Suddenly Attracted To Geminis?

How could someone be suddenly attracted to Geminis? Is it like when you change sexual orientation, but really, you always knew? And nobody is surprised when you show up with your Gemini dental hygienist? Or start to broaden your mental database of contemporary information to ve more aligned with a Gemini? Hints: Make your mind more ‘news feed’ than ‘scholarly.’ Remember that verbosity and pomposity are more of a threat to your rapport with a Gemini than weird hobbies or being of weak moral character.

So people, cancel your existential crisis for the moment and help me answer this guaranteed-nothing-to-do-with-Saturn-or-Pluto astrological query. 

Geminis Are More Put Off By Verbosity Than Poor Moral Character

Dear Mystic,

My sister once told me that we attract what we need in our lives – aka, if you’re drawing a lot of Leo’s, maybe it’s a cue to be bolder in your own life.


Currently, I am attracting (and attracted to) a whole load of Geminis. What the fuq is with that?! I know little of Geminis apart from their dual nature, and if it is true that we attract what we need more of, then this one truly has me stumped! Ever since dating a Gemini in university, I have generally steered clear of them as they perplex me so.


So do you think there’s a message in the madness? Is a two-sided Gemini just a shadow of my own Libran scales? Or is it all a load of sh*t?
Love your typical Libra (my phone autocorrected this at first to tropical Libra, and I now wish that were true 🏝)

University Relationships Are Supposed To Be Perplexing

Dear Typical/Tropical Libra,
Your sister is correct! And well, university and college relationships are supposed to be perplexing, aren’t they? Show me a person with a stable and mature, grounded relationship in their teens or early 20s, and I’ll raise you a sociopath. So perhaps now that more time is passed, you’re naturally drawn back to the breezy vortex of your simpatico Air sign?
I think go with it. Don’t project whatever your proto-perplexing Gemini experience was onto this new era. It’s nothing to do with scales or two sides – it’s Air. You’re elementally rebalancing after perhaps a long phase being more influenced by one of the other elements.
What does everyone else think?
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shonit bolar

i am a cancer, 23 June which is gemini cancer cusp and i am attracted to gemini girl so much


No way. Pisces Sun/ Libra Rising/Virgo Moon
Ex was a Gemini….never again!


I totally agree with the typical/tropical Libran. I’m a multiple conjunct Libran and I just do not get Gemini’ and could trust them as far as I could throw them.


Well….I guess the first message is probably “don’t over think it” And another thing that can sometimes explain this kind of phenomena – transits. 7th house? Not just oppositions, maybe a square brings a challenging new attraction? Check in relation to ruling planet as well and progressed….future you might be calling and doing some early ground work. Keep it light, Mercurial and fluid 🙂 I have had a few sign runs. Got so I could pick them absolutely which I think is no some thing given the whole chart and wider astro sometimes. Mine was transit and abruptly stopped at… Read more »


Cancer Sun/Rising, Aquarius Moon, Venus in Leo

I’m currently crushing hard on a Gemini. It feels so different for me to fall for the funny guy. I’m seeing others as well, but he’s the newest and part of me is so perplexed that I’m interested in him. I’ve had a streak of falling for Leo’s and Virgos that end up really disappointing me, other Cancers are just too much like me.


Ultra Taurus-Venusian here. Taurus Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, MC; Libra Jupiter, Saturn Pluto. I don’t have a thing with Geminis atm, but I’m dating and I keep dating Taurus men – like Taurus people are all gravitating toward each other. Never in a million years did I ever have ANY desire to date another Taurus but now I can’t stay away from my fellow bulls.


Oh the synchronicities I get with this site! You are all fabulous.
I am a Gem sun and when my own flakiness makes me cross, I try to remember that the esoteric virtue of Gemini is meant to be devotion…..and nobody said it couldn’t be a laugh.


I haven’t heard of esoteric virtues of the signs?! That is interesting to me that Gem is meant to be devotion as that is my experience of Gems (I have Gem Asc).


I highly recommend Geminis. My father is one, my husband is one. After my fairy godson and daughter each had rocky relationships with non-geminis they are now happily affianced with fun geminis. They are so fun to talk to… about anything! But I am a quirky aries sun, aquarius moon and I enjoy the ride immensely.

Wish Upon a Star

Happy Halloween Everyone !


Tee to the hee. I am Aqua with a lot of Libra (1H, Pluto, Lillith, Uran/Moon conj) and I have crammed at least two years’ worth of fun into the last three months with My New Gemini (he’s got three names and is–get this–a magician!). Maybe Air signs are starting to drift towards each other as the atmosphere becomes heavier and heavier with Earth? (And all the planets in Scorp? Are they combining with Saturn/Pluto to make some kinda fuqery mud?) Maybe we need each other as sanctuary for the all the mired downing of the coming Conjunctopalypse? Will we… Read more »

Mergoat Scorp

‘Conjunctopalypse’ – hee hee 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

I love the visuals.


I love everything about this post.
A Gemini


I dated a Gemini he was a lot of fun and he’s fits Gemini to a tee. I am a Taurus. We weren’t a great fit. But we are good friends


Gemini’s are perplexing! They can be Yang as anything and yet vibe Yin. I would look for what their Mars and Moon are too, as I am married to a Gem and find these impact deeply the way this Gem operates. Good luck, it sounds fun!

