How To Maximize The New Site Features

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The new features on the site are turning it into more of an Astrology hub. You can store and access your reports and Mp3s on your member dashboard and more! Read on for info on how to maximize all the new options.

This is an update on the new features and some responses to a few FAQ.

* The Mystic Dashboard has been jazzed up – check out funky icons! You can now add a little bio in there, that will show up in the comments if you’re a commenter. The dashboard is also where you can change the name that appears when you comment. Eg; if you were Fed-Up Pisces in the comments and now you’re more keen on Pluto’s Boss, you can do it in your user profile. You don’t have to put a biography in but if you want to, go for it. For security reasons, you can’t add pictures or live links but if you want to say that you’re – say – an artist and your work is at the whatever gallery, do it.

* It is also where you can add in birth data for people so that you don’t need to re-enter frequently used birth details for when you’re getting an instant birth chart/astrology report. It will just auto-fill. And, your purchased astrology reports + audio downloads are on there as well.

Astrology Hub Goal Stalking Central – Store Birth Data, Regenerate Astro-Reports & Play Mp3s Straight From The Site

* Even if you are not a current Mega Mystic member, you’re still able to access your stuff on the dashboard. You’ll just be excluded from the Horoscopes, Oracles, Tarots and Moon Calendar.

* Brilliantly, you now play your audio mp3s direct from your Mystic dashboard, as well as download them. So even if you downloaded a rant and had it in iTunes but it disappeared, you can get it again or listen straight from the dashboard. We did that because mobile downloads are tricky – impossible in most cases. So rather than saying “wait till you can download on a computer and so on”, this gives you the choice. So I am delighted with this because I’m obsessed with the Focus/Space-Clearing Mp3.  We had a short-lived issue with the media player as we upgraded the server and it took them as a security threat – so that is now fixed.

* You know about the two Oracles already…And the Moon Calendar, some people don’t realize that you can set it to the time zone you want and it adjusts. So if you’re traveling, just change it to where you are going to be and it changes with you. You just choose the time zone, hit select time zone and voila.

New Grooves Need Fresh Magic

* And you can now leave Reviews for the products! If you want to read what people are saying about the various Shop offerings, go check them out! Next plan is to shrink the reviews a bit on mobile, as they take too long to scroll down.

So my aim is to make the divination more fun, the dashboard more useful and the mp3s/astrology reports easier to access and store!

Personally, I am in a new groove. I am finding that whereas I used to limit tarot reads to once a month, usually on the New Moon, I am now getting readings that are fabulously accurate for the day. They’re not long-term but they’re bang-on. I have no idea why. So I’m doing a Tarot read more or less every day, checking with the Psyche section of the Oracle2 for bizarre perspective – it is like Neptunian Life Coaching run it. And, like with Oracle1, there are answers in there I did not input.

Saturn On The South Node Shreds Old Habits

And I’m playing Focus/Space Clearing Mp3 on a loop but also doing the Jupiter Beats if I feel stuck or low-self-esteem. With Saturn on the South Node, old habits, reflective emotional patterns, and insecurities are heavy. To combat that and fortify for the Capricorn Convergence, I am deploying every bit of magic I can and it is working.  I do the Uranus Re-Grounding and some Pre-Gaba for pre-sleeping if I am antsy. And, I’m not making ANY appointments without the Moon Calendar. That’s working out brilliantly!

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback about the fresh astrology hub vibe.

Image: The Sedgwick Pantagraph 


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It’s always good to hear what you’re up to, Mystic. The divination is already lots of fun but I look forward to any further innovation. I still absolutely adore your 12 card tarot just as it is and I swear it’s the best thing to turn to at the end of a tricky day. I’ve had periods where I’ve religiously done a daily tarot read too. I just love it! I’ve handed it to a couple of friends to have a try and it’s just amazing how totally different cards – cards I’ve never even seen – suddenly come up… Read more »


This is brilliant Mystic thank you for all your hard work xx


The positive momentum I’ve experienced from your totally unique, creative genius moves me and my life on up, on the daily. Infinitely grateful, grateful, grateful to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


My dear Myst, you have become an AAA magician! Rather rare are they, but you sure have done The Work.
Blessings & Bouquets. x


Bang on every time, MM is just what I/we need. It’s very psychic, as in yeah that’s what I was thinking yesterday and can sort out today. ♡♡♡♡

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