Strange Synastry – What Are The Soulmate Links?

Soulmates Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman loved up in Sixties fashion with their dog

What are the Soulmate Links? They’re the strange synastry and weird alignments between the birth charts of two people that reflect soul affinity. Some are the sort of thing you find in classic compatibility reports (Person A has their Sun conjunct the Moon of Person B) while others are weirder; Asteroid Isis in conjunction to Osiris, for example. The entire list of 88 Soulmate Links is here.

Most couples or would-be duos only have three to five between them. Anything over five is rare and epic. I ran the Soulmating report for Golden Era Hollywood couple Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman and they had 11! They’re delineated below as an FYI. Soulmate links are not just romantic. I did the report for myself with children and close friends, simply skimming anything not apt for that relationship, and got some spooky results.

But the standard karma drama caution: soul links do not necessarily translate to a brilliant relationship. They mean you and the other person connected between lives, have met before and will doubtless meet again in another time. The bond between you is not just familial, pheromonal or based on the society’s current concept of ideal couple-hood. It’s deeper and wired up into a fate matrix far too complex for us to understand.

The Bond is Wired Up Into A Fate Matrix Far Too Complex For Us To Understand

But having said all that, the 11 Soul Links of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are pretty damn impressive. They remained apparently blissfully married for decades and people who met them attested to their tangible high-vibe chemistry and connection.

From their (now instant download!)  Soulmating Report.

Joanne Woodward’s Mercury Opposite Paul Newman’s North Node

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are immediately in cahoots, feeling like their attraction or romance is more conspiracy theory than anything ‘normal’. They’re the kind of pair who go from “just met” to “in-jokes” and “own language” at Warp Speed. Their instinctive understanding of one another feels uncanny. But, as with any South Node scenario, Paul Newman needs to beware that the fabulous familiarity and high-vibe connection does not anchor them in the life-journey equivalent of a way station, a scenic detour. And whether Joanne Woodward lets on or not, Paul Newman influences their thought style like mad.

The Venus Trine Saturn Link Is Formidable At First Sight

Joanne Woodward’s Venus Trine Paul Newman’s Saturn

It’s an attraction or affinity that is formidable at first sight. Each person senses the other’s essence and that this could be a substantial alignment. If they pick up on the past-life frequency, it feels like they ran the whole show together. Their first conversations are probably themed around loyalty, betrayals and boundaries that shall never again be breached.

Joanne Woodward’s Venus Trine Paul Newman’s Pluto

The first meeting is usually one for the ages: Joanne Woodward meets Paul Newman and parts of their soul that had been slumbering wake the hell up. These two pay attention to one another with every fiber of their being. They’re not even going to bother faking nonchalance. It’s super-strength spiritual-emotional-sensual chemistry and they often share strange, niche experiences or factors in common. Core Competency: Ignoring everyone else present without meaning to. Lucid dreaming of past lives if they sleep together. Over the top reactions to one another’s body scents.

Mars Opposite North Node Is A Super-Intense Karmic Connection That Can Be Uncomfortable

Joanne Woodward’s Mars Opposite Paul Newman’s North Node

This is a super-intense karmic connection that can be uncomfortable, especially if Joanne Woodward subconsciously feels that Paul Newman has it in for them and moves to the absurdity of pre-emptive retaliation. They’re often brought together to rouse Paul Newman’s drive and anti-fragility, while Joanne Woodward scores some kind of redemption from Paul Newman. It can be one of those dynamics: high-sex-vibe, tense energy, can’t live with or without one another and everyone in orb gets sick of the drama. The chemistry between these two is so strong, it’s palpable like a Poltergeist, things falling off shelves and glass shattering. Take care that this does not devolve into dysfunction. If both people are able to functionally deploy their Mars energy, it can be an alliance of psychically battle-seasoned veterans, tranquil and happy at last.

Joanne Woodward’s Jupiter Opposite Paul Newman’s Asteroid Juno

The King and Queen of Heaven in opposition; Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman are hugely aware of one another as similarly powerful souls from the moment they meet. But, this sort of chemistry works in a structured, goal-centric set-up or not at all. And if Paul Newman is compelled to seek sensual gratification or ego validation with Joanne Woodward’s inferiors, the potential power and riches from this union won’t be enough to offset the sting. It can be the sort of dynamic where Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman know each other or of one another for decades, forming a proper bond only when both are mature and able to be more measured with their attention or affections.

