Job Interviews During Mercury Retrograde?

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Going for job interviews during Mercury Retrograde can have surprising benefits. And, as in this case below, sometimes it is unavoidable.

Here’s a Hello from the center of the universe, a.k.a. New York! 

I recently started a new fancy role but quickly realized that I was surrounded by real QI Vampires and began plotting the perfect escape. I tried to get all of the job hunt stuff done BEFORE Mercury goes retrograde, but one of the biggest interviews will be right in the middle of it. How do I prepare for it? 

It is an ad tech start-up, and the most prominent vampire is the girl in sales. If she is not in the center of the attention, whether it’s related to work or just office chit chat, she creates drama to bring attention back to her. The worst part is that she completely manipulates our boss, who cannot see through her lies. She plays nice but will stab you in the back the moment she sees you as a threat and recently got one of the sales guys fired. That’s when I realized it’s time to get the hell out of there or wait to be pushed out. Soon enough, she will find something threatening about me and start her web of deceit. Being in the same room with her drains my soul.

How To Make Job Interviews During Mercury Retrograde Work For You

The job that I am interviewing for is in Silicon Valley and would involve a move across the country (that’s how far I want to escape from the current environment) and would bring incredible career growth opportunities, long term security and excellent benefits. It would involve me mediating complex and technical tasks between different internal teams, which is where my strengths and skills shine the most and as a result help others do their jobs better, which is what makes me the happiest. I’m best at operating behind the scenes and making shit happen while others take the credit. Although everybody knows who set the wheels in motion. 🙂 


Dear M,

Mercury Retrograde glitches or mixed-messages pale in the face of Energy Souls sucking your soul dry. In this case, it is only relevant in that you would need to triple check flight details, addresses, and so on. Micro-plan every single aspect of this trip and interview, to allow for weird delays. That’s it.

And there are surprising advantages to job interviews during Mercury Retrograde;  information or opportunities not ordinarily available can emerge. Or people on the periphery of your social and work circles can come into focus. It’s also a time when you glimpse the weird workings of some strange fate matrix, meet a Destiny Muse or become a synchronicity player. Maybe you were meant to have the experience with the Energy Vampires?

You Were Meant To Have The Experience With The Energy Vampires

Knowing this sort of character and how they affect the team dynamics is going to inform your new job and future management genius.  Ultimately, the most vital astro-signatures of 2019 are the Jupiter square Neptune and Saturn conjunct Pluto. See Mercury Retrograde a subtone to those. Jupiter-Neptune demands quick adaptability, and the Saturn-Pluto theme is establishing a new platform for 2020.

Still, plan your job interview with military precision and check all details.  See Career Changes During Mercury Retrograde as well.


Image: Enrique Badulescu

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I’m also thankful for these older posts! I will also be interviewing for a new job during Mercury Rx. Interestingly the job came about due to a referral from a former colleague (which is so in line with Rx themes). I don’t know if I’ll need to sign paperwork before retrograde is over but I definitely would not start until after Mercury Rx ends.

I need the job so would take it if the opportunity arises so hopefully it will all work out.

Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

I love these archives and older blog posts! I needed some advice with a career matter, and I thought Mercury Rx was a big NOOOOO! The words that got me was the effects of a retrograde pale compared to soul stripping places! Thank you for the indirect advice! I’ll interview the best I can, hope for the best, and prepare for the interview and other twists that might emerge!!


Hot tip I am trying out. If you put your screen to black and white mode, grayscale. It makes all the screens less interresting. A very big part of the feel good drugs in our brains are released by pretty colors. I have only tried it 3 days, but it seems to work for me. ( i turn on the colors for films, after finding the right film) The moment the colors are off the screen is boring. Good for finding information, but not exiting in itself.


I went to my previous manager and asked him for a job at his new company while Mercury was in retro shadow phase. I received a big phat NO, due to my current salary level which they considered too high. Do you think there is any chance that they will change their mind and review this when Mercury will be back in direct motion? 😉


Spent 15 years in SV; would be wary of thinking anything there is “secure.” But good for you for getting out. I endured many situations like that in SV, actually. Lots of times I didn’t have the freedom to get out ASAP. Good luck!!!


Several- aha that’s-so obvious- work ideas have hatched during Mercury retro. Now researching, drilling down details, gathering intell to present after Mercury is direct.


Happy to read this as I am presently in a job search, and simply cannot wait for mercury retro to be over to go on interviews. I guess being aware of it myself is helping me to be more mindful of what is being said, and more careful about how I respond.


Dropped an application into the great cyber space yesterday, first time I applied for this it went to interview but the “casual” got it. Second time, different office, no interviews, the advertising was just a formality for a shoe-in, third times a charm?


If it helps, I just had an interview. Spent lots of time preparing answers, which helped. But also got some unexpected questions so prepare for the unexpected


I often make the energetic ‘theme’ work to my advantage. Discussing skills re problem solving and glitch prediction has helped me get the most unlikely (but right for me) job. The problem reveals can be really refreshing for potential employers who sit for days with the “I’m great at everything” talk of candidates.

#keepitreal vits/water/nourish up to the eyes and good luck x


While I’m not up for a job interview, this week brought out some major issues with a business expansion I have been cradling like my own children. (Much to their own dismay, yet sweet understanding.) Our plans have been stopped/hiccuped multiple times since the new year. The first space involved a landlord who lied, stopped paying electric and pipes froze. We walked away before we signed the lease. The second space & lease negotiation fell prey to someone of means, and who apparently already had dibs on the building. The claim was he had the same idea, even though we… Read more »


Brilliant. Helpful. Practical. Insightful. I’m gonna keep this for the astro files!

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