New Thoughts On Saturn-Pluto Inc

I have some new thoughts on Saturn-Pluto Inc. None of them contradict the core Saturn Pluto 2020 Mp3 rant but they’re new so here they are.

As you may know, it’s big-deal astro and the first conjunction between these two power-players since 1982. It’s heavy and I meant it when I said that, energetically, it’s like Darth Vader on ketamine.

But I think I have found a way around it. Or, at least, to take the edge off.

Rather than seeing Saturn and Pluto being conjunct, see the alignment as a merger. By necessity, Saturn is becoming a little bit more like Pluto and vice versa.

Since When Did Your Soul Require An Alibi?

If you think about it, this syndrome is already manifesting: All you have to do is consciously work it. How?

Take your darkest, most labyrinthine demons, ghosts and pathogens of the psyche. Rather than applying a standard Pluto protocol on these denizens of your personal deep, go Saturn on them. Pluto protocol is to feel them and get off (sort of) on the resentment. Or to avoid them like any monster but risk them rising up unbidden at odd moments. Of course, they can fuel grand Plutonic transformations and healings.

But you’re going to apply Saturn Vibe to them instead. Measure the damage. Do feelings another time. Acquire facts. Hire a detective if you have to. Coolly appraise these twilight ghouls and murky fears more like the way your accountant might wonder what the fuq something is doing on your balance sheet. Any trauma trying to mess with your equilibrium is going to get named, assessed and smartened the hell up.

Saturn Says Spreadsheet Your Ghouls

And then gather your currently most pressing Saturn issues – time constraints, budgeting, health maintenance or parenting problems are common concerns. Hit them with molten-hot, straight from the primal pits of Pluto obsession. Sure, someone is bound to call you out on your compulsive scheduling or high emotions around getting a new desk chair. But so what? You will achieve drastic cut-through.

It works because the Saturn in Capricorn energy is already forcing such a reckoning with the past and ancestral karma that you can have an existential time slip while buying mangoes.

Have any of you noticed this flip-around already? Or would you like to try this cognitive trick?

91 More Days Of The Saturn-Pluto Merger

Or, if you’re simply counting the days till this is done, fine: 91 Days.

Remember: Super-intense Pluto Vibe unlocks new levels of power and energy if you’re authentic. Not just leaking some ‘real shit’ and calling it the everything, spy agency style.

You sans the construct. Since when did your Soul require an alibi?

Image: Asja Boros

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This is applicable TODAY (though it’s the later end of this transit, I’m still in Saturn 2nd return too) for me, and I really love the spreadsheet idea. I recall a meme that The Kids were passing around on social. It involved ADHD and intentionally invoking ‘Dark Hyperfocus’ to complete tasks that were personally important. This kinda feels like that meme and will encourage the FUN in it all.


78 days today AND COUNTING


Saturn has been slamming my Libra moon hard 3 times now. Is there anything left to care about? Had to let my relationship to my mother go (why, I suddenly feel more at peace with the world!), took some dumb choices while my Progressed Cap moon traveled through the natal 12th and this year finally came out of hiding. No more playing the victim game by big corporations – so last year. Now I am applying my Saturn to job hunting (still big companies, but learned to do a better judging), embracing my INFJ fully, pumping up my health regime… Read more »


My progressed moon is also in the 12 house, still there for about another year. I have never been less interrested in any type of romance, and the only people i meet, is out of a sense of duty. It being Virgo probably has something to do with it. Still it is strange for a multi taurean, with mostly libran first house to not think of relationships.

Wish Upon a Star

Took some dumb choices while moon in 12th house. Yes my progressed moon is there at the moment along with Saturn and Chiron. I don’t really know what this all means but I do know that it means endings and that is happening. One site said a monk life existence and actually that is what I feel like doing. Self healing is big now. I need simplicity, good food. sleep, nature,/meditation. Yoga. Most People just annoy me at the moment. I’m lucky I now have a home that is private, in nature and quiet. At least I have like minded… Read more »


What happens when it’s over in 91 days?


We just keep doing stuff.