It Has The Feel Of Previous Lives Lived Out In The Public Eye

Joanne Woodward’s North Node Opposite Paul Newman’s Midheaven

All other things being equal, these two people are destined to form an amazing sanctuary together. It has the feel of previous lives lived out in the public eye or with limiting protocol but this time around, Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman can secure a peaceful and supportive base. Privacy is paramount, especially for Paul Newman. On a really basic level, their home and location ideals are likely to harmonize, perhaps eerily well.

Paul Newman’s Sun Square Joanne Woodward’s North Node

This synergy has the karmic zing of any Sun-Node chemistry but Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward puzzle over the meaning or intent of the connection. Paul Newman is the most likely to have a belated epiphany; the relationship or attraction was worth honoring or exploring more. It can also be the sort of scenario where Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are thrown together in circumstances that make it difficult to further their rapport. They could be cast in vaguely adversarial roles to one another; they’re connected because one is the ex-lover of the other’s friend, repping opposing political parties, or commercial rivals. Without even realizing it, Paul Newman inspires Joanne Woodward toward higher-level goal stalking. And it’s the romance or attraction most likely to have Paul Newman obsessively ‘researching’ Joanne Woodward years later, wondering if it was just that the timing was wrong.

Venus-Saturn Chemistry Is Iron-Forged, Ancient And Immutable

Paul Newman’s Venus Conjunct Joanne Woodward’s Saturn

Venus and Saturn connections don’t always generate raw erotic oomph or the cognitive “da-zing!” of some alignments but they indicate a solid and enduring bond. Venus-Saturn chemistry feels iron-forged, ancient and immutable. An actual romance could take forever to establish but once founded, it stays. Paul Newman feels as if Joanne Woodward loves or – at least – understands aspects of themselves that they’re super-vulnerable about. Or areas where they’ve prevailed over severe challenges. Joanne Woodward is drawn to Paul Newman’s integrity and worldliness. Paul Newman is more likely to show affection via saturnine means; by being helpful and respectful of boundaries. They often meet via work, for a specific purpose or when both are interested in restructuring their lives.

Paul Newman’s Venus Square Joanne Woodward’s Uranus

Their attraction frequency oscillates like mad and nobody knows what powers the relationship. Paul Newman feels like Joanne Woodward was plonked in their path for a reason but it’s more like a repetitive dream, compelling but nonsensical. Joanne Woodward sees Paul Newman as a walking flashpoint; stimulating and extremely attractive but thinks they should probably have hazard lights around them. It’s the sort of vibe that can run for eons as a clandestine arrangement that few know of. The purpose of the relationship? Liberation, particularly of Paul Newman.

Even The Most Short-Lived Versions Of Venus-Pluto Opposition Relationships Provoke Metamorphosis

Paul Newman’s Venus Opposite Joanne Woodward’s Pluto

Insane spiritual and sensual chemistry aside, this attraction or romance triggers Paul Newman’s ancestral and ancient memories, more than it does those of Joanne Woodward. It’s a Plutonic awakening for Paul Newman, with Joanne Woodward as the catalyst for an often quite dramatic recall or recognition of life purpose. It’s a classic Reset Romance, with even the most short-lived versions of it provoking metamorphosis. Joanne Woodward is more likely to be aware of the spiritual or broader dimensions of the connection than Joanne Woodward, who simply feels inexplicably enriched and empowered by Paul Newman. If they can’t be together or end up in hostilities, it’s painful and toxic. In worst case scenarios, Joanne Woodward could wind up trying to control or manipulate Paul Newman, setting up an unpleasant atmosphere redolent of their childhood or most persistent past life patterns.

Paul Newman’s Pluto Conjunct Joanne Woodward’s Asteroid Proserpina

Pluto-Proserpina dynamics can be weird, hot, karmic and under the radar. They’re like those scenes in art-house movies where other people only find out that the love even existed years after the event. It can grow and blossom without social sanctions, let alone “convenience.” Somehow, it often brings wealth – literally, spiritually or both – and more likely to Joanne Woodward.



