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Strange Angel still image to illustrate Marjorie Cameron astrology

Somehow I missed the release of the television series Strange Angel, about the fascinating lives of Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron. They wrote Songs For The Witch Woman together. I posted about them a while back in The Rocket Scientist and the Witch.  Read that post for more on their extremophile existence and synastry. But looking to find more about this latest incarnation of their fiercely Uranian lives I found a fantastic Marjorie Cameron astrology morsel.

By the 1970s, Cameron’s interest in astrology came to the fore. Parsons, who has a crater on the moon named after him, had imparted to her the importance of astrology as a magical tool, and as Lipschutz told me, she began to dress for the cosmos, wearing colors that corresponded with the moon’s phases. “It was a very serious belief system for her.”

In 1978 she started working on a series of drawings known as Pluto Transiting the 12th House, which refers to a position in the zodiac when we start ruminating on death and past lives. These drawings — perhaps her most unusual work — are like recorded transmissions from the ether; feather-light lines that move up and down, subtly shifting to create random, moire-like patterns as though guided by an invisible current.

From Cameron, Witch Of The Art World

Marjorie Cameron Astrology Factor Number One – Pluto Ruled Her

This is the artwork below. Though I think Cameron is fascinating, a madly Outer Planet Person, I am not feeling this artwork. And though I have Pluto transiting my 12th House until the 2030s. I also don’t agree with the “ruminating on death and past lives” take on it.  My delineation for it, from my transits astrology report, is below. The painting is entitled Pluto Transiting The 12th house – 1978 to 1986.

Pluto In the 12th House

Pluto in the 12th brings power and deep connection to Quintessence, or Source Vibe. You’re inspired to tread dark paths of your psyche and confront aspects of your self that you would usually glide past with your collar up, hoping not to be recognized. It’s deadset the most regenerative transit possible, if you don’t try to block off your powers or wall up your raw vitality and realness. If you do? You lose energy, you become rootless. It’s an astral passage for calling back in your Shadow Selves, reclaiming all of you. It’s wholeness.

Though even a cursory scan of her hyper-rich, manic and magical life reveals the zany and Moon-Uranus nature of it, she was Plutonic. Pluto ruled her Ascendant, was conjunct her North Node and trine the Moon. As this snip from Cameron: Wormwood Star shows, Uncle Pluto showed up early in her life.

The night of Cameron’s birth was surrounded by chaos; there was a terrible thunderstorm and her father got drunk and attempted suicide because he thought his wife was dying. Her grandmother, a staunch churchwoman, believed Cameron to be a child of the devil because of her fiery red hair.


One Night She Saw A Ghostly Process Of Four White Horses Float By Her Window


As a child, Cameron began to have strange and powerful visions that were so vivid, she could not be sure if they were real or imaginary. One night from her bedroom, she saw a ghostly procession of four white horses float by her window. Later she could recall these dreams in detail and was able to capture this in her artwork and poetry. In a letter to the magician and Aleister Crowley associate Jane Wolfe, she mentions finding “a hole to hell” in her grandfather’s backyard.

Outer Planet People always show an early interest in the occult. It’s like they look around their terrain at about the age of five and conclude this is not all there is. And then, usually left with a deficit of esoteric knowledge from the people around them, they go seeking.

Frustratingly, Marjorie Cameron has not yet made an appearance in Strange Angel. But who could play her? And she did not leave any astrology notes. Thoughts?


Astrological abstract art by Marjorie Cameron. Pluto transiting the 12th House



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Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Why the hell hasn’t she appeared! She’s AMAZE!


I’ve got Pluto conjunct North Node like this woman. Mystic has done posts on several women with this aspect and I’m feeling I am in a club with all of them. Tilda Swinton, Beryl Markham, even Marilyn Monroe. A bit different to the actual North Node club Mystic has spoken about (I think that’s the North Node degree) Does anyone else have this aspect? How does it show up for you? It feels like a drive to me. I wonder how it would effect men differently.

emgMM Member

I’ve currently got Neptune in 12th heading for asc. Does that count ?

emgMM Member

Maybe it does ? I definitely had a belief that this solid reality was not the whole story from very very early and by 6 or 7 years I was reading astrology books and all I could get my hands on. Just a knowing of being part of something vast and never ending. Neptune now is bringing this out again with my life research to date. Suddenly the signs symbols odd coincidences seem neon lit. I have moments of knowing. And I no longer questions it. Rather I smile and say thanks.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star



I have mentioned this show today to some people so I opened the browser just to get the imdb link and send it to them and to check your blog, and I couldn’t but smile when I saw this text. These situations happen very often when I visit your blog, which is why I keep coming.


Darling, I purchased a soulmating report from you and it is so favorable that it is kind of devastating me. It is in regards to the connection between someone on another continent and myself. I could say that I am being a love zombie over him, and we have not spoken in months. The report says that there is an incalculable attraction between us and we are in the realm of ideal. Help?!?!


This is so relatable. <3

Karmic love zombie connections are kind of the worst. I try and put mystic's advice to "take the inspiration and go" at the front of my mind. I think sometimes being a love zombie can act as a catalyst for necessary evolutionary change + growth. But it's so hard.

