Your Venus Square Neptune Mood Board

Venus is squaring Neptune and if you are interested, there are many posts tagged Venus square Neptune.  Meanwhile, here is a Moodboard. And yes, they all have natal Venus square Neptune.

Underground – 1995
Charles Sykes – Rihanna at the Met Ball|
Women Who Love Too Much
A Streetcar Named Desire
Pamela Anderson
Baudelaire, Verlaine, and Rimbaud
Charlize Theron as Ravenna
Niki De Saint Phalle
Jane Fonda and Angela Davis
Madonna and Sharon Stone
Niki De Saint Phalle bedroom
Stevie Nicks




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Thank you for this! I don’t feel so alone or maligned with my natal Venus square Neptune anymore!


I’m dating someone with Venus and Sun conjunct Neptune and it’s a treat. Just wish we were in the same country for this transit.


I’m handling it with embarrassing inadequacy. Ex mentioned that his pregnant sister in law has cancer. She is very young and already has a 2-year old. No clue why he would tell me this but i kindly offered my support and cried to myself after the phone call. She gave birth yesterday and it was going to be a high-risk scenario. I asked him if he knew anything about how it went and he completely glossed over the question and texted about some innocuous stuff. I’m taking it personally – is he doing this on purpose? Is he using me… Read more »


Obviously I don’t know more than what you’ve written here, but as I was reading that was my first thought. Yep. Hope you can stay strong for yourself xxx


Ugh yes it seems he is just using that and playing a game. Talk to her directly and ignore him for your health!


I actually decided to act like a grown up today and just asked him directly. We communicate every day about random stuff anyway. So I said hey this made me feel blown off, what’s going on? He explained he had been very busy that day traveling for work and hadn’t even heard from his family until the evening. All is well. I’m proud of myself.


Hey, nicely done xx




Sometimes less is more, you know?hahaha


Oh my god, I Love so many of these. Niki de Sant phalle bedroom (look, and art generally) is my Dream Room. Not sure what shamans would say about all that fractured glass reflecting us in sleep but hey I argue artists have license maybe


Another Pisces with a plussed 12th house on the rise which makes my dream life SO ALIVE and weird at times and workable. This shattered, sorry, artistic mosaic is for people who … God no any Neptunian knows this is super bad for those who don’t know they dream or have trouble with dream recall, or cannot call themselves back after even one night of complex weirdness, or …well, pretty much anything going on in the night! Leave it alone while you sleep! Do any stuff you need beforehand, even if it was in the morning when you awoke, and… Read more »


Oh geez is this why my unstructured time has been a complete waste of time?




Girl, I have moon Neptune so I’m a pro at detaching and being in my own world. Venus is crossing over right there. And right after that full moon in my 7th? Bye bye.


Hope it was ok? X


Yeah, me too x


Aw, my soul pod! I’ve got Neptune square Venus, Sun and Mercury all in Pisces. Magical realism is the only realism I can do.


But that is the only Real !


And it’s rather fun being the one who knows that in a crowd of people who think only material reality is real. Yay for the folks on this site though, who are also in the know.


I always love reading your comments, you seem to harness your Pisces energy so well! I struggle with my Neptune sq Venus, I really do.


I always enjoy your comments too! I struggle with Neptune sq Venus too. Bad for relationships. The cure for Neptune squares is Saturn. If it’s something that’s negatively impacting you, treat it as an addiction and lean heavily into Saturn – numbers, data, plans of attack. Conversely, if it’s a harmless, joy making thing in your life, THEN lean heavily into Neptune. Geek out, obsess, flaunt it, make it your spiritual path. I don’t do debt, romantic partners or alcohol because they are all things I don’t handle rationally. But I swim deeply into films, books, art, perfumes, mythology, magic,… Read more »


This makes so much sense.

Wish Upon a Star

Kriblack I have Venus trine Neptune but I still find your 2nd post helpful.

It’s the solution to the answer I didn’t know I need to be asking. Thank you.

Probably because I’m Neptune ruled.


I do know that when I can invest my Neptunian energy fully into creative work or other special areas carefully segregated from official life admin and human relationships (colleagues, bureaucracy, getting the car fixed), then my work is free to soar / dive/ explode / be fully itself without getting its fishy tail entangled in the ghost-nets of un-attended to realities..

Writing this is making it very clear to me that I also can do better at this! Important, pi.


I went to +1 this comment and realised I already had haha


I’m feeling weirdly grounded despite this aspect??? Finally let go of a couple of zombie crushes, naf relationship patterns and less than optimal work habits (venus is transiting my natal 10th, neptune is in the 2nd house).

Maybe it’s like a test of the lessons learned during last year’s transiting neptune square natal venus (same signs, same house axis) and I’m actually passing?


I think we get a chance in life to resolve squares. If you are a Venus/Nept square by natal chart, when for example transiting Neptune is opposite to natal Venus – which in in life happens, no matter how slow Neptune is – then you get to dissolve the complexity of the sqyare into a more “open” and less obsessed approach.

Wish Upon a Star

I was having belly laughs in my dreams last night.

Is that Venus square Neptune ?


I love this!

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Well THAT explains my current dreamscape!


Love these inspirational people! I have this natally. (Autocorrect used to try and make me write fatally, lol). There are some creative heavy hitters on this list. Gives me inspiration.


Tenth house Venus in Virgo sq Neptune in Sag (1st). This post gives me hope!! 🙏


I have this too. Prob born around the same time. My Venus in Virgo is in my 8th/9th w/Neptune rx in sag in my 12th. It’s a nightmare. I never know if I’m being played or if – because I know about the square – I’m just assuming that I’m always being played. Literally cannot see my own love life clearly, ever.


No one does Star…
It’s those bloody chemicals grrr
Endorphins seratonin etc
Love is indeed “a drug”


My Venus is square Neptune, too. But being a triple Pisces with Cap rising, it sort of seems like business as usual.


Not particularly looking forward to Neptune squaring my natal Uranus Venus conjunction (in Sag) 2020-2022. I think I need to develop a pretty solid spiritual, and creative practice. And some set-and-forget diet and fitness routines.

Woke up melancholy from dreams, have been reading self-help-ish forums about how not to be a love zombie.


I have the same transit coming my way, too. Only without the Uranus conjunction. Although, as Neptune squares my natal Venus – its going to oppose my natal Saturn. I don’t like Neptune transits.

Love the images, Mystic!


We should probably take notes of any major themes coming up with this little preview!!! <3


Venus is squaring Neptune. On my Birthday. My Scorpio Sun is conjunct Neptune and Pallas. Such is life.

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