Uranus in Taurus For Uranus in Scorpio People


Above: How Uranus in Scorpio people thought they might “do” Uranus in Taurus.  Below: How Uranus in Scorpio people are actually doing it.

It’s been 11 months of the Promethean planet in Taurus. People born between 1975 to 1981* are having Uranus Opposition.

They’re not fuqing about. They are seeking venture funds for their coup. Your ‘what the hell is happening to the world?’ is their opportunity. No revelation of corruption shocks Uranus in Scorpio people. They are stunned it took everyone so long. They’ve never cared less about the optics around their life choices.

Uranus In Scorpio People Are Ready For Their Coup

They’re accustomed to operating in Stealth Mode. They don’t identify with the broadly Pluto in Virgo Generation X sensibility. Nor are they fully aligned with the Millennials. Uranus opposite Uranus happens to everyone in their late 30s/early 40s. It’s the mid-life** crisis = opportunity moment. It’s when you want change at Warp Speed and experience sudden onset aversion to mediocrity.

It’s Uranian so unpredictable as fuq, of course. From the outside and especially to those people who are post-Saturn-Return but pre-Uranus-Opposition, it looks like a wilful dismantling of everything the person has worked to build up. But to the person amid Uranian Turbulence, it’s not chaotic. If your social life suddenly makes you feel like you’re in a shitty amateur theatre production, is it disruptive to leave the stage? Is it healthy for a Uranus in Scorpio person to be disassociating during sex? Or astral-traveling in the middle of an allegedly in-depth dialogue with an old friend?

Social Life Feels Like In A Shitty Amateur Theater Production

There is a method, and they’re reinventing it every morning upon awakening. They’re plotting a coup against mediocrity, but it is not necessarily counter-cultural.  More than anyone outside of the mid-60s Uranus-Pluto conjunction Generation X people, the mid-Seventies to Early Eighties babies know that rebellion can be packaged up and sold back to them as a commodity.

Every single news day of Uranus in Taurus confirms their dormant suspicions. They’re not interested in propaganda or what the dictator/dictator’s spouse is ranting from the balcony. Your vision board is their situation room. They’re pulling raw data together and formulating unique opinions on it. Their Uranian weirdness has startled awake. Scorpionic Pluto in league with Saturn makes the alarm more shrill. They are about to monetize their weirdness and initiate the most potent Uranus Oppositions in history.



*There are a few months in 1975/1981 when Uranus was not in Scorpio.
**Once Pluto gets to Aquarius, it will be more like the third-of-the-way-through-life-crisis


Images: Christie Brinkley and Hugo Comte

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Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Everybody can learn something from this post.

ChinagirlMM Member

totally missing the years at first and for some reason convinced that I’m Uranus in Taurus I’m like: that’s cool, I feel this…then I remember my age and check my chart and shit that’s me! F*ck I’ve never been more ready…


I love this post so much. I’m a 1978 year of the earth horse Leo with Taurus Rising. I think this correlates with the ‘new gen’ they are calling Xillenial, not quite X, not quite Millenial. Feeling this right now, wanting to work only ten more years, accumulate savings and invest, and buy a tiny house to forgo the unaffordable house prices and housing renovation mortage industrial complex.

MutatisMutandisMM Member

Mars/Uranus/MC conj at the end of Scorpio here. This is all extremely on point! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my recent life changes from people who don’t understand why I’ve been walking away from a bunch of things at their peak over the last year. The actual opposition won’t be for a few years for me, but it’s happening across my 3rd/9th axis and I’ll have the Uranus opp Mercury before the Uranus/Mars/MC opps when Uranus crosses my IC. The pics are hilarious too… I’m thinking getting cashed up to get the idyllic country lifestyle and cooperative biz… Read more »


We’re the liminal layover crew stuck between 1983 terminus and A Brave New World terminal. There a spiritual fold missing in all of us, yes? Pluto in Virgo musicians have been our sonic champions for decades. It’s those same muses, precog harbingers of future proof angst and paranoid loneliness that has ultimately come to fruition. We’ve been trying to hit the ESC key for years. Unruly survivors yet to leave their mark. Maybe it’s time.

29 Scorpio Uranus singleton here. Much love.

ElectroMM Member

My transit is being maxed at the moment, a super spike in my transit rhythmogram. I have a Uranus in Scorpio ascendant so I’m no novice, but I’m experiencing the gateway to the flip side, the upper half of my chart. I’m currently on a trip to visit a dear old friend who just happens to live near my Jupiter line. It’s a part of the country far from where I live and a place I’ve never visited. I totally didn’t plan out the details this precisely but transit Uranus is conjunct my Chiron, I had my solar return so… Read more »

PiMM Member

Have an awesome trip!! And happy bday?


Thanks, Pi! xo

PiMM Member

Pisces sun sextile Jupiter in toro is the top one for me lol.
Capricorn moon trine Jupiter in toro is the second one. *plays Cardi B Money*

PiMM Member

Before even reading this post
Holy s*** mystic I had a vintage dress made from that exact same fabric <3

annafrasMM Member

Scorpio Rising Gen X here, I LOVE all of this! I’m not the target subject of the post but feel it so hard. A couple days ago I was actually thinking about how I’d envisioned Uranus in Taurus going for me vs how it’s actually going. Your optics are *spot the fuq on*. Also I am loving this transit, I am in an entirely new movie and it’s bad ass.


Uranus is squaring my moon in the 8th house which is my chart ruler so it’s safe to say I’m going crazy this cycle


Yah I seem to be making waves lately..I’m a natal Scorpio Uranus in the 1st house conjunct Mercury ..

emMM Member

“Your vision board is their situation room” … this is my actual life right now!! 1000% on point!!

SusanEMM Member

OH YES!!!!! Thanks Mystic!
“They are about to monetize their weirdness and initiate the most potent Uranus Oppositions in history.”


Well, that’s hopeful. I knew there had to be a purpose to all this. I’m an 8th house Taurus with a stellium split over the 7th and 8th.

I have had everything taken from me over the last couple years, and I almost died. I never thought I would be broken. I lost my compass. Knowing that everything passes, I said, we will see. I’m still saying we will see.

HowdyhihiMM Member

Yes. Just so much this. Thankyou. My MC is also 0’ Taurus.

Original ScorpstaMM Member
Original Scorpsta


scorpiodawnMM Member

my social life does feel like that lol

scorpiodawnMM Member

wish i could ‘monetize my weirdness’…liking the optimism tho…i will ponder on this and re read later..

GolightlyMM Member

Sweet music to my ears! Tears of joyful confirmation upon reading. Relief that the alienation I feel I create.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star


MedicatrixMM Member

This post is so on point for me right now. Loving this run up to my Uranus opposition. Part of me wants to share more… But ya know… Stealth mode.

kriblackMM Member

“They don’t identify with the broadly Pluto in Virgo Generation X sensibility. Nor are they fully aligned with the Millennials.” Thank you for this. I have never identified with either of these generational groups, but it wasn’t until I learned about astrology and outer planet generational vibes, that I finally understood why and stopped trying to force myself to fit into either group. And while I’ve always had friends/dated people several years older or younger than I am, I’ve found myself more and more gravitating to people born within this small window of not quite Gen X not quite Millennial.… Read more »

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