Ancestor Spirits And Astrology Part Two

A while ago, I posted about ancestral astrology and then how Saturn and the Nodes made late 2018 until April 2020 a strong time for ancestor spirits. One of my aunts has genealogy fever and has found all these photos of my ancestors. This is my great, great grandfather in the late 19th Century. He was a triple Gemini and hey, doesn’t it show?

Gemini men have such a look. Resembling a Puck or Loki archetype, they converse on several levels at once, while their eyes dart around the room. They’re not nervous, though they scope out the exits. They just like to observe, well, everything. So do the women but they’re more given to expressive gesticulation and clever mimicking than eye-darting.

What Would Ancestor Spirits Tell Us Anyway?

A shaman told me I should listen more to ancestor spirits, as they had much to teach me. But my triple Gemini great, great grandfather’s abiding strength was apparently that he was very popular with women. He was polyamorous before it was fashionable. I’m sure he could regale me with interesting anecdotes. He was born in Cawdor, as in the place where Shakespeare set Macbeth.

Aside from funky old photos that fit the Saturn in Capricorn vibe, I’ve confirmed that practically every village or lair occupied by my ancestors was a paranormal hot spot. I’m not surprised, but it’s still cool to see it in a family tree form. It’s inspired me to read Fairycraft, by Morgan Daimler, which I thoroughly recommend. Weirdly, she aptly describes these visions I’ve always had and which I’m sure many of you reading have also, that science only barely explains as “hypnagogic hallucinations.”

Hypnagogic Hallucinations Or Alt Dimensions?

And speaking of ancestors, I had the weirdest experience doing the Uranus Regrounding Meditation last week. Usually I do Neptunian Nights to chill but I wanted the extra prompting, and this one is my words but narrated by Jessica Snow.  I know some people use this meditation to connect with ancestors, but I was not even trying. In fact, I could not switch off my Virgo Vision. I was analyzing everything and making lists in my mind.

Just as I’d surrendered to it being a dud meditation experience, I fell asleep or into trance at the bit about ancestors and something happened: I was elsewhere, looking straight at a man who seemed weirdly familiar but also utterly dejected. It was a wide-open moor, early morning and with the scent of heather on the air. But though there were other people scattered around, it did not look like a battle was about to begin or had just happened. There was no drama, no bodies; just bleakness and foreboding. He was looking at me astonished and then he went to give me his sword. I shook my head, feeling he would soon have need of it. So he gave me a small silver knife. It had a lapis-lazuli handle with the image of a raven on it, one of my totems.

In this vision, or whatever it was, I was conscious he was gazing at me in surprise and I tried to think of something to give him or to say. Before it faded, and I came back, I said “there is still magic in 2020.”  And there is. I just checked my email; another great, great grandfather. Guess which sign this one is? He’s quadruple of it.

And is anyone else more aware of ancestor spirits since Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn? And, you can now post photos in the comments, click the little camera icon.

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The bottom photo… with those piercing eyes, I’m guessing Scorpio? The photo already looks as if he could read anyone’s soul, but not in a menacing way. I can only imagine being in front of him in person. This ancestor thing has been pretty strong for me for the past year, but got stronger mid-2019. It’s weird, but almost every day I think of my late grandmother. She died at 98 in 2011… it’s like this strange gentle comfort I feel in my heart center whenever she “pops up”. It’s gotten so strong that I was compelled to visit her… Read more »

lisa guest

I haven’t checked out which Feng Shui spot works, but my connection with spirit has gotten so much deeper since Saturn and South Node hit Capricorn. Pearl, seen in pictures below, my father’s mother talked to her first husband since he died in 1945. She talked about it very matter-of-factly. The night I realized the matter of factly part, six hours later my niece texted me and asked if I could pick up Pearl’s lamp I lent her three years prior. That day I also got messages from a painter who painted a painting for me, given to me on… Read more »

Harry & descendents.png
RDG & Pearl.png
Penelope Darling

Yes! I have been “hearing” calls to begin an ancestor practice. Taking it slowly


Mystic your vision have me goosebumps!

