The Return Of Saint Virgo

And on the 21st day, Saint Virgo riseth again. The dark insomniac imaginings of Mercury Retro did vanish in the face of their pure light and sharp, focussed intention.

Call upon Saint Virgo for help with overwhelming tasks and when you need to dehumidify a soggy situation.

Very soon, with the Moon in Virgo AND Mercury Direct, you will realize that the recent Retrograde and associated fuqery have improved your Virgo Vision.  Yes, even if you are not lucky enough to BE Virgo.

Acquire a fresh note pad or its digital equivalent and create your list. Strike out the tasks as they are done. Task accomplishment is an underrated route to serenity.

For simplicity, see everything as a clean-up, organize or discard job.

Saint Virgo Koan: Complexity does not automatically render something more profound.

Who else is sensing the presence of Saint Virgo?

Image: Georg Janny

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Calli G

Yep. I’m getting my hand on lingering, difficult tasks and I am *pushing through*.


I woke from a nightmare just after Mercury went Direct bringing all the fear I thought I had dealt with during the retro period back. Oh boy! Interesting too re the pic above. When I checked out the post before bed I only saw the angel. It’s only today I see the dragon and snakes.


Saint my ass. Virgo’s are guilt trippy, pass agg and pretend polite whilst they judge everything about you – from your shoes to the speck of dust on the back of your effing TV. They think too much. Period. And it’s not productive. They secretly crack the shits about things that they thought about whilst they were sitting on the toilet (for hours because usually they have some weird bowel issue) or roaming around in the middle of the night (because they can’t possibly let the fuq go of control for 5 seconds and actually sleep) that haven’t even happened… Read more »


You must know my bestie’s ex, the Toxic Nitpicking Virgo! You have described him here with chilling accuracy. You know that scene in the standard procedural serial killer film where they open a wardrobe/bathroom cupboard and find rows of suits the same colour or neatly stacked and colour coded, brandless soaps/dental floss/mouthwash, and THAT’S the point at which the audience knows for sure that person is the killer? That was my bestie’s ex. He dumped her under the influence of a terrible Neptune transit and then wrote an actual book about all her faults when he was trying to win… Read more »


I wish there was a laugh button. Or that I knew the latest emoji codes for “face twisted sideways half laughing, half crying”. Oh well … I’ve only known one Virgo who was THAT stereotype – super neat freak blandoid weirdness. My Aqua Mars could only handle that for about … 3 seconds. The others were messy messy messy … like disgustingly messy and disturbingly freakish … like being obsessed with family and yet allowing numerous family pets to die – a baby bunny left freezing from neglect, starvation and cold. A cat who was rarely fed anything but scraps.… Read more »


Hey I am Virgo and I know for a fact I judge me more than anyone else. In fact because other people are I don’t seem to judge them as automatic 😏


Well hey … how about this for a radical idea notMuggle

Quit judging everything for a whole day. Including yourself. Just for shits and giggles.

Take the day off. Chuck a sickie. Tell everyone to piss off and NO you aren’t available. Bury your phone in the backyard covered in bubble wrap obviously – oh I know how addicted you lot are to your phones and obsessed with FOMO. If you have kids – manipulate a 24 hour play date.

Now after doing all that and having a whole 24 hours to yourself ….. ………

Wish Upon a Star

This Neptune ruled girl just spent 5 minutes adjusting a picture on the wall till it was just right.

That’s mighty strong Virgo influence. LOL !


As a highly Virgoan Sagittarius with a 10H Virgo Stellium, I wholly approve of this message. I just moved into a new living situation this past weekend (signed the docs before Mercury Rx and anyhoo I have natal Mercury Rx in Scorpio so this has been my season) and it’s glorious. I realized I have less stuff than anyone else I know, and a big reason why I thought I was a hoarder was because I was previously living in a room the size of a jail cell. The space between my hangers is bringing me much needed serenity. 4… Read more »


Aah this totally explains why I was being oddly organised and – dare I say it – even calmly enjoying administrivia in a zen like haze at work today instead of of seething with resentment over it in my watery-fiery Scorp way as per usual. Virgo moons really are fantastic for catching up on work. And we’ve got another day of it!