Image: Mark Kaufmann


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Super late comment but this is great, thanks! My interest and I have 14 of these, not sure what to think…


I have nine links with my husband of over 30 years (well, official since 1991 but living together four years before that).

I always knew we had plenty of significant aspects, but this is a WHOLE new landscape to explore.

And lol – my Venus is conjunct his Uranus, while his Venus is opposite my Uranus. It’s never boring… LOL


I just did a Soulmating Report for my INTJ boo and I: we have 9! Which makes sense because I sometimes lay awake at and just stare at him snoozing—not out of some ninnying lovebarf but because I’m trying to figure, “how did *all thissssss* happen?” Reading the report made me realize it’s less “how” but “when,” as, according to the report, we were arguing in some Dark Ages tavern (and, in another continuum, still are).


That said, our first “date” was a week long and ended with a 6-hour heated discussion about Catholic witchcraft, demons, and end times at a hotel bar. So.. “spot on” doesn’t even cut it, Mystic!!


It’s so unusual that it feels too straight or familiar, when i read the Soulmating Report. (That typed Soylmating, and i want to know if my soulthing knows about Soylent Green, of all things, since we are in ďiff countries for a few weeks, and there is so much else to converse about! I miss the weird discussions!) We are fed fairytale romance as youngsters, understanding psychically every nuance, shivering and breathing ever upward. In truth, we meet as broken innocents, resisting and striving to mature, all the same.


Is it silly to be bummed that I only have two with my husband? (Semi-rhetorical question.)


Sometimes the product is better than the brochure.


Ha! I like that. Thanks PF xx


Thanks Mystic. That’s comforting, and true for me. Your interpretation of my Sun opposite my husband’s Pluto was scarily dead-on, by the way!


It is not silly. Yet, like Mystic points out, it is a bit like finding a carmic ex. Anybody you have a really bad and strong relationship with ( like mine with my mother) is probably full of Soul mate links. Not having many sounds like a fresh new start.


Oh, I love that perspective. Thanks Hel. The Sun/Pluto opposition we have is enough intensity to work with anyway. Every day is Phoenix day for me, and without the complexity of other sticky undercurrents I’m free to get on with my own inner work.


No, it’s GREAT. You have less karma-drama between you, so you can get on more smoothly with relating issues in the now. In any relationship drama, you work it alone first (which is tough, anyway) but in a rollicking partnership intensity burps up old stuck gas in ways neither (or worse, only one) of you identifies or senses, but still can’t smooth alone by intention. You need the other to come on board so intensely it tells you too much about yourself, and maybe your partner. You can see it’s almost urgent, the need for each one to evolve, and… Read more »


Mille! I laughed out loud! “…in a rollicking partnership intensity burps up old stuck gas in ways neither (or worse, only one) of you identifies or senses, but still can’t smooth alone by intention.” You’re a wordsmith and wise sage. Thinking about my past relationships, I can see this crazy-making dynamic played out over and over again. Bashing up blindly against ancient wounds that neither of us could understand, let alone heal. This current relationship is a relief and a refuge. A safe place for me to explore and stretch my own potential, feeling accepted and loved in a simple,… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I got my report and it was bang ON.


In addition to unbelievably epic & mutual mars/venus synastry, the fella I can’t get out of my mind (although it’s foolish, foolhardy anyway) has karma/echo on my ascendant/narcissus.


I did the links with my ex, and I think doing that has finally given me the perspective i needed. Seven links with emhasis on nodes, Uranus and my Venus square his Saturn. It has felt so ridicolusly strong and important. Yet it is not something to live with. All of my soulmating links were tarnsformational, and strong, and none of them had connotations of harmony or stability. Still, it has taken me two and a half years now t try and get over a half year long storm of a relationship. With his scorpio stellium, and sun on my… Read more »


Nine links ( Venus square Saturn, and node, trine and conjunct Uranus, mars square nodes, and my Pan on his 12h Moon for good times, he is a cancer rising, and th Full Moon did make him rather crazy)


(+ karma on AC, and amor and psyche links)


I read years ago Joanne W saying in an interview that her attitude to the relationship with PN was that it could end at any time. Maybe that’s been their success.


I have eleven with my most recent ex who almost destroyed me. He married someone else within a year of our split after cheating on me and still tried to reel me back in. Isis Conjunct Osiris. NOT today MR.


