Daily Horoscope News And Uranian Notes

Greetings from Mars-Uranus centra. It has been a cathartic s**t storm of epic scale and I am readjusting my entire attitude and take on this aspect.

Seriously, it’s been shite and I am a natal Uranian. How are y’all going with it? I know that Mars opposite Uranus is a s**t-stirrer and a life-quaker but this one has had a real sting in it.

I went into the chemist for rescue remedy and the woman said she had not sold any of it in months but she’d sold ten in the last 24 hours. I know or am hearing of so many people reeling from circumstances at the moment. It’s amplified by Saturn-Pluto ganging up in the background.

And, this is the first opposition from Mars to Uranus since Uranus got into Taurus. And, of course, it will always be when Mars is in Scorpio. I’m taking note of this and adjusting my take on the Mars-Uranus synergies accordingly.

Mars-Uranus Central: Next Time I Come Here It’s In A Hazmat Suit

There was also a Mars in Leo square into Uranus in July – I wasn’t a big fan of that one either.

So, site announcement: I am returning to Daily Horoscopes on Wednesday – with the New Moon, so the Wednesday Horoscope and from then on, will be me again! Thank you for welcoming Zephyr, it has been fantastic to have the extra focus on the new Daily Horoscope project and I have made significant progress on that.

And, the Year Ahead report is down for a redesign/rewrite – my thoughts on things have evolved since that was written and I wanted the content to reflect that. I also found a way to make the presentation of the dates more flowing. It will be amazing and if you already bought one, I will send you a gift card to get a new one so you also get to experience the zooshed up version.

I’m Back Doing The Daily Scopes From Wednesday!

Thank you also to people who sent or commented such beautiful words re my little cat! He was bigger than that picture showed (literally and metaphorically) – a true familiar. Weirdly, I wrote that post a few weeks before rescuing him. There were so many ravens swirling around the house for the months before we got him that people were starting to comment.

The day he died was so weird and horrible I gave away/threw out all this stuff – it felt like everything was puerile and dark energy. And, as is apparently normal, I’ve been obsessively going over how it could have been different. I am waiting to see ravens again, in omen formation or making eye contact.

Mars-Uranus didn’t stop with that. There were ripple effects, some brilliant – some not.  Aside from the potential of sudden and not necessarily positive events, Mars in Scorpio uncovers things. I realized after one stormy eruption of a situation that I cannot have someone in my orbit, that it’s not a difficult dynamic, that it is dangerous.

Mars-Uranus Is A Storm

And because Uranus in Taurus – like Saturn-Pluto – is an entirely new infrastructure many of us are having to construct it with different materials than we thought we would be using. Or, without the help of people we assumed would be a shoo-in. The good news: unbelievable clarity and clearly sighted terrain.

It’s also a crazy atmosphere – electricity hums louder and voltage is palpable. I’ve had unique and direct, incredible conversations with people because I have not a skerrick of emotional energy for small talk or pretending to be normal.

How was/is your Mars Opposite Uranus? Calmer than mine I hope!


Image: Judy Chicago 


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babysinclairSweet SanityHelen_Marielisa guestElectro Recent comment authors
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babysinclairMM Member

Sorry Mars-opposite-Uranus has been a rough one for you MM. My mars-opposite-Uranus (conjunct/opposing my Sun) was a positive development after a really uncomfortable season. I know what you mean about needing new materials than expected. Also it feels like a lot of my peers hate their jobs/are mad (for good reason) at their parents. Is this Uranus in taurus op the Pluto in Scorpio Gen? And/or Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn? Both? Neither? Lol.

