus moon and this is very healing. The dream I had this afternoon it was being near Maleny. I was on the long right Winding Road on a bus. All the sudden we drove into flood waters I’m talking 50 metres deep. And then came a dragon under the water. With its head right at the front of the bus. It… Read more »


Beautiful… love dragons (born in year of the dragon) and also a Taurus moon, this dream sounds amazing

I have been obsessed with returning to Crystal Castle near Byron Bay recently… feel like visiting with the giant crystals and sitting in the amethyst crystal cave 💜

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Gem Yogi. Yes it was an amazing dream. I felt like I was drawing power from the dragon while I was looking at its face. it was short and intense experience. We are both sun Geminis with Taurus moons. I wish Mystic would do a blog on this. I am 52 and feel more like a Taurus than I do a Gemini. But when I was much younger it was the opposite. My rising sign is pisces what’s yours? A Gemini dragon sounds interesting. I am a firegoat. My Pisces rising likes the sound of that Crystal amethyst cave… Read more »


I am very Taurean, I have moon, mercury and mars in Taurus 2nd house and also Jupiter in Taurus 1st house. Thank goodness I have my Gem sun and Aries rising otherwise I might never leave my couch/kitchen/cosy apartment!!

Wish Upon a Star

Gee that’s a lot of Taurus. You must have a really nice couch?



I love my couch! one of the first things I bought when I moved out of my house into my beautiful apartment… also lots of art, books, plants, beauty, incense, candles and cosiness. Love soaking in my spa bath with epsom salts and essential oils 😛

Wish Upon a Star

I’m a fan of the Chaise lounge myself.

Your apartment sounds lovely so Taurean and Cancerian?

Envious of the spa bath. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a home with a bath. It’s not so bad because it’s usually hot here and showers are more appropriate. But when I move South to a cooler climate a bathtub is essential.


Oh! love a chaise too!!
I lived here for 10 years with just a shower, so when I inherited some money I reno’ed my bathroom and put in a spa bath!! Best investment ever… now my bathroom is a haven and a good soak fixes most problems and dilemmas. It’s a total luxury!


omg, gonna research!


Nearly died from alcoholism when Neptune transited my 12th. Now 19 years sober still seeking solitude X


19 yrs…yay
ive managed two and a half so far x


May The Force Be With You ✊


As an Aqua Sun, and if disregarding rising signs, I have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transiting my 12th house right now. I *wish* I felt more connected to synchronicity, the fae-world, etc. I feel very cut off and in a dead zone where I’m living now and where I am in life. I’m very isolated, no new friends in my new town and just not connecting with this place. The little I do connect is with the natural world, reconnecting with the redwood trees and with interesting fungi that have cropped up on nature walks I’ve done over the winter… Read more »


I’m not sure if it’s possible, but it sounds like you need to move from that town


Where would you like to be living? Do you have any friends or family you could stay with while you’re finding your feet somewhere new? Is a live-in job (e.g. carer or caretaker for a property) a possibility, or long term housesit?

Wish Upon a Star

Flower child please take one step to tell home. I meant to say one step at a time but this what came out. But I will leave it as I think it is very telling. Don’t think ahead of yourself. Try and focus all your energy in saving up the money to move somewhere else. Hey I have been in the same situation sans the boyfriend. I was living in a town with really horrible people. But alas I took refuge in nature. I got so mired in stress that I couldn’t get out. It took something crazy to happen… Read more »


Thanks so much for your support, gemyogi and Wish! I don’t have any income at the moment so right now I’m focusing all my efforts on getting a job. I don’t have a car, either, so I’m a little ‘stuck’ because of that, too. I don’t have friends or family who can help me. Because I’m starting with virtually no resources it’s going to take some time to get myself out of this mess. I’ve got to be methodical, difficult in my current emotional state. I’m just so lonely and I feel paralyzed and overwhelmed most of the time —… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Flower child I know you are overwhelmed. We love you. Please take Solace in that. I don’t have a car but I still managed to move to a nice place. But I did have a real estate agent that was so lovely and a lifesaver. I don’t know where you live. Are you in Australia? Are you on Centrelink? in Australia you can apply for a bond loan and in special circumstances they can pay your first two weeks eg domestic violence etcetera. Can you find out what services are available? It might be a matter of you needing to… Read more »


I think flowerchild lives west coast US, California ?


