The Outer Planets In Astrology Are High Cosmic Voltage

Retrofuturistic art with woman in living room gazing at planet Saturn

See the outer planets in astrology as high cosmic voltage. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are relatively recent discoveries. For millennia, astrology dealt with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. My favorite historical astrologer Paracelsus would not even have known he had Mercury conjunct Pluto,

Broadly, the inner planets describe various aspects of human culture and experience. They’re archetypes – the Self-Actualizing Promethean Individualist, Empath or Priestess, and Scribe/Trickster. Venus and Mars are the Witch/Whore/Beauty and Warrior/Aggressor/Athlete personae. Jupiter and Saturn are omnipresent as hubris and nemesis, Hustler, and Sage. People are described as mercurial, jovial, or saturnine. We measure our very days by the original Sun, Moon, and original planets.

The Outer Planets In Astrology Beam 5th Element Vibe

But the outer planets are beyond these familiar concepts. They’re called “generational” as they move so slowly that their signs and aspects to one another or even Saturn represent eras.

For example, being a Pluto in Virgo person is more about being a part of Generation X than any personal characteristics. Having Neptune and Uranus conjunct in Capricorn reflects the early 90s culture you were born into more than your nature. The children being born now – 2018 until early 2020 – will all have Saturn conjunct Pluto, a sub-generation within the wider Pluto in Capricorn people.

That is why Astral DNA delineates the outer planets in astrology house and the aspects to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, and inner planets only.

You Grew Up Mystified By People Saying You’re “Intense”

But what happens when you’ve got an outer planet conjunct the Sun, Moon, or personal planet? You’re an outer planet person and thus channeling higher voltage than other people.

It’s not that you are going to be literally zapped by some mysterious outer space force, but metaphysically, you’re more energized than others. You would have grown up mystified by people saying you’re too ‘intense’ or ‘weird.’  If you remember being a kid and grown-ups reacting to you as if you were a peer, you’re probably an outer planet person. Your voltage scrambles other people’s systems, like it creates interference in their frequencies.

Anything in your birth chart energies aligned with an outer planet is where you’re tapped into a broader narrative. Somehow, you are your generation’s story writ large. It’s where you are ‘weirder’ – picking up on and transmitting the 5th element vibe. In that area of life, you’re never satisfied with ‘normality.’ You experienced some definitive ‘inexplicable’ or paranormal event at an early age.

Outer Planet People Experience Paranormality Early

Paradoxically, the outer planet people need to master Saturn Vibe earlier rather than later. If they can turn the taxes, self-management, boundaries, worldly affairs, and dental flossing component of life into a streamlined marvel, they’re freer to soak up outer planet rays. The outer planets in astrology are potent and magic, but if you’re trying to channel that voltage through a troubled system or rickety relationship, things blow.

Do other aspects besides the conjunction count? Yes, of course. But the conjunction is your astral equivalent of being plugged straight into the grid. And, say you have no inner planets, Sun/Moon or Ascendant/Midheaven conjunct an outer planet – you will experience it when an outer planet connects with one of those points/planets by transit.

They’re the kind of astral passage where you wake up one morning, somehow switched onto more. And all you can smell is change. Everything is an omen.

Another syndrome: relationships where one person is outer planet-influenced and the other is not. They are compatible, functional, and in love, but the outer planet person has had to dial down their vibe. The strategy never works long-term, and when the 5th element/outer planet vibe comes back online, it will be like a power surge.

Outer planet people can feel alienated – as if people don’t connect with the real them and more enjoy/react to them as catalysts, stimulants, or impersonal forces.

Outer planet influences by any means negate the need or desire for drugs. And if you are grounded enough to channel the high-voltage, next-paradigm inspiration, energy, or information is there for the taking.