Sweet SanityMM Member
Sweet Sanity

I’m so in the thick of it that I’m not daring to comment yet, I’m not even capable of comprehending yet anyway. Waiting until February (post Pluto cray cray) until I even look for the baseline meaning or lessons of what has been happening since March. I have no idea who I’m becoming but she’s going to be calm, confident and methodical, that’s for certain. On Sunday I was explaining to a friend about a beautiful soul who passed in March and they were insisting on trying to make me see “the good side” of it. I calmly explained that… Read more »


Mars exact on my Uranus, and Uranus exact on my Moon, and both/all squaring my Saturn/MC in Leo/Aq IC so… short answer: Nope – not calm at all! More like a nuclear reactor melting down on the daily for the past week, and a walking talking hand-grenade trying to hold the pin in on a badly (divinely?!?) timed trip with/to see family – who also have personal planets being transited by Uranus, of course… I credit astrology for ensuring we all came out of this alive tbh. (Lots of time out for me, and steel-reinforced boundaries to weather the storm).… Read more »

lisa guestMM Member
lisa guest

Dealing with a newly granted conservatorship and a big brother practically killing my 85 yr old mother and in many respects trying to blame me… her new doctor’s nurse practitioner insisted she gets the flu and pneumonia shot simultaneously on 11/7. She hasn’t walked since. In hospital for 11 or 12 days. Brother was getting her to sip his Chinese tea from probably a bogus doctor friend of the bogus lawyer in Argentina, while in the hospital with a feeding tube (plus the non-FDA approved Vecktor 333 he gave my dad which supposedly healed him of metastatic prostate cancer but… Read more »

tamara73MM Member

I discovered the personal development leader, I’ve been doing a year-long course with, sexually abused a young woman in one of his workshops (She reaches out to me to disclose). I have had to keep quiet about it to other course participants to not tip him off about the police investigation. The whole thing has been doing my head in.


I know I should be feeling amazing as both Jupiter and Venus are currently conjunct my natal NN. Transiting Mars is very close to natal moon so that’s probably where the uneasiness stems from. Feels weird atm.

ReikologyMM Member

It’s been weird- a few bad moments, but some really awesome ones right after.. I’m Uranian too (Aquarius moon) I feel slightly unsettled .. lol

tridentfoxMM Member

Last week, which I thought would be better with mercury going direct, it was absolutely insane!! something slightly chaotic happening every day! Mattress I ordered was beyond chemical toxic fumes so have been sleeping on sofa for a wk, had a hacker scam, rodent issues in apartment,
my wallet stolen, adverse effect to drinks at a gathering so I was violently ill in public and heard from a guy I’ve been holding out for he was seeing someone else (which I should have known from the multiple ghosting). Beyond tired, looking forward to picking myself up and moving on this week

DizlaMM Member

I’ve had a massive falling out with my grown up daughters, like nothing before… I set boundaries about their level of respectfulness and it has backfired spectacularly, with them being even more disrespectful as a result. E.g. Both, who are not medically qualified to tell A from B reckon I am border line personality disorder, as I got angry, which I don’t do too often. Anyway I am sticking to my guns… Unless they’re respectful, I am not interested in a relationship. They are 32 and 35, so I am totally over it. Does this fit with the astrological s***storm?

ChrisMM Member

Ha mystic. I don’t know why I am even surprised or blown away by your accuracy or ‘tunedness’ anymore. But I am so grateful that while processing some extremely cathartic, messed up gunk I see a hand on my shoulder (let’s call that a metaphor for reading my emails) and it is you telling me/us it’s the time for this. So very much appreciated!

LexieMM Member

I had a brush with the Landmark Forum that has left me feeling seriously energetically violated and really shaken up. I bailed on the whole shebang half way through the morning of day 3, and thank the Goddess I had the sense to follow my intuition and get he hell out of there. The sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, removal of any and all capacity to think for yourself, or have an opinion felt to me highly manipulative and really fuqing dangerous to be frank. It was a huge eye opener for me to to witness how many people appeared to… Read more »

PenelopeRevelryMM Member

I was just getting my feet under me and then was struck down with a eyebrow waxing disaster (skin came off as well as the hair) and then developed a massive allergic reaction to the Savlon on I was slathering on my wounds. Ended up trapped at home feeling like Quasimodo for three days in severe pain and on strong steroids. Can’t take much more of the battering I, and my whole circle, have had this year…

Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Cancer Rising

magnoliaMM Member

Errr, well actually NOT calmer Mystic.😘 I had forgotten when sun went into Scorpio with Mars there cosying up to my natal moon, it is right opposite Uranus in Taurus where my north node lives! Talk about sorting out my friends and acquaintances.. far out!! Backwards and forwards I have been (crab style, natch!) .can I socialise with this person, (next door neighbour and others) or not, blah blah blah…. . But with this weekend’s Scorpio moon and void, clarity came with a screaming nooooo!! I can’t and I just have to keep breezily backing myself. Realised this cleansing of… Read more »

MoonglowMM Member

Soul-searching is the wrong word = GRAPPLING is the word. That takes a lot of energy.

