Next Generation Daily Horoscopes Impending

As some of you already know, the Daily Horoscopes are going to become individuated – that is, done to your unique birth chart and with the times set to be exact for your zone.

Many of the existing versions of these use artificial intelligence to write the content but these will be entirely me.

The only A.I. involved will be if I get on genetically engineered expresso or something. It is legit paradigm-altering and I am beyond excited.

They will be a part of the current Mega Mystic membership but people who become/became Daily Individuated Horoscope Backers will get early access.

When? The current ETA is January 2020 but I’ll keep you informed. They won’t only be ultra-relevant because they’re done off your individual birth chart – they’ll include funky asteroids.

And, to afford the time required to pull this off in the style I want, I have hired Zephyr to do the Daily Horoscopes until December. He’s young, Uranian and pre-Saturn Return – just to put some different sensibility into our astral musings.

Zephyr lives in Los Angeles with his rescue snake Pretzel. He is one of the few people I know who’s got an Ivy League degree and a raging interest in metaphysics.

Until now, he has not had the opportunity to put his long-time study of astro to good use but here he is. Please give Zephyr a warm welcome and I hope you enjoy his “locum” Daily Horoscopes. Without him, the E.T.A. for this epic new offering would be unacceptably in the distant future.

I am still doing the Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes while I work on the new Daily Personalized Horoscopes. And I hope you like Zephyr’s style as much as I do!!!


Image: Larry Ortiz

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MysticacephalefareytrillSamara BriscoeElena Recent comment authors
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i thought the style had changed , not impressed, probably wont renew , i signed on for mystic who have i have followed for years


I feel the same way. Now paying for months of something I didn’t sign up for. 🙁

ElenaMM Member

Looking forward to it Mystic.
And yes, do like Zephyr’s style. Pared down and to the point. Most helpful.
Nice name too- bringing the wind of change to this cool site? 😉

HermeswitchMM Member

Both legends. Go Mystic and welcome Zephyr. Beautiful team effort which is much appreciated.

birdMM Member

Hi Zephyr! Welcome! I love your style – like a light, cool breeze full of intel. So Uranian.

You’re an innovator with integrity, Mystic. Very excited to see the new horoscopes. I’ve moved house etc and forgot to contribute, but will do so!

Samara BriscoeMM Member
Samara Briscoe

That is a magnificent profile picture of the lion you have. May I ask who the artist is? Do you know if I can buy a print of it somewhere? Many Thanks.

venus_in_scorpioMM Member

This is so exciting! I just joined up to add my bit of support to the project. In some ways I feel like my birth chart is so strange I sometimes wonder if the scopes for my sun/rising are the ones I should be reading…….this will eliminate any doubts I have!
Zephyr’s take is sooooooooo different from yours, yet simple/elegant/rich in a similar way. Welcome, Zephyr!


I’m loving Zephyr’s style and I just realized why!!! It’s like an horoscope version of haiku poems. He is short, sucint and captures the moment perfectly!

LotusFlowerMM Member

Very excited for the individualised daily scopes. Mystic, how you keep constantly self-innovating, buzzing and busting norms is an absolute inspiration. Zephyr, hi and welcome. May you enjoy your time here and find it supportive of your expansion and growth. It’s gunna be ride in the run-up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Aren’t those Pluto turbo boosters already making themselves felt?!

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

OMG ! I have one night and 2 full days to pack before the removalist truck comes.

Wish me luck folks.

It’s been a bumpy ride and I couldn’t have done it without Mystics guidance and peeps support.

And Zephr I love your intro word meditation and content.

I really mean that. When I lost hope Mystics words were there to prop me up.
Thank you all !

Here is to new beginnings.


LotusFlowerMM Member

Good luck with your move, Wish Upon a Star! x

ScorpleocapMM Member

Good luck, Wish! Sometimes it’s good to have less time when moving – no time to overthink and just focus on packing what you really need, and sayonara to the rest! Best of luck xo

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Yes Sayonara to the rest !

emgMM Member

Pack up, move out, move on. Yee ha !

MCSMM Member

Welcome Zephyr! Aloha!

