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For a more nuanced and directive October Zodiac Zap Up, see your Monthly Horoscopes.

But broadly, welcome to the weirding. There have not been this many discordant and provocative aspects in months. But before you shake your fist at the sky or prepare some elaborate protective ritual, remember the broader picture.

Saturn and Pluto are converging while Uranus settles into Taurus.  October’s edgy energy arises from the Sun, Moon and inner planets being at odds with the bigger players. So, you could spend the month feeling scattered or oppressed and in a continual search for a diversion or a fix.

Alternatively, see it as your opportunity to makeover elements of your life to be more in tune with these epochal forces. Maybe it feels more like necessity than some genius change-adept pivot on your part but chances are that your compulsions or instincts are already aligning with the broader Zeitgeist and have been since July.

Advantages: Even opponents and threats that you’re correctly perceiving as something you need to power up and take care of will benefit you. Not in a “wow, thank you” style but more like the way defeating a full-on foe hones the skills of an assassin.

A well-handled October Zodiac Zap Up could augment your worldly wisdom and raise your spiritual connectivity. You start to see cynicism as a defense system you slapped up straight out of the box. Not only that, its rigidity might feel safe but it also prevents you from seeing opportunities and trend-shifts.

And affinities, attractions or new depth to friendships/relationships have a heft to them. Nothing that is establishing under stars like this can be deemed lightweight.

See the Horoscopes for more. And, thoughts?


Image: Chris MooreDo Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

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Pluto moving direct last week just about destroyed me. I really felt it and experienced it. So did people around me even though they may not have known about the astro. Insane week… Anyone else?

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

So that’s what it was: Pluto. Makes sense. Thanks for sharing flower child. Yes it was brutal. I was crying. Hey but I survived under immense pressure. Got the feeling if I can survive that nothing can touch me. Can anyone tell me how often does Pluto retro then turn direct? Was this one a particularly nasty one? Pluto is transiting my 11th house. I am a pariah in this small town now. Even had flashbacks to what seemed like being accused of a witch. I think I committed suicide in that life because that’s what flashed before my eyes.… Read more »

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

So I also knew that I had Pluto opp Jupiter (ending yesterday) thanks to my year ahead report. The warning was: don’t explode and lose the plot.

That warning saved me.

Thanks Mystic !

The Year of The Phoenix
The Year of The Phoenix

I Earlier this year I revisited a local tarot reader suggested to me by my boss a couple of years ago. She is incredibly good, VERY straight talker who told me my boss has financial problems and I would be laid off. Fast forward 6 months and am calmer than expected as she also told me not to worry as I would get another job quickly. Really good readers are a godsend

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Zomg, feeling this.

ElectroMM Member

All day I felt as though it was an episode of The Twilight Zone. And we’re just getting started.


I should have been a lawyer, not a doctor. A tenants’ rights lawyer. I defeated my gnarly SF landlord TWICE in court and successfully legally dealt with a psychotic housemate, among other things. Well, now I get to hone my skills in dealing with this unruly neighbor, and have so far prevailed, but the situation needs a bit more resolve. I’m good at seeing through b.s. and staying with the facts and presenting them clearly. I have felt stressed in these situations, but not intimidated. Not enough to not take action or be silent or become a victim. Though I… Read more »

Scorpio_RisingMM Member

Is it too late to switch careers?
It sounds like you are a fierce advocate and have a true gift.
Congrats for defeating bullies and abusers.


Thanks! I have thought about changing careers, but can’t afford to go to law school. And at my age, I would probably never be able to pay back student loans. Law school is extremely expensive in the US. I might be able to work in this field as an advocate or legal aide or something that doesn’t require law school but not sure what the pay would be like. Around here, it seems like those types of jobs are done by volunteers.

