Venus In Leo Trine Jupiter In Sagittarius Style

Yves Saint Laurent at his desk working

When you have natal Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, your sense of style and creativity is automatically amplified to support maximal living. Even the most minor aesthetic or artistic impulse tornadoes up into something sensational.

Here are some fantastic examples of the genre.  Above, Yves Saint Laurent at work. Below Anya Rubik modeling an ultra-Leo cape.

Anya Rubik in gold Ralph Lauren cloak

Robert Mapplethorpe portrait of Truman Capote

Not every Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius person needs to be a glamor pussy or fashion designer. This high-vibe energy also lends itself to writing iconic books. Above, Truman Capote. Below, George RR Martin, the Game of Thrones author.

Lauren Bacall is pure icon. Though she is best known for her more youthful femme fatale roles, she conjured up an ahead of its time influencer career for herself in the 80s and 90s, after her second Saturn Return. She guest-starred in quirky television shows and was the spokesmodel for Frisky Feast, among other products.

And, speaking of post-second Saturn Return reinventions, here is David Duchovny. Best known for his role as Mulder in The X Files, he is revamping himself as a singer. It grew, he said, out of his desire to master an instrument. Much as we can talk about Performance Leo energy, attuning to the music, composing and making music is ultra Leo, Leo Rising and Leo anything really. Jupiter in trine just magnifies the trait.

A multi-award-winning Italian born actor, Marcello Mastroianni contributed a ludicrous amount of meta-stylish imagery and vibe to culture. His close associations with several of his era’s most notable female stars made him catnip for paparazzi.


And finally, photographed at Cannes in Leonic Gold, here is French actor Marion Cotillard. This comment, from a Vogue interview, is SO Venus in Leo/Jupiter in Saggo.

Her knowledge of painting is layered with emotion. She was in love with Modigliani. “I spent half my time here, and the rest on his grave at the Père Lachaise,” she says in front of one of his portraits of his wife, Jeanne. Her obsession led her to do some strange things. “In 1996, when the big Crédit Lyonnais bank was burning on the TV news, I saw a man in a green jacket panicking because he had a Modigliani in a vault. I jumped on the Métro to find him, so he could show me the Modigliani if it survived. I asked all the firemen if they’d seen the man in a green jacket. They thought I was nuts.”


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Great reading here,especially this Marion Cotillard quote!

Secret Sagg

Love that pic of David Duchovny! Looking forward to hearing his music.

I have a Leo Moon and Jupiter in Sagg, but square… many squares……


Venus in Leo, Neptune in Sag – the Modigliani thing icr


Marion Cotillard has Venus in Leo trine Jupiter, but her Jupiter is in Aries (Rx). But she’s still radiant either way! 💫


I have this. Never knew it was so special before. Love this 🙂


The lighting in the Duchovny photo and the YSL desk are mesmerising


I think it was Warhol or maybe Warren Beatty (?) who said – good sex is all about good lighting. Whoever it was, venus in leo will make sure they are well lit.


‘Good lighting is the difference between erotica and pornography’ was a quote i read :-).
My new gift to myself is the new I phoneX.It has amazing lighting choices and editing in camera icon. As it’s going to take 2 years to pay off am certainly going to explore that feature deeply. x


I totally believe it. I’m experiencing this as a transit on my Leo MC and Sag Moon Neptune. Revamping the house and my wardrobe. Listening to new music, some playlists are sounding stale. It’s certainly a positive and fun vibe.

The Year of The Phoenix

Venus in Leo trines my Mars in Sagittarius….. not quite the same ha!


Always loved YSL’s vibe! <3 Goes to show it matters what sign because I have the lovely Venus trine Jupiter aspect in my chart but it's in Cap/Virgo, respectively. Not super exciting or glam, but I'm sure it helps me in my life in some ways.


marcello mastrioni is such a dish!
loved 8 1/2


Wasn’t/isn’t he. ‘Italians do it better’? Sad about Alain Delon’s departure. The French do it just as well that feminine masculinity, that soft and strong thing.


I’m having a bit of a david duchovny thing, well I’ve always had a bit of a thing for him since I saw him in X Files. For me he’s super deep and sexy. I’d like to dive in there. I’ve sun jupiter in 5th tribes my 8th scorp Neptune. Woof


I find him sexy too. I recommend binge watching Californication.
He’s lovely to watch on youtube in his latest incarnation.
I find it comforting and exhilarating to see people doing what you’ve done – embarking on a second career and nailing it, particularly one that’s traditionally dominated by people of a different demographic.

Wish Upon a Star

I’ve got Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 5th house that makes a grand trine to Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th house.

But what does it mean?


I’d say you’re a fun loving horny beast ? Or you’re utterly creative in an underground off planet sort of way ?


That you fall fast and hard for artists and intellectuals from distant shores. I don’t have the same house or sign placement but it took me about 35 years to somewhat tame my Venus Jupiter conjunction energy, haha.


dont have venus in leo but its in my fifth hse leo at the mo along with the sun and mars.
finding music v therapeutic at the moment…exploring what I like…with no men around

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