When Your Whole Family Has A Taurus Moon

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What is it like when your whole family has a Taurus moon? It’s fun! Just don’t touch their stuff. Here is an example of the scenario.

Dear Mystic,

I just downloaded my teenage children’s birth chart reading for funsies and had to laugh. Both of my children (and my father) all have moon in Taurus. As you say, just don’t fuq with their stuff. When my daughter was three years old, she used to yell at her toy doll that she had a bit of a frenemy relationship with “Don’t touch my stuff!”

With two teenage Taurus Moon kids, there have been many late night knock-down-drag-out-scream-o-ramas about who may or may not have touched whose stuff. It usually ends up in a forensic audit of stuff-touching going back to, yes, you said it, the dawn of consciousness.

It Usually Ends Up In A Forensic Audit Of Stuff-Touching

In fact, a few years ago they escalated the “who fuqed with whose stuff” game to the point of hiding each other’s stuff, and I thought we’d been burgled because all the computers and gaming systems disappeared, and I reported it to the police as a break in.

The only thing I would add to the Moon in Taurus definition is the almost supernatural power a carefully curated snack selection has on these people. Settle them on a couch with their favorite nibbles, and they suddenly start radiating happiness and well-being that borders on the pharmaceutical.

As long as no one is touching their stuff.
Love your work,

Hi Lea & thank you! The food observation is a fantastic Taurus Moon add-on. It also applies to Taurus Rising I think. People who have strong Taurus placements seem to merge with their food more. One of my new Uranus in Taurus “rules” pertains to food.
This is the Astral DNA bit in question. If you know a person with Moon in Taurus, how apt is this?

Moon in Taurus

Unless they have strong Taurus going on already (e.g. Taurus Rising) Moon in Taurus people shock themselves by how avaricious and possessive they can be on occasion: the “occasion” in question being most of the time. Yes, they keep score. And they keep close tabs on their stuff. If pressed, they could name every single time someone tried to fuq with their stuff since the dawn of consciousness. If Taurus Moon goes over the top with this, they hoard and use money or possessions to power-trip. But let’s say they are sane and lovely. They’re brilliant at functioning in the world, amassing a fortune and living damn well. They’re amazing healers and can calm frantic acting loved ones with their sagacious powers of Zen. So long as nobody touches their stuff.

Image: Deth P Sun

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As a taurus moon I get cranky if I don’t snack every 2 hours, and if time and money was not an issue I would make the most elaborate snack boards and eat till I’m sick! Not sure about the stuff touching – as an only kid I don’t think I had negative experiences. HOWEVER I do not lend anything to anyone anymore because when I have it would just disappear and I would lose sleep over not getting the thing back. I remember where every item is in the house like Google Maps.

YESSSSS to fresh linen mmmfff


Lol so on point! The other day I was thinking of what’s it like to have a Taurus-heavy family. Basically everyone in my family has Taurus sun/moon/rising/other strong placements except me. So every day you’ll see them at home, camped out on their favourite armchair/sofa or in their room, in front of the TV/computer. There’s a ton of snacks in my house. We won’t ever run out of food.

I’m the only one who goes out in the morning and comes home late at night.


Of all the chefs I’ve worked with in my career, the Taurii are always the best. Hands down. Food goes to another level in their hands and it is amazing.


hahahahahaha … oh that’s hilarious. Would love to be a fly on the wall. Not just the “don’t touch my stuff” but the sheer stubbornness of the combatants. Even though my mum is venus/moon in Gemini and a Sun Leo, she also has a stellium in Taurus (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus). Don’t touch my effing books! And what are all these clothes doing lying around??? All material possessions have to be hidden. Except for paintings and books. She’s got enough books to line an entire wall with multiple shelves.


The snacks, the stuff… does not apply too obviously in this case, but sleep is surely a superpower of my S.O. with a Taurus Moon. Me: “I was calling you, where have you been? X and Y happened.” Him: “I was asleep.” Me: “For 20 hours??” Him: “Yes. I was tired.” The (arguably) worst part is, he’s telling the truth. Casual naps of 6 hours in the middle of the day happen all the damn time.

