The Kamala Harris Astrology

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Kamala Harris astrology

The Kamala Harris astrology and the timing of her run as a U.S.A presidential candidate are fascinating. I’ve become crazily cynical about politics in recent times. Caligula, neo-liberalism, legacy environmental concepts, all of it. But today I was zapped up by Kamala Harris enough to check out her astrology. If you didn’t see her talking at the democratic debates, she was resonant as fuq and stood out in a room full of smart, big-aura people all hustling hard for their spot in the 2020 power arena.

So her Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries are tied into the Saturn-Pluto 2020 Conjunction, squaring it exactly. To me, that says, “coming person.” And no, I don’t have time or the inclination to run astro on all the candidates, but this struck me, and I’m putting it out there. Saturn + Pluto square her Sun and Moon until mid-2020. It’s a power-configuration, and it’s happening in her 8th House.

Kamala Harris Astrology – She’s Powering Up With Karma Cop Saturn and Uncle Pluto

She’s Gemini Rising so Mercury Ruled (eloquent, clearly) and her Mercury is near her Sun, trine the Midheaven.

Here are some other of her natal aspects. The definitions are from Astral DNA.

North Node Conjunction Ascendant

People with their North Node conjunct their Ascendant embody their life purpose. They come off as singular and driven, assured from within rather than seeing validation from without. And, they have a strong sense of mission. They may be unaware of how much authenticity-charisma they transmit because they think everyone has all their level of psyche-destiny cohesion. The catch? All their relationships are karmic. The girl’s education activist Malala Yousafzai has this and a singular destiny.

It’s Always Full Moon In Their Psyche

Sun Opposition Moon

Sun-Opposition-Moon people were born on a Full Moon; it’s always Full Moon in their psyche. Their relationships and life structures seem set to a permanent polarity.  Advantage: they are never going to see anything from only one point of view. They are consistently able to see two facets of any scenario. They’re good at conflict resolution, even if they created most of the conflicts in the first place. Sun-Opposition-Moon people can handle more intensity than many people and follow a kind of internal cognitive boom-bust cycle.

Serenity can be harder for them to come by than it is for others. They go to yoga and wish they were working, making money. Then they work late generating rad revenue but guilt out for not being more chill, at yoga. They long for monogamy and the profound peace of the marital bed but then miss night walks, with nobody to ask what the fuq they are doing. They’re beautiful storms in motion.

Kamala Harris Is Saturnine and Plutonic

Venus Conjunction Pluto

Every time this person falls in love or feels inspired, Pluto comes to the party as well. They can’t moderate. Their relationships are significant and transformative, or they’re energetically irrelevant. They deal in passion and major life metamorphosis. They’re anti-fragile, tapping Source Vibe to regenerate at will. It is the signature aspect of aviatrix Amelia Earhart, the computer scientist/cryptoanalyst Alan Turing and the artist Frida Kahlo. They’re spiritual and bawdy at the same time. Whether they know it consciously or not, they use romance as a vehicle for the evolution of their soul. Want a Venus-Conjunction-Pluto rap experience? Try Cardi B. She has it in Scorpio.

I don’t care about her love life, but I put Venus-Pluto in there as I like the company it puts her in. And, for some weirdness, she is from the same Soul Pod as Donald Trump, George W Bush, Dr. Dre, Edward Snowdon, H.P. Lovecraft, and Karen Silkwood.

Image: Kamala Harris Twitter

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mintymoMM Member

It will be interesting to see how far she actually gets. Clapping down on Joe Biden in a debate with some very pre-planned remarks doesn’t necessarily mean she has the right stuff to be president. She’s quite calculating-from the release of her pre-run biography and kids book. Americans endorse candidates like the candidates were on talent shows like American Idol.