And your predecessors are terribly cute 🙂
I work with a young gemini guy he actually dresses exactly like the gentleman in the photo

going to listen to those things

Thank you


Yes to ancestor spirits recently; one body worker commented that the room was ‘busy’ and I come with a ‘troop’. Er, yes, sozzingtons. Family albums are in the shed since dad died. Fairly certain they want out but I’m enjoying ignoring the muffled knocking. once they’re out, it’ll get noisy again. I’m waiting until after Imbolc weekend, post clean and heavy smudge and succinct salt circles. Sigh


I’ve never been a fan of family photos displayed on the wall, but I do have a black and white photo taken at my sister’s wedding 25 years ago, and two of the people have now passed away. Both were inspirational to me, I’m thinking of bringing the photo out again (maybe on my altar/coffee table?). I love the way Chinese, Asians and other people put incense and offerings out for their ancestors on their family altars.


It’s called ancestor worshipping. You can do it too if you want. Doesn’t have to be an altar. If there are lots of people you want to be present then put them up on the wall and then a table with some incense and offering of fresh fruit, flowers or specific days like bday, passing, even cooked food, in small plates and bowls. Chinese incense ships should sell these miniature crockery as they are for this purpose.


and whisky, wine or tequila for example! Love the way Aussies leave a can of beer or favourite drink on dead relatives graves 🙂


My guess is an Aquarius

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

FYI I get a Taurus vibe from the “quadruple something” ancestor


A Scottish Gemini man? You have no defenses! – don’t even bother trying 💞
I went back home to Scotland in August, my south node is 6 Capricorn, trolling through old photo albums, I’m totally feeling my ancestors around me.


Love this post and themes.

The Gem thread is interesting for you Mystic… is your daughter’s Sun too.


Dear Mystic, this is an enthralling story about your great great grandpa. But can you clarify for me regarding triple Gemini men? I don’t recall you writing anything about them previously, and since I am one, I’d like to hear your take on us because I don’t know any others and what you suggest about us is not self evident at least not to me! Incidentally, the Saturn Pluto convergence in Capricorn has not ended for me, the atmosphere has not lightened and the heavy issues of the last several months are still unresolved. Love your work.


I love this post, Mystic, one of my favorites! I have Saturn on my South Node in Capricorn natally (in the 8th house!), so I feel you caught a glimpse of what it’s like being me normally. My dreams are filled with past lives that are so vivid it’s eerie – I’m standing on an Irish hillside in medieval times, I’m dancing at a club in 1920s New Orleans, I’m carrying a lantern amongst dying Civil War soldiers in a hospital. Many, many more like that. I’ve also had multiple ghostly encounters. I feel surrounded by what remains of the… Read more »


My 8th ruler is the master of my Sun/SN but it resides in the 7th.

Can relate to much of what you wrote AquaMeg in my own way. My past insights tend to be in that in between time and space, consciousness and not, particularly with encountering people from the past. I get echos from things as well whether it’s a type of brick, the ambience of a street or other sort of abstract constructs.


Genetic memory or epigenetics is a growing field in psychology. I’m fully on board with it and have written before here at length about my own experience. In short we were / are our ancestors. There is an element of this idea though that has to be taken into acct. We are all related genetically to every person that has been born since 1000 AD. When you consider that, then we all have the ability to tap into the genetic memories of any of these personalities. Thumb through any history book and randomly select an individual, somewhere in you is… Read more »


Davidl, i agree with what you say, but i’m curious as to why you limit our genetic relationship with each other at 1000 AD? Why not reaching back till there were hominids on Earth (& beyond), including say Neanderthals and Denisovans for example, with whom modern humans mated & share DNA?