Thanks so much, Wish! I appreciate your kindness. Thanks for validating how exhausting this is, too. I have underestimated it to myself and get down on myself for not being more effective or proactive in my situation. Also, davidl is right, I live in Northern California, but thanks for reminding me, we do have a similar program here that can help DV survivors move or pay rent. I need to connect with more agencies here since I have no one else. It’s hard to reach out sometimes. I feel a lot of shame around my situation. Like you say, I… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Please don’t feel shame about your situation. It happens to the best of us. The real estate agent that helped me was a domestic abuse Survivor. At one stage she was locked in the cupboard with her son scared senseless. She has helped a lot of women find suitable homes in domestic abuse situations. Mine wasn’t domestic abuse but I had a very abusive duplex Neighbours. I’m glad I reminded you of these services available. This might be a suggestion it’s totally up to you. But how about just living in a woman’s shelter till you get your own accommodation.I… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Sorry if I pryed too much Flowerchild.

May Grace and Goddess go with you.



Thanks so much, Wish! You haven’t pryed. I appreciate your kindness and advice. I have been going to a weekly support group for women who have experienced DV. They have also told me of other resources around here that can help me, so I’ve started to reach out for help. I understand the Crab and Pisces energy because I have Crab rising and Pisces Moon! I’m a sensitive person, too, so there’s only so much I can take. And….I’m also 52! Thanks again for your help and good wishes!

Wish Upon a Star

Good to hear flowerchild. All the best.


Great to hear you’re finding support Flowerchild. The sooner you get out of the bad BF situ the better for your mental and physical health. Then you can truly start again and focus on you! Best of luck, sending hugs and light to you xx


This is one of those posts where you just nod in agreement with…everything. A wonderful post Mystic.

Neptunian goat

This full moon in leo transited my 12 house, and I realized through analyzing a constellation , who the true enemy is in my relationship …. the mother of my boyfriend. He doesn’t let him have a life , she clings in him , and i thought she liked me , well that’s wrong , she’s a little bit evil , a lot of information came to me that supports this theory , Do I’m now getting extra protection and not eating anything she offers …. hidden enemies are scary .


oh lord I live with an evil old hag too. She is the Aqua’s mother. Being a mum myself I consider her wicked. Utterly wicked. I have never met a more manipulative and selfish old woman, she has kept this son tied to her apron and he is scared of her. Me… not so much. I call her on her sh** and has she ever flown at me at times and it has been quite impressive considering she is now disabled and unable to talk, But my goddess she was evil hissing and spitting at me. I simply smiled and… Read more »

Triple Air Gem

I’ve currently got Pluto, Saturn and now Jupiter transiting my 12th. Pluto and Saturn are headed towards my North Node while Jupiter is newly in the 12th. I certainly feel like hidden enemies are making themselves known. It feels like I’m surrounded by them. And it’s so many in my daily work sphere that I’m not sure if they’re really against or I’m just paranoid. I am spending heaps of time alone. Because I don’t seem to have many of ‘my people’ around. There’s a few but few and far between. I’ve been putting myself out there but maybe this… Read more »


I’ve got similar 12th house transits going on..
In a deja-vu bubble that I’ve dreamed into existence..

maybe the point of this astro is to sweep the cycle clean to get ready for a fresh ascendant experience.,
ouroborous and all

Triple Air Gem

I did have that flash as I posted my original comment lol
That sounds great.
is it meant to feel so sluggish? Or is that just at the moment post cap conjunction?


Sleep, rest, you probably can’t manage to in the work or other daily context, so dream and try meditating, even though it will feel like it doesn’t quite work at first, like every time! Sorry! But if you make the space and a bit of time, like even a 20 min bit, i reckon your practice will come, and quite quickly. It’ll be disrupted-seeming just as quickly but it’s all about the space and practice


Fear not Triple Air Gem. In my experience of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter transiting the 12th I came out the other side a more no-bs-spiritually expansive person. As a Sag rising this has always been my bent but no…there was even deeper to go. Pluto changed my life completely so I feel there is a before Pluto life and after. Lots of time alone too (I kept drawing the Hermit card). Once Jupiter crossed my Asc the inner focus seemed to balance out and my life became a culmination of all I had learned. As for hidden enemies if you… Read more »

