Asteroids In Astrology Are Like Homeopathy

Asteroids in Astrology are like homeopathy. They fluctuate in and out of fashion. When applied to a natal chart they can seem whimsical or downright irrational. Compared to the heft of a Jupiter Opposition or Lunar Eclipse, an asteroid is as diluted as a homeopathic remedy.

The worst they can do is not work. But when they do resonate, it’s with uncanny magic. Logically, they shouldn’t mean anything but the fact they do always makes me think that the galaxies are far more complex and enriched than we realize.

For an example of ‘weird but it works’ see Demi Moore’s Asteroid Galactica report here.  Yes, she’s super-8th House and Plutonic, as if a secret lab got instructed to create an ultra-Scorpionic person. Her Mercury conjunct Neptune alignment is particularly on show in Inside Out. The Tabloid Geishas are focussing on her Aquarius Ex a lot. But she’s co-written this with Ariel ‘The Rules Do Not Apply‘ Levy and zoomed straight into the legacy of her childhood trauma and how ‘sexy’ can so often be a protective mechanism.

But her asteroid story makes sense. For example, she has Mars conjunct Karma, Pan, and Magdalena in Leo! All the turbulent, roiling heavy waters of her 8th house channeled into performance, big-ego charismatic men and iconic moments which, in their era, were genuinely ground-breaking.

The asteroids in her astrology add extra surreal snazzy sparkle to an already compelling natal energy.



Image: Chris Spollen

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Firstly, I am eagerly awaiting your sorceress asteroid report. Secondly, in the report you have available now, my stellium in virgo/libra gets loaded up in the 7th/8th houses. Is it really just 3 or less degree conjunctions or do they get extra juice when involved in a major aspect like a stellium/grand trine/heavy opposition?

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The works of Martha Lang Westcott, are a brilliant and meticulous study of asteroids and trans- Neptune bodies- Saturn wry wit.

Ellie M

My first name asteroid is half a degree away from my sun, and my surname asteroid is conjunct my Midheaven exactly. I also have Astro wizard exactly conjunct my sun. Name asteroids are always fascinating I think. I even looked up my dogs name asteroid and it’s 0 Aries, the same degree as my dogs sun Uranus conjunction at 0 Aries. She’s an eccentric and energetic cocker spaniel 😃


Wow, Karma and Magdalena have been the energies lapped up by the media. But PAN, yes this woman does have a twinkle and a cheeky deep sense of naughty woodsy frolic in her eye. She can flute them to the woods of bacchanalia, non? and they willingly came. Conventional media cannot link Pan energy to a woman. I now want to read her tale, told like one Magdalena to another and made into a book. Wow.


Love to know more about Mercury/Neptune people. Seem endlessly drawn to men with Mercury sq Neptune, and my father has a Neptune Mercury oppposition.


Mercury Neptune never want to disappoint- and can combine the most thoughtful gestures with utter elusiveness- and they range from fanciful to sleazy con artists- boundary issues can abound absent strong Saturn-


Co written what? her new autobiography?
watched Ariel Levy talk abt gaslighti g this morning


sexy as a protective mechanism…i wanna hear more on this…


Just flipped tabs to skim Ariel Levy, and here’s a thought from her saying a few times: “the illusion of control”.
Then my 12th house amplified Neptune pops in to ask: whose illusion?
And i want to hear more on this, too, Scorpiodawn!


Born on 11/11 & in Roswell! Classic


When that photo first appeared I loved it I thought it one of the most real and stunning images out there. It took some ovaries to do that at the time. I love plutonic folk They are never scared to face the deepest truth and expose it.

Wish Upon a Star

Yes I saw her on TV today.

Geez Louise Plutonic People carry a heavy load in life.

God/dess Bless their cotton black socks !

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