MoonglowMM Member

Aaah, This opposition has been Uranus on my MC and Mars on my IC – WOW, the last 3 weeks make a lot of sense now. lots of soul-searching and emotional heaviness around career, income and home-security/lifestyle choices and needs.

MoonglowMM Member

Sounds like a shocker. My more switched on friends and I have been doing the rough-ride also, but not as awful as losing a familiar 🙁 So sorry for your loss. Do you think this energy is purgative – I am hoping that is what it is – reviewing/reliving all the crappiest parts of oneself/failings/fears/ones life…hopefully on the way out…? Would love you to do a blog post on Ravens/omens sometime Mystic xo

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Woah that sounds so intense MM.
Mine was Plutonic for sure, in the sense that things were uncovered that are usually locked away in a vault….and it was fun!


Anyone else been on an absolute bender?
Marie Kondo style of course. Cleaning, de-cluttering, getting air into my house, Sorting out the old life and getting ready for the new one.
Turning my least favourite room in the house (office) into my absolute favourite with the addition of beautiful lamps, fresh and faux plants, flowers and a comfortable reading chair.
Six (long) years after my husband of 30 years died, I feel I am finally ready to face the next 30 years. Whatever that brings. Wish me luck!
Any advice will be gratefully received.

PiMM Member

Yes I did this too <3 bought a mop and some other things for my home, set up my place better for me, is work in progress. And for once an online retailer's re-targeting ad cookie thing strategy actually worked @ me hahahahahaha Now on the search for some new yummy bed pillows (lying in bed this morn: "I need new pillows." ) and new plants 🙂 It can take a long time to transmute loss and bereavement into new life, that's ok, I believe that (in the modern /western world) we can sadly rush way too quickly past that… Read more »

magnoliaMM Member

Wonderful Tino…..
many congratulations.🌹
It’s such a relief and feels miraculous when we find joy in things again .
Our ability to rejuvenate restores our faith in ourselves and living..xx.

SouthMM Member

Dear Tina
Kudos to you sweetie x
Great work decluttering and shifting energy…
Your dear husband would want you to move on with the next 30 years too
I feel he’s watching over you ( love being more powerful than death x)
He says to me that you smell him when he’s near….
Moving forward and you will see him again with all the stories of your next 30 years of this incarnation xxx

ChrysalisMM Member

OH wow. Condolences for your loss, and how fantastic to read that you are ready to face the ‘new normal’ of a future xx I can relate although my losses are not on the same scale. I’ve just wound up a project that’s taken the past six years since my divorce. The project, the divorce, my inability to move on with someone new, basically just phoning in life because I haven’t been able to face whatever future. I must have carried a dozen or more bags out of the house over the weekend, and there are more to go. All… Read more »

PiMM Member


PiMM Member

Chrysalis! Very glad you’ve taken those ‘dead inside’ things out that door, lovely. Is Saturn still on your moon? Lots of love and sunshine from the east coast Xxx

ChrysalisMM Member

Thank you, gorgeous one <3 Mars in Virgo has been ruthless with the shredder, all the boxes of work in progress on the big thing that I just finished. Plus clothes, house decor. Suddenly I want everything to be different and I feel able to let go of stuff I've had for years. I've finally been processing the relationship with the Toro and seeing it for what it was – a transition time. Saturn has moved on 2 degrees from my moon so maybe the pressure is abating. Uggh. It's been a trip! Am looking forward to some time off… Read more »

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

God bless your cotton socks.

I got a fresh, child-like feeling when I read this.

Go Well Tina. Wish Upon a Star.


emgMM Member

I’ve been sitting on a bumpy trans Atlantic flight and then another one up country here. Finally sitting on the sofa. It’s all been rather quiet and gentile really. It’s been in my 7th. Soon to be in 8th. I’m wondering where the storm went or if it’s simply revving up in the wings .

