The Sun Trine Pluto On A Virgo Moon


Gene Kelly with big broom in Thousands Cheer dance sceneThe Sun trine Pluto on a Virgo Moon is pretty nifty. See your Horoscopes for a more nuanced and sign/rising-sign take on this but broadly?

It’s a grounded, data-driven, taking care of business vibe. As opposed to last week’s drawn-out existential crisis, the drastic  “do something, now” prompts have died down.

It’s more a matter of getting back into your better-self groove and staying there. As always with a Virgo Moon, cleaning arouses genius and feels healing. But the Sun trine Pluto amplifies that into a therapeutic process.

Reconnect with your core craft and ingenuity. Consider not reaching for a fresh experimental add-on this Moon. Streamline and refine and analyze the scene.

As the old witch’s tale goes: the new broom sweeps clean but the old broom knows the corners.



Image: Gene Kelly – Thousands Cheer

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The Sun trine Pluto were both trining my natal Pluto. I had to euthanize my companion of seventeen years, Leonardo (da Cat). It was a tough day. I had an amazing experience this morning, though. After I left the vet’s, I had asked him if he would send me a sign to let me know he was OK. I could already feel a sense of lightness and relief. So this morning I woke at 6– I work nights so am not usually up this early– and just lay in bed, listening to the birds. I felt myself turn inward, and… Read more »

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

So sweet.

ChrysalisMM Member

Beautiful, how comforting to have that reassurance and to know the bond is still strong xxx

Stella PolarisMM Member
Stella Polaris

My Sunday afternoon was spent changing from summer wardrobe to winter. Two trips to Red Cross with clothes from both seasons. Then attacked the bookshelves: all the great books I’ve read but know I won’t read again were also bagged up and sent off to Red Cross

But right now, I’m trying to turn around my short-term $$ situation. It’s that feeling when you are doing what you can and what’s within your control, but seeing that, it’s not going to be enough and you’re out of ideas/ ways to go


I woke up on Sunday wanting to go on a cleaning bender, haha! I’ve been a bit more organized and focused the last couple days having to sort out logistics in a laser focused way and quickly. I’m still also devastated about my life situation, though, and now i’ve broke up with my bf, too, this past Saturday night. Really awful day with him leading up… It makes my situation more dire, too, because we were supposed to move in together and had been looking for places to no avail, and now I only have two weeks to pivot and… Read more »


I’ve already got to Maralinga, that’s less than nowhere. The lizards are friendly. I get a food-drop in a few days: powdered milk, rice, water and dried fruit. I invited myself out and I haven’t seen me since.


Haha! Thanks for the comic relief! 😉

PiMM Member

Oh, was this in effect around 4pm AEST Sunday?? I embarked on a HIGHLY UNCHARACTERISTIC cleaning binge at home, including wiping down the entire front door and frame free of dust and wierd lint that had built up, then a cleaning spray, then lavender oil. As i was doing the oil (counterclockwise of course) I made up a little incantation for good vibes only on anyone coming in.

Plus wiping down light switches, polishing metal handrails, and more. I had a bee in my bonnet about shining metal surfaces.

LotusFlowerMM Member

I’ve been feeling this since last Thursday. Channeling grief and existential tweaks into epic taking care of business, stepping into responsibility. Cleaning has been therapeutic and a breeze. I put it down to the Sun-Saturn trine but this whole earth vibe is also trining my moon so it’s a good unlock and channel for all the cardinal squares..

LotusFlowerMM Member

NN is coming into an exact conjunction with my Saturn (and of course triggering said cardinal squares). Has anyone got any ideas how to work this transit? It’s in the 7th and squares natal Chiron, Sun, Mars. Only the most durable relations will cut it? Perhaps it underlines all the ongoing Saturn challenges, just with a thick black pen.

JacquiMM Member

Da Sun is smack bang on my natal Mars, shimmying along side Morgan. My broom has V8 power.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

Is anyone else having g weird dreams? I had a dream this morning. I dreamt that I was with my very first boyfriend . We were in some sort of shopping area well spaced out. Well I was just outside the doorway of a makeshift bookshop that looked hugely inviting. Small room stacked with books. But I was lying on the concrete fast asleep. My first boyfriend :the English flirt was flirting with his various workmates in front of me. Yes I was jealous but not enough to wake me up. Then a cow (me Taurus Moon) came along and… Read more »


I wouldn’t get that show-off to sweep my floor.

Wish Upon a StarMM Member
Wish Upon a Star

ha his ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

No it doesn’t look like he would get into the corners.

LuciaMM Member

Transplanted walnut and pin oak trees this morning. Discarded and composted spent flowers and herbs indoors. Thoroughly washed and scrubbed vegetables purchased at market. Discarded home made leek and pumpkin soup that I’m sure was keeping me awake night with indigestion! All before I checked on planets just now. Thank you Mystic for your enduring passion and post.

Di San
Di San

Amazing synchronicities. I spentball day cleaning. Once I start I cannot stop. I ended with palo santo cleaning.

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