Am I the only person who feels like time is slowing down for the first time in years? Maybe it’s the fact that I’m dedicating more time to creating my life instead of cluttering it with things to do and people to see/be seen with. It feels weird but good.


Funny that you mention it, as I’ve been getting that odd feeling too, libraquarian… wonder if anyone else has? I’m still very busy but somehow things feel slower but in a good, calm and mindful sort of way. Like yourself, I have streamlined my life more these days rather than let it clutter with obligations, which must be part of it. Wonder if this is a by-product of the Saturn-Pluto convergence energies?! I’ve got Saturn conjunct my moon right now too which I suspect is something to do with it too.


Yes fellow Cap moon I feel this too. For most of the year I’ve felt like time has been running away from me but right now I feel like I have the secret code to slowing it down and extracting every last possibility from every moment.


I think it’s Capricorni season approaching + Sat/Pluto in Cap + Jupiter about to head there. But boy since yesterday I feel like the bottle has popped up and my brain hast started functioning again.
Oh and I might see the “gallery guy” on Saturday. (see my comment bellow) 🙂


Oh yes, do! Hope it goes well. Keep us posted.


Ooh my Virgo stellium is stirring at this thought. I do love a list. I have bags of clothes and books destined for the charity shop, literally hundreds of pieces of paper destined for the shredder. A guy is coming to high-pressure clean the exterior of my place tomorrow while I have scheduled a couple of hours on the phone to sort insurance, bills etc. Uranus-Pluto conj in the first close to Mars in 2nd and I’ve decided it all has to happen tomorrow.
(Off topic, but I just noticed Mars is almost on my Gary. Woof. )


Hahaha – trust Gary to get the job done!
(He’s almost on my 8th H Lilith. Hisss.)


Oooh 8th house Lilith. I bet she’s going to teach Gary a thing or two! x


Very St Virgo.

lol about Gary. Of course I had to go and check – exact on my Saturn. Between the St Virgo vibe and Gary on my Saturn in the 6th I’d say I need to get Virgo on BIG TIME.

Wish Upon a Star

Picking up healing cues from random comments off the TV. Pretty Amazing.

Is that Mercury retro/direct or just my coach potato Taurus Moon?


“The dark insomniac imaginings of Mercury Retro did vanish in the face of their pure light and sharp, focussed intention.” Can’t wait for that. I just had a bad night of very little sleep. 🙁 Moon entering my first house in Virgo today at 5 pm. Mercury turns direct today at 8 pm. Couldn’t think of a better “change of pace” transit. Well actually I can: Mars in Scorpio trine my Venus as of tomorrow morning. I hope to kick this rut for good and start the changes I wanna make. I loved the “reflective and re-viewing” side of this… Read more »


I hope that trine brings you something lovely and Venusian x


Thanks 🙏🏻


Yes, sounds like a nice trine! Keep us posted if anything exciting happens, Miss Dee. 😊


Well long story short: I matched with a guy but the chat died down fastly. Meanwhile I went on a totally unusual obsessive bender and I surfed the net until I found again a guy that I had matched with while he was in Italy but removed from the matched list when he left for London because I didn’t see any future. I hate Love Zombing so I thought remove him from the list was the cure. But I can’t stop thinking about him and I found him on linkedIn. I requested a contact but I don’t think anything is… Read more »


Was just musing recently that I might go back to using a good ol’ fashioned paper diary like I used to – as well as date notifications on the phone). I will find a nice one for the new era

The Virgo mars always likes to see a good list of appointments, groceries, birthdays etc. It seems to help me think out loud…


i’m sensing it. and cannot wait!

managed to finally free myself today from the grasp of a qi vamp i volunteer with, one who makes endless – and i really do mean achingly endless – lists that she NEVER crosses things off. i like to make a short, doable list and LOVE to cross things off: i blame (in the best possible way) my virgo mother and virgo husband for teaching me that particular power. it’s good to dream, but even better to make sh!t happen!