LibrariusMM Member

Same here! Had a relatively sane, even if rather busy, weekend getting ready for my own transatlantic flight (haha), Uranus in my 7th (hahaha). Hope I don’t jinx it

emgMM Member

I know !!! I sat there thinking dumb thoughts about every bump and cloud. Last time Uranus and mars got together for me, granted it was Conjunct on my asc I had a fall off a bike and fractured skull clavicle nose ribs etc. I’m wary of these two when they get into conversation. Thankfully it’s been dignified rather than a bar brawl !

magnoliaMM Member

Ha ha…😉

MutatisMutandisMM Member

I have natal Mars conj Uranus on my MC. Thankfully they also sextile Jupiter and Saturn, also conjunct – I’ve always felt this was an ameliorating effect on the conjunction and while Saturn-Mars sucks sometimes it’s gotten easier as I’ve gotten older and learned how to work with Saturn appropriately. That being said… my innate feel of Mars/Uranus has been that it symbolizes a duality between ‘it ain’t happening no way’ and ‘this is inevitable and out of nowhere’. For example with the aspect on my MC this plays out in my career, with a few major phoenix events and… Read more »

LolaKritzMM Member

Dear Mystic, I am so sorry for your loss.
Here in the South of France the weekend was hectic, with huge storms and rains and a Weather Red Alert. State of emergency was declared Saturday evening, complete with alarm sirens, tocsin bells. All shops were closed at 6PM, all shows cancelled, people urged to stay home. Then torrential rains, floods and some casualties. But what scared me the most was the panic rising, a sense of doom…hopefully the rain will eventually stop and the sun will be back but the mood is gloomy indeed


Bless the rain – always. It’s absence is more frightening.
Google “Australian drought/bushfires” we are struggling here without the rain.

MedicatrixMM Member

I had a pretty insane Mars-Uranus, but not as crazy as some of my friends. In my world, I had a major mix-up with the dates of an important presentation- did a pretty good job of scraping it together under an intense time-crunch, but then walked into my office for an appointment and two minutes into it had to witness my boss completely lose it on one of my co-workers. Screaming, swearing, etc. So… I’m looking for a new job as of this week. Scorpio is my 10th house, Uranus is opposite my midheaven and bearing down on an opposition… Read more »

ElectroMM Member

This transit is completely wiping me out. I’m present for things differently these days, curtesy of that July transit lighting up the side of my t-square with the natal sun square and the Saturn Pluto in the third. I’m rethinking and restructuring how I conduct my day and how I maintain my energy levels. It’s a lot. I have to figure out how to make things smoother at work and home. Right now it just feels like survival mode.

PiMM Member

With you Electro, x

ElectroMM Member

Thank you,Pi! May you be blessed with juicy pillows 🙂

PiMM Member

Hahaha! Did actually LOL at this xo

We can do it. This energy management thing. It’s so sensitive and precise like weighing reactive elements or something. Might get it right, might melt a hole in the bench top. Who knows which? Not me haha! (Well I do know I’m better off shutting up a bit more just at the moment while Jupiter starts to square my MC?) Anyway, xo

ElectroMM Member

Whatever the energy management solution is, I’m sure it involves laughing. xo

LiliMM Member

Dearest Mystic, I humbly was going to suggest Rescue Remedy and Ignatia- for grief. On Schulz Storms-My Mergirl reached crossroads with her complex BFF and time away at uni has intensified her hurt, anger, shame at walking on eggshells to keep peace- for the group. This has brewed for two years- but she can no longer endure. Healing-surviving abuse- includes forgiving yourself for bonsaing yourself until you can get out- whether in friendship or romance. Early Pisces Sun-on late Aqua Moon and Aries Venus- Jupiter sitting on Chiron at 27 Sagg- the Galactic Center- this will be a crowded conversation!… Read more »

Redlipstick VirgoMM Member
Redlipstick Virgo

Mine has been sick sick fuqing sick – throwing up stomach aching gastro – hospital and drips. Found out have parasites been on horse antibiotics mouth tastes like budgie cage and now seem to have a boil on the back of neck! Also really doing alot of delving into past programs and trauma at the same time and discovering ancestral patterns. Fuq it’s been dark night of the soul and complete body purge! BUT my extremities feel and mind are starting to feel lighter and lighter and I take last antibiotic on Tuesday ready and cleansed for new Moon –… Read more »

emgMM Member

Good grief. Poor you. Get well soon.