Dude. High emotions around getting a desk chair. I’m legit sorting through a bunch of videogame chairs on Amazon / Overstock, etc. because 1 – I do game, but 2 – I need a new office chair as I work from home. My old chair has lasted 10 years and it’s finally time to put it to rest. But the agonizing over what kind of chair, what features, whether to get the racer bottom, whether the color will show up during video chats and make clients wonder about my lifestyle choices … LOL. It’s an expensive but necessary purchase. I… Read more »


1982-83 Was Pluto in Libra on my 12th H Mercury- hospital work, tumult, NN square Venus. Had little money- but loads of fun and friends. Had my beloved brother kitties and a circle of women for spirit work. Over the years, Pluto has transformed or removed close friends, family, often by death-so I am forced back on myself- this era was no exception. Saturn moved through my 12th as it squared Pluto- such fun. Cutting ties to stuff, friends, attitudes, old programs. Desk Magnet- Let go or be dragged- Mystic, thank you for introducing Jessica Snow and Karen K, your… Read more »


Holy hillbillies BATMAN! I hear this! It’s been very intense and lots of let go I had to let go of kicking and screaming. Especially when it came to my view of self, without the reflections
Someone told me to
“Stop focusing on who you were and begin to focus on Who you Are!!


Omgoodness. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!! For the past 2 & 1/2 months I have been in tireless turmoil. Uncomfortable in my own skin, having a hard look at myself & it being most disturbing. Especially for someone that prides themselves on not being able to be in denial. I used to sleep soundly. Somehow I still convinced myself enough to cope- until recently. I’m Capricorn sun Scorpio moon & Scorpio rising. Mercury is in my 3rd house with my sun & having 3 major planets Virgo…. as well as Lilith & n. Node .Oh yeah!!! Libra is in my 12 th house with… Read more »

Fire and Ice

Watching the transformation around me, it seems like there are those who are going through a Plutonic reconstruction at varying levels of intensity. What I find bewildering are those who succumb to Plutonic decay -they get worse and more solidified within the constructs of mind and body. Any insight, thoughts or experiences with this phenomenon?

Wish Upon a Star

Don’t look back !


This might be of use:
An article by Oken.


Gosh Mystic
You really are fabulous, i just wanted to say as much, your words are liquid gold, what a fantastic blog post, your writings make my synapses sing, they give my most inner workings a landing space, connecting conscious with subconscious. Thank you for your alchemical genius x


This is superb-affective (for emotions and pluto) AND effective (for practical results Saturn.)

The Year of The Phoenix

Tectonic shifts! I am pretty Plutonian with Sun conj Pluto trine Moon and a Neptune in Scorpio but woah since Pluto went directly I have been laid off my job in small, chaotic screenprinters and quick smart found another which is significantly better paid, in the Not For Profit sector in easy public transportation away!

I await this epoch defining alignment with interst, while I Yin Yoga the knots out


Great advice Mystic. I decided to start clearing out the crap today Saturn style. Space Clearing mp3 on and boxes of old receipts, mementos and diaries. Came across ones from 2010 and 2011, WOW what a trip! So much light and happiness even though things were challenging. I’m trying to infuse a bit of that light into the current challenges even though right now is the most challenging time of my life. But I got this. I keep looking for the small joys. And they are there if I just open my eyes and look. Being grateful for what I… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Oh thanks for reminding me. I will use the space clearing mp3 to pack up before I move.


And in turn you have reminded me. 🙂 I’m in the process of packing now myself and didn’t even think to use it. Thanks.

Thanks to the Daily Mystic I was led here and it’s all so pertinent. I just listened to part of the latest rant, then read this and did the single tarot in which I got the Hourglass. Getting my Saturn on. Thanks Mystic.

Redlipstick Virgo

Life altering shit went down for me in 1982 I was so little – been battling that shit for 30 plus years. Having amazing healing though this being dredged up like a buried hidden cancer in my soul and transformed🌟


hmmm. that last pluto/saturn conjunction, 1983, was a shit show for me at 15. my spidey sense was going off so i followed the scent of deception and discovered in a diary the parental secrets that blew our family up. as a plutonian gal, i had to manage the nuclear explosion all alone. i am estranged from much of my family. one year, not too long ago, my father left a 3 foot tall darth vader on my back porch–a child’s present. rueful laughter—yes, dear father, thank you for the reminder of your being in my life. there are echoes… Read more »


woah. “Take your darkest, most labyrinthine demons, ghosts and pathogens of the psyche. Rather than applying a standard Pluto protocol on these denizens of your personal deep, go Saturn on them.” To me going Saturn on something means: make a plan for it. Create a step by step solution. In my EMDR sessions for example, we (as in my therapist and I) choose traumatic scenes o hard scenes even from the present and we decide how to get into them. Also; we define how I can use them when they raise their ugly heads in real life. Like: we practice… Read more »


Mmm. Good idea on focused EMDR. I might need to revisit with my therapist. (Took a bit of a hiatus this year as I just wanted to “live” for a bit and integrate some of the learnings, vs. navel-gaze so intensely.)

