Brilliant Mystic Specials Alert

Hey there Eclipse Trippers. I’d like to alert you to the new Mystic Specials category in the Shop.  Mega Mystic members automatically get 50% off the Mystic Rants and the Astrology Reports but the Specials is a little zone of extra value aside from that. 

It currently features my Future Cancerian Mp3 and two epic value product bundles:

 * The Eclipse Renewal Bundle – my Saturn-Pluto 2020 Rant, Power Moons and the Uranus in Taurus Re-Grounding Meditation. Each of these is worthwhile and garnering great feedback. But getting them at such brilliant value and timed for the most important astrological alignment/Eclipse of the decade is exceptional. 

* The Audio Genius Bundle – all of the cool meditations, Binaural Beats and magic music in one instant download, listen when you want package. It includes the Focus & Space Clearing Music, Jupiter Money Beats, Uranus in Taurus Re-Grounding mediation and Pluto Shadow-work Mediation – all for $19.

There will be more bundles to come. It is all part of my initiative to offer brilliant value and pragmatic astrological/magic/consciousness tools to help us thrive through weird times.

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