Scorpio Full Moon Sorcery And An Experiment

Kim Novak with flame in cauldron

The Friday (witch’s day) before a Scorpio Full Moon is ideal for some House Witchery.  It’s also super-strength Outer Planet Vibe – a la the Daily Mystic email for Fri-Sat-Sun. It intensifies everything. Issue drastic ultimatums and seek dramatic resolution OR shift the stuck energy with some domestic sorcery. Both? Fittingly, two queries whizzed into my inbox today.

Dear Mystic,

I’m waiting for a delivery of wine and cigarettes, trying to get rid of heaps of crap I accumulated with my narcissistic grifter of an Aries ex-husband. Do you know if there’s a market anywhere for antique African voodoo fertility carvings of dubious provenance? I’ve always thought it bought me bad luck. The fuqing thing also has a split across the belly and did nothing for my fertility. If anything, it was the opposite. I’m blaming the Full Moon as it is in the same sign as my Moon. 

Moon in Scorpio

Well, this is easy. If you think it is bringing you bad luck or it has a crap vibe, toss it. I don’t care if it is a Faberge egg. The association with grifter ex doesn’t sound crash-hot and. As I think I say in my Mp3 rant, if you’re not affiliated with a deity or pantheon, why bring it into your home? I don’t think it matters where it goes so long as it is out of your orb and a.s.a.p.

Zero Time For Her Emptiness

Hi Mystic, 

How do I dispose of a Warhol-esque picture of my face gifted to me from my brother’s wife???? Also, she forced her grandchild to give me something with “Aunty” and my name on it. I’m really not comfortable with it as I’m not their Aunty. Should I just ditch the lot? Oh and she’s completely narcissistic, Munchausen and selfish. I have zero time for her emptiness.
The No Longer Nice Virgo
Gifts are tricky, mainly as you will feel the need to explain where the painting is should the giver visit. But in this case, it sounds as if the sister-in-law dynamic is the underlying issue. Any gift from this woman would enrage because it’s her. Why not ditch it and try the salt experiment below? It’s not about portraits or kids calling you “Aunty.” The scenario is a classic Full Moon in Scorpio dilemma. You’re newly aware or more poignantly aware that someone/something is really fuqing with your energy. It’s a crystalline, speedy clarity and you now need to figure out how much distancing or candor you can get away with. And that, Ms. No Longer Nice Virgo, comes down to how much you like or value your relationship with your brother.

 An Experiment For The Full Moon In Scorpio

Salt is a magical substance and, as I talk about in the House Witchery rant, it is protective and clearing. This Full Moon, put a line of it across the threshold of your house or bedroom and see what happens. You might be surprised at who stays away or reveals enmity/motives in such a way that you are warned off them. To be effective, it needs to be a thick line, like the width of an old-fashioned ruler and spanning the entire threshold.

Report back with your results here after the Full Moon!

And, does anyone have any thoughts about the two questioners above? Your comments, as always, are welcome!


Image: Bell, Book & Candle

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You’ve been making a few good points lately.

Sim oneness

Brilliant advice Mystic, shit is binned, she is blocked and I bought a beautiful rosemary salt body scrub today.
Stepping back and letting go, it’s my brothers cross to bear with her
Our sibling bond will endure


say a mantra, forgive yourself, then burn the lot. Or the painting might haunt your ass and feed off you life force and deep dark secrets a-la Dorian Grey


I did a thick line of salt across the entry to my flat in LA and then did a glorious Archangel clearing and protection meditation. It was so powerful! My only question is, how long do I leave the salt? As for the African voodoo fertility carving, if you think it brings you bad luck then it absolutely needs to go. I like Skarab’s suggestion to leave it in the street or alley for scavengers. As for the sister in-law gifts, dump it!


Re the unwanted gifts: mostly, objects acquire the energy we attribute to them – so if you’re reminded of negativity every time you see them then ditch them in whichever way you see fit – a thrift shop, garbage bin, dump, etc. I wouldn’t get too bogged down with ceremonies – i’m entirely with Chrysalis on this & for the same reasons. I normally leave things i don’t want out in the street knowing that they’ll disappear within minutes -recycling a la inner city scavenging type.