Wish Upon a Star


I am a Gemini Sun but relate more to my Taurus Moon as I get older.

I have never been proud of my Mars in Libra as I understand it is challenging.


Two people I’m close to have Mars in Libra and they are both very social-justice-aware in a way that I find really impressive! Anytime there’s an injustice they are ON it and usually quite good at articulating what needs to change. Meanwhile I have Mars in Scorpio and find that I rarely know how to channel it wisely; planets in rulership aren’t always all that!

Wish Upon a Star

Oh I hate social injustice. I would like to be an activist for mental health.

Funny my Mars has progressed into Scorpio. I like it. More action orientated, less words.


Hi – I have mars in libra too and it took a while to ‘work it’ – I used to tend towards pass-agg in the work environment; I had to learn to express/assert my own ideas instead of others’; I have learned to leverage the mars in libra as a very good leadership/mediation skill – helping to work out what is fair and/or ‘right’.


Taurus Moon seems more everyone as we get older?! There is something so comfortable with the self about Moon in Taurus energy. Though I have Moon in Scorpio. My Gem has Sun/Merc/Venus/Sat in Hermes so I feel like he is a bit of a hall of mirrors, but his Cancer Moon and Mars in Pisces leave their imprint more strongly as Gem can vacillate so maybe. Mars in Libra seems strategic and lovely especially in harmony with your Gem Sun.


lol.. gem sun taurus moon as well. I can be quite gem airy but I have a taurus stellium to bring me down to earth. My only fire is Aries rising, and I have lots of water and earth so my gem sun stops me from getting stuck in the mud…

Wish Upon a Star

I’m a Pisces Rising about 44% water and the rest evenly distributed thru earth fire and air.

Sensitivity is something I have to nurture. I need a lot of time to myself but I love my ability to self heal. My Taurus Moon cuts thru bullshit and stress with commonsense and being grounded.

Triple Air Gem

Geminis rock! Says the Gemini with a Libra moon 🤣
Just go with it and have some fun x


Yes Gemini does rock. I’m a Gemini and proud of it.. lol

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I think there’s a certain chart angle that could be doing it? look also to your eros eh?

YES to university relationships being perplexing, lol.


On another note, I am a Gemini who has long sworn off Stereotypical Scorpios, because I do find their power and attention-grabbing vibes a big turn-off. But right now every person I’m intrigued by is a Scorpio. Big win for you, Scorp season 2019. Maybe we can raise the bar to mature Scorps then… full-grown vamps as it were 😉


I am not the typical Scorpio woman. I’m in love with non typical Gemini. It’s awesome different adventure every day. Love my Gemini man


I should say – I love Scorpio women! Y’all are natural poet-witches.


This Gem totally goes through Scorpio seasons…I tend to find the men irresistible…yet at a distance.
The women are intriguing, but get too involved and you’re suddenly mired in their self-obsession.


Yeah. Librans attract. Geminis connect. Look to where Gemini is in your natal chart/progressed chart to see what’s/who knocking. Who Can It Be Now?….just playng on radio synch 🙂


My son’s grandparents are a Libra-Gemini couple, his aunt a Gemini married to a Libra…I myself have a bunch of Gemini-risings in my immediate family and my son’s father is a Gemini, after him I dated another Gemini – oh and son is a Gemini too! So Libra and Gemini can be a good match. I have no Gemini placements but have a couple personal planets in the 3rd house (Mars and Venus in Aries) so attribute the Geminis flocking to me for that (I dated like 3 in a row all with very similar birthdays). I can be very… Read more »


How about something as simple as just giving ourselves a break from Jupiter in Sag. Like let’s run to the other side for a bit of light relief.


Yeah totally. Everyone’s like oh my GOD the world is ENDING and geminis are like duh obvs and they already wrote the sketch comedy about it anyway, 5 years ago or something *shrug emoji*


As for dating, I don’t know though . He’d have to have Mars in Aries or Scorpio, and some water to make it properly sync maybe


My cancer sun, libra moon, leo ass was driving around just this morning pondering this very subject. I can’t believe the timing of this post after just canceling a date with a gemini. Why do I only attract gemini’s. It always ends in tears. Is it because I’m full of duality?


Gemini’s are having a blast atm (could be related to world chaos… blah blah), come over and sit by us! We’ll have some F.U.N 😃


We really are!


Yes, Geminis sure are good at… ahem… conversations…


I also have a low-key crush on Ted Cassidy. I adore tall men and combine that with the baritone voice and the scene in that movie where he takes off his shirt to have a knife fight. I get a little excited when I watch the Addams Family, haha.


As a Gemini who lives with a quadruple Libran (I kid you not) I’d embrace the simpatico. Sure you Librans never take sides––frustrating when you have a water moon like moi––but you do provide a most excellent voice of reason to our capers. Also: upgrade your book/library collection. We love nothing more than to look at books, talk about books and hold them in general. Perhaps a date where you bring along some Marilynne Robinson or some early hard to find short story by Margaret Atwood. The London Review of Books is ace too and if they are late to… Read more »

Five Arrows

I think that this has everything to do with the current Saturn-Pluto thang. Gemini’s are FUN! Who wouldn’t want more of that right now??


