Brilliant Mystic Specials Alert

Interested in optimizing your vibe? Mind management? Power chill? Enhancing your meditation practice? Even if it is so far an imaginary meditation practice, these Mp3s are super helpful.

I’d like to alert you to the new Mystic Specials category in the Shop.  Mega Mystic members automatically get 50% off the Mystic Rants and the Astrology Reports but the Specials is a little zone of extra value aside from that. 

It currently features my Future Cancerian Mp3 and two epic value product bundles:

 * The Eclipse Renewal Bundle – my Saturn-Pluto 2020 Rant, Power Moons and the Uranus in Taurus Re-Grounding Meditation. Each of these is worthwhile and garnering great feedback. But getting them at such brilliant value and timed for the most important astrological alignment/Eclipse of the decade is exceptional. 

* The Audio Genius Bundle – all of the cool meditation Mp3s, Binaural Beats and magic music in one instant download, listen when you want package. It includes the Focus & Space Clearing Music, Jupiter Money Beats, Uranus in Taurus Re-Grounding mediation and Pluto Shadow-work Mediation – all for $19.

There will be more bundles to come. It is all part of my initiative to offer brilliant value and pragmatic astrological/magic/consciousness tools to help us thrive through weird times.

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