Congratulations on releasing all the energies associated with this (now, dis-) connection!


feels like a victory – thank you x


Lists and I have a complicated relationship.

That said, I read some excellent advice today: Take the next step.

That’s it. No overwhelming System. Just the next step. Felt my future shift and brighten as i read it


Ditto the list relationship


Not yet just the heavy sludge of this fire fuqqery, Nowendoc next FFS. Making lists of fire plans and what has REAL value like my Dad’s guitar. I do love a new note pad though. I did a massive wardrobe cull 2 weeks ago and so did my muggle sister in law that informed me it was Mercury retro, I felt it was more of a house witching spring clean, late but so are the rains.


Gave away 2/3 of wardrobe and belongings in favor of moving house and taking up smaller closets. Organization is the name of the game! Happy Virgo moon!


Yes please!!!

Wish Upon a Star

That’s refreshing news.


Me! I am compelled to move through my continuous list. Ticking things off makes me feel lighter and feel like I’m leaving the crap drudgery of the past year or more behind me in a pillar of ash.


Virgo Moon entering my IC (already graced by Regulus) as Mars into Scorpio squares Uranus in Taurus AND my Sun-Venus in Aquarius. Mercury crossing over my Jupiter in my Scorpio 6th… And Jupiter now conjunct my Neptune-Moon in late Sag. So 7th house sludgy material was going to come up at SOME point. In the last 12 hours I broke up with a long-distance and prolonged Tinder romance (hot, sincere, and totally untenable) whilst processing the ff simultaneously: – epochal changes in the city where I live and work (HK) – dealing with family debts and secrets thrust in the… Read more »


That sounds like a lot. And yesterday, with the Jupiter-Galactic Centre conjunction felt like a shit storm of so much dreggy stuff coming up before it cleared. I hope that you are okay and able to self-care and soothe as much as you can. Hopefully this holiday will offer you the perspective shift along with the scenery change that you need atm. Hugs


Ooh yeah, bring THAT on! Badly needed after a rough psych dredge through the 12th with Merc retro.


Goddess, yes, same. You are right on!


With you my fellow dredgers xx

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Really feeling this.


I am a big picture thinker, have no planets in Virgo, but cusp is on the 8th house and this is what dying must feel like. But I am ticking things off the list so I am doing it, The great thing about astrology is it reminds you there are swings and roundabouts. Everything sucks for me right now but when Pluto rules the skies I am a duck to water and all the hard work I have done becomes visible.


Everything sucks for me atm too


Oh I love this. Keep It Simple, Stupid.
I’m a huge fan of to do lists, and you’ve reminded me to write down every little thing I’ve been meaning / wanting to do and list them in order of importance and how much effort they will take. Do a couple of ‘back burner’ things that don’t take make effort a week, and it gives you SO much satisfaction!


Haha, absolutely. One thing post-traumatised part of me has needed to do? Swap the “Stupid” at the end for “Sweetheart” 🙂


Yes! Excellent idea. I will adopt this from now on. When I read this, I also ‘heard’ ‘Keep it simple, sweetheart’ in a Humphrey Bogart voice! Perfect! After falling badly on Oct 30 and ending up in hospital with an op on my ‘write’ arm, everything has had to be as simple and easy as possible. The good in it all is that my left hand is now really useful! I still can’t fathom why this had to happen. It’s been quite a blow.


Love Bogart! And sorry about your arm…it takes some time to heal but rehab people tend to be pretty good. The exercises they give you can be strangely comforting as you learn that part of the body again, like a small child discovering themselves.

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