Also, love the new avatar, Dee! Gorgeous hair!


How about the Karl Lagerfeld solution “keep the best, forget the rest” formula re Sat/Pluto Cap. His astro shows Venus sq Pluto, Mars sq Saturn. I recall 82 as a particularly devastating time personally. Similar themes now including, after much study, leaving the works of CJ Jung on the Shadow, Anima, Animus behind. He contributed much by way of restoring myth with his archetype theory/collective unconscious etc but on balance the cruel treatment of his wife et al showed his unmistakable underlying narcissism/misogyny/lack of respect for the equality/independence for women, reflecting his time but also perpetuating it in his theories/attitudes.… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I never knew that about Jung. At my age I have learnt never to put people on pedestals.

We all have feet of clay.

It makes me just want to trust my gut instincts even more. Personal messages are much more individuated and not tainted by other peoples biases. And hey if you make a mistake at least they are your own

And you can learn your own lessons.

Here is to following your own star !


That’s it Authentic voice only

Wish Upon a Star

Yes it’s amazing what I come up with when I am procrastinating.

Made a start on my packing. Well tomorrow is a full uninterrupted day. I work better under pressure. And cull, cull, cull.


Appreciate your viewpoint but we don’t all have feet of clay. Check out Dr Claire Weekes for example. No feet of clay. Female pioneers have been around for decades but have to be rediscovered via their biographies/chance as biased history made their biographies invisible.


Love this. Makes it all make more sense!


LOVE this take. Spreadsheet your ghouls! Just realized this past week I am the ghoul. Torn between horror and revelling in the power! Really feeling those batwings Mystic talked about in a daily Mystic a couple months ago. But Saturn is keeping me cool, composed and collected even while I lock eyes with my shadow.


After a series of unusual events over the past few days, yesterday I got angry! I think I felt the power of Pluto & Saturn within. I’ve been prowling around ever since, my mind is sharper than ever. I’ve had compliments on how great I look today, anger seems to looks good on me…  😏 


It’s the glow of your incandescent rage. It does wonders for the skin.


Haha, totally!


This is great reminds us that there ius a purpose to all this and we we should ma k e the most of it. Thank goodness for that full moon, it has lifted some of the incredible weight. As for time slips…all the time! Including in dreams where your different layers of consciousness are fully aware of each other and letting me know that this terrible dream is just shit coming u p for disposal and awareness and not about the present time ..phew! Also feeling my sixteen year old self clearly and remembering, when it’s fifty four years… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I am OMGing over this! YES!

Wish Upon a Star

I just feel like I’m doing it the hard way: Pluto style. Walk through fire.



You’re doing great, Wish. Just keep going xx

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Chrysalis.


All the ghouls and demons are currently forming a queue as if my psyche is the David Jones Boxing Day Sale. So it won’t be difficult to round them up. This is fantastic advice and useful. I’m beginning by unhooking myself from social media. What a poisonous snake-pit it is. And I reached out to my old counsellor for some talk therapy. I can’t keep bursting into tears on public transport, I need to get my merde together. Plus, exercise. Cap moon needs to lift heavy stuff, and not just the psychological variety. Why is it so hard to do… Read more »


❤ Tears are a blessing…let them come.

Wish Upon a Star

It’s funny about public transport. mum died empty train stations wouldakee cry.

Yes it is good to cry.


Sorry I am posting way too much today. But I just checked the ephemeris for major event/fuqery that happened to me mid-1983 and yes, Saturn/Pluto were conjunct. Huge ending of a significant life phase, an unexpected family death and the ending of my first real love relationship, all happening to me while being geographically and emotionally isolated. I had literally no-one to help me at that time. I feel exactly the same as I did then – scared all the time, anxious and completely alone. I know I have better reserves now than I did at that young age.

Wish Upon a Star

Don’t apologize.

Just started packing and am taking a break. Also having a hot flush. LOL.

I was 16 in 1983. No idea what happened then.

You are not alone. We love you.


