Lunar Eclipse 2019 Astrology Alert

An Le portrait of Milla Jovovich flying through Blade Runner styled streetscape

If you’re a Mega Mystic member, you won’t need a Lunar Eclipse 2019 Astrology Alert. I have been lecture-ranting about this piece of work for weeks now.

And, the Saturn-Pluto 2020 mp3 is big on it also. Its sphere of spooky influence extends well beyond the few hours of the actual Full Moon Eclipse.

Karma Cop Saturn on the South Node, flanked by Uncle Pluto overshadows the Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde.

If it were a cyberpunk film noir narrative, the Mercury Retrograde/Lunar Eclipse would be mere plot devices to get the main players to the table. It is not so much an exploration of your psyche as it is a patrol through the underworld section of town. You’re on the beat, looking for secret entrances and shadowy figures. You’re going to the bits of town you really don’t want to even visit, let alone examine. If it’s on your resume or could be safely introduced into a standard conversation, it’s not on the agenda.

Ah if only it were just that. You could spend the month with your familiar, pulling together your findings. But no, the unique feature of the Lunar Eclipse Astrology 2019 (January was the same, btw) is that you’re doing base-line mundane irritations as well. You don’t see film noir characters dealing with earaches or labyrinthine call centers mid-investigation. They’re also normally able to simply zap energy vampires with their ray guns.

If this were a movie, it would be the kind where a flashback only makes sense at the end and you realize that several of the characters were the same person or archetype.

So, how are you going with it?


Image: An Le – V Magazine


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Wishing you deep healing, dear Mystic!


Where to fuqing start?! Everything in flux except health. I got new hair to help me feel more Leo… back to meditating and manifesting…


I’ve decided to call this period of time ‘The Emergence’. The energy might be sludgy and hard work but with some dogged persistence, I think there is an opportunity to get to the surface of it. You might feel a smidge tougher and less prone to facile talk and experiences but there’s lots of lessons to my mind about standing in your own power in a very responsible and profound way.


You’re feeling better?! So good to see you! xx


Glad to know you’re back Mystic. I’m all ears for your anecdote.


Interested! Love illustrations


Interesting times, indeed. Saturn conj South Node has had me seeing my own behavior in the past and realizing how obnoxious I was! It’s not fun cringing at something you said 25 years ago, in the middle of the night… but it does feel constructive, somehow. I’m dredging up the past to come to peace with it. Uranus square my Ascendant and Pluto square Midheaven, both exact right now… this has actually been really great, although not easy. I am having to face some financial bad behavior from the past, but it working through it, I am relieved of old… Read more »

dark star

I’m a cyberpunk detective with a hacking cough lol knew I should have rested more post travel

Wish Upon a Star

Oh God it nearly 3 am and I can’t fall asleep. I had 3 major insights earlier tonite while making mashed potatoes.

I want to keep giggling but don’t want to wake the neighbors. No artificial substances, just pure joy.

He he.

But it was a different story a few days ago.


hope Mystics ok…

Wish Upon a Star

Mystic did have slight ear problems of late. Maybe it escalated. That can be really painful.

Sending her love and hugs.



Me too….sending her healing vibes xx

Taurus Vixen

The eclipse was rough waters day. This whole week, I have been seeing the shadow side of so many friends, neighbors, etc.. Maybe I am finally seeing the reality of these people. I’m also waiting on an email that is supposed to come this week letting me know if I was picked for an interview. The job would be across the Country. If the interview comes and this chance moves fully forward then if I say “yes” it would be to a completely different life. A new region of the Country so would have to start from ground zero making… Read more »


Best wishes for your future, however it takes shape, Taurus Vixen.


I just finished the second season of The OA this morning….just one of the many things I’ve encountered lately that touches on the themes mentioned here. Spoooooky.


Hmmmm don’t know. Everything up in the air house sale on going and I’m just waiting to finally exhale on that one, then i can decide what I want to do next ! Had a dream about my first ex last night Yuk Shudders then today my Lilith was at the fore with my dire captain whom I just do not give an inch and mostly now just tell him I’m not prepared to waste my time listening to his officious nonsense. Work on the other hand is going so well, to date, my proper boss is relaxed and happy… Read more »


Well …you tell me how I’m going !! Amazing you mentioned “familiar” and provided the link….I lost my familiar in January this year….I am still suffering the loss. I have had major dental work and broken a rib and a toe…Saturn much!? Last night I brewed an alchemy bath and listened to your Saturn Pluto conjunction rant (fabulous) ….days earlier, last Saturday night, I watched a movie called A Dogs Way Home thinking it would be a nice easy movie to chill out with….it left me sobbing and talking to my Familiar. And literally asking him to stay with me.… Read more »


My familiar died suddenly on June 30th. Everything is empty and cold; quiet now. It’s hard to even breathe anymore.

Pie mystic

Ugh. I know you’ve been saying it for a while but thank you for spelling out it again.

Psyche patrol in the underworld gives me a great visual to re-orient around while I literally zap zap zap away at annoying drains and vamps.


The New Moon has been a serious blast. I got to spend the exact moment with a girl-friend having drinks and she – as it often happens, being her Sun and Mercury on my BC North Node – was very life perspective altering. It felt great and I want to develop on it.


Dredging the depths of long forgotten liaisons that I chose to forget…until now. And standing on a new threshold with that wildness and its potential nudging me in the ribs, convincing me I am all that and more. XxXx

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