StrategisingMM Member

Kamala rocked the debate but has a troubling history as a prosecutor – targets and criminalises the poor and lets Wall St monsters like Mnuchin walk free (he also donated to her, so there’s that). She’s backed by big donors, major alarm bell. Bernie is the real change agent the planet needs. That’s why so many $$$ interests are working so damn hard to portray him as non-viable.

lifefantasticMM Member

AOC is also a Sun Libra Moon Aries. Can’t help but notice these bad bitches are owning every room they walk into. Bernie also has a Moon in Aries. Maybe thats what its going to take to dig us out of this total mess, warrior spirit. No fear naiveté bravado. Whatever it is, I’ll get behind it. If this were a movie I think we would find out they are both from that all lady Wonder Woman island

skarabMM Member

Yes, interesting this Lib/Aries thing. My political wet dream would be to see AOC as Prez. Pity she’ll still be officially too young to run for the next (2024) legislature.
I love that she already has an asteroid named after her! (23238).
It falls in her 8th H and forms a grand fire trine with her Moon & Venus – a cosmic gift in a chart full of squares.

dark starMM Member
dark star

I want to like Kamala but yeah the prosecution history is too much. Fascinating astro though

LiliMM Member

And the trolls started with “she’s not really Black”- almost immediately- Venus-Pluto people are subject to Haters Gonna Hate.


Please noo, she’s power-hungry and her use of identity politics is frankly sickening considering she made her career by locking up black people in the SF Bay Area then became the top cop of California. She presided over and intensified a massive carceral system in CA – her track record consists of terrorizing black communities here. She wouldn’t have a career without Biden’s crime bill lol. Her father is a Marxist professor who disavows her policies. Just saying stay cynical and don’t believe the media hype re Kamala “Cop” Harris

melcMM Member

Cynical, yes, I am TOTALLY. However, if we don’t get some kind of middle ground Democrat we’ll end up with Trump again. Not saying it’s Harris, but I’m leaning that way. What I think is important is the bigger picture. Dems were so fair and thoughtful last time around we lost Hillary and she would have been BRILLIANT compared to the orange turd. Bernie (albeit a lanky white dude who reminded me of my Dad and I don’t listen to him anymore) was awesome (according to my cool friends) but he wasn’t going to sway the slightly red. Hillary could… Read more »

rachellionMM Member

please, where’s your Saturn? Cause you need to work on your pragmatism. Kamala isn’t perfect but she’s loads and loads better than what we’ve got.. if she gets the nomination I will be effing glad to vote for her even though she’s never been my favorite.


We are the ones we are waiting for.

ArielMM Member

Interesting. I wonder what your take is on Marianne Williamson, who has been mocked for being spiritual & not a political veteran; yet nearly everything she said (perhaps excepting the call to NZ!) was spot on. She explicitly stated the need for reparations & fighting Trump with love not hate; what she said about healthcare was very insightful too. She was like the philosopher among the well-rehearsed politicians. Seeing people’s trivializing responses to her online reminded me just how weird people think us ‘new agers’ are, & also how sexist & patriarchal the political mainstream of America STILL is.

WatersnakeMM Member

My millennial son made a brill observation:

A Bernie | Marianne ticket would be an inspired and pragmatic team.


I’d say Tulsi/Bernie ticket! I like Marianne, but she doesn’t have enough experience. Look at Tulsi’ strong big heart and spirituality, and you’ll be impressed.

melcMM Member

I love Williamson. Imagine if the world was ready for her! Maybe we are?!


OMG I can’t even finish reading this and I already know. I want this so much. I have goosebumps.

BoogeywookiieMM Member

Well there’s one Australian-Sri Lankan entertainer who backs Harris to the hilt.

InvictaMM Member

This is so well timed and insightful.

InvictaMM Member

I was that little girl.
She was perfect.
I LOVE this post.
Thank you xx

annafrasMM Member

Unless she is an incredibly brill sleeper agent who is going to unveil her plan once she ascends to the top…my impression is of a very political politician doing safe things that have impressed zero people she’s actually governed *most* of the time. I wish it were different. I want more, we deserve more. Like our other star Gavin, looks good under hot lights. For politics, see Pelevin’s Homo Zapiens (aka Generation P).


Yeah, as another Californian, she is not *new* to us. I voted for her for Attorney General, and for Senator, but all I’m concerned about is who can win against ’45’. I don’t think she can……but I think she could have a chance to be President in the future.

scorpiodawnMM Member

love this!
i have venus-pluto.
my moon is four aries so not sure if i can count it as square for next january…the orb is probs too big.
go kamala harris! not that i know that much abt us politics…

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