Wish Upon a Star

I am worried about you Chrysalis.

Are you OK?

Is their someone you can talk to, like a counselor. You don’t have to do this alone.



Thanks for checking in with me, Wish. I am ok. xx I have my counsellor to talk to who is really helping. It must be some kind of healing crisis going on. She is helping make sense of things. And I am really grateful for the support of this wonderful community of fellow travellers here, which is so comforting. xxx

Wish Upon a Star

Glad to hear it.



You’re not alone Chrysalis. We all seem to be doing some heavy processing and going through similar merde. For me ’82 was the change of everything and now it seems like..well hell to be honest. I’ve never known anything as anxiety producing as right now and like most people I’ve been through some shit. It’s so insane it’s ridiculous right. It’s frustrating when we get caught up in a fear loop. I always try to remember that fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. No matter what know that how you’re feeling right now is normal. Exercise will definitely help. Hugs… Read more »


Hugs back to you, Aqualady. Hope you can see your way clear soon xxx


Since when did your Soul require an alibi?

I can’t express how much this moved me this morning.
I have written it out and put it over my desk.

thank you!


Yes! Spot on Mystic. With both Pluto and Saturn malingering in my 1st house it’s been one ongoing existential crisis, but I feel like I might finally be getting to grips with it. Unwittingly that does seem to mean seeing those Plutonian/shadowy monster things for what they are and examining them cooly (as much as it is possible to) and working through it all that way. Pluto is almost into the second house for me now, but Saturn… oh my Goddess, I cannot wait until it gets the fuq out of my first. I feel ancient, useless, unlovable, inept… it’s… Read more »


Fab post, I hear you


I just want to say that your assessment of Saturn moving the EFF out of your first is correct–at least in my experience. I have been through this transit. It sucked. And it’s a fine training ground for finding your inherent value and personal power. You are aware of aging, lost time, impending time, what time is it?, plus the folly of your youthful “wisdom.” Saturn through 1st house for me was hell and a pounding and also … doing what needed to be done and sticking it out to the end. It is survivable. Next level is thriving. I’m… Read more »


I love this approach so much… Maybe because I was born during those early 80s Pluto/Saturn conjunctions.


Y’know… I think this is what I’ve started doing in the last week or so. Thanks for articulating this! I felt a shift with Pluto direct because he’ll finally move off Luna/Venus but I really felt a shift with Saturn direct! And since then there’s been something else emerging that wasn’t a swamp monster – oh wait, yeah.. there’s still a number of them with the SN but this one was a different kind of beast. This one didn’t carelessly leave it’s putrid stink stains on everything as it snarled around my psyche. This one has less flair for the… Read more »


This is brilliant. Also feeling super aligned because I’ve been doing some of these things already! Re: Saturnian approach to scheduling *cough* obsessively compartmentalizing my workdays *cough* I’m also reframing the way I talk to myself about the myriad tasks on my to-do list, so that the energy feels that much less oppressive. Instead of listing things I have to do, I add them to my “get to-do” list. Top of the list? Read the latest on Mystic Medusa, and giggle madly over your comparison of this planetary alignment to “Darth Vader on ketamine.” I feeel that on a spiritual… Read more »


I have used the Plutonian life skills all my life, and around new moon i tried to apply Saturnian vision on my old reemerging Pluto issue. ( my mother) It was good, i felt that i could see the situation for what it is, in a worldly way, not as a way to phenix sitting on a vulcano. I might try out Saturnian focus of obsession at my new job, it might be fun…or at least get a lot of work done 😉


Mine too, if I’m honest. Old resentments bubbling up out of nowhere about mother issues I thought were long resolved. I find myself getting angry about stuff I haven’t thought about in years and seeing really clear links from her to issues that are in my life today. Uggh! Sounds like going Saturn on your new job is the perfect cure x


My mother was reflected in my partner..natch, there’s no getting away from it, even when you come across the world at a young age😁
It’s a long haul with mothers and it usually goes back a few generations, but you’re up for the work, by being aware of everything and getting through those times when it all comes up again., ir’s cyclic. Spirit wants to be sure that we get it all done.
You will release it all in time xx


Goodness I hope so. I feel I am running out of time at post-Chiron return. My mother seems to reappear at pretty regular intervals in the form of different authority figures, usually toxic bosses, who steal my ideas and undermine my confidence to the point of self-harm on my part. No matter how small I get I can’t get small enough for the current one but to take her on is more than I can manage right now in a big corporation where she is favoured, and I have other big issues I need to tend to. I have Cap… Read more »


Why was your mother so critical ? What had she suffered ? And did you ever get to be a mum ?
Not saying she was a saint, mine was truly difficult for me but I figured her out and now it makes sense. I still don’t want to be anywhere near her but she no longer affects me.