Image: Shusei Nagaoka

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Ummm…sun, moon, Mercury in Leo in 5th house conjunct Uranus & Pluto 🤓🤣😎🤪


Sun, Saturn and Mercury conjunct Neptune in Libra in 6th/7th house – one very sensitive, over-thinking and imaginative individual who usually sees both sides to everything and as for making a quick decision – well pull up a chair and we’ll think about it ha ha

Striped Horse

Great piece – I echo the compliments. Sun and Mercury conjunct Neptune in 12th House. It builds on your Neptunian piece that finally made everything make sense that Sun in Scorpio didn’t. I didn’t have an unstable childhood or anything, but I had to talk to myself at an age like 8 that I was actually here and not a Sioux on the Plains of Dakota. It’s like the first part of my life was actually arriving in my body. Weird and intense – YES. I have had an affair heat up recently with a fellow who is part of… Read more »


Oh..the man who met me on the most woowoo plane must have been born the same year (?). He has that same neptune, Venus conjunction, along with Mercury and the sun in scorpio ( conjunct my Uranus) his Uranus Pluto on my Saturn+nn. It was a truly beautiful, magical and deep, and completely unsustainable in the long run. Yet…So wonderful!

Striped Horse

Hel – Great!! I am the bad influence, and I wear this with pride. A lot of things in this guy’s life were fairly locked down, and I arrive and scramble his synapses and also saying to him “Man, look at your chart”. He’s a total sceptic, but I asked for his birth details after he was sharing a story of a random connection unexpectedly opening up and telling him all of their deep dark secrets. I was curious if there was an astrological explanation as he doesn’t project this kind of persona, and this post completely validates my hunch.… Read more »


Great post Mystic! OG OPP here: Sun conj Ur, Merc conj Pl (exact & sextile Neptune in 1st), plus node on Ascendant, even Saturn on MC… Most planets all in OP ruled 8-12th houses (ex Nept 1st/Moon 6th/Jup 5th). Definitely relate to this. Dialling down in relationship – YES, HELL YES – and this explains my NEED to stay single. Something i read once which resonated about OPPs, is that they often feel they have a “calling” but it can take a long time for it to be realised. They’re generally ahead of the curve, the world is not ready… Read more »




Honestly Mystic I think this is one of the best things you’ve ever written! x Pluto/Virgo conj in first and loosely conj Mars in 2nd, trine Cap moon 5th and Jupe in Toro 10th. Also opposite Sun-Saturn-Merc-Chiron. Why am I not running the world, I ask myself. Dialling down my vibe is the default option as I learned very early in life I had to do it for preservation and just to fit in. I taught myself to be invisible. Where does that powerhouse astro energy go while I make myself invisible, I wonder now. I was always the loner… Read more »


1h Pluto, Uranus in scorp opposite Merc (+ personal planet stellium), and neptune on ic ( square 12h nn+11hSaturn ) . I have had my most rad activatoins via transits. I am very glad i am not allways a catalyst or impersonal force. I am glad my Pluto is not cj AC in natal chart, the experience of it progressing over it ( and being activated in transits) gave me the weird experience of being a powerful theacher or guide, who was sought out by people, and that i spoke the right words to them, looking at them in ways… Read more »


Sun-Pluto in Scorpio here and people reacting to you like an impersonal force is so true.


My S.O. has both Sun and Pluto in Scorpio 1st house, and even though they’re not conjuct, he’s a walking triggerfest (his Mercury is conjuct Pluto, also 1st house). As far as I can tell, he’s mostly enjoying it though. Are you?


Saturn conjunct Neptune and Pluto conjunct Midheaven over here. Very much resonating with the need to have good Saturnine habits in order to function at a higher level, as well as the sense of alienation mentioned. Also, while always having an interest in psychedelics (read a lot about others’ experiences) I have never been drawn to drug use myself. Remember even using the words, “they’re not my teacher in this lifetime” – so it was very cool to have that reflected here.