So i did the line of salt across the threshold to my mountain shack’s door and i was woken up in the middle of the night by pounding on the door, snorts, and heavy thuds on the landing. Freaked out a little as i was on my own (& bears have been sighted recently) i peeked through a crack to find about 15 mountain horses all vying for the salt. After it was all gone, they decided to hang around and have a party. Did not get a wink of sleep, but i’ve made some new friends.


Where is your mountain shack? That sounds amazing!


I’m under oath to not divulge the whereabouts – but it is somewhere in the Iberian Peninsula.


Can they smell the salt? That’s amazing. Sounds like a salt lick would encourage their friendship. At one point I lived on the top floor of an abandoned two story residence in the countryside and thirty horses would sleep on the ground floor at night. It was a little terrifying picking your way amongst them as I wasn’t sure they wouldn’t kick me. And so much noise made by hoofs on tile! Sounds like Epona has your back and appreciated the offering. Horsey blessings to you!! xx


Thank you Luv. And yes, just checked & Epona’s conjunct my Sun now (natal Rhiannon on my Asc). Not sure if they smelt the salt, but they can usually smell my Eau de Cider Vinegar which i’m usually slathered in to discourage ticks, and which i’ve put in the water trough outside – which they also love. Maybe the combo with the salt would have been the equivalent of them having tequila shots. Picking your way through 30 horses in a confined space would be pretty intense first thing in the morning – way to start the day though! These… Read more »


Epona being conjunct your Sun is perrrrrfect! Love that. I adore watching a herd of horses kick up their heels, there is nothing that makes you feel the dance of life more keenly. Well for me anyway! I was seriously obsessed with horses, I lived, dreamed and drew them as a kid. They remain my spirit animal of choice despite being all things feline astrologically. Just now I found Epona is in my Cancer stellium, with Venus, Saturn and Mercury! Also Epona is in grand trine to my Moon & Jupiter. Nice, I can’t believe I never thought to check… Read more »


New neigh-bours?
Sounds like a bear existence!
A little bear-back riding or
was it just a nightmare?


Stop already – I’m horse with laughter!

Wish Upon a Star

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !


how does one, like explain a 1.5 inch thick line of salt to one’s housemate, lol


I tell my friends that don’t understand

It keeps the insects out, natural repellent

Smile smirk and walk away


Or, work colleagues lol. I do sprinkle salt across the doorway to my office but a line would not be doable.


Rising salt damp?


“Just one of my hippie experiments. Carry on!”


I did a mammoth clear last year, when I first found MM. I continue to salt-line boundaries, clear my personal materials things and sea swim (salt in abundance) in such a way that I feel more myself than ever. However, and I need to say this, be careful what you wish for (“more myself than ever”) my old friendship group, including my best friend of fifteen years have gone. Vanished. Whilst that’s clearly a positive thing, i didn’t see it coming and it feels/felt awful, a heartbreaking loss for a psychic. So clear with joy and purpose, whilst nourishing all… Read more »


Transit to your 7th or 11th house? Pluto , Uranus


Not really,

Jup 4,
sat, Plut 5,
Ur 9,
Nep 7


Ah you have Saturn-Pluto opp your 11th, same as me – I’ve undergone similar changes with the social group. It’s authenticity or table-for-one. Nobody prepares you for losing good friendships, so I get where you are at. x


Ouh! Love this thread, brimming with ideas and ways to free up energies. As others have said, FREE your space, and gift to the nearest thrift store. Those spaces are energetical, where other people can connect to the things that are meant for them but are no longer working for us. Voodoo doll for fertility?! Ha! Some African sorcerer/marketer decided to find a way to market their shit and your ex-husband bought the story. It’s not “yours”! You have departed the ex-husband, depart the voodoo stuff as well. Don’t burn, “gift” it back – via thrift store – and it… Read more »


I’m not personally dealing with any gifting/grifter issues but heard a few stories about others at a baby shower today.