For me it was only when I’d become a mum that I understood what a totally awful job it is. It didn’t suit me particularly and I was utterly awful to my daughter (according to her) and granted I possibly could have been a bit better but then who am I kidding ?! I was what I could be at the time. Husband left, married another man I liked but not loved because he was secure. Worked my ass off to try to keep everything upright and fought battles with my ex over the kid as he was an utter… Read more »

Secret Sagg

Oh, thank you everyone posting about their mothers! I’m feeling less alone for reading about your situations. I, too have had long-term difficulties in my relationships with my mother – yes, there are faults on both our parts, but there’s also been some awful external things happen to us as a family unit, and hindsight allows enough dispassion, THEN compassion, revealing the simple truth that we coped as best as we possibly could, as the imperfect people we are. The next pressing thing to have happened is she was diagnosed with a terminal illness a couple of weeks ago. This… Read more »


Isn’t it amazing that with a little time and some life wisdom and a touch of a prod from those who can be real, we can see what was there and we can begin to heal and maybe begin to forgive ourselves for being terrified and not all those things people tell us we should be. I really wish your tummy pains a swift exit as you begin to find your source.


I was considering it the full moon but I am not suffering fools so have dismissed the captain, who has behaved like a total child. I’m just ticking off my to do list and applying for other posts like a goodun. Even had a phone interview today regarding an amazing post so I’m a happy bunny. Shedding crap mostly. And refusing to pick up anyone else’s. And my aqua stated he worships the ground my bottom sits on. That’s an incredible statement from a Scottish Aquarian ! So double happy bunny.


You are a bit of a role model for me right now emg. I really admire your fearlessness (or ability to act in the face of uncertainty) xx


Lots of people tell me I’m brave… I’m just non stop and consider the Fool card in tarot to be me ! And these days I practice acceptance. So if I fall off the cliff and survive, I pick myself up and look around and say ooooh not been here before let’s go explore !


this is resonating hard. spent yesterday serenely annihilating obstacles I’ve been contending with since early this year, they literally melted away in a few hours of targeted, obsessive focus. before I did so, I made a list that seemed really ambitious – I even remember thinking that as I looked at it, like this is entirely aspirational and I’m going to feel bad about myself for not sorting this tomorrow when I look at this list again – but I just checked off the specific items, they’re done, I conquered. and it did feel more plutonic than saturny, or like… Read more »


i thought i was intelligent…finding it hard to parse this


Excellent advice, Mystic! Like a crystal gem fusion (Steven Universe reference). 😉


when your north node is 22 deg Capricorn in the 2nd house


I dreamed I was measuring out cup of rice for the month and then found another bag of rice and realising this could be added to my supply traslated into feeling sexually aroused.
Am I developing a budgeting fetish?


Hahahahaha. I like your thinking ! Us Girls can get off on almost anything But finding that there is more to feast on is always a turn on!


I was well pleased with that dream


Great dream! My NN is 22 Libra- near my Sun/Mercury. Pluto snatched away two close friends- without comment or explanation. Literal silence from both- (Saturn/Pluto cusping my 3rd). I am overly tactful, anxiously avoid conflict- I have no idea what gave offense. I reached out several times and got silence so I have moved on. I started writing real notes again. My mega Aries cousin, long silent, reached out and we exchanged newsy emails. – 3rd is Gemini world- so soothing/boosting your nervous system, lowering inflammation etc. might be helpful. Saturn=catalogs, lists, codifying, journals, action plans. Squelching the perfectionism. Pluto=,… Read more »


Sex and food security sounds a lot like taurus energy to me x


Is this why I have had Judge Dredd saying “Just the facts ma’am” in my head like a song for weeks now?


Darth Vader is my real dad


Oh you ruined the film for me !

Emma Wilson

Yeh I’m kinda doing this too.
. It’s rational af… Very Saturnian as soon as I see that little fucker of a demon coming.


Love it and doing it


Brilliant analysis. I am doing this right now.

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