*Mercury Retrograde Secrets And Phantoms

How To Make Lemonade

Mercury Retrograde Secrets get sprung in mysterious ways. Mercury in Scorpio and aligned to Neptune the whole time made it even weirder.

Now, as the Mercury trine to Neptune culminates over the next 24 hours, let’s reflect on this astral fuqery. Writing it out as a timeline would be therapeutic and insight provoking. Try it and don’t even bother to be flowery or ‘new age.’ Just spill.

The entire Mercury in Scorpio phase is October 4 till December 10: retro or not, that was (and is) the weirding zone. If you feel like it was more a spell or a magical journey, you’re tuned in. Did some legs of it feel more like an ordeal? That’s the Plutonic edge. Pluto rules Scorpio and underwrote that recent Retro. Thank Uncle Pluto for the declassifying of all the covert info.

Thank Uncle Pluto For The Mercury Retrograde Secrets

Whatever occurred and no matter how ‘real-life’ or grubby-Muggle-biz it was, the dynamic would have accomplished at least one of the following:

-Reappreciation of your magical consciousness and the need to cherish it.

-The revelation of any malign energy in your realm – concealed animosity, addicts, energy vamps or the energetic remnants of past brushes with abusers.

-Enhanced awareness of subtle or phantom energies – inexplicable via logic but metaphysically? Utterly rational. If you were already at all clairvoyant, you’ve been psyched.

-Swift realizations and the speed-dumping of shitty-vibe attachments – Some call it ruthlessness but Mars in Scorpio sees it more as “thorough.”

-Particularly noxious phantoms demanding an upgrade of your ghost protocol and space clearing skills.

It Was Training Ground For The New Saturn/Pluto Paradigm

The Mercury Retrograde secrets weren’t just a big reveal for the hell of it – it was training ground for the new-era Saturn/Pluto paradigm from January.

On the curriculum:

Resource Management – You can’t be ‘resourceful’ if you’re perpetually squandering resources on undeserving people or non-returning investments. You will be depleted and vulnerable because of it.

Cognitive Control – Mercury in Scorpio makes you more aware of media/literature and the effect it has on your consciousness. Possibility: that you realized your news consumption or reading material was satiating a Shadow Self. 

Power + Boundaries – There are people you’ll never satisfy or impress and your attempts erode your powder.

Prayer – Some people or dynamics don’t deserve divine intervention or even a complex spell – “fuq them” will be the prayer and your success/happiness the spell.

Fuq Them Is The Prayer And Your Success/Happiness The Spell

Whatever your particular Mercury Retrograde secrets and ordeals, you won’t fully understand the whole deal until December 8, when Mercury emerges from shadow.

But within the next two days, you’ll enjoy some sort of magical manifestation that thematically blends with your last eight weeks.

And in mid-December, when Mars in Scorpio trines Shamanic Neptune, you see how it aroused previously unrealized warrior instincts.


Image: Beyonce – How To Make Lemonade

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Zoi Spirytin

Youre on point as always


gemini with scorpio rising, crazy amazing dreams. Great fun times strange connections, lotsa explaining about misunderstood nuance in text, broken glasses and iPhone ahhh Mercury Retrograde…


E P I C ! Thanks for the road map, Mystic. What a ride.


Feeling wired, tired, and looking forward to ending the year (couple of small jobs to complete)… So many ideas and 2020 is looking exciting. The past month or so I got my first library assistant job (I wasn’t offered a job after the group interview, but I called the head of libraries for feedback and someone withdrew so she offered me a casual job! merc retrograde reversal!). Was headhunted on insta by 2 arts organisations, so I’m joining a artist showcase next Feb, the 2nd offer of representation and being in a directory of artists/illustrators sounded great, but decided it’s… Read more »


I could write a book about the shitstorm that went down over the weekend when I narrowly avoided being sucked into a cult, which left me feeling psychically violated, and the subsequent ‘demonic’ visit (or was it just a cling-on from the weekend?), all of which prorelled me to a full on energy healing from which I am still recovering. Absolutely mind-bending and beyond anything I could ever have imagined.


fantastic that you escaped – hope you’re okay!!


