Happy New Moon In Gemini 2019


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Happy New Moon in Gemini 2019!

May the mutability begin. If you’ve read your Monthly Horoscopes, you’ll recall that the Hyper Flux (Jupiter square Neptune) is back. And this New Moon marks the start of it. So it is not a “normal” Gemini New Moon. It’s amped.

Turns out changing your mind/plans every day on the basis of new intel is a genius strategy.  More in the Daily Mystic email for Tuesday, out shortly.

The news flow is very Saturn-Pluto 2020. There are days when I legit wonder if J.G. Ballard got put in charge when he passed, as current affairs are so surreally dystopian. Headlines routinely read like one of his short story titles. My lecture rant Mp3 has heaps of info, tactics, and theories on it; don’t be scared homies!

Reminder: the Mega Mystic members discount that applies to instant birth charts + the rants is now automatic. It takes 50% off purchases from those categories if you are logged in. If you are not, it won’t.

I also read this succinct (and not long-winded) article by a Nobel Prize winning (and Aquarius), economist. It’s such a good read. It also affirms that neo-liberalism began with the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the early Eighties. Tectonic trade and economy shifts are occurring beneath the saber-rattling, theatrics and trolling. The article is not one of those apocalyptic, run-for-the-hills ones, b.t.w. It’s informative and inspiring.

Now for some site announcements.

Oracle2 is now alongside Oracle1. Or below, depending on your browser/device/computer. It’s a different experience but still fabulous and I hope you agree. It’s a lot more responsive and fun to use on mobile. Your feedback is welcome in the comments but if it is an actual tech issue – like you can’t load it or something – please email.

The 12 Card Tarot is halfway through a revamp, so thank you for your patience with that! My thinking on several of the cards and their symbolism has evolved and the Tarot is reflecting this morph.

Someone emailed me today to suggest that I organize the Horoscopes by sign so that you could read – for example – all of the Taurus Horoscopes by daily, weekly and monthly in one place. The email alarmed me as, since 2017, you can choose to read them in an “all signs format” or by each sign.

If there is anyone else out there who does not know this, please see the Horoscopes page. It is your choice! The archives, however, are only organized by sign/rising sign.

This is a lot of info for a New Moon in Gemini 2019 post! But I am also loving the idea of putting announcements and information up with the New Moon, in one spot.



Image: Steven Klein – Wonder Linda

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Star NinjaMM Member
Star Ninja

Love all the info with the New Moon! Super handy admin details!

emgMM Member

Maybe it’s just me but ive had a day from hell. Just dredging up old old wounds and crap and sheer bullshit that goes on in life, I started out really upbeat and let’s get it on to be told bemy shoulding boss that I was a diasappointment and should spend my 5 hours off a week practising my knots ! I really nearly decked him. I then messed up a viewing on my house and although I emailed the guy as he sat on my drive he chose to ignore it and grade my house poor in all categories… Read more »

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

I hope tomorrow is a better day emg. Suggestion: do the Uranus in Taurus meditation. I felt the urge to do it the day before the new moon and I feel ahead of the Jupiter Neptune flux, thanks Mystic. And I got the message to do regularly during this flux. The visual I got was a hot air balloon staying on track with the right anchors instead of floating away and freezing on the way to the heavens, then finally crashing to earth. I know it sounds stark but its not. It’s all about balance. There are some things you… Read more »

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

p.s. Yesterday I felt the same, on top of the world. Realising I’m out of place in this small town. And yes on my first contact I felt dragged down. Left walking away thinking am I just too sensitive or was that comment inappropriate. Then going down a rabbit warren the rest of the night. This is nothing compared to your plight. I know. I just realise that I need to nurture my sensitivity. Live in a more cultured and supportive sea. Instead of being a fish out of water in a small, boring pond. And yes it is happening,… Read more »

emgMM Member

Hey thanks for both posts and caring. Any comments always gratefully received. It’s true, I too feel like a strange sensitive crab in a sea full of outdated unaware folk.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Yes we are two fishes out of water. Just remember its just a microcosm. There are plenty of interesting, like minded souls out there.

But hey you must love being on a boat, out at sea? At least you can dip your fishy tail and wash away the dross !

BelleMM Member

Whilst slightly on the topic of format i would love to see the moon colander as a tabbed month in view. Just a suggestion..

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

I am loving the New Gemini Moon. Welcome back resolve and clarity !


SkarabMM Member

Happy New Moon! Seeing it’s Gemini Season & all things communication, i’d like to share my reading material ATM which is blowing my mind: “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power” It’s written by a Scorpio with a Mars in Virgo woman called Shoshana Zuboff.
And if you live in Europe, check out DECODE – a community attempt of guiding people in how to navigate the net & use it more beneficially without leaking your power away to the electronic power moguls.

Love, peace & self empowerment!


Oh Mystic! The new oracle is incredible!!!
How’s this for new moon in gemini smack bang on my ascendant to the degree: my 8 year old mac and 2.5 year old iphone have died in conjunction (onlyrealised after i recorded 21 videos and lost them all), so it’s time for new communication devices.
Now to not get lost in the swampland that is transferring 19000 photos/documents/book drafts from old to new…

HilarygherkinMM Member

“Alot of ifo” is VERY Gemini new moon, non?

kriblackMM Member

LOVE the new Oracle. Asked two questions and got answers to both that were both affirming of my current goal stalking while also nudging me up my game a little more in the pursuit. Cut right through the Neptunian mists I usually peer at my goals through.