I am a Cancer sun, Virgo rising who can’t stop falling for Geminis. We are not supposed to be compatible, but we get along so well until the relationship gets serious. I’ve tried swearing them off but I’m lured in e v e r y time… Geminis are the best at fun and making you feel amazing. They trap me in their spell until they are ready to move onto the next…


As a Gemini sun and moon I am amused that typical Libra thinks maybe a Gemini is the shadow self of the Libran dual nature. That’s just the sort of thing that one my Libran friends would say to right my face, completely unaware that this would hurt us. I would then give two cheeky middle fingers up and and a “oh okay” with a knowing smile back… ouch Libra! 😂 like the older sibling banging on bout how they better than us, okay…. 😍 love my Libran friends and lovers!


I really like the cappa gemi gemi thing as an astro frat house / sorority house idea.
Pi – gemi -Cappa .. ? I’m into it haha


Totally into that! And all the drinking games revolve around the frat house members’ placements 🙂 Mars in Leo? Take a shot!


Aaahahaha yes.

“Venus in Aries, why do you always have to nominate strip poker”


All my life I have been surrounded by water signs – parents, grandparents and lovers – not easy for a multi 7 or 8 elements in Leo with Taurus rising but truly interesting ride all that water and steam rising of course, final and deepest love Cancer and still ‘working’ it out! LOL.


If you are bringing Gemini’s in your life then you need to get to talking! Go to comedy clubs, bookstores and read the news. Watch the latest shows and gather as much information as you can. Read, write, talk, teach and play! Maybe the message is the madness, maybe you need less weighing of the scales and more playing with the scales. Us Gemini’s can be hard to pin down or make sense of but we’re not here to be grounded or controlled. We are here to bring you information and communication. Maybe thats the message.


Oh, and this rose-munching frankensteinesque image is just cracking me up! Oh yeah baby!!


I’m a Capricorn sun, Taurus moon, Pisces rising. I was married to a Taurus for twelve years. And after my divorce dated a Scorpio for three. After my breakup with Scorpio, I kept attracting Pisces but they were too flaky. And then bummed that I didn’t keep letting them orbit me just to drop in every now and again. The Sagg inbetween dating droughts was fun but he was non-communicative, screwed like a jackhammer, and I couldn’t walk for two days. So now I keep attracting Libras and Leos. Or some combination of the two (now fella I’m crushing on… Read more »


Here’s to a break from Saturn and Pluto alright! Dear typical and tropical Libra, maybe the “tropical” autocorrect tells you all you need to know – just chill and go with it. It does sound like an elemental rebalancing. A homecoming of sorts to the air within you. Perhaps you weren’t quite ready for a Gemini in your youth and it was all a bit traumatic. But you’ve come so far since then, and now might be your chance to experience the energy in a whole new and richer way as only age can allow, and shake off the shackles… Read more »


I don’t see why a Libra wouldn’t get on great with a Gemini or two, hehe. This is anecdotal but, both of my grandparents and some friends are Geminis, and I’ve had great relationships with them; I’m also a multiple Libra and my current bf has Mars in Gemini (the intellectual rapport and great conversations ftw). I can imagine the blur of speedily changing Gemini opinions, desires and plans can be a bit blinding for a more grounded Libra but maybe some novelty, fun and, most of all, a CHALLENGE is what you actually need right now?


Cheers to perplexing and challenging relationships in our teens/college years.

I had a best friend who was Gemini but he couldn’t stand any conversations that were deep, or intense the opposite of Scorpios! It scared him off.
Everything needed to stay light, fun and glamorous. It was good energy to have in my youth but was hurt when things got real he was emotionally unavailable. Everything had to always be glamorous all the time or he had no energy to spare.
I do miss the lighter mercurial energy at times. It provides a healthy balance.


Love going deep… but not a typical Gem with all my Taurus and water/earth… Gem sun is my only air. Love some frivolity though


That image is hilarious


I just skipped over the actual post in my haste to answer this .. yes, verbosity is infiitely worse.


I only know this because I have a Gemini friend, a makeup artist. Underneath his shallow exterior lurks a deeply shallow and divinely witty interior. We’ve been friends forever and I adore him. He happens to be loyal, kind and incredibly self and socially aware but that’s all beside the point. What matters about Andrew is how incredibly relevant he is.


No, that’s wrong (mercury retro damn your eyes!) he is fun.
I mean, yes he’s relevant but only in the spirit of being appropriate – as in, it’s fun to be relevant – or inapropriate but within reason, generally within reason. He epitomises the “never complain, explain or apologise” thing.
That’s a thing isn’t it?


That’s a thing. That is most definitely a thing.

Wish Upon a Star

Oh yes we Geminis like to have fun.

I love Gemini Cyndi Lauper’s song: Girls just wanna have fun. Life is too serious at the moment.

Laughter is the best medicine.


It so is 🙂


Me too… what the world needs now is more fun!

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