The Winds That Awakened The Stars

Woman playing cello with televisions art installation

Wondering why the sudden spaced-out, lucid, detached genius flow? It’s Mercury in Aquarius, the best mercurial vibe in weeks.

If you’re grabbing onto ideas that zap around like lightning bolts, wondering if they’re safe or not, you’re attuned to it.

Same if you’re in happy awe at the sped-up synchronicity and symbolism, hyped and inspired but clumsier than usual.

Mercury has been square Uranus in Taurus, with Uranus the ruler of Aquarius and aligned to Mercury. That makes practical limitations – especially home, grounding, property – more confounding, just as the mystical and inventive are more accessible.

Still, Mercury mediates consciousness, rules communication, and opens doors. Take your most pressing material or muggle concern and hit it with some electric sorcery.

Most of us have stallked the Shadow Roads since Halloween; we’re wiser but it’s hard to snap into reinvention mode. Do it anyway. Inconvenient Truth: Magic and your instincts have probably done more for you than popular opinion or “sensible” mainstream suggestions.

Apply them to the very things you think are impervious to it because they’re so leaden and dull. You can’t only be creative, inventive, or magic when the conditions are utterly brilliant.

This Mercury Aquarius energy will double back in March. It’s on the Calendar with the exact times but broadly: Mercury went into Aquarius on Thurs Evening/Friday morning and it moves into Pisces on Feb 3. Then, as Mercury goes Retro in Feb, it backs into Aquarius from March 4 to March 16.

More in your Horoscopes as this plays out, but yes, you can game the system via your spook powers.


The winds that awakened the stars,” is from Maid Quiet, by William Butler Yeats, my favourite poet.

Image: Nam June Paik  and Charlotte Moorman

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YES and I have ‘saved the Farm’ with the help of uncanny timing and good counsel. Very busy dealing with estate. Getting crazy amounts of learning and dealing with financials.. like breaking a family curse. Weird but I like this! Discovering things ‘in the nick of time’ *tips hat* thank you, whichever entities, ancestors or feckin leprechauns are on the case helping me handle it all.


Oh yes! I am bombarded by ideas & unfortunately it’s the middle of the night (I, like you, have been keeping vampire hours, Mystic!) What a relief some swift-moving empowered Air is right now…


Oh & thank you for introducing me to the work of Charlotte Moorman with this pic – I love often-nude feminist performance art like nothing else <3


Suppose my Gem Asc/SN likes Mercury in Aquarius well enough, but the rest of me isn’t a fan. Mercury in Aquarius is just more fixed energy I don’t need. More like hailstones on my brain.


Wow! love the poem 💕 and loving the winds of change… blowing away cobwebs. Also, new decade, new gravatar


I love Yeats too. Giving thanks for the return of the air element. Also raining here today, so refreshing after such a long, dry period. The garden is singing.


This could be Charlotte Moreman. Performance artist extraordinaire. Not Nan June Paik.

Stella Polaris

love the photo!


Mercury in Aqua thank the Goddess!!! All my family but me have eye injuries at the moment What is up with that ??? I am in a burns unit as I trod on an ember on NYE I treated it appropriately BUT Once the blisters burst – agony! But at least I know pain means NO nerve damage It’s been nearly three weeks and I’m pissed off… Was going to go to the Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne Went in 1991 when Stefan Egberg won And also had a wild fling with an amazing Swedish fan Interestingly through Ancestry DNA… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Yes what is up with all the injuries? I hope your foot gets better.

The fling sounds interesting.


Hi wish x I know I think once my left foot heals it might look like a symbol or a sign… at the moment it looks like a snake bite… Two big punctures about an inch apart… All the eye injuries well Perhaps they need to change their point of view or perspective??? I was 31 at the time (60) now We sat in the high stands near the Swedish section… painted blue/yellow faces and well they are very attractive people… My friend Roxanne kept telling me this man was staring at me. He bought me a beer or two… Read more »


“The winds that awakened the stars” – I just love that. I’m feeling something too, suddenly feeling lighter and airier. I have been suddenly feeling more in touch with omens, synchronicity, and the magical world too. With the recent glorious rainfalls easing fire danger, I hit the road and managed to find a patch of NSW that is still green and lush when nearly else is dead or dying. While driving along this enchanted forest type of road I spotted a female lyrebird in the wild for the first time in my life. Absolutely stoked to see this magical bird… Read more »


“Keats and Yeats are on your side” Cemetary Gates, The Smiths


Love that song. Brilliant lyrics.


This is so spot on, thank you.


Felt it immediately, didn’t know what it was but used it. Such a relief.


Electric sorcery? Like the thunderstorms and this earth quenching rain? Magical

Wish Upon a Star

Hallelujah !

The wind is definitely waking up this Star.

p.s. I cant access the poem site ?

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