Stella Polaris
Stella Polaris

Today is my birthday and I am day 4 into an unplanned hospital stay to treat an infection I last had in 1993. I was hospitalized twice in 1993 for it. The first time I presented with acute abdominal pain and it took 2 days before the infection was obvious. My then live-in boyfriend would visit every day, wrote a poem for me and was kind and loving. The second time I presented with the infection already evident. He dropped me at the hospital and didn’t reappear until I saw him at home having taken a taxi from the hospital.… Read more »

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Happy Birthday Stella Polaris.

Good luck with your daily commitment to good health. Timely message for me as I turn 52 tomorrow.

Belated Happy Birthday to early Geminis and Happy Birthday to future ones. Happy Birthday to you dear dad on June 7.

It is an exciting June hey?


Stella Polaris
Stella Polaris

Thanks Antares Rising and best wishes for your birthday tomorrow. June for me so far is a mix of exciting times with a project I am working on and hospital times.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Stella.

Wishing you harmony with your mix.


Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

OMG Oracle 2 is ahhhmahhhzzzzinngggggggggg! J’adore.

jickyMM Member

Thank you for that Joseph Stiglitz article link – very concise and straight forward summation of current western/global economic policies and their often detrimental effect on the poor and the environment. I have now read up on the New Green Dealers and am following Extinction Rebellion on Twitter.

GemyogiMM Member

Yes it is great! Have been thinking similar for a while now — sustainability, and basic housing, income and education free for all citizens is the way to go. So disillusioned with politics in Australia — the government isn’t going to lead the way, so citizens/councils/communities have to step up!

LotusFlowerMM Member

I’ve been watching your thinking on the tarot placements evolve and enjoying it. Thank you for all you do. Happy new moon!

gogengoMM Member

Oracle 2 is FIRE!! Amazing

ElectroMM Member

Oooh, a new rant and an article link! This new moon is exact conjunct my Kronos and opposite my moon. I found this opposition by accident when I was trying to remember what degrees my vertex is (16 Gem). I’m going bonkers, Saturn squares my nodes hard this week and my Uranus opposition will finally be exact on Friday. Beam me up, Scotty, for realz.

annafrasMM Member

I used to think JG Ballard was a fiction writer (one of my faves). I’ve long since realized that he was just seeing the future and channeling that. Happening now.

PlutoMoonMM Member

Ack I’m feeling the Gemini stuff squaring Neptune and Jupiter! Communications, electronics, even air conditioning are not working as they should. Delays and weirdness, feels like we are in a strange warping vortex for sure. The Oracle 2 is super cool! Played with it a little bit but will spend some time with it later. I do still like the older pull down format too though, hope that one isn’t going away completely. There’s something about the direct words that has some power for me; the images are cool but are more diffuse. I need to re-listen to the Saturn/Pluto… Read more »

LotusFlowerMM Member

This is really strange astro too, though. That Chitkn return / on IC is a mega tender spot. I hope you treat yourself to flowers, nice music, frequent micro-chillouts in which to recharge and just appreciate the wonder of you (YOU!) living and breathing. You so deserve this, and you’ve got this! xx

I’ve got this exact return and IC conjunction to look forward to soon too, though, head in sand, I have not checked out exactly when yet.

PlutoMoonMM Member

Thanks LF! 🙂 Yeah, the Chiron/IC thing is not much fun. I’m getting through it, getting health checkups now as well to make sure I don’t need thyroid/HRT drugs or anything. Going for a massage this weekend. 🙂


If there was a “suggestion box” the only thing I would suggest about the site is to either have a comment search for your username or under your account a history of the comments you have made. I can’t tell you how many times I have searched the site for a comment or to see if someone replied to my comment and couldn’t remember which post it was made to. Maybe have a notification mechanism that alerts you when someone replies to one of your comments?

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Thanks for reading my mind A, they are two good suggestions. This would save a lot if time. And help build better dialogue between peeps and more of a community feel or debate.


Love the “pick a symbol” in Oracle 2! Thank you Mystic for all of your continued hard work!!

BeenMM Member

About the navigation around the horoscopes – why not have the daily horoscopes for all signs come up first, then have links for each sign for the weekly, monthly signs? Plus a button to go back to the daily signs to drill down to another sign if you wish? Have you investigated how peeps actually want to use the horoscopes and navigate through? The way it is now makes it hard to click through when you are keeping an eye out for ascendants/friends. Just a thought…

kat aquaMM Member
kat aqua

Mystic doesn’t make any changes to her site without massive research behind it. There was a discussion about the structure of the horoscopes pages when she last updated it. Sounds like you want to click the link that appears at the very top of the horoscope page, which takes you to dailies for all signs, you can scroll through for your ascendant and friends, then click back to enter the portal for all sign’s weeklies etc.

GeminEEMM Member

I love Oracle2!

babysinclairMM Member

The Oracle 2 is so cool! Love it!

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