Triple Air Gem

Thanks Aqualady, it’s great to have the benefit of wisdom from someone who has gone through it x

I shall take your sage advice and do my best to flow with it


‘Here, an awareness of your dreams and synchronicity is not a luxury or ‘maybe later’. It’s vital.’ Interesting timing Mystic, eons ago I had a dream I was climbing these steep, rough stone steps. It was just a weird vignette in one of those dreams which are a long series of weird vignettes. I have remembered this dream forever because the steps were so different to any i’ve ever encountered. Just this past week I visited the pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacán Mexico and recognized the steps from my dream immediately as the same as those of… Read more »


Also, funny you offered this example, for the last few years of her life my grandmother heard music no one else could hear. She said that at first she thought she recognized the songs but then she didn’t anymore. She also said the voice was a baritone, which was her favorite.


Oh that’s fabulous seepage of previous life stuff. I’m sure dna is a time machine and carries energy from before and to come.


Wonderful post. Apparently in the olde school it would seem i am twice cursed – for having the NN (& a bunch of goddess asteroids) in the vicinity of the Via Combusta in my 12th H. Admittedly, i did have what in hindsight seems like a baptism of fire, as Uranus, the NN & then Pluto transited my 12th when i was a child & teenager. Those years were tumultuous & extremely challenging, but underneath it all i felt & caught glimpses of other forces that would always whisk me away from the edge. Sometimes extreme challenges are ways of… Read more »

Triple Air Gem

This is inspiring to read. So you found that period helped you better align with those forces in a helpful way?
I’m currently experiencing numerous outer planet transits in the 12th, conjunction my NN.
Felt connected to this stuff as a child and young adult but not quite sure what I’m experiencing now. Things are shifting in ways I’m not yet clear on and I’m not quite sure how to navigate it yet


From what you’ve written here & further up TAGem, i’m sure you’ll breeze through this. You are AWARE which is more than half the battle. If going within & getting creative feels good, then what better time & way to connect to & trust your own higher self – which is of course the ultimate guardian force you can have. Yes you can have guides that help you, like ancestors, nature devas, elementals, etc., that are there for timely reminders or for when you are in danger of going off the rails, but ultimately they always point you in the… Read more »

Triple Air Gem

Thanks skarab. You’re right.. Thanks for the reminder. More trusting less freaking out about old school ‘bad’ transit interpretations x


Yes, was just saying similar last week, the process of attaining faith in higher forces is to put them to the test. Not some premeditated test but one where your very life depends on it. When your position is one beyond the power of humankind to solve and you’re demise is averted in the most elegant of ways, you will know. That knowledge is hard won but once had will prove to be your most priceless treasure. A treasure no amount of money can buy.


Wow, you KNOW this! There were several mornings as a child when I woke stunned to be alive after what I thought was finally killing me off, physically and everything. Sounds awful but I can’t describe the very air and light and sounds of the world in the morning, and how delicious and awe-inspiring those simple things, built over time and by everything present and alive, felt. I tell you we are lucky to have this placement AND be living in less medieval or primal survival suspicious cultures and times. Those mornings gave me simple and powerful faith in the… Read more »


wow i needed this, thankyou
i have two months to get out of my flat and im really trying to turn it over to a higher power and not stress…the universe will provide…eek!


My reply nested under DL’s is to you, too xx



Star 17

Thank you for sharing this Dali image! His Tarot deck is my all-time favorite, and the story behind it is just as great. :D!


Just love that this was commissioned initially by a guy named Albert Broccoli, two of my fave funny names! (12th house Sag Rising 😀 sorry to lower the tone to the ridiculous!)


lunatic..moon madness!
never made the connection before
as yes, the church is el doucherino

Brilliant article as per usual.
the undoing…
like the letting go of the vehicle that got you here and proceeding on foot into the jungle


Thanks also for the tangent personal insight, which will in a moment become a broader perspective in my thoughts, i can tell. Joan of Arc is not exactly my type of inspiration bc my strong Mars means i do not want to look to a warrior queen when i need inspo that balances that in me. She was born Jan 6th, is Capricorn like my Mars and i learn from understanding more about her story, plus share some ancestral cultural/language connection. Love that she operated within military regimes and was spiritu, no, FAITH driven. Faith is key gift of 12th… Read more »


