It’s International Virgo Month!

woman facing away with red coral necklace draped over back

Welcome to International Virgo Month!

I’m releasing a special Virgo Gift Bundle in a few days so, if you’re gifting an exacting Virgo, stand by.

And, in the meantime, these are my fave posts from the Virgo category:

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For reward points in the clandestine Virgo Approval Credits program, share one/some of these posts with one of them. And, what are your plans for Virgo Month?


Image: John Cowan

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Saturn in Pisces

Anyone looking at the ephemeris right now and thinking about this month’s New Moon babies who will have 5 planets in Virgo and 8 planets in Earth signs??


I just noticed the same thing!
This is nearly my natal (Sun, Venus, Mercury in Virgo) but I am also enduring my second Saturn return
I have Mars in Libra and I have Pluto in Virgo natally

I do enjoy Mars in Virgo and the raw power it brings
My myriad lists get demolished!!!


Always have been a Fall cleaner-

My Mergirl is now at college- Parent blogs report massive empty nesting Virgo Vision cleaning.

Sleep is scarce so I do laundry and purge the past.


Was there a Leo Bundle I seem to remember something about one coming? maybe I missed it?

Penelope Darling

Finish moving out of my home 🙁 Just ready for it all to be done so I can move on!




I’m happy Virgo is getting a birthday bundle just like us crabs got !

The Year of The Phoenix

I am turning 50! My twin sister and I are taking two weeks off and going to our childhood beach holiday spot, unspoilt by development, surrounded by pristine national park.

Family and friends joining us on our bush walks, lazy days at the gently lapping edge of the Pacific Ocean and delicious homemade meals, red wine and card games…. heaven!


Happy birthday! And what a beautiful celebration you have planned. It sounds perfect for mind, body and soul. xx

The Year of The Phoenix

Thank you very much!


Yaaayyy Happy birthday!!! Enjoy ♡♡♡

The Year of The Phoenix

Thanks lovely!



The Year of The Phoenix



Guerilla re-potted a sad jade plant in clean well-draining soil. We should all be so lucky!


I have Sun and Mercury in Virgo (which are quite at home with the Uranus transit/trine). I just got a mani and pedicure, and next week it’s a trip to the spa (to indulge my Libra stellium)!

To top it off, I’m also looking at a graduate program at the uni. Yesterday, I was randomly seated next to someone who was an administrator in my program of interest (and she was interested in me as a candidate). Stay tuned!

Stella Polaris

I first read this as ‘I just got a man and a pedicure’ and thought: order of priority?


I meant “mani” as in manicure 🙂


I, too, would like a man and a pedicure.

Saturn in Pisces

So many Virgo people in my life… recently the sign got a major upgrade in my mind when I realized my Main Abusive Ex was actually a late-degree Leo. Virgo Moon/Rising compose most of my social circle, family and friends – the fine attention to the physical environment can wear on me, but with my Neptune Rising immune system, it’s awesome that most of the people in my life will obsessively and effectively ensure that my food/space is free of allergens if there is any doubt.

Calli G

I’ll be celebrating by cleaning out the pantry. Farewell, 10-year-expired dry goods! Hello space for something usable and nutritious!


Thank you so much Mystic 😊
When I was a child, I never liked the horoscopes because I hated the way my sun sign was represented and instead wished I were a Virgo because it was always illustrated as a beautiful maiden.
Fast forward to when I saw my natal chart for the first time and discovered with bliss that I was not only a Virgo rising but also a Virgo moon…finally I was able to embrace my intuition 🌸

Saturn in Pisces

love this! isn’t it amazing how our intuition as kids can guide us to our more accurate natal energies? I always insisted I must be an Aries (though I was born a solid 6 days after the end of Aries season) and I felt quite validated when I realized my moon is Aries.

Redlipstick Virgo

Yay it’s my birthday today – I love being a Virgo. Was born just after 1.00am – so only missed being a Leo by an hour and a bit! Can’t wait for birthday bundle 💖💖💖💖💖💖🎉🎉🎉

Wish Upon a Star

Happy Birthday to ya !

Redlipstick Virgo

Thank you


Have you checked your actual time against the date ? These are fluid so you might find you’re more Virgo than you thought or even late Leo ! Go to and plug in your time date place to get it nailed. Gosh how Virgo of me !

Wish Upon a Star

My plans are to tidy house, clean house.

Go through two spare rooms full of stuff that looks like a Salvador Dali painting.

Sort stuff : stuff to sell, donate, throw out and gift to friends.

And in the process of detoxing from antidepressants and other stuff with the help of a naturopath and divine herbs.

Start gentle exercise and yoga.

Thanks for your guidance Goddess Virgo.


Sounds like a great Virgo season plan, Wish. My declutter is going really well. I have a bag in each room and I’m putting things in it as I walk by. Gentle but decisive declutter.
(Also, I took your advice and went back to yoga and am very glad I did. I realised I need to be on the mat possibly more than ever just now. xxx)

Wish Upon a Star

I’m glad you sound better C.

I like the idea of gentle declutter.

I will set up 4 big boxes, for donate, keep, sell and chuck out.

Have a great night.


Quad Virgo here…
I have 5 boxes

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