Wish Upon a Star

I thought it just me with the sleeping. Talking of sleeping I had a strange dream last night. I was in my 20s and was just going through the first stages of being with a new boyfriend. He was a fusion of German_ Swedish and something else. Total opp to me. He was tall and had a mother complex which I discovered at a tram stop. I tried to help him. He called me Odette, not sure what it meant . Then another guy chatted with us. I touched a raw nerve with boyfriend. Then he called me a slut.… Read more »


I love this tidbit: “The only thing I would add to the Moon in Taurus definition is the almost supernatural power a carefully curated snack selection has on these people. “


I’m Taurus Moon and Taurus Rising, and I don’t feel so possessive about things (maybe the influence of my Sun conjunct Neptune?) but I adore beautifully-prepared food and freshly laundered bed linens and being around flowers and trees.

No one has yet mentioned the importance of couches in the life of a Taurus Moon! My couch is the center of my universe and where I spend by far most of my time when I’m at home. It’s where I do my best thinking and where I read and talk on the phone and just lie and dream…


Dylan swapped his Andy Warhol “Double Elvis” to Albert Grossman for a lounge. That’s commitment!


Funny– my Taurus Moon brothers were the ones who touched my stuff– and being a Scorpio Moon, I freaked the fuq out. I can remember every boundary crossing, still.

They weren’t at all protective of their stuff, but then a) they are twins and therefore were used to their stuff being pretty much communal, and b) they knew I didn’t want any of their damn stuff anyway.


Yeah. My Taurus moon brother would help himself to anything he liked of anyone else’s, but lose his shit if you so much as used a ruler of his to finish an assignment.
I have actually had to “steal” back the same music collection of mine 2 times.
Basically His Stuff= His, Your Stuff= His.


Taurus north node. Do not touch my shit


Taurus moon here. Snacks, plants, pillows.. all of that. Lots of chill


My sister has a Taurus moon and, yeah, her house is her zone, she runs the show. And she’s brilliant with plants, Queen of the Green Thumbs. And yes, very snacky. My son is sun Toro and he is so chill it’s comedic – until you mess with his chill and then he goes berserk (Leo rising/Sag moon). He, too, is Mr. Snacky and if the snacks game is on point, he is easy going and super happy, a fat cow in the tall grass. No food = hangry bull, look out. An interesting observation about my son, my daughter… Read more »


AntaresRising mentioned that music is therapy for Toro moons – and I completely agree (for Toro moon/sun/rising). My sister and my son both have impeccable taste in music and my sister makes great playlists.


As a ToroMoon in the 4th I get it. I was shamed early in childhood for being selfish to my siblings and little friends and so I have a need to share when the opportunity arises but I hate doing it. I make sure our cookies are the same size and I can only lend clothes I don’t care about. I am very weary of visitors to my home poking around the collection of tchotchkes I have everywhere “yes! That’s 3 statues of Pan, please no touching!” I feel my Taurus moon when I go to house parties, where I… Read more »


I would love this for all of the signs. I can contribute “what’s it like when everyone in the family has a scorpio moon”? Deep family secrets going back generations, grudges (fights that bring up things that happened years ago and possibly in past lives), emotions, going very deep, lots of alone time and generally a respect of privacy, not a don’t touch my stuff but a “don’t look at or think about my stuff”, and of course, no talking to outsiders about any of our “stuff”, no strangers at all in the house actually and very few close trusted… Read more »


Agreed, I’m always intrigued with commonalities in family charts. I don’t have many common Moon signs in my family though. A houseful of Scorpio moons sounds like you would get each other’s emotional intensity but also need space from that too.


“don’t look at or think about my stuff”



Conversely, my father (a Taurus Moon who was fastidious about “his stuff”) used to pinch food out of my plate when i was a kid just to make me angry. He thought it was hilarious to see me throw a wobbly. Perhaps this is a fundamental reason for our estrangement. Taurean Moons might not like their “stuff” touched, but try and touch a Crab’s food while she’s eating, without her consent.


Touch my food and you’ll have to go hospital for the burns from my death stare. I have no trouble sharing but don’t think you can just take it.


My brother in law’s ex girlfriend asked my son for a French fry and he said “no” but she took one anyway right off his plate like she was cute. I was pissed! He’s a Taurus sun so he spoke up. Adults can be such twits.


Triple crab here and I will MURDER anyone who touches my food-my youngest brother and grandfather always pinched my food as a youngster and I am DEEPLY wounded about it.