Thank you leotaurusscorp – yes, slowly but surely getting my equilibrium back. The whole atmosphere at the moment is so weird in an other-wordly kind of way. Thanks Merc-Neptune. 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

Last night I felt compelled to investigate my Pluto in the 7th house and stumbled on my Sun square Pluto aspect. This is a shadow side that I pretend is not there but keeps my light dimmed. It was a big aha moment. But knowledge is power and I will use writing to bring myself back into the light. And on a lighter note I am really in love with the local bats. I am natal Neptune in Scorpio with Neptune progressed into 8 th house. I have the Adamms family on speed dial. LOL. The bats are my familiars… Read more »


“And on a lighter note I am really in love with the local bats” BWahhHahahaaaaHAAAA do you know how funny that would sound by itself? Natal Neptune in Scorpio with prog Nep in the 8th indeed. Focus on psychic sonar: what do you hear that is not a sound but rings like a bell in your psyche? Love that Bat Energy is your ‘lighter note’! Tres Scorpionic, Wish 😀

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks m. I don’t need to focus in the larger community, I just need to run and hide. It’s too strong.

Back to the bdt cave. But on a helpful note I got the message today that I need to check my thyroid levels with a good doctor. Way too tired.

I did watch the bats behind my cottage at dusk wake from sleep and fly about the new moon tonight with glee

Lotus A

Yes to all that and all of the comments. Family crap. My sister hates my guts. She hates everybody. I’ve discovered she’s been feeding me really warped info about people for years. It upsets me to be at odds with people but I can’t bridge the gap. I am on empty.
Helping to spaceclear for some friends has been rewarding.


Hee hee. Love the fuq ‘em prayer! Gave me a giggle. And it’s so true too – sometimes it’s that simple. Is there anyone else that seems to lose a long-term friendship every Mercury retrograde? It’s odd because I’ve typically been the type to really cherish friendships and rarely lose one, let alone have a blow up. But in this merc retro and one two years ago I’ve suddenly had totally uncharacteristic disagreements with my closest friend of each time. And we haven’t been able to recover from it. What’s surprising me even more is that I’m not even hardly… Read more »

Mergoat Scorp

Yes! This has been my experience too and like yourself, it’s not my usual MO. In my case, it was a close friend of 10 years and I didn’t see it coming but it was like the veil lifted on her gaslighting and qi vamping ways and I couldn’t bear to engage for one moment more. Done. And I’m not bothered either. Oh and I finally saw the light on a love zombie situation I was still engaging in from a 10 month relationship in 2016. I mean, 3 years later – WTF! But what a relief. Freedom.


Thanks, Mergoat Scorp. Good to know I’m not the only one. It’s so strange how veils can suddenly lift like that, and once lifted, everything changes. That’s great that you got to see the light on a prior love Zombie situation. It’s weird how we can suddenly get insight into situations years later. Speaking of love zombies, I’ll have Saturn enter my 7th house next year after Neptune finally vacated it after a couple of decades. I’m hoping this will cure me of love zombie tendencies forever…😊 One can hope! But eh, with natal Neptune in the 5th house, who… Read more »


WEirdly, i have been establishing two new friendships. Powerful and sweet woman, powerful and open woman: both in healing. Also, have been unable to reconcile with a family member because…i just can’t go back to trying not to feel that unfitting dynamic. What’s revealed cannot be unseen and unfelt deeply anymore. We work together to overcome shadows and forgive honestly, or we just keep the projections bouncing around in a hall of mirrors (thanks Oracle 2!!! Mystic, your work for us through the site upgradeshas been amazing.)


Yes, you just can’t unsee and unfeel, can you? That’s wonderful that you’ve had two new friendships come to you.


Even though this Mercury Retrograde has brought up (what else is new?) painful realizations about my family of origin and questions about my value in the world, it also has been powerful for going deep into a couple of creative projects and for discovering some fantastic poetry. (The collection Vertigo & Ghost by British poet Fiona Benson almost exactly maps to this Mercury Retrograde and to our current times. I highly recommend it, although it’s potentially triggering around sexual violence and miscarriage.)


I am doing 4 out of 5. I am Plutonian so Mercury Retro in Scorpio was kinda therapy on speed.
I am a tad tired though. I cannot wait for the change of pace and swift of December.

Also: could Neptune turning direct after ages be the cause of so much emotional behavior on my side?


