Our Beautiful Pluto Is Fifteen!

Pluto is 15 today! If you don’t know what I am talking about, Mega Mystic members don’t just get timely astro-advice and online Tarot. They also contribute to the upkeep of Pluto, our rescued racehorse.

As you can see, her pastures are not as green as her last birthday, due to a devastating drought. Call it climate change or call it ecological fuqery and a poisoned, dysbiotic ecosystem it needs to be coherently addressed.

But in the meantime, thank you for keeping Pluto in clover and hay by being an MM member. She had a difficult and dangerous life before she arrived at Save A Horse Australia; strung out on speed to go faster, too stressed to carry a foal and twice rescued from an abattoir. These days she is a foster mother to rescued younger horses and wise elder of her herd.

If you would like to buy some horses more hay or tip in for vet fees to help some of the horses rescued from abusive circumstances, you can donate anything from up of $2 at S.A.H.A.

And if you are on your own Plutonic journey this month, courtesy of the amped-up Pluto vibe, let this lovely Libra be a reminder that tranquility comes after transformation.

No matter how fast you are going or what the pressures, spectacular life morphs can occur. It won’t always be like this; there are oats and sunlit paddocks in your future.


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PegasusMM Member

Received Mystic’s email about adopting another horse just as i read about the beautiful race horse being filmed beaten the slaughtered. Her ex jockey was upset. Wonder why the ex-jockey that ‘loved’ her didn’t ensure her welfare after she had won $400.000 for the owners. So YES will assist with donating if you sponsor another horse. The photo of Kim Falconer with a horse keeps coming to mind as a horse lover am sure she is there along with Mystic making us more aware of the industry’s lack of conscience. Then there are the Greyhounds being given methamphetamine to run… Read more »

LolagayleMM Member

Just amazing!! Happy Birthday to you Beauty
Pluto, thank you for rescuing her Mystic❤️

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

She looks so shiny and……..settled. Lovely

LuxMM Member

Such a beauty! ❤

Calli GMM Member
Calli G

What a beautiful horse.

birdMM Member

Beautiful as ever. Happy birthday gorgeous Pluto. xoxox

RoxyMM Member

Happy Birthday Pluto♥️

WizarDoraMM Member

Happy birthday lovely one. Completing a transformation of mine own babe xxxxx

CentaurusMM Member

Lovin’ Pluto’s birthday is not the a-typical horse’s birthday!

She’s still young at heart and spirit – can see it in her eyes. Always had a soft spot for a bay and have owned two and rode plenty more.

Happy birthday Pluto <3 and yes – SAHA rocks. Have supported them along the way even before you had Pluto as a value add on the MM membership x

LotusFlowerMM Member

Happy birthday Pluto. Weird to say but I love this strong beauty xx

VertexMM Member

Happy Birthday Pluto! I hope there are plenty more oats and sunlit paddocks in your future.

Ms JeminiMM Member
Ms Jemini

Aww Happy Birthday Pluto!

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Just the other day I was watching an ad about save the koalas in Australia and thinking gee I wish I could help but feel too cynical about the money actually helping the koalas.

I love helping distressed animals. Mystic you have reminded me that I am helping.

PegasusMM Member

LOve letter to a horse.
O to be 15 again, Pluto we would both ride bareback on the sands and swim in the ocean every day if you were mine.

PegasusMM Member

They shoot horses don’t they. As a template Sagg who has sometimes navigated obstacle courses for horses, can feel her joy in being a surrogate mum :-). Heard that Australian technology helped irrigate the dry kibbutzes in Israel in the 70’s, if so why isn’t it applied in Oz? This island has plenty of water if it was distributed wisely, guess the same can be said of the world’s wealth and population. What a word ‘DISPIOTIC’, saying it works the lips like an elocution lesson! Horses and dogs eyes have the deepest soul expression don’t you think. They seem to… Read more »

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Wow Pegasus. Talking of Sage I was unwittingly ingesting it. Part of a formula for Menopause. It is an hallucinogenic.I know that now. Probably explains why at the height of intense stress last week I had a flashback of a past life. A young woman trapped by the accusation of being a witch. Too intense and despairing. Stopped taking those herbs This morning upon waking came to the realisation that with Pisces Rising and Pisces in Neptune and Neptune currently in my first house I will just be my own healer. Way too sensitive. Can’t afford anymore setbacks. Anyway my… Read more »

baristagemMM Member

Happy Birthday Pluto! xxx  🐴

AlouettaMM Member

Happy birthday Pluto! It’s wonderful that this site supports her, Mystic.
Did you know that saha means ‘health’ in Arabic? It’s used in lots of ways but often as a well-wishing.
Thanks for the last paragraph. I needed to hear that.

MissDeeMM Member

Happy birthday Pluto! I am so proud to be helping you! <3

A Starry SeerMM Member
A Starry Seer

Love SAHA. They have a Golden Oldies club too, for mature aged lovelies. Chaos is the name of the beauty I sponsor. Well worth it!

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Best Wishes to Chaos and You !


maeveMM Member

Happy birthday Pluto. Looking good 🙂


This is incredible. What a wonderful being. Cant wait to add my support!

KnaveArcadeMM Member

“These days she is a foster mother to rescued younger horses and wise elder of her herd.” :’) QUEEN. Happy birthday Pluto!!! <3

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Foster mother : so cute !

babysinclairMM Member

Happy bday beautiful Pluto!!! Xoxo

FeeMM Member

Pluto is beautiful!! I didn’t realize we were birthday buddies. Cheers to oats and sunlit paddocks!

PegasusMM Member

Happy Solar Return and joy to having completed another 365 days of journeying around the Sun. May it shine brightly for you on YOUR day.
Blessings & Bouquets.

AqualadyMM Member

The happiest of birthdays lovely Pluto. That Pluto’s upkeep is part of our membership is a wonderful thing Mystic so thanks for the opportunity.

And yes, myself and a few of my nearest and dearest are on Plutonic journeys at the moment. Those last two paragraphs are gold at a time like this.

LotusFlowerMM Member

Agreed x

scorpiodawnMM Member

i really hope so

emgMM Member

That’s a relaxed and happy mare. And she shines ! Well done Mystic.

SusanEMM Member

That last paragraph tipped me over the edge 😭♥️

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Tranquillity comes after transformation.

Thanks lovely Libran Pluto.

Happy Birthday Baby !

PegasusMM Member

‘Tranquility comes after transformation.’..TRUTH. x

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Pegasus.

tridentfoxMM Member

Pluto is an absolute beauty, feel her strength and wisdom just looking at her 💓💓💓

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