I always thought your description of Toro moon was hilarious. I have a second house moon and I have to have “my stuff” in its place because if I have to go on a scavenger hunt, I get anger management level angry about it. My moon is in Sag, so care and placement of my stuff ensures I am not wasting my time or feeling suffocated by it. Any other Sag second house moons out there with a similar experience with their stuff?


Mars in taurus + Cancer sun; maximum empathy re: taurus moon snack-pacification.



This must be my NN IN TAURUS 2nd house. I cannot do tapas and tear and share. Even now buying for the house and cooking crew food I will buy ME something for just me and stash it. Don’t touch my food ! That reminds me. At infant school aged 4/5 years if one of the dinner ladies so much as approached my plate to ‘help’ me, I wouldn’t eat any more. Odd huh.


Interresting. I too have quadruple personal planets in Taurus ( not moon), and i am trying to see what stuff touching would be tabu for me. I have lived with a lot of different people in share house settings and stuff touching has not been a big issue. My 4h cusp is in saggo, with a loose conjunction to Neptune, and half my taurus ( Mercury + Sun) is in the 9th house. The one area i feel is tabu is my magical stuff. Talismans, and symbolic objects etc that i have collected. Nobody has tried to touch it, and… Read more »


I have a quadruple personal planet Taurus brother who def has merged with his food.
He is, shall I say, equatorial.


My boss. Very Taurus. Very jovial and rotund. Actually he’d make a superb Santa !


My stepson is Taurus sun, ascendant and mercury with Kataka moon and he is a possessive, score-keeping, hedonistic foodie! If anyone tells him to share, get your stack hat and popcorn ready, because there’s gonna be a show.

Wish Upon a Star

Apparently I would only eat using a spoon with a teddy bear on it when I was a toddler. Hell would break lose if siblings tried to take spoon. I was the youngest of four kids.


im toro rising…i have strong cravings for certain foods and when i can satisfy them it is almost orgasmic lol
my son and the blonde keith richards have toro moons…think the foid thing is more accurate for them rather than stuff…


LMAO!! Personal attacked! I am a Taurus moon and rising and this is so true for me. When I was a teenager I got in horrible fights with my sisters about them stealing my clothes. My parents going through my stuff was some of the strongest violation I have ever felt! It really does drive me insane!

My dad is also a Taurus moon and sun and everyone in his family tells stories of him hoarding balls and stockpiling them and not letting any of the other kids play with them.


That’s weird about the balls. My maternal Taurus grandmother hoarded balls too. She was saving em for us to play with when we visited. Except when we visited we weren’t allowed to play with them.


aqua kat

My mother is Taurus Moon and very protective over her private things (like her purse), which meant she NEVER touched any of my things. I am so thankful she is this way and taught me to respect others’ privacy. Later in life I heard stories from friends about parents searching for and reading diaries, going through laundry, etc. I could empathetically feel the violation, so yucky!

Wish Upon a Star

I want that picture in my home. Me Taurus Moon.


My daughter has a Taurus moon (and Taurus sun) and all of the above is true. I am a triple Taurus myself (not moon tho) and I get it. Someone said something about Taurus moon once which to me is the defining feature: these people will pursue/demand their own comfort even at the expense of the comfort of everyone around them.


Oh my god this is me. I can’t help it.


This is awesome.


Haha! My niece is a grand trine Virgo Sun, Cap Rising with Taurus Moon. She was a ferocious toddler. I saw her streak across a couch like animal, attack her mum, ripping her top down and sucking on her breast with fierce joy. It was horrifying! She settled down to become a lovely girl, twice the height of all other girls, and still covets her food – but in an intense, gracious Hathor-like manner. Also, so musical!

Wish Upon a Star

Music is like therapy for a Taurus Moon.


Yeah, that’s true, my son is sun Toro and we’ve just discovered that the right music really can lift his mood or calm him right down. The Venusians need it.


Moon conjunct Venus in Taurus plus North Node and Lilith all in the 6th house….the other day I was snacking on a 7 layer bar and listening to Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro and I felt a whole body orgasam I couldn’t stop smiling it felt so good.
My surroundings are always Plush
Don’t touch my stuff

Wish Upon a Star

Love that comment JR. These little things make us taurean to the core.

I have to reestablish my sensuality from mother who shunned it and minimized it. I love her and think she was gay but her culture didn’t even recognise it.

Also sick of Aust culture. It sees sensuality as slutty. I hate that word slut.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

omg. yes yes yes.

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