“You can visit but who would dare map it?” I do write and i am creatively introspective, but being encouraged to journal out my feelings and thoughts is something counsellors and healers have not quite understood does not work for me. Words in ink or visual form bind an emotional understanding that should move through me. I seem to allow a spell to take form through me, as the 12th house is a channel, and not one-way or two-way but a seeping manner that reflects, forms, distorts intentions of all, and creates. This is why i appreciate Mystic’s writing, not… Read more »


All things move through us be they thought, feeling, experience or insights. They keep flowing even when we hold them as all we ever really end up holding is our idea of them not the essence of the thing or the thing itself. The moment that was has just flowed passed and I only have my experience of it to retain. From my perspective nothing, not even my own words for a time defines me unless I say it does. Just my thoughts x


i love transiting neptune in my 12th. i have juno,chiron and some other little thing there natally. chiron wrecked havoc in my youth,but i am grateful for the company now. i could live the rest of my life in the 12th house. happily. phone off. NO netflix binge. NO social media. fridge stacked. books,ditto. bath salts and chick corea. heaven heaven heaven.


I have a 12th house moon so I must have a 12th h transit every month ? Does that count ? According to generic astrology…

‘secretive loner who nobody really knows, I work best when isolated from all other people, where I can fantasize about dark adventure and ritual, howling at the moon is a good sign you’re dealing with a 12 h noon. celebrity characters with 12th h moon, Joker, Any werewolf, Count Dracula to name a few. 12th house moon people should look to careers in remote locations where their attributes will not effect many people.


And if your moon is also both your Rising and the 12th houses your major rulers then it is more or less an every day every night transit, and your image means so much to me! I’m also Venus Aqua conjunct NN on IC 😀 Thanks, DL!


Yes x My Venus is late Taurus 11th house , conjunct (7 deg orb) my Gem moon in the 12th house. Glad you like the image, I love it too.


Wow…i have a 12th house moon in Gemini as well! 29 degrees and conjunct Chiron. Cancer rising. The moon sure does have a profound influence on me. I’m practically a werewolf.


me too Davidl-in aries…..does it give our moon a piscean flavour, i wonder?


If by that you mean we seem a little fishy then yes. Let’s face it us 12th house moon folk just can’t be trusted 👻


oh…cant we? 😉


Shhh 🤫


Does pre-historic bird screeching at dusk count??.. just trying to make sure that my 12th H NN is on fleek.


12th house Sun Conjunct Moon in Scorpio. That image speaks to my soul!


As a young adult, I had Pluto hit my 11-12 Hstellium. I have worked in a hospital, courts, social service and… selling shoes.

Oh and lived in an ashram.

Now grappling with Houses 3, 4 and 6 as outer planets move.


Brilliant. I’ll henceforward refer to this as the definitive writing on the 12th house. Thanks, Mystic!


Love this! I’ve been very fearful of the 12th house due to my psychic lineage (which included lots of people who were astute with otherworldly concepts, or at worst, addiction). This post helped me grasp the meaning behind the labels. Uranus will be heading into my 12th after its long visit conjunct my natal Mars, so perhaps this is where I may integrate the psychic big data download I’ve experienced these past 18 months! However, the recent Saturn/ Pluto action in my 8th house kind of felt like a 12th house clearing visit! I had to spend a lot of… Read more »


Neptune is just finishing up in my 12th and I have been imprisoned for the last ten years or so. Chiron was in there too. And yes I got a massive download, was very very alone and it’s taken me until now to get out and digest the download and now I’m so different. So chilled and accepting. I’ve got a differing take on life now. I’m stepping into a different world. It feels like my dna, my appreciation of reality has changed. I think the main take from all this is acceptance. That’s not resignation but acceptance.


Acceptance = letting go and letting spirit or whatever higher power that’s believed in!


That’s it.


Still integrating but I can relate to the acceptance theme. I had put that down to Pluto/Saturn over Moon/Venus however it might also have been the shift of Chiron.

A process of surrender that was definitely not resignation or quitting and absolutely was acceptance and the take away is that it’s really super liberating. I did know this but I feel I have a different level of it experientially if that makes sense.


Liberating. Yes perfect word. Life is just so much more comfortable and less of a struggle. It’s rather like taking off your bra at the end of the day !


