The Belle Gibson Astrology Is Unsurprisingly Weird

Belle Gibson television appearance

The Belle Gibson astrology is unsurprisingly weird. For those of you who don’t know her, think “Australian Anna Delvey.”  The two are strikingly similar. Both are smart, charismatic and aspirational.  They’re also both complete bullshit artists.

Anna Delvey lied about being the daughter of a billionaire, Belle Gibson about being a brain cancer survivor who’d cured the condition through alternative medicine. In the case of Anna Delvey, she wove her lies through a designer tapestry of late capitalism name drops and brands.

Gibson hit the social media scene at Peak Green Smoothie, outdoing the digital wellness influencers promising merely fab abs or mindful eating. She’d defied death, she said and felt a mission to give back to people with life-threatening ailments.

Belle Gibson Astrology Explained – She Is A Lower Neptunian

It was all a lie, of course, and like Delvey, she was charged with fraud for all the ripped off money, lies and collateral damage. You could argue that Belle Gibson crime was more severe, aggrieving not just her publishers and the media who feted her but also seriously ill people. Whereas Anna Delvey was merely doing a more fabulist version of Extend and Pretend, a common financial ploy in certain circles. She is probably going to emerge from Rikers and become a Space Dust Shaman.  She was already haunting that scene, albeit with fake funds.

But both women are Neptunians. Anna Delvey has Mercury conjunct Neptune. Belle Gibson has the Sun conjunct Mercury square Neptune. Neptune has a noble dimension and is the ultimate Muse for poets, artists, and imaginative visionaries. But the shamanic planet is also spirit guide to countless grifters, con-people and addicts. If you want an illustration of the difference between the Sun conjunct and the Sun square Neptune; here it is.

Delvey told the New York Times that she was not sorry for any of it. “I’d be lying to you, to everyone else and to myself if I said I was sorry for anything.”

Delvey Will Emerge From Jail And Become A Space Dust Shaman

Gibson cried on the court, citing her “empathy.” The square may be more delusional. Never mind her being Libra or even that it is her Saturn Return soon. The Belle Gibson astrology is explained by Mercury square Neptune. She is her own energy vampire, draping chintzy veils over the parts of her psyche that don’t ‘work’ and brandishing extreme sensitivity as a deflective weapon against criticism. Or, indeed, court summations.

Don’t freak if you have Mercury square Neptune. Every alignment has a high and low expression. Donald Trump has Mercury square Neptune but then again, so did David Bowie and Amy Winehouse. Used for art and not crime, it’s uniquely creative.



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What is her birth info?


This is beyond helpful at the minute.

The man I’m married to, and the man I suspect is an energy vampire but I have a mad delusional crush on are both Mercury square Neptune. They’re also Mars opposition Neptune and Mars conjunct Neptune.

I’ve got sun conjunct Neptune and seem prone to Neptunians…..


I am unfortunately sometimes very impatient with “The Lords of Karma” I think they spend too much time gossiping in cosmic coffee shops, while sipping whatever! ( allergic to coffee personally, and it’s so so bitter!) But sometimes they act, and make me especially with these two malignant narcissists. But all those that have encountered these types of scum before KNOW they are already plotting and scheming their next scam! No remorse no regret no empathy no compassion… Monsters! And yes I am waiting for my sibling malignant narcissist to get her serve at the Karma cafe! I want front… Read more »


Merc conjunct Neptune in Sag in the 6th… I am intensely creative and dynamic, but having a bachelors degree in Communication.. a B.S. in BS… I have to catch myself when I over promise and overextend myself, believing my own bullshit.


Bad human being


Um, yeah. My toxic covert narcissist ex has this same configuration, in Aries. He’s also a very gifted poet. But his relationship with me, what a nightmare. I have lost most of our mutual friends due to him successfully conning them & their disbelief in narcissistic abuse, causing them to see as me being ‘heartbroken’ rather than traumatised. I am still living out the ramifications of this. this very week, & it’s 3 years since we were together. Also, as a friend of someone with a brain tumour who’s been given a terminal diagnosis, this kind of stuff makes me… Read more »


I have Sun Mercury conjunct in Pisces square Neptune. Saturn square Neptune a couple years back was like looking into a magnifying mirror showing me all the flaws and character defects I was completely unaware of in myself. I had serious Neptune goggles about how I was a nice person being taken advantage of by everyone else. Then suddenly I saw all the ways in which I was the problem.


My mom has Mercury conjunct Sun (in Cap) square Neptune (in Libra), and moon in Pisces. Whoo, that lady can spin some tales and is evasive as fuq. She excels in escapism and wishful thinking. She and her friends, all Geminis, like to eat marijuana edibles (mainly butter) and read trashy grocery-store-bought novels and stay up until 4am smoking cigarettes on the porch. She hasn’t worked in 25 years; first disability but now just elderly. Sweet, but definitely slippery, and often tells a different story to different audiences.


Sounds like what I’ve been doing over the past year, except for the lack of work, glad to be moving far away soon.


I have sun conjunct Neptune in Capricorn myself, and I do sense tendencies to aggrandize or partake in substances that must be checked on the regular. Low Neptune can be very attractive if you’re not willing to see above it. Post Saturn return though, I’m feeling like I’ve learned to resist on a higher level.


“Peak Green Smoothie”. You’ve nailed the epoch.


I have this and the sun square Neptune too. Belle and I were born on the same day. I’ll admit to some embellishing but nothing that would hurt a person like that.

Gemini moon

I have it too it’s coupled with BML &mars & moon for good measure ! I am a counsellor so I usually know when my clients are BS me !

Unicorn Sparkles

So I had just read a news blurb about hope hicks, also a Libra, also prone to lies… just before coming to this post and immediately had to do some Astro deet googling because the vibe was similar.
And there it was – mercury square Neptune.


I have this! I use it for creativity not crime FYI 😉


To paraphrase Eddie Izzard, ” there is a fine line between cool & crap”

(Please do Izzard’s chart)

ann dromeda

yes, I second — re Izzard. love him and his astro 🙂


Yes! I’ve had a long term crush that recently became an obsession after listening to him on Joe Rogan’s podcast and looking up his chart. Amazing!


I think he is a mega-multi- Aquarius.


I wonder does that astro explain bowie’s seldom discussed fascist/nazi phase?


just checked his chart out for late 74-75 when he was getting his nazi on and it was when pluto was transiting his neptune and transiting neptune and the north node were lurking around his MC. I’ve always wondered what that character was all about, his chart is crazy I’ve never looked at it before.


Wowsers – a while ago, a business relationship with a guy who is this – sun conjunct mercury square neptune. And that’s exact. Incredibly bad (like outrageously bad) behaviour under the guise of extreme sensitivity. So that it was all my fault (though I didn’t know what ‘that’ was). And when I called him on it, the story suddenly appeared that I was trying to get him into bed, spread by a mutual serial-gossip acquaintance. And to cap that off, *he* refuses to speak to *me*. A lovely, and talented guy – but wowsers.


And – sun and mercury in pisces.


Yikes! I empathise in the extreme.

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