Asteroid Galactica Is Here

Asteroid Birth Chart

Asteroid Galactica is here! Or rather, it’s back! It launched 19 hours ago but I took it offline as there was a design glitch which only became apparent once it was live.

What is it? It’s my take on 24 funky asteroids – excluding the witchy ones as they’re included in an upcoming Astrology Report.

Asteroids pack the most pow when they’re conjunct the natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, North Node, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune.

Asteroid Galactica lists the sign and house position of the following asteroids and my take on them + their conjunctions to significant points in your birth chart. Karma, Pan, Pandora, Chaos, Minerva, Urania, Atlantis, Dionysus, Astraea, Prometheus, Geisha, Hygiea, Industria, Psyche, Epona, Sekhmet, Icarus, Diana, Sappho, Eros, Ubasti, Magdalena, Hatshepsut, and Lust.

Turnaround: Immediate – it is an instant download.  Go here to get yours; as always, Mega Mystic members receive an automatic discount on all Astrology Reports.


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artemerosMM Member

This adds seven bodies to my seventh house which, in the placidus system, also contains Venus, Sun, Pluto, and Mercury. Gets a little tense, intense, overstimulating to the point of a coma, and hard to discern. The eighth house gets off a little easier with adding five asteroids to Moon and Uranus. Is this why I avoid partners and relationships? Oy.

I do love the tidbits of tone though.

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

Pangs of regret for throwing out my asteroid wheel. 300+ asteroids in both natal and progressed circles. Back in the halcyon days living in the woods growing weed making astrology boards and cards and writing. Sobriety is so much less manically active.
*Would suggest locking up important stuff until years have passed after stopping drugs*


Asteroid Chaos “is where you’re divinely, liberatingly & naturally detached.”

Well, well, well, @ 9º Aries, Chaos shares the same degree as my natal Gary. This is one of those major AHA! moments which feel so utterly enlightening. Should i ever write a memoir (ahem, Leo stellium reverie) i shall call it *Gary Unbound*.

Thanks Mystic, love it, much to muse on here.

ChrysalisMM Member

OMG Gary and Chaos!! I have asteroid envy. The best I can do is Diana at 29 Libra, five degrees of separation from my Gary at 4 Scorp. They’re not even in the same house. Gary’s house is a 70’s brown brick-and-tile with a recycled tyre and beer can ‘artwork’ near the mailbox, obvs.
(And yes you should defo write ‘Gary Unbound’ xx)

Cherry MoonMM Member
Cherry Moon

Hi Chrys xx I do so love the artistic touch of your Gary! And he’s a Scorp! All that stealth – no wonder he doesn’t share house ….oh, and he just happens to be round the corner from his ultimate muse, Diana (as in Lady Di)? Ha!
My Gary not only has to share his outer-burb dilapidated queenslander with Chaos, but he’s also next door to Chaos’ best friend Eris, who fortunately lets him keep his overflowing collection of car wrecks & spare parts in her front yard as well.

tw:leoMM Member

i absolutely love it! thanks mystic xx

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

I have Urania in Pisces/House 1, Urania is conjunct my Ascendent in Pisces, square my Gemini Sun and sextile my Taurus Moon. True to form I love astrology and astronomy. Everyone loves Brian Cox the sexy astronomer but I thought he was a bit of a wanker know it all. Then I found out he thinks astrology is rubbish. It all makes sense now. LOL. As a girl in my early 20s my Gemini boyfriend took me to an astronomy night. The people there were lovely. When I took a look through the telescope I was transported. The moment was… Read more »

IrennaMM Member

Are the orbs used in this astrology report super small? I’ve noticed it only counts conjunctions under an orb, whereas I have quite a few conjunctions with an orb of 2-4 degrees

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Its great Mystic. I have 5 conjunctions. But the one that melted my heart was Magdalena bang on my Moon in Taurus 3rd house conjunct my North node Taurus. Magdalena makes a trine to Pluto in Virgo 7 the house conjunct Uranus. Can anyone explain the above placements more? I have always had a strong connection to Jesus. I find churches healing and love the flame of white candles. And once I even entertained the thought of becoming a nun. I could see myself in my element. Then that moment passed. Explains why I was conflicted doing transcendental meditation. Repeating… Read more »

WaterGemMM Member

Just got my Asteroid Galactica – loving it!

Saturn in Pisces
Saturn in Pisces

Loved it! I have Chaos conjunct Mercury. And Sappho in Leo in the 7th – the cosmos know I’m gay! Also “frankincense-scented gender-rebel” is my eternal aspiration (Hatshepsut).

How quickly do the asteroids transit, I wonder?

MissDeeMM Member

Just bought it. Love the conjunctions to my Moon, Sun, Mars and Rising (yes!).
It’s true is not earth-shaking but it add some very interesting nuances to birth planets and a lot more to watch for during transits.

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