Pluto person here
Yes my partner often tells me that it’s getting “too intense”, when I’ve barely scratched the surface in what I imagine is a very vanilla conversation. And that goes same for people I just meet, doesn’t take long to summarise an experience for me.
Must admit, it gets lonely sometimes.


Naturally my spouse is Scorpio


Thank you Mystic! I feel So seen and understood! I have a lot of inner aspected planets to outer planets which include Neptune conjunct my mid heaven and Pluto conjunct my Venus. I’ve had relationships where I’ve had to dial down and inevitably my neptunian self starts to high volt everything… and they can’t handle me. I grew up with paranormal experiences not realising that it didn’t occur for absolutely everyone and I’ve always felt kind of like I don’t really fit this paradigm. But I wouldn’t change the enriched inner workings for anything. I tried normal many times… I… Read more »


What a post – You are on FIRE, Mystic 🙌💜


Shockingly resonant. You have been writing about Outer Planet and Plutonian and Uranian people for a few years now and am now more tuned in about what it means.


Thanks a lot for this Mystic, it explains so much of my childhood (Pluto cj AC+Saturn cj Mars) People always telling my parents that I was a scary silent and serious child It took me decades to realize I might have a temper…😂 “Outer planet people can feel alienated – as if people don’t connect with the real them and more enjoy/react to them as catalysts, stimulants, or impersonal forces.” I can relate as well as being a catalyst for destruction too (especially is something is already broken/weak) for such a long time I thought I was just super clumsy…… Read more »


“You would have grown up mystified by people saying you’re too ‘intense’ or ‘weird.’ If you remember being a kid and grown-ups reacting to you as if you were a peer, you’re probably an outer planet person. Your voltage scrambles other people’s systems, like it creates interference in their frequencies.” check. check. check…this resonates with me. Still takes me aback when some people before I even met them seem to have an extreme reaction to my personality- love or hate. I’d prefer a more neutral reaction, but what can I do? tone my weirdness down? I try to hide ot… Read more »


Shine on, anything else will involve hiding yourself and your light from the world. That is much pain than you want.

Saturn in Pisces

This weekend I passed an important threshold wherein I decided to use Neptune/Uranus Rising for personal advantage rather than personal destruction! I was going to a social event (cue phobia) and I happened to be driving past the hospital where, at six months old on Nov 8th, the day the Sun is coming into an exact conjunction with my Midheaven, I had my skull reconstructed to correct an otherwise-fatal birth defect (how’s that for Cap Rising, Neptune, and Uranus being the main influences on my physical body?). The surgery was a smashing success – I did the chart for the… Read more »


congrats. It feels good to let go of crippling social phobias and just allow yourself to enjoy a party.


Well i could relate to this…Sun at 29th of Scorpio , conjuct with Mercury and Pluto ….As well as Neptune and Uranus conjunct with Venus in Capricorn…My whole life feels tapped into a broader narrative , everything is symbolic and connected at times tragic but essentialy transformative….I would not call it paranormal cause my eyes are used to see the way they see , but by the standards of others the events and the narrative of my life would be that thing you call paranormal…

aqua hair

Personally I am Virgo pluto conjunct asc, moon and mars conjunct neptune (3rd house) south node uranus jupiter conj ( 1 st house) opposite venus chiron MY grounding force is saturn in 8th and Mercury at 0 aquarius. I feel so on edge at the moment as if I need to listen to Les Miserables as the students revolt. I want to sell everything to cash up and invest in food security, but at the same time feel what the hell debt will mean nothing after 2020 so just hang on in there. As a person who has always been… Read more »

Neptune soul

God yes, if only I could master Saturn I would be set. I’ve sun, moon, mercury tight conjunct Uranus/pluto. I was told by a psychic that looked like an alien at 17, that people would think I was a weird bird. When I’m on high energy, I will walk into a shop and my energy is so buzzy that just afterwards a crowd will suddenly fill up the shop and start frantically buying things. Shit, I should be in sales!