Also, we share DNA with all living organism on this planet. Kinda really puts “primitive” peoples’ believes in the sacredness & interconnectedness of everything in evidence, huh? Just want to add that one of the reasons i adore travelling is to reconnect to places which bring back “memories”, be they good or unpleasant. It’s one of the ways i think that my Cancer Sun (the *feels*) in the 9th House feels more alive. Of course there are still many, many places i haven’t been to, but as yet, I haven’t come across a place where there hasn’t been any resonance…… Read more »


Yes we were related genetically to those that lived previously but not all alive today to all. It’s just an estimate I read from a statistical analysis. I’ll try and find the workings and post them below.


Here’s one though not the one I read but you can get the drift from the way they analyze the no.s


Thanks D. I had to channel great, great uncle Gustavo el matematico to make sense of the potential mindfucky nature of this.
There is a really fab short video attached to your link from a site called Roots & Routes 🙂 that was simple & interesting too about the Identical Ancestors Point at around 3rd millennium BC. plus before that which is where i was at above.


My comment is awaiting moderation. why does this still happen to me?


Am aware of epigenetics in health broadly. It’s recently been given some cred and focus and does seem kind of obvious really. It makes sense. From a psychology perspective I think there are some conditions that may fit and others that would be easy appear to fit but not necessarily a fit. There is evidence that conditions come from environment and family but that doesn’t mean they’re absolutely cellular and nature/nurture is still valid. There could be some real risks to people living with mental health issues if it were all down to epigenetics. The potential to limit recovery outcomes… Read more »

Saturn in Pisces

Eerie – also had some ancestor run-ins over the weekend. With Cap Rising and Taurus Sun zero degrees conjunct the SN I have always held an extremely strong connection to my ancestors, ancestor magic (virtually all “important life events” occur on my ancestors’ birthdays), and I make a firm effort to decorate all my spaces with momentos and items belonging to my ancestors. Ancestor magic is immensely important for psychic/astral protection – even Muggles often subtly perceive this. Interesting you saw a raven! In my research efforts to define my exact Sun/SN conjunction as something other than “can’t get over… Read more »


Funny, I hadn’t had much of a connection to ancestors, until yesterday. Pursuant to my last post on the real estate search: yesterday we were slated to see three houses. I did a sage ritual where I, for the very first time, invoked the ancestors. I asked for a road to be cleared to the house where M and I would be happy. Immediately got a message. You will see the three houses today, and then you will see a fourth. That fourth will be the One. Sure enough, as I was giving M his birthday present, after seeing the… Read more »


My fave ancestor is my great grandfather who was known as the Hellraiser of Hurdle Creek! his name was Henry Lydeker and he was from Prussia. Apparently he was the life of the party. He died tragically young leaving a wife and children. He was trying to cross a flooded creek with his horse and buggy and was fatally injured, they took him to the nearest pub for help, where he died of internal injuries! As I also have very straight laced presbyterian forebears who were frugal, church going tea totallers, I’m glad I have some ancestors like Henry and… Read more »


Yes! I just dreamt of my grandfather two or three nights ago. I never met him as he died a few years before i was born. I called him ‘Grandpa’ and we agreed that this is what i would have called him had he been alive. He was an older version of the man i have seen in photos – but wearing similar clothes. He wasn’t aware that his house (where my Grandmother has lived since 1953) was being sold, and i didn’t have the heart to tell him. Powerful dream. PS. I have Scorpio ascendant so Jup/S. Node/Saturn/Pluto are… Read more »


Your great, great grandfathers look gorgeous, Mystic! The triple Gem is hilarious & looks like he has the polyamorous gift of the gab for sure. Love how he’s leaning on his bike ready to flit to the next social do/rendezvous.

The bottom one is beautiful. He seems sensitive…water sign? Pisces? & those eyes…. hhhm, piercing …. Scorpio? But now i’m thinking Libra just coz beautiful. Leo? he does have presence. I wanna know, i wanna know, please tell.