I had trouble with the “other asteroids,” sections, like, par example, in one, the dude’s Prosperina is exact conj my Saturn (but I know that looking down his “other asteriods”…or his Hecate exact conj. my Venus, or another one my Isis and Dionysius are both exact conj. other’s Asc., and his Osiris is conj. my Pluto and Asc. etc., etc. but they don’t have descriptions. But both of these are 8 – 10 connex…would be more with these others I saw in the “other asteroids section. Are they just not as important?


{FACEPALM] I see–I just looked at the list of 88 and like, the ones I listed above are not on them. Totes see now, soz!!!!


*swoon, love the rom, the com and a willingness to work through shadow. Also think the secret to long term commitment is owed to trombones and cats. #justsaying


Just cause you have “soulmate” contacts with someone, doesn’t mean it would be a good idea to be with them. Sometimes the other person is a shithead.


LAWD ain’t it the truth…


Mystic says that, but there is such a thing as soul contracts


Or they are an actress or a singstress.
I’m not thinking of Carla Gugino or Susanna Hoffs in particular.


Susannah Hoffs? Really? Such an iconoclast you are!


I love to keep people guessing.


I have 5 with my partner – (mine, his): -moon conjunct hecate -venus opposite saturn -eros opposite psyche -psyche opposite eros -ascendent conjunct karma The only thing that doesn’t resonate is that the venus-saturn hasn’t evoked any childhood dysfunction or weird dynamics between us, he is a good partner to me, he never denigrates me, if I complain he listens/acts right away (he’s also a super libra with his north node in the 7th, and he has the sun and jupiter close to his saturn as well). We treat each other really well, maybe it would have been different if… Read more »


I envy these 2 above. I truly do. If I had to make 1 wish enjoying 1/10th of their mutual love at least once in this life would be it.
By adding the asteroid to the BC of me and my “interest” (not much of that interest TBH) I have found out I am a Moon/Circe (to the exact degree), Eros/DC conjunction and a Isis/Sun conjunction person. Maybe not easy to match? 😀

Jokes aside this insight on Sinastry is awesome. Thanks Mystic.


Oh wow this is so interesting. My ex-hub and I have ten! A lot of Plutonic, 8th house-y stuff. Interesting for a sexless marriage. SO much repression, no wonder the ending was like a nuclear bomb going off. The Neptunian Cap and I have eight. It was comforting to read something that confirmed just how important he was in my life and that we’ve likely been around a few times before. Tempted though I am to get a chart for the Neptunian Cap and his wifey, unfortunately I no longer drink so what’s a Pisces to do with that kind… Read more »


Saturn conjunct Ikea hahahahahaahahahha xx


Sometimes lately when it comes to matters of the heart, I feel like Heath Ledger’s Joker, sitting slightly malevolently on a park bench but wearing a pretty dress, rolling his eyes at all the kooples, saying to no one in particular, “surprise me.”


Kooples only have to surprise themselves


Wouldn’t that be brilliant. To be surprised. I mean, in a good way. Not in a ‘So the cops were right’ kind of way. (Neptune transiting my 8th, uggh) xx


I have to try not to be too mars-in-aquarius on dating sites. a little, so that they know i am not exactly going to jump at “coffee, travel, laughter, family, friends” (what are you, a bot? kill me now), but not so much that the super odd ones think i am a catch. THEN AGAIN .. lol
i am spending too much time around smuggles, my brain is SO bored 🙁
anyway this comment relates to nothing


I mean this in the nicest way Chrysalis but wouldn’t it be when ya stop thinking about em.
Laughable coming from a dbl Cancer.

PS: I’ve resisted doing anyone, I don’t need the pain. My natal 7th Moon is torture for at least 32 people.


You’re right JM…it’s actually a pretty profound observation. x


Ok so obvs I was always going to get the report for him and Wifey. I am thrilled to report that they have only three, and interestingly one is the same as my ex-hub and I. Given that they are rock solid (I assume – a multi-Cap and a Toro, Empire Inc), they also have plenty more going on and that’s all good esp for their kids. Sigh. I know, I know, it really is time to call time on this one. Soz for banging on about these men for the past aeon. Who am I without these stories, I… Read more »


I’ve deleted all contacts of women I’ve had something to do with. The two where something nearly happened and the few where nothing happened. It’s the Saturn, Pluto, SN reccomendation for Cancers; you know 7th an’ all. It’s been 6 years.