Red BirdMM Member
Red Bird

Welcome Zephyr! Anticipating some insightful reads x

CatMM Member

Woohoo! I’m looking forward to the daily individuated horoscopes. Welcome Zephyr and thank you.

Katerina X
Katerina X

Welcome Zephyr!!!
So excited and can’t wait for the new reads. Thank you Mistic!
Luv X

PegasusMM Member

Pretzel! A rescue python? Bless you, love them. When a slip of a girl of 16, was wearing a little silk dress at a party when the host gave me his python to hold. It slithered around me like a the most sensual comfort -hug. Sliding around my body over silk was quite intimately magical.Gave me amazon cred in the eyes of the boys and girls there and of course gave me a strong rapport with snakes forever after.
Was that a cool welcome Zephyr? 🙂

lamyers2012MM Member

Love it! If you think he’s awesome, I know I do! xoxo

OrtigiaGirlMM Member

Ciao Zephyr.
You’re going to have so much fun!
Enjoy working with this amazing woman.


Yay new blood
Welcome Zephyr!
Stoked for the news xx

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

oooh so excited about the personalised horoscopes! Not sure how that’s even possible, but then MM has natal Mars in Virgo, right?
Welcome Zephyr!

Windhorse11MM Member

Welcome Zephyr – my nephew and his partner have their beloved snakes. Both with great careers but also high-level? MTG judges … my nephews aunt (me) has been into astrology since the late 60’s – when the only astrology/numerology store in Chicago was called an occult bookstore. So happy to have someone helping mystic. She’s been my astrologer since I bought her book “Sun Signs and Soul Mating” way back when …

ScorpleocapMM Member

Welcome, Zephyr! 😊

RubentMM Member

Wow, so cool, thank you Mystic!

leotaurusscorpMM Member

hi zephyr, and welcome! cannot wait to read your take on things x

Ms JeminiMM Member
Ms Jemini

So excited! Really looking forward to the next generation of horoscopes! Welcome Zephyr!
Keep up the great work Mystic ❤️


I never heard anything about donating for being an early adopter of this? Did it indeed speed up the process? I am so excited you are doing this!!

Ms JeminiMM Member
Ms Jemini

We received an email 🙂

GreenWitchMM Member

Welcome Zephyr – and thanks for the ‘scopes’. You already living up to your name – a gentle – but invigorating breeze. Getting the old grey matter moving in a different direction or an unknown tide..or one lost at sea a long time ago!

emgMM Member

Wow My prayers are answered. Can I have his mobile number !!!!

emgMM Member

Joking aside, how fantastic to find this soul to join our pseudo intellectual bunch. I love to hear anyone’s authentic voice so I’m all ears. Any mystic is there a link in the shop to be a backer of sped up personals ??

ScorpleocapMM Member

Oh emg, is this your Venus in Gemini in the 3rd here? 😊

emgMM Member

Ooops is it showing again ?!

ScorpleocapMM Member

And we wouldn’t have it any other way! 😉😘

emgMM Member

It’s a bit like an unruly petticoat ! But maybe I flash that on purpose too. Naughty by nature.

MightyShellMM Member

Welcome, Zephyr! I had a rescue hen called Pretzel so you sound pretty cool to me 🙂

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Welcome Zephyr. Very interested in your Pluto in Scorpio take on things !

Crystallised futureMM Member
Crystallised future

This is sensational and can’t wait!


Welcome, very excited! These are all great changes! 💗😙

MissDeeMM Member

When will Zephir start? I like the idea of fresh take on scopes! Also I am one of the new Daily persona scope project backer so more than happy to speed up progress.

Sweet SanityMM Member
Sweet Sanity

Oh what happened to the amazing Kim Falconer?
Looking forward to the next transformation, congratulations on levelling up Mystic.

ShazberryMM Member

I found Zepher’s daily very resonating.
Very super cool.
And, Mystic, I’m so excited.

H1L0MM Member

I am super excited and happy to be a backer/supporter of the new scopes and to welcome Zephyr!

JacquiMM Member


crisannmMM Member

Very exciting all around! ✨💖

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