Solar Eclipse Renewal

Phoenix with Moon for Solar Eclipse

Astrological genius manifests in timing and self-knowing. It doesn’t stop consequences dead in their tracks or magic up a million dollars on demand. But to aid your powers, focus, and effort, it is amazing.

Brilliant news! Check out possibly the best deal I have ever offered – three products in one for $12. As you may know, Eclipse Season is upon us. It is a particularly intense one, courtesy of Karma Cop Saturn and Uncle Pluto. I am all over it in the Horoscopes and Daily Mystic emails. But you’ll get the best results from this speed-Phoenixing if you know where the New Moon Solar Eclipse (July 2/3) and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (mid-July) are active in your natal chart.

So, I’ve bundled the Power Moons Instant Astrology Reading, my Saturn-Pluto 2020 rant (this rare and epochal event is linked to July’s Eclipse Season) and the Uranus in Taurus ReGrounding Meditation. It’s called Solar Eclipse Renewal and you get everything straight away.

Astrological Genius Materials And Tools – Now

As a bundle, all three are just $12 AUD or approx $8 USD.  They’re all instant download and you can listen to the MP3s straight from your Mystic Dashboard (with or without a Mega Mystic membership) or download.

My suggestion for getting the most out of these: Use the Power Moons to plan your July, making the most out of the genius new start potential of the New Moon and hedging against potential drama in the Full Moon zone. Then, do the ReGrounding in the Dark Moon – (this weekend during the Dark Moon in Taurus would be optimal) – for psychic strengthening. And, finally, listen to the rant after the New Moon!

And, note that there is now a new category called Mystic Specials, which is where I will put cool astrological things on sale, amazing bundles like this and special offers!  Happy Eclipse Season and I hope you enjoy this amazing bundle!



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I need to get this, thanks for offering it MM! The upcoming eclipse is exact on my ascendant at 10 degrees Cancer. Wow. I just quit my job abruptly two days ago. It’s been a difficult, overwhelming and unfair situation from the start. I’m so emotionally destabilized I couldn’t withstand it anymore. I’m feeling fragile financially and otherwise because I just moved to this new town a few months ago and have had trouble here since day one with housing and employment. I realized yesterday I quit my job one month to the day since I was physically assaulted by… Read more »

ChrysalisMM Member

May as well put this here. 3am today I woke up in an actual sweat and my heart pounding, worrying about my superannuation and some fretting mortar on my brickwork. Seriously. If that doesn’t say dark moon and Pluto-Saturn-SN I don’t know what does. Get the Saturn-Pluto rant, it’s awesome. x

InvictaMM Member

I know right?

InvictaMM Member

It’s happening bang ON my north node.
I’m delirious about the opportunity to prep for it.

Saoirse KirkeMM Member
Saoirse Kirke

I remember the Saturn Pluto opposition of 2002 like it’s still happening.

Kathy UMM Member
Kathy U

Hi im finding a glitch when i try to buy the solar eclipse bundle on both my iphone and my microsoft laptop . After i have put in my place of birth there’s a circle that keeps going round and then i cant enter the state . Also i can enter the city where i’ll be most of next year but it stops me from entering the state . So then it cant continue with my payment . Could you please look into it ? Are other people experiencing this too ?
Thankyou ,
Kathy U


Yes! I am as well!


Our birth time should automatically upload when we purchase charts. We have to manually type it in every time even though it’s saved in our dashboard/profile…?

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