OK, definitely Capricorn.


I was thinking water too, may scorp or cancer but his eyes do seem more piercing than goo goo, so leaning more scorp.


Yeah, hhmm … now i’m swinging to Cancer, coz his whole face is goo goo.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

oooh I love it! Tres cool and spooky.
Of course they all lived on paranormal hotspots! It’s your lineage


Great photos, MM!

Love trying to tune into my ancestors! I’m lucky that my grandfather was the mayor of a country town & there’s loads of newspaper archives on him & the rest of my family. I never met him, but we have a lot in common.


This is fascinating! It’s been a while but I was a genealogy junkie my whole life. I was studying our family Y-DNA, have multiple branches going back hundreds of years and have compiled the oldest collection of photographs in my family (many thanks to my grandparents!). I need to start charting some of my ancestors!

Star 17

Just this morning in meditation, immediately before seeing this post, what came to me was to draw upon for strength and wisdom, not only MY higher self, but the higher soul of my whole family…the idea of their being a higher, ‘plus’ self of a family-soul group…!


Had to post a picture! Thank you, Mystic, for this new feature in the comments!


Is an amazing picture – tell us more 🙂


Ha! I looked at this first without my glasses and thought it was a sheela na gig!


Don’t know why but I am not into digging up old bones. It is a complete turn off for me. I don’t give two hoots who was from where or what they did etc. I am way more interested in who I will meet next. Have never had a dream about granny or whomever but have had absolute knowing of those who are stepping into my life. It is like a have future vision not past vision.


I love this. On a Mystic Member and your recommendation, I did the Uranus Grounding Meditation. I thought it would relax me as I didn’t expect to actually go anywhere or experience anything more than that lovely lucid zen. I came face to face toward the end with a woman that actually looked straight out of Game of Thrones in era. She was very familiar and had features and skin tone similar to my mother. She was talking to me I realised without us verbally communicating and I at once knew that she was my ancestor. She wore a gold… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Oh that’s a very sweet face Mystic. Is he quadruple Kataka ? Second guess Aries. He looks very thoughtful and sensitive. And with that high forehead : very intelligent. Imaginitive……. Pisces? Yes I have experienced a lot of connection with ancestors recently. Mainly with Mum and Dad. There are other ancestors but I don’t know who they are and I don’t really need to find out. Last week with all that Aquarian energy I had a really strange night. I lost the air conditioner remote control so I could not turn it off. Aircon started blowing hot and cold so… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Maybe Leo?


I also thought Cancer! Or a Taurus?

Wish Upon a Star

Oh yes Taurus. I just want to hug him like a teddy bear.

Didee Joyous

My sister shared with me just today the results of her/my DNA going way back. She hashtagged it #celticwhitetrash and stressed not anglo-saxon. I’m not sure what it all means but am happy to know.


I’m always taking to my ancestors. In meditation I ask then to all come in to a room I have designed for the purpose. They are the board of my corporation and all have their areas of expertise. Currently my Great Grandmother is the Chairperson. My Grandfather director of mergers and acquisitions. Logistics has been outsourced to a 5th dimensional org whose mastery of time makes them indispensable. My father joined recently as ethics director. I’m the PA of the board and the general dogs body. The feet on the ground. I recently asked for an upgrade to my conditions… Read more »


Talking not taking ! Omg is that a Freudian slip or what ! I hope they don’t read this, I’ll never hear the end of it.


Have you read The Quantum Astrologer’s Handbook by Michael Brooks?


No. Maybe he’s read me ? 😉


My son is a triple Gemini and all the ladies love him. So much for him settling down and me having grand kids!! No chance.


Im afraid I have my Venus in Gemini in 3rd. I am a prize flirt without trying. And yes not terribly good at monogamy. But at least I know why now!


My son as well! He is still very young but he talks about wondering who he’s going to get married to and in my head I’m like “probably more than one lucky person!” 😛

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