LolaKritzMM Member

Thanks a lot Mystic for the heads up…as direct Saturn squares my Mercury for most of October, I need to get ready for a challenging month 🙂

AqualadyMM Member

Such amazing scopes Mystic. Those inner planets being at odds with the outer planets explains what’s going on to a tee. It feels like a mass purge of everything outdated. And while the urge to rush everything is so tempting before merc retro I realise I’m being asked to pace myself too. So many great things to ruminate on. It’s like a blueprint for how to handle the upcoming merde.

Btw- Is the timing of Pluto direct in the calendar? It was mentioned in the daily but I can’t seem to see it.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

A mass purge of shit is what it feels like. LOL.

AqualadyMM Member

Yep lol
Releasing baggage I didn’t even know I had.

MissDeeMM Member

I am so sad Septembre brought none of the work coup or love delight that was supposed to happen for the Virgo rising. I had the illusion of it (thank Jup/Neptune square) but didn’t get a hold of it. And now super dull October is approaching. 🙁

Scorpio_RisingMM Member

Never too late to make October exciting! It’s my favorite month.

scorpiodawnMM Member

dont encourage me lol…just dont


Thank you, this is brilliant. Everything resonates! One question though- how to handle intense attractions you don’t want to feel? I’ve been happily partnered up for 4 years yet i’m heavy-crushing over someone I’ve met at my new workplace. Doesn’t help that we have to work closely together in a tiny team. 😱 Detest the idea of being attracted to someone other than my partner but I can’t get him out of my mind! How does this even happen?! I spent my twenties finding it nigh impossible to fall in love and now i feel like a teenager infatuated with… Read more »

emgMM Member

You’ve got connections that’s all. He triggers this or that or connects your furnace to…well bits of you you’d prefer he didn’t just now. I’d run with it and enjoy the connection knowing currently you’re also connected else where. It’s just one of those human conundrums.

PiMM Member

Def this! Crushes don’t have to mean anything. Imho (of late) they’re just a source of new energy, awareness etc not a sign that you have to get divorced or whatever xxx


Yes I definitely appreciate looking at this in a more light-hearted way. I think a big part of the awareness is realising just how school-girl shy and weird I get around people I’m attracted to- I can’t be myself at all. So I’m sure that in itself will ensure nothing comes of it! 😂

AqualadyMM Member

Maybe he’s bringing up something you need to access in yourself. What is it about him exactly that you’re connecting to? You could also look at the Oracle. I find the questions always inspire deeper thought.


Yes this too! It’s hard to say exactly what it is. I initially thought it was purely a physical magnetism thing- which is strange for me because the physical has never been something that in and of itself could attract me to someone. I need to be attracted to their character. But beneath that, I realised that it’s a whole bunch of things that relate to how he handles pressure. Everything could be falling apart, imovable deadline impending, yet he remains totally stable. Never erupts, never loses it, never lashes out, no theatrics, no excuses, no blaming, complaining, no explaining,… Read more »

AqualadyMM Member

“I realised that it’s a whole bunch of things that relate to how he handles pressure…he remains totally stable.”

Is this the opposite of you? If it is I’d take it as him teaching you something you need to incorporate. If not maybe you just need the support. It’s great when we meet people who inspire us.

JacquiMM Member

All , Rising, Moon/Venus and Sun, signs resonate d e e p l y. Merc Rx noted in diary. I feel like I am holding my breath waiting for some calm relief. Thanks MM I would find it impossible to make sense of the shenanigans without you.


Ooh interesting!
I am Taurus sun with Capricorn ascendent so Uranus, Saturn and Pluto are all influencing me in a big way this year!
Really liking my October scopes.
Thanks Mystic.🙏✨

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Yes it does feel like a necessity.

Your words tell me that I am chugging along fine albeit enormous stress. Which today, thankfully, is finally abating. It is all worth it and I will see the wisdom in the end.

And thank goddess for having a reason to get rid of cynicism. Such an inflexible aging thing.

I was just asking for a nod from the universe but instead you deliver with a shiny yellow star ! Like the one you get in kindergarten.

Here is to feeling young again.

Thanks and bless Mystic !

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