PiMM Member

I handed the multi virgo multi libra boss’s arse to him on a platter because I was sick to fuqing death of his too-frequent random chauvinist throwaway lines in an office full of young women, and finding myself wierdly and increasingly badly affected by it. Also lost it at a ginormous admin fuq-up, this guy’s mars Neptune Jupiter t square rules Everything. *facepalm* I was drowning in anxiety, last week is going straight in the bin. I printed out a small ream of job ads to apply for and felt better. Also did some “home making” lol so that’s probably… Read more »

emgMM Member

There is nothing better than a huge platter with the arse of your boss on! Go Pi.

PiMM Member

Thanks. And he should know better, too. I’m just so over laughing it off. Maybe therapy unpeeled a few extra layers recently and it’s landing differently. But this is how we do the 21st century.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Kudos to you Pi for standing up to your boss admidst all that anxiety. That takes balls.

You may have facepalm now but you will respect yourself for doing this in the future.

I did the same back in 2004. It did not go well for me but I’m glad I did it. I worked in a Sales environment where the sexist culture was the norm.

All the best for finding a better workplace.

PiMM Member

Thanks wish. I feel a bit bad today, it’s kind of wierd, but I’m sure the dust will settle (or I’ll get a better offer maybe). He handled it actually really well so I don’t know what happens from here. Last week’s energy really flipped a few tables. It was like week long PMS or something. Everything was too much.

I’m sorry your taking a stand didn’t work out for you in 04. Even then it was a different time wasn’t it. But you did it, and that’s the important part. Xx

HelMM Member

Mine has been really nice. Uranus is sitting on top of my 8h mars, Venus conjunction, and it is squaring my 10th house Leo Jupiter. I have had plenty of energy, and good vibes at work. It has been a rather dreary autumn, and i am new to this school, and I theach some of the classes for the first time. This week my students seemed to really enjoy my art classes, told me how young and beautiful i look, did well in their tests, and applauded when i showed them something new i swim class. 😜

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Mars in Scorpio uncovers things. My Mars has progressed into Scorpio. It has uncovered a lot. And right now Mars in Scorpio is right on this progression. Both at 3 degress. No wonder I am hiding.

My sacral bones feel stiff and sore. I am very tired.

Yes small talk feels like shit on a biscuit.

But I will be OK. I just read up on Mars in Scorpio. I have been resisting it : hence tiredness. No wonder I hated that small town.

I will now embrace Mars in Scorpio.

LiliMM Member

My Virgo son has Mars-Venus in Scorp.
I have Scorp Asc-Jupiter-Neptune. We are often first on scene at accidents and render aid- call 911 and provide comfort-a distinctive family attribute.

Mars-Scorp Natal Prog-your Spidey senses will be on fire! Clear your home of Qi vamp energy- salt the doors sills, bang gongs—

Listen to those small voices….

Secret SaggMM Member
Secret Sagg

I so relate to this…..I’m looking for a sage stick big enough to smudge the negativity out

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Spot on Lili my Spidey senses are on fire. No wonder I need more time than usual to my self. Overstimulation. And I know what you mean about auditory messages. I will not disregard them. Timely reminder thankyou. I have a beautiful wind chime but I had to take it down: some days too windy. I loved the spontaneous sounds it gave me. Changing stagnant energy. It is going back up. I will just tie it up when windy. Problem solved. I have noticed my writing style is different. More Stephen King, less waffle. At first I hated it but… Read more »

CalidorMM Member

Natal Scorp conjunct Neptune and Pallas. Natal Mars conjunct Uranus (and others) on Midheaven. Have been battling desire to sleep as though it is a powerful drug. On the other side, trying to get up when I wake up each morning and do the things I want to but fight against. Currently feel as though being pulled in different directions – there’s so much activity in my chart I don’t know which part to focus on. A guide book for Outer Planet people might help.