Yeah!! 🙂


“The classic concept of 12th house transits revealing secret enemies is, however, correct.” I think one of my secret enemies (well, perhaps not so secret) may be the guilt I took on at a young age for adult family members who never properly looked after their own lives. This has certainly come up for me in recent weeks. The 12th house already feels like a familiar place, because my Moon and North Node are there. Uranus is spending almost its whole time in Taurus in my 12th house, so this is super helpful information. I would characterize its effect so… Read more »


Sugar in the form of pastries, pies, ice cream, etc. is another one of these secret enemies in the guise of a friend. Now that I’ve been trying to reduce it in my diet, I’m aware of just how much it scrambles the frequency of my energy.

was recently turned onto GYMNEMA an ayurvedic herb that tastes like straight dirty ass,but is worth the effort. a quarter teaspoon in water daily and your sugar cravings will go the way of dinosaurs. good luck. sugar is a beast to be slayed.


Thank you! I had never heard of this herb before, but will now look into it.


I think I’ve had it in tea form. It’s makes me stoned !


This is just an utterly joyous piece of writing. Researched, insightful, rolling story telling and thought provoking. My Sunday has been pushed in another direction because of this. It was like a portal opening. Thank you Mystic x


Neptune has just entered my 12th house…thanks for the update 👌


It’s just finishing up in mine. Soon to be on my asc. I expect I’ll not fully understand it’s impact for a good few eons !


This definitely resonates! I have the outer pile up in Capricorn in my 12th right now and since I’m already a Plutonian, the Pluto phase kept the 12th house themes somewhat contained to self-transformation (I’m an ultra 8th house-r, so this is squaring my Sun/Pluto/Lillith/Moon 8H via combusta stellium) but when Saturn joined the party early last year, all of this kicked off: I had to move (in order to settle a huge tax bill), after the move I have spent most of my time alone (work remotely) but it’s been really regenerative and creative, and then just this past… Read more »

Triple Air Gem

Oh wow. We have such similar Astro. I’m having all the outers in 12th and Pluto in 8th too. I have moon and a stellium in early Libra though, not via combusta so I can only imagine what the square would be doing to all those personal planets. Totally understand all those personality transits!
Maybe we should meet here in a decade and compare notes on how far we’ve come? 🙂

lisa b.

THANK YOU for writing this. I’m so tired of the chronic negativity around the 12th house. it’s really helpful to have it explained in terms of fucked up societal conditioning and oppression of Magic. I’m currently moving through a Uranus transit through my (super packed) 12th house and I must say that I am truly entering into The Next Level of my own personal power. BUT it has required me to become more disciplined and mindful with my energetic self care. tending to this sponge that absorbs all the bullshit. I’m calling 2020 my year of Energy Maintenance. xo


I always consider 12th house is about our awareness of consciousness. From experience of the lowest depravity to the highest euphoria and all states in between. In 12 you experience them and can really name them. It’s the invitation to omnipotence.


I am terrible at naming my feelings, but unwittingly brill at showing them…MercChiron in tsquare with Uranus Mars, but Merc Trine Neptune Jupiter Moon in 12th with Rising Sagittarius Antares. Haha feel it with me! Feel sorry for me, no, just laugh at the human condition !!


Wow you are a consciousness beacon.


This is so good and timely for me, as this full moon in Leo is a 12th-house affair for me. Magic definitely feels a little thicker at the moment, and yesterday evening had one of those solo walks through a park where my mind was filled with wonder and poetry — it was a park I’ve passed through often but never after dark. I was sober but felt high off the beauty of the experience, and just as I was almost at my destination on the other side of the park an owl zoomed overhead, determinedly heading north. Thanks for… Read more »


Yes, accurate and I live with 12th house but have experienced transits that are moving on, potentially not to be repeated. It’s been an education that leaves me so much better and surprises me no end.


Wow Mystic. I checked my Astral DNA and realising I have Mars and Chiron in my natal 12th house, Thanks to this article I now have insight into the deep, white knuckle, existential fear I’ve held my whole life of ‘going public’ with my passion for the 12th house hot topics – astrology, dreams, metaphysics etc.. I’ve always felt the fear came from karmic memories flooding every cell, warning me to keep my mouth shut and stay safe under the radar. Your article sent shivers of recognition down my spine! It feels now we are in a shift and I… Read more »


Very interesting, Mystic! My natal Sun and Mars (conjunct) are in the 12th, and let’s say the themes of self-undoing (both quite literal and more figurative) are familiar: self-sabotage, self-harm and periods of suicidal thinking have been at the lower end of the spectrum but on the other end something magical more in tune with what MM describes, as well as endeavours towards zen-style ego-death, are also present. I am actually sort of looking forward to a significant 12th H ransit – wondering what it would bring me and how it’ll turn out.