I’m a Pisces sun, just craving salt and sun.

dark star

Yeah bin the weird gifts! You don’t need any part of your house guas taking in weird energy.
In other Scorpio full moon news my cappi priest relative got in trouble for soliciting sex and is missing. And I manifested a freshly divorced Aries moon cancerian this week who lives on my block. Interesting times


How do you ‘manifest’ someone? It’s a dark art I’m clueless @bout. I still don’t ‘get’ Laws of Attraction.

dark star

To get what you want, become what you want. And I don’t mean become a brunette pocket rocket with limpid eyes.
Or, maybe ponder Buddhist ideas about duality, and non-attachment.
Just a thought I guess

Wish Upon a Star

Hey Joker Man. Can I give you some advice please? Don’t do the Vipassna Retreat. I did it. Breakfast like a pigeon, lunch like a pauper and no dinner. Really? in winter. If you want to flagellate yourself why don’t you text that albino guy on the Da Vinci Code, ask if you can borrow his thigh brace and get tips about his whipping technique. Sure I benefitted from it. I loved the silence, but that’s just me. I got really irritated at the end when everybody started talking. And the good effects didn’t last. It is too strict and… Read more »


‘I got really irritated at the end when everybody started talking.’

This is how it is 24-7 when Uranus is strong in your natals


Your words are water into dry ground, thanks.


My experience has been that when I tell potentials that I was abused my my husband (who then killed himsefl, after I left him…so he’s not around to like, go telling lies about his behavior), they feel I am damaged good. It ALSO has opened up the territory for some guys to *throw it* in my face (“oh yeah, you’re some victim!” or “you clearly make men want to hit you, and i don’t want to be involved in that…)—I’ve gotten the sense it is like in the old days when you weren’t a vigrin, there was no way a… Read more »


I think you’re incredibly rude. There was absolutely nothing in my response to your first comment that justifies you swearing like that in your reply. If what I wrote triggered you, then stop and think about that.


It’s a funny thing y’know, I feel a very strongly purifying & ionising sense of instant relief, & all I can say, is it’s been one heck of a day. Particularly as far as scorped up Knight of Wands style destructive lower masculine energy goes. So THIS successful little bit of house witchery is pure delight at almost 1am on the Wesak full moon.
Current mood: Gratitude.

And I CLEARLY wasn’t using anywhere near enough salt on previous occasions.

My new mote-like boundary across the threshold now however, is holding its own just fine

Red lipstick Virgo

OK – I now have huge ruler tick line of charcoal salt on my threshold, I live in a unit and people have to go past but don’t care who sees it! Will sweep up end of Sunday. I feel hugely protected actually wow – unit now feels like a game of thrones fortress. Vibes re the posts are – that fertility idol needs to be burned not thrown away. Re Sister in Law it’s not the presents is you not liking her. Just throw them out say you broke the cup – break it before binning that’s not a… Read more »


With such a beautiful Blue and Green sky I should be feeling better. Nuthn n nup.


Just realising how shitfully low i get on FMs and the Scorpio ones are intense. Hang tight, PF, best wishes. They say FMs are good for gratitude, but i feel pretty undeserving of amazing things, and i guess like a deep current, it should pass xx


The FM is right on us. My Jup is 22° Scorp, my 5th is 25°, exact trine my Sun. So I keep thinking something must happen, well it’s my 5th, an you’d know what I’d be thinking. Like all the other transits which are supposed to be about Venus ideals, its a hand full of 2s, 3s n 4s. But like Lasseter’s Reef I can’t find it.

Wish Upon a Star

Wow I just had an amazing experience. Is it just me that loves overcast, cool Autumn days, for me they open up the veil. Add an auspicious full moon in Scorpio and it’s magic. There I am in my kitchen listening to Doris Day songs, super relaxed and washing dishes (that’s an oxymoron for me, I hate housework). And I can feel my departed father present. That vibration is pure and surreal. He gives me a taste of what he feels and the flavour is sublime. Anyway our connection is quite strong and he is funny and mischievous in his… Read more »


Wow My dad passed in December last year… He was among other things a Jazz drummer of 75 years and he hijacks my music all the time… He fills my head with music all the time if I haven’t got the radio on… After all they are only in the next room It’s amazing and so comforting and the songs my dad’s plays are poignant and very relevant too… He played Battle Hymn of the Republic to my new partner for four days – poor man! When he told me he was suffering from musical haunting and what song –… Read more »


That’s gorgeous. My stepdad believed all his life that when you’re dead, you’re dead. When he did actually pass a few years ago he was so excited that he wouldn’t stop talking to me. He was so buzzed! It was fun but he kept me up all night for days and days. In the end I had to say to him “okay, I love you. I love that you’re happy and I love having you here, but I still have a physical body and I need to get some sleep! SHUT UP!!!”