GemyogiMM Member

I never have any emotional energy for small talk or pretending to be normal — it seems like a waste of time especially as I’ve gotten older. There has been some freaky stuff happening over the past few weeks — I went to my first library assistant interview — didn’t get a job — followed up for feedback — and then was offered one of the jobs because someone had withdrawn. I *know* I wouldn’t have got the job if I didn’t call the Library Manager for feedback, and of course I didn’t want to, but I’m *so* glad I… Read more »

Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

Yes please to more possibility and to show courage by taking the chance of receiving a bad rap (request for feedback).

Unicorn SparklesMM Member
Unicorn Sparkles

A little sad
Out of emergency funds (so many unexpected situations that cost and then cost more)
Waiting on resolution to a retro shit storm that erupted at work.
Family sick. Again.
And a close friend who can’t be helped because she’s blinded by her anger.

The daily mystic helped with the last one. It was weighing heavy on me whether to intervene or if that in itself would cause even more problems.

But I have nothing left.
Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right…

JacquiMM Member

In the quiet of the night I can now whisper questions and make statements and a little Tawney Frogmouth bird answers, and today I asked a question out loud in my empty house and a crow called. I tested it with will I /wont I questions and again it worked. I love the connection. An Aboriginal friend told me the Tawney Frogmouth are thought of birds of protection. I am also noticing more symbols and objects like feathers. I saw a feather fluttering down beside my 1st floor window and asked an either/or question and the feather landed ON THE… Read more »

GemyogiMM Member

I love tawny frogmouths. My primary school teacher took us on an excursion to her home so we could meet her pet tawny frogmouth, and I’ve been fascinated by them ever since. (I have mars, mercury, moon and Jupiter in Taurus)

Neptune soul
Neptune soul

I’ve been tip toeing around a covert narsisist for so long, that i made a slip and tried defiance. Not a good idea in this astro climate. I’m on the wrong road and I’m in too deep to get instant relief.
Timing is paramount..

HelMM Member

Is it a relationship you cannot avoid/ rid yourself of? ( i have had a few relations like that, and i thought i was ok with having them around because of their many good sides, or maybe out of habit. Turns out i dont miss them at all. One of them is my mother. I allways felt i had a duty to have her in my life. Now i see her only once or twice a year for a couple of hours, with other people around. And it feels good to not think of it as my duty to be… Read more »

maeveMM Member

Don’t know if this a a Mars-Uranus thing as i also have the Saturn-Pluto thing happening, but went to visit one of my closest and oldest friends for the first time since i broke my ankle at their place in 2015 and it would have to be the strangest few days i have ever had. I have always felt at home at their small property. Being outside wondering around with the animals was so peaceful, calming and restful as i have always found. Even had a cat that came for walks with me :). But when i entered the house,… Read more »

ChrysalisMM Member

Wow, Mystic. That’s heavy. Hope the rescue remedy is helping. x
Birds, hey. I’m reminded of a few years back when my multi-Cap sister’s children all moved interstate within months of each other. They had a big cage of tiny finches who during that emotional transition period all somehow escaped. Then an owl came to stay at her house. It lived under the eaves until the last child had departed.

MissDeeMM Member

I met a guy I had matched with online when Mars entered Scorpio and sparks were flying. It can turn out the most amazing thing ever or crash into pieces. So not a shit storm at all but a storm yes and one where I can only win if I stay true to myself and not try to control it aka tune with the current Uranian vibe excited by Mars opposition. Or at least that’s my take on it.

SusanEMM Member

Morning! I have Mars at 3 Scorpio so I’m also having my Mars Return. I’ve been really sick with some kind of flu thing which has also struck down my two daughters. We’re on the mend now. I’ve found it a heavy time, but I’ve also found my willpower and drive to achieve something has increased so I’ve been working that too. My MC is at 5 Scorpio so it’s probably being triggered.

Feathered FishMM Member
Feathered Fish

While nothing can compare to the passing of a soulmate familiar, I have had the foundation of my life rocked. It’s all up for grabs again, where I live, where I work. All completely out of my control. Feeling shattered and not sure if I have the strength to start over again… Is there some supportive astrology in the wings!

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