I’ve only listened to female singers for near on 4 weeks. It’s all there is. I’m feeling positive about the cancer and hernia. But women are a non-event in my life except on this site. I wished I knew how to be a cad.


Susannah Hoffs? OMG did you see? Siobhan Fahey JUST announced she’s reunited with Marcella Detroit and there’s gonna be a new Shakespears Sister album and tour. SO excited. Shakespear’s Sister “#3” is a good divorce album, I think. You can really hear how pissed off she is at Dave Stewart. Also Sandy Denny’s “Sandy.”


you made me LOL Chrys….BOTH the “interests” I mentioned above (with the 8-10 aspects) are unavailable in some way or another and I ordered those…if I had the one’s “wifey” details I totally would do that too. And tell who? No one. Except you guys. LOL. I haven’t even done my ex-husband…but these two, I’ve done ALL the compatibilty charts I could (Mystic! Revive those Comatibility with the Eros and Psyche so I can do one on the Scorp!) and I feel like maybe they came around…to make my standards impossible? Maybe I was settling too much before? I mean,… Read more »


Yes, thats the thing. Everybody seems so bland. Like tapioka pudding, compared to the 9 link ex. I have been purging and purging. His moon is in the middel of my taurean stellium and he knew exactly my taste in things ( and foods), and i have finally no tings left from him. Not even the wonderfully soft deep red velvet couch. Now with the report proving to me that the links are strong, yet not made to last, and a new apartment in a new town, and a bit of time passed, and Uranus in my home constellation. I… Read more »


I love that description of your Toro moon ex and the couch. Such a Taurean thing. I’m really heartened by your story of being able to move forward, your new life sounds beautifully rich with possibility. xx

As if on cue, my Toro has just issued me an ultimatum. I don’t feel I can say yes with my whole heart, so it will have to be no. Here I go again, sigh.


And you do need room for mr New Era. <3 I love the consept


I love this blog. Thank you, Mystic as I e been thinking about the the soul synastry reports… I have 7 links with my interest.
Pluto conjunct Venus, both our Eros trining and conjuncting each other. My Asc opposing his NN.
To name a few. Our synastry very reflects this report. From the crazy unexplained forewarning we both had that the other was coming to … a connection that is indescribable…
I love this report.


My Lillith is conjunct my husbands sun, and his lilith is conjunct my sun. He recognised me as a witch -on our first date- before I was brave enough to call myself one. And this is why we are pair bonded.


I have Juno/ Dsc / Juno/Asc (mutual) conjunctions with two men (born a matter of hours apart) & an exact Moon/Juno link in the composite, conjunct the MC with one of them. I have proposed marriage to one & recently fell in love with the other… are those soulmating links too? Btw Uranus is approaching my Venus & also rules my Dsc, they are both Aquarian with their Suns conjunct my Descendant 🙂


Not really any moon connections though? Lunar sweetness and safety vibes, but maybe thats not always a thing? I tend to be quietly in love with my moon connections, but these are not always caps, it’s often a different level of connection.

Pisces and aqua too. That’s cute… so free and ideas-y. Their couple photos are very sweet. it must have been very hard for her to lose him not that long ago. I wonder if they still chat somehow? They must .


Just did mine for my on again-off again love interest of nearly 6 years … 7 links. All made sense. Likely siblings in a past life? Check. Crazy chemistry in proximity, but time and distance apart creates a palpable rift? Check. Most interesting was the link between Eros & Psyche manifesting in an inability to sometimes express the deep love and affection we do share … So helpful and oddly comforting to put some context to sensations I’ve felt but couldn’t articulate or even really rationalize. Also … Food for thought as we push toward the 6 year mark. Maybe… Read more »


what do y’all think about Juno on the South Node


I took advantage of the accidental sale over the weekend to pull two of these on the two guys who have been the most spectacular near-misses of my life. No actual relationship with either, but one is a good friend now and the other is prone to bizarre reappearances and sightings. Chemistry is off the meter with both and needless to say I’ve spent a lot of time consulting the oracle over them, lol. 7 links with Mr Mysterious Reappearances, 9 with Mr Childhood BFF But Never Lover!

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