Yep that fits for me. It’s Inspiring, alienating, catalysing, transformative etc. all of the above. Most of my friends are a generation older than me, or they’re not in bodies at all, or anymore. I tend to experience a lot of off-planet contact/support. Sun conj Uranus ~ Telepathy (very informative but not all it’s cracked up to be), constant sudden insights/BFO’s (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious), both enlightening/inspiring & interrupting of conversations & daily life. Pluto conj M.C. ~ Strong sense of purpose/priestess path. Visits from the other side from an early age, after a couple of NDE’s. Nept squ… Read more »


Intense? Saturn conjunct MC in Capricorn, and all the personal planets in the 8th house or Scorpio. I’ve got that.


venus conj pluto
still a love zombie, looking forward to uranus conj my ascendant in may


“Your voltage scrambles other people’s systems, like it creates interference in their frequencies”. Oh God. Really? That explains a lot. Definitely in sync with the adult as kid bit.


This resonates with me as well. I always had friends older than myself, rarely the same age.


Yeah I was one for older people too. Preferred to talk to the adults than play with the kids if given an option.


Does Vertex and do the Nodes count as “personal planets”? (Apologies for ‘dumb’ question but I’m never sure.)


I wouldn’t say personal planets, but they are still very important chart points.


Pluto conjunct sun, venus. Uranus conjunct moon. Neptune conjunct jupiter. Is that a lot? Aqua rising and Virgo sun so I pretend normal really well. A lot of eighth house so hiding comes naturally. Def can see that the energy doesn’t run well because I haven’t squared away taxes and mundane duties. No need for drugs tho. One sacred plant ceremony a while back annoyed the crap out of me.


Me too re: taxes and mundane stuff, but have had serious rebellion/authority issues re: aligning with a corrupt patriarchal system.

Annoying sacred plant ceremony. Lol


Scorp Neptune-on Libra Moon 12th. Spouse Leo Pluto-Sun. Eldest- Saggi Pluto-Jupiter-Moon. Sister was Libra Sun-Neptune. Mum Pluto Sun- Gem. We all have an urgency about life and have had chaos, death, tumult in greater portion before 1st Saturn Returns than most- and miracles, grace, near death… Most uttered musing here in Outer Planet Ville is, “She/He They just doesn’t/don’t get it…” I am truly enjoying the Cappy progressions- cleaning, ordering life, raking leaves before the snow. I resigned from all those endlessly fraught committees- narrowed my focus- tx to Uncle Pluto- and have head down to make prepare in all… Read more »


Sun conjunct Pluto 8th house! Totally have felt the alienation thing at times and fear of letting the real me out in relationships or wondering if I can have a normal relationship (fear or being too intense or weird as you say)…maybe I just need to embrace it


I get this. Uranus conjunct Scorp Rising. Relationships can’t seem to deal with the real me for an extended period of time, and I can’t/won’t pretend I am happy when I am not. Currently trialling a newly rebooted regime of having fun in the social arena despite feeling utterly alien. Mininum base line levels of (g)intoxication help immensely with the careless x factor to stalk around a dancefloor seeking the best spot to get sweaty solo – my Sagg Moon is pleased when she gets her way. And that prickly aloof Asc of mine deftly dispatches any unwanted attention quick… Read more »


Neon_Ivy I’m a Uranus conjunct ASC in Scorpio with a Sag moon too! Nice!


I was teased as a kid for being weird, a witch even (how cool is that…now). I heard that my rising sign Aqua may make me feel as if I have two versions of me, I feel I have four and I have conjunct Pluto, Uranus, Pando and Isis in Virgo 8th H plus a sh!t ton of planets and asteroids and the North node in my Sun Sign. No wonder I love quiet me time.


Uranus conjunct moon and Lilith, yes to all of this. I have been described as weird and intense my whole life…….only just beginning to see it as a good thing and not something to fight.



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