The Future Cancerian Mp3 Update

Hello Eclipse Shadow Trippers! Offering the Future Cancerian to only my Cancerian members was clearly a mistake. I’ve got a deluge of emails from Cancer Rising, Progressed Sun, Moon and so on people, who feel deprived. Or who are furious and citing astrological discrimination.

As a result, here is a new policy. I am sending out the Mp3 to all Mega Mystic members on Saturday.

That way, you’ll have it in time for Eclipse Genius and I can do things other than responding to hundreds of emails.

And, I will do all the other Sun Signs Future Mp3s rants in a similar fashion, sent out to members. I may even do Leo early because of the thrill that is Mercury in Leo on and off until late August, Queen Juno in Leo + Warrior Mars.

That’s the new policy. All signs, if you’re a member, get all the Sun Sign Future rants. If you don’t want one, just ignore it or send it to another person!

To all the lovely Cancerians saying they liked it and appreciate my take on their sign, thank you!!!

Image: Alexander McQueen

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Ooh, you *are* going to do Leo? I was hoping so! (Considering going for the Cancerian one too. Cancer men are my absolute favorites!)


As a mum of a Kataka rising and spouse of Kataka Venus on Sirius in the 4th – (rocks food, high end tea pots) a thousand thanks. I have Kataka on my 9th- with Uranus and Aqua on 4th so my Kataka needs TLC. Requesting permission for kaftan purchase…. Saturday night chez nous- watching Anthony Bourdain and eating Kataka Venus’ latest inspired concoction- while flipping to sports channel and or UFC- or chick flic musical selected by Kataka Rising teen aka Mergirl. While soaking her feet and getting pedi from mum. Behind in chores, madly Dark Moon clearing- outdoor deck/furniture.… Read more »


Can’t wait! Thank you!

dark star

Wahoo! Excited for future rants. This one was magical though…shortly after mentioning key rant facts to cancer bf he manifested a job interview


Cancerian sun here! Thanks for the generosity, really looking forward to the email.


Ah! I need to buy this too, per my life update post in the Solar Eclipse Renewal thread. I’m Crab rising. Sh*t continues to hit the fan. The eclipse will be exact on my Ascendant at 10 degrees Cancer. Fitting for what’s gone on this last week.. Missed the ‘to-do’ about the mp3 giveaway because I haven’t been around in awhile, but that sucks MM. Sorry you’ve had to field so many complaining emails.


Haha câncer rising here and I didn’t send you an email but truly thought about it 🙂 one less to read now!


You are the BEST!


Yes! That is a great idea, and generous solution. It is so much fun to hear your take on things, even when they are not the area that is closest to my own chart. Thank you!


I did not protest about your Cancerian gift: it’s your site, your policy, your reign and I just abide.
But – as a Kataka Venus and Mars – I am happy to get this gift, so thank you very much .


Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and rants.


This Cancer rising says thank you!


YAY!! thank you!


Giddy with anticipation

Sarah Greenwood

Yay. Thanks legend!


was going to ask as blonde keith richards is cancer rising…but no need now…looking forward to this!
and the scorp one, yayyyyy

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