PiMM Member

G’day, Venus in aries here. What if you just give him a call? Or drop a message?

Pisces sun: if you feel that you Literally Cannot do this for an obscure reason, then scrumple up the love letters, and eat them as a strange nutritional source and creative muse until the feelings eventually pass.


emgMM Member

Best unsent letter advice ever !

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

The night of my Neptune Ascendent birth Melbourne was covered in a cloud of fog so thick that at one stage my auntie could only see a metre ahead of her while she was driving mum to the hospital. Sounds ridiculous. That’s what my mum said anyway. I always laughed when she told this story like I didn’t believe her. But she maintained that it was true. She also said that when I was born I flopped out like a fish at 10 pounds 10 ounces. What a catch. Ha ha. I was overdue. My Taurus Moon was probably too… Read more »

scorpiodawnMM Member

ha! this explains my sons late entrance to the world! toro moon will not be rushed

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

So true.

Mum had to tip me upside down. LOL.

scorpiodawnMM Member

George was kiellands forceps in the end…

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Oh I’m sorry for George.

But he does have a beautiful name. So right for a Taurus Moon.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

There is so much I want to say about this post.

Pluto will be hitting my 12 the house in about 10 years and I will be 62. I like your interpretation of it Mystic.
It sounds like a good time to write about my life Pluto style. As I write this I vaguely remember a dream relating to this last night.

Pluto will be on my ascendent in Pisces in the 1st house when I am 82. I felt like this is when I may pass over. Is there any astro relevance to this Mystic?

emgMM Member

I’ll be joining you then as my Pisces asc will enjoy pluto visit about then. I’m late Pisces 21 degrees

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

I’ll meet you on the other side.

I’ll bring a picnic lunch and you bring the wine.


emgMM Member

ive Booked us a table !!

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

So it sounds like you are having your Neptune transit emg?

It also sounds like you are having a better time of it then I did. But I could be wrong.

Mine was a 5 year transit? I felt very nebulous. I didn’t know who I was.
It ended early this year. In retrospect it was a blur but I learnt a great deal about myself.

So I can say I didn’t know who I was during it but I definitely know who I am now. And I accept myself warts and all.

How are you going?

emgMM Member

It’ll be on my asc soon so it’s plunging about in 12th and I just don’t give a shi* anymore. I know who I am and I know I’m genuine and good through and through. And I no longer carry fear of anyone or anything. I am brutally honest with folk and call them on their own crap. But yes I do feel a bit disjointed or even a touch abscent on occasion which I’ve put down to the whole don’t give a fuck feeling. I don’t waste an ounce of energy on anything or anyone who is not mine… Read more »

emgMM Member

Or maybe that’s the same thing ?!?!? I am hoping it will lead to my writing happening when I can sit still and travel through the realms whilst at my desk

emgMM Member

Errrr I just listened to Steven forest on 11th house and he spoke at length about pluto Saturn in 11th which I have and basically this is what is occurring for me now. Amazeballs.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Oh great. I have the same placement

I will listen now. Thanks emg.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Sounds like its brilliant Neptune.

I did my Neptune transit on Pisces asc in the first house. I had no idea what was going on astro wise.

I felt like a renegade and could see thru peoples crap. But way too nebulous to call them on it. This led me to feel angry and conflicted.

Today I have nothing to do with these people.

I admire your courage. I feel I am now getting into my stride with my resolve.

annafrasMM Member

Have to check Marjorie out further because it me. Wowsa! But hey shout out here for moon magic: Knowing where the moon is on the daily and incorporating activities, colors, foods into that is incredibly important. For example Gemini moon/writing/acid green/buffet or Taurus/sky blue/body meditation/potatoes and so on. It plugs you in like crazy.

SoVeryGeminiMM Member

I am intrigued by this moon coordination — can you point me towards more information? Thank you

ArielMM Member

Seconding this please yes!

flashfireMM Member

O. Fascinating!
I first heard about Jack Parsons on The podcast Stuff They Don’t Want You to know (from September 2018 episode ) I missed the original post about Jack and Marjorie, but now must investigate this unique couple more! That ought to help support the Uranus thru the 12th House transit just starting for me and bound for my North node! Thank you for this.

AriesPiscesLibraMM Member

Just one thought: her life sounds like a gothic novel. Another thought: we are birthday twins Mystic…and I am neck deep in the 12th house Pluto transit til the late 2020’s. Currently sitting in a court ordered “helping children succeed after divorce” class that I’m mandated to take in order for my divorce to be finalized. You can feel the shame and resentment in the room. Definitely trudging through unconscious slog and shining a light on all my trauma.
Your site means so much to me.

JacquiMM Member

Makes more sense upside-down. Pluto and south node now transiting my 12th. (I’m ruminating). My birth was long harsh affair as well. I lived (ha still do) in a surreal fantasy land, at any free time I could find myself alone. I used to have vivid dreams that I could slip into and out of at will, had freakish energies under my bed for years and had a case of measles then German measles at 2yo with convulsions and I felt I was off with the pixies and my witchy grandmother calling me back. My Oma taught me how to… Read more »

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