These transits have been complex and deep, and I’m depleted. I started kettlebells in mid-September, and it has helped me gain physical strength and mental clarity that was essential to the process. I finally made it today, the start of a five day break. I need this space to rest, clear out, read, and sweat too. I pulled cards for the new moon and it’s time to ground and rebirth.


Oh oh kettle bells. Love them.


Uranus in Taurus. Shifting full on webs of old energy by fascia and musculature, feeding anew all the organs.


merc retro brought the sagg over from Dubai (finally) who ive been messaging since august. its been…we’ve had lots of walks together (big open spaces lol) and cream teas, and it was very chaste and respectful for two whole weeks. my feelings have been up and down with it..its not like he’s committed to me..but then not sure if i want him to…but there have been tears. its been a real learning/strengthening process for me. he has venus in scorp, i have mars in cancer-i checked the slezeometer and loved the description, it sounds promising we also have his saturn… Read more »


he’s only here temporarily…i bet he leaves around december 7th!


Hey, I found your “essay” interesting! Don’t be sorry. We’re here to share, and even if the situations differ, there are patterns and themes that I think reflect. Shadow selves. Unexpressed desires or motivations have such an impact on how people relate one on one. Your writing shows melancholy but also powerful light shone on these shadows that we usually carry alone and unrecognised.


melancholy? think thats my default setting lol
just found out he’s leaving today…noooo


thankyou milleunanotte x


Ah, my pleasure, but love sorry he’s leaving and you’re grieving. I know this heartbreak really well this year, after being the one to leave them all my life…find your soul buddies, call out to them, they’ll give you space, too, when you need it, the good ones. They’ll understand. And you can dive into the spaces to find the joy (that may be partly IN the melancholic, and there’s a sweet sharp beauty in that not everyone allows themselves to taste.) Feels like you will work out the difference between pure grief and wallowing xx


oh milleunanotte!
he told me in a text he is ‘constantly tied up with someone who’s been ghosting him for 6 yrs’
aaarrgghhh i was so angry
i slept with this guy…we’d been messaging since august.
before ge told me that, he said that beong with me was so comfortable, it was like being alone, but better, he teally enjoyed my company, he doesnt want to lose me…hut at the same time he’s telling me he’s messed up inside
i enjoy his company so much….aaargh c’est la vie…..and he still drinks heavily….so its a no go…aaargh! xx


AND i found this out when the moon was in cap…Mystic SAID i would get intel then…how right she was….whatever am i gonna find out before the 8th/10th…?


Tick tick TiCk! especially space clearing, don’t use it? lose it! is my new mantra. I have Neptune in Scorp so I am watching the ephemeris closely


what’s so wild is how powerful this is. i’m nervous. i am almost not grateful for the healing because i can barely function yet i seem to be doing a hair’s breadth better than most and way better than the vampires but it doesn’t seem to matter because the vampires are just so fuqing scary right now.


Had a difficult boundary conversation to address someone’s aggression today. I just kind of did it quietly in what turns out to be a perfect unplanned moment. Now to try maintaining that way in other facets of life! Realising today’s Pisces horoscope flowed right through me – that’s nice.


I’ve been wreaking havoc as of late


I’ve been wreaking havoc too – but mostly on myself. Trying to act civilly while feeling like an impatient monster bitch from Hades takes its toll.
Maybe it’s to do with the Mars/Uranus opposition? In my chart they’re now square my Moon-MC.


Mars-Uranus square, with Merc opp Uranus, so yes i heard the flag of “act civilly”. It’s annoying that others can make their act work, while we have to try to find a sincerity somewhere to make it an action not act. Hey, I know because it seems like my life mission and constant lesson, even when I think i have integrated it. Here comes another situ/person to grind my gears! Noone is as fast or impatient as the Mars-Uranus type, right?


I have Moon/Uranus too

Wish Upon a Star

I won’t go into details but I can relate to all of this. And after reading this I feel better and regret has been erased. So yesterday and today I came to the conclusion that most of my problems stem from the fact that I can’t tell incompatible people to fuq off. Now I realise that if I say these words I will be just drawn into their crap. I just need to ignore them. And yes the fuq em mantra will free up my headspace. Thanks Mystic. I am doing an incredible amount of healing on my own. No… Read more »

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