Thank you mystic. Is important reminder. Xx

Wish Upon a Star

Can I make a slight digression and talk about progressions in the 12th house?

My natal Taurus moon progressed into Aries will be ending it’s transit in the 12th house next month.

A lot of the themes mentioned in the blog I can relate too. . A lot of solitude needed to hear the spiritual messages and lessons. A lot of endings. The spiritual messages heal a lot of pain. The need to just go it alone with healing and not rely on other people.


Beautifully written and articulated. Very resonant too MM. I had a spontaneous rune reading from an ancient Celtic being today. Very interesting and completely random. What started out as a meander to an art exhibition opening ended up in this kind of terrain as we changed up our location. Uranus is currently in 12 so it fits. What was different about this was the message. Clear and concise with no waffle and also nailed a handful of key themes swirling around my subterranean corridors of what next to birth (I see that as 12th to 1st transition). No hooks, waffle,… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Great portal.


Deeply interested in the Celtic reader. Also in you though my personal silence during my karmically rollicking relationship would seem to suggest otherwise. Think of you twice a week, love, just needed to keep energies of my life out of your waters and our connection for a bit while i keep calibrating xxx


I must say that I’m still so inquisitive about what you two are on about. Everything else seems normal then one of these secret coded messages.
I will find out ! I’m on to you but just not sure what it is I’m on to ?


Some mysteries are just not for solving D but they make for good quests nonetheless 😉

Who’s the rabbitohs fan? Your secret weapon in your investigations?


I am the Rabbitohs fan. As is everyone in my family including my cross kelpie border. As a pup her swaddling clothes were cardinal & myrtle. Being a old bra boy also ensures my lifetime allegiance to the greatest rugby league team in the known universe. This years team is pretty much the indigenous all stars team. We should be there on GF day. 🐰

I will continue to watch closely. With the help of Nentikobe we will sniff out the code 👣


Not really a footy fan but I do like rabbits.

Nentikobe – if anything will crack the code then the magic of that name might mean you’re in with a chance 😉

Wish Upon a Star

What a cute puppy David. How old is /she? Name?


She’s 2 and her name is Nentikobe which is the name of the mythical unicorns of Kilimanjaro. Masai I believe. It’s a long story how the name came about but we call her Nenti, which it seems is nearly impossible for others to hear or get right. Cross kelpie border collie which makes her very clever, very capable, a good friend and slightly neurotic.,


she’s blimmin beautiful xx

Wish Upon a Star

Nenti is a sweet name.

Neurotic? Give her lots of pats.


Earth remains steady. Currents have cleared out debris and now flow to tributaries that were dammed (not damned but maybe they were?) but the winds are not yet suited to sending out a investigation team beyond the first layer for several reasons. The essential fuel maintains it’s temperature and if it proves it can remain consistent through 11 then we will execute. Transmission over.





Sounds like a download. Amazing when boxes get ticked and illuminated. Must say I’m having incredible tarot readings at present. For years they’ve been ten of swords and towers and just horrid and suddenly they’re the opposite end of the scale. Here’s to letting the past be passed.


I have had my share of those cards over the last several years too! Not all the time but enough – and with enough irl evidence as well. I’ve just maintained a show must go on approach because really there was no other alternative that I found acceptable. It felt great to hear an external download even if it was in part also affirming the internal one. Sometimes we need another vibration to hear one we’ve been hearing continuously. Life’s canny like that. Here’s to the past being passed – yes, I like that – like the town driven through… Read more »


On the road again…


i have a massive 12th hse…uranus is just leaving…neptune is half way through
i like this perspective, obvs
wish i could say im creating sthing but im not….
v stressed…have to move out by 1st april…ive been here 9 yrs…think the new landlords want to turn my flat into an air b n b….its all ant the money…but this could b a fresh start for me…
uranus approaching my ascendant has started already…..


Hmm.. 9 is such a completion number broadly. It’s also around half way through a node cycle.


yes that did occur to me

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