The New Moon In Taurus Is Witchier Than It Looks

New Moon in Taurus. Black and white photographic montage of a woman holding a Moon.

Any New Moon in Taurus is a foundation stone for new values or affiliations. It feels self-accepting. Solidarity counts more than showy gestures. And, it’s an auspicious Moon to establish new money habits.

But this one is weirder and witchier than that. Saturn methodically dredges up past dynamics, recrafting what you thought of as your narrative.

It’s not like the Chiron South Node Swamp vibe of a few years ago. It’s structural and definitive. Substantial facts reign above feelings or theory.

So there’s that, ensuring every Dark Moon for the next five months has an edge. And then the New Moon in Taurus was aligned with a heap of witchy asteroids: Herodias, Morgan, Astarte, Minerva, and Circe.

If you’re not familiar with Morgan, she is asteroid 3180 and AKA Morgana or Morgan Le Fay, an Arthurian witch.

Pluto is exact square Eris/Persephone. Lilith is newly in Pisces, about to sextile Mercury + Uranus.

So, whatever your dark findings or shadowy labyrinths, they’re conjuring potent sorcery.


Image: Darla Teagarden

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Inside, outside, grounded self-care. Currently finding intention setting for every journey/day, even for a trip to the supermarket, is helping me connect to source vibe as well as, my inner truth ten-fold. Simple, effective, deep, with boundaries I own and enforce. Loving the taurus moon vibe already x


Feelings about bodies and deeply inbuilt/ handed-down shame around weight and fatphobia came up alot for me-I noticed I could let them go and form new patterns about myself and especially how I relate to my body and the value I place on it for self-esteem.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

my single card tarot was totes witchy


Another connection. Natally Morgan 22 Taurus 4th (22° for 12.1.2020) spooning with Mars. Kind of feel that my Pythia Moon, near Morgan, Circe on my Persephone and Hypnos on my Pluto Uranus Isis Pando and Lilith closing in on my Lilith is a call into action. Time to meditate?


This makes sense.


Finding the edges beneficial-the shadows that are popping up are pointing to how I self-harm and how I can stop self-harming. And, muggles who want drama are quickly being kibboshed as I set boundaries.


I’m going through a process of possibly changing locations with my job and I’m healing a lot from working through the process. It’s not just my job, it’s the layers of my self that I’m working through. The night of the moon I had a dream of a past love from my teenage years. His sun on my Taurus DC and my Mercury on his moon (just a few tidbits from looking at the 1977 ephemeris). We were out on a retreat planting trees… I’ve had a dream of him at least once a year for the past 15 years… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Woo woo my Taurus Moon is the same degree as the new moon : 14 degrees. Is that something significant?

The symbol is in between worlds. When I heard this on you tube today I instantly had a flashback to seeing a polaroid of me as me a baby lying on my parents bed. All dressed in white and lace.. Me with my jet black full hair and features. The look in my eyes was in between worlds.

On top of that I have Pisces Rising. I definitely need to stay away from alcohol.

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