Planetary Transits That Bring Trouble And Love

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There are planetary transits that bring trouble & love. You get both at the same time. Such transits are a vortex of chaos, double dealings, hormones, and bad publicity. Several doors slam in your face, but one opens, and that’s the one you wanted to walk through anyway.

You just didn’t know it until Pluto squared your Venus. Or Uranus opposed your Moon. Yes, that’s right. These astro-trips tend to be outer planet transits to your natal inner planets, Sun, Ascendant or Moon.

You wake up in the morning thinking something’s happening. It’s a cosmobiological sixth sense, alerting you the shift in your personal Zeitgeist.

It can be that a person struts into your well-curated life and ‘sensible’ love metrics, blowing away all your calculations. Or you’re scrambling to find a new place to live but impervious to the stress because you’re high on a karmic crush.

Planetary transits that bring trouble & love are like those weird winds that make people agitated but magic.


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Saturn and Pluto sextiling my VENUS-JUPITER-SUN conjunction (almost exact) the whole year. Yes, it started in February, just when Uranus was about to enter Venus-ruled Taurus. (How’s that for sudden love-at-first-sight-vibes?!) So… Sudden love? No, we’d been tweeting for a whole year. But as my current relationship blew up in February and shit hit the fan running with the – suddenly – ex, I started to realize why he and I never really got it going – because all the time I had had my fish hook out for someone else, namely THAT GUY on Twitter. Without me even knowing… Read more »


I’m Pluto opposing sun Jupiter just now it’s just finished with my moon and prior my mars so I’m feeling like I’ve arrived on a new planet. I’m 53 in a couple of weeks and I’ll be homeless technically so I barely know my world at all. Pluto really does destroy. Neptune also about to hit my asc Wow

Wish Upon a Star

Gee what’s your ascendant?

Crystallised future

Ooooooh I’ve had my Pluto square venus, and as my venus and pluto are in opposition, it was one hell of a year. I fell in love as my whole career blew up in my face. I still love him and we still stay in contact 14 years later (God, was it that long ago????). There was pre 2005 and after. I hardly remember my life previous to that year. But have Jupiter cross your IC and watch what happens too!!! That’s a biggy.

Ellie M

Pluto square my venus/mars conjunction brought a chaotic relationship into my life the year before last. It was intense, passionate, life changing (mostly for the other person), and troublesome. One of those relationships that isn’t meant to last, but was a major learning curve. It kicked off right around the time Saturn and the sun were transiting at 0 Capricorn and were tightly opposing my natal moon. There’s a lot of Saturn in our first meeting chart and composite chart so despite knowing we’re not meant for each other, it’s very damn hard to let go of.


Interesting… Eclipse Season & Rapture @ Twilight


So, so timely that you’re freaking me out, Mystic. Just when I resigned myself to being a happily very single parent family of just me and my daughter, a Libran man and his Taurean daughter walked into our lives and wowed us out of our existence. And this was RIGHT at the time you did your post about Venusian people, that this Libran and Taurean father-daughter combo walked into our Scorpio and Aries lives. Coincidence?? It has suddenly turned out too that my contract at work could be terminated at anytime, but I’m strangely impervious to it. I’m surprising myself… Read more »


Yes. Pluto (and Saturn) been squaring my Asc.

Uranus is opposing my natal mars/pluto.

Neptune is aiming to sq my venus in sag.

I’m trying not to overthink at the minute and just be. I feel like I’m in an alembic, tho.

Or like a shapechanger flirting between different shapes seeking the shape that is closer to my core self.


I have Sun Lilith Chiron Uranus trines or sextiles and I’m delusional, lusty zombie. Trying to vibe a higher goddessy form and channelling it into art.


does this include progressed inner planets to natal inner planets lol?
i.e. prog sun to natal moon/venus….?


Neptune squaring my Venus……ugh I hate it. It brought an intense workplace crush I thought was unrequited but may not be after all, but it’s still complicated by the fact that the person is a workaholic that’s slow to commit to anything not work related.


Relate to this as my Venus in gemini … Neptune squared my Venus for like 2 years… so many unavailable men & unrequited “loves” uggghhhh


Same for me and my Gemini Venus in the last couple of years!


Oh man I’m having this too and didn’t realize it, so focused on other transits.


Yowza! Have both these transits right now … not much to report except I fell over and broke my wrist. Seemed pretty Uranian to me I guess. Will get back to you on the rest in due course.


Hmm the only transits that have brought me love, the love was the trouble. Although at the time I’m sure I thought the love was what I wanted.


This has been my life for the past 9 years. Neptune on my Venus/Dsc, Sun-Saturn-Merc. Uranus over my sun-Saturn-Merc. Chiron on my Venus, Sun-Saturn-Merc. Pluto on my moon. And I can’t even begin to understand or count the squares. Just when I think I’m finally, completely broken, another part falls off the truck. I’ve been contemplating – if I give up astrology, will it finally give up on me, haha


That’s a whole lot of life right there .. ain’t it grand? Sort of? Hugs x I see it this way. The astrology happens to us anyway. At some point it seems healthy enough to pull back a little and let it play out.. just like we managed to do before we knew anything about it. I spose for me, knowing the transits can help with insight about where my challenges may lurk, but total control over the process and outcome is never an option … I wouldnt want it to be! That aint livin’ . (Edit. Not that you’re… Read more »


Interesting food for thought as always, Pi xx I’ve been revisiting my astral DNA and year ahead report. Most likely staring too hard with Mars in Virgo precision goggles looking for the ‘key’ to have it all make sense when standing back and letting go is prob the more evolved way. And yes, am guilty of trying to exert control where none is possible. Perhaps that’s why I’m so tired – control freakery is exhausting.

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Pi, you articulate what I am feeling so it really resonates with me and is healing.

I do know that stuff is going on, moving for me without understanding the astro. I have had so much stress in my life that I now have the sense to have a certain detachment and not react.

And yes nature is a healer and constant.


Chiron is conjunct my moon and mercury. Back to therapy for me! I hadn’t had an appointment since Chiron was conjunct my sun. I had my first session on Thursday and it was AWESOME!!!

I love/hate Chiron transits. He’s one of my best mates. The last 18 months he’s been constantly snuggling and activating my inner planets in the 8th house. And my natal Chiron was sat on by Uranus WHILE I had Chiron on my sun. Deeeeeeep healing times.


Ohh, totally this, Bird. Same. X


Hurts so good, Pi. xxx


Uranus square moon in Aquarius, I’m really feeling it!


Same here!

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