Wow made me chuckle…
I do believe Nihilists have the biggest shock…
Apart from Athiests lol

It’s also nice to be “right “ about these things
Very comforting

Nice to talk about these things without judgement (or haloperidol intervention lol)
Learnt very early NOT to discuss seeing/hearing dead people


Hey, first letter writer, i had an African sculpted carving bought with my first (turned horrible) husband, and wonder how the heck i got rid of it. All i recall is tbe feeling i had to, though it had seemed to mean so much energetically for us. Another item of the same carving got split, after he used it on an intruder. Luckily it showed me his force, i think. Not sure which African practice, though i later studied some Vaodun, but the split in the wood is powerful and must be returned to earth or ashes. Thank it. Let… Read more »


The first job is sorting/culling, wheat from chaff as MM keeps reinforcing… Throw, burn, donate Anything from people with bad/uncomplementary energy is to GO! And the people too! No contact or Grey rock if you really HAVE to… Consider your space as sacred and act accordingly… No regret no remorse no guilt Free will… Moving on now! Have recently acquired a burning bin (hand folk art stencilled) and cool for stuff, letters to and from self or others. Should have had one all my life. Then again I have become braver and more ruthless as I have aged. Second Saturn… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I like the sound of that burning bin. I am an empath too (me old Wish Upon a Star: diff handle). And what you say is food for thought.

I have not reached my 2nd Saturn return, but I could imagine me living in a secluded cottage, writing, doing art, growing vegies and being with people when I choose. Oh and a dog and cats.

I missed your Voice Gwendolyn.


Thank you “Wish”
Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn!

This World is harsh for Empaths, everybody exploits us, but I’d rather feel too much than nothing at all.

Self imposed isolation and a moat with sharks and arrow slots in my front door…

As Tesla said “ If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration”

Wish Upon a Star

Yes, energy, frequency and vibration.

And lots of space for us empaths.

Some people give and some people take too much. Stay away from the takers.


OMG, I had a feeling it was you!!!! xx

Wish Upon a Star

Yes its me. Had to change my handle as my last email address went kaput.

I had a feeling about Antares and checked and it was right on my natal Antares. Either I got it wrong or its magic. I went with the latter and felt compelled to put it on my new avatar.

Since then that new email went kaput also, so another avatar and maybe revert back to WUAS

But I like Antares it feels edgey. Relevant for this Uranus in Taurus Era, yes?

Undecided. Watch this space.

Wish Upon a Star

That’s funny. LOL

Oh well I enjoyed the magic feeling while it lasted, like Santa Claus. We Neptunians love those feelings ie: delusional.

Oh well, I will go back to Wish Upon A Star soon with a new avatar.

Thanks Mystic.

Wish Upon a Star

I will. Thanks Mystic.


Does it have to be salt across a threshold? Can we substitute diatomaceous earth?? That has the added benefit of keeping out bugs, plus less waste of salt.


if it keeps out the grifters is it a waste? Also genuinely interested – is salt in short supply/expensive where you are? A small mirror or lodestone on either side of the threshold also does the trick.


I have no guilt in regifting or sending to the op shop any unwanted presents, but then I’m a Gem sun, no one can guilt me. I’m also fussy about what I let into my home, so I can’t bear anything ugly or that gives me bad vibes. Thanks but no thanks. I appreciate the intention but I don’t think you need to keep anything you don’t want.


I’d burn the statue, toss the picture and gift. Maybe throw the gift into a box and then the box into the attic if the child is genuinely sweet and may be affected. I also had a frenemy situation like the one Chrysalis mentioned. I kept on with the forgiveness and such until she shagged my brother in law after one of our bonfires. Then she ramped the competition and one-upping into high gear. I threw out every single thing she gave me, and she was the type who loved gifting things to keep people’s adoration. Well I did keep… Read more »

gemini cat

My Capricorn ascendant thinks pouring expensive salt on the floor is too wasteful 😉 Alas, because I feel especially mucky this Scorpio moon. Will do an alchemy bath however.

Caterina Senang

Expensive salt not required


Yep– kosher salt works a treat, and instantly


set it on fire.


I love your minimalism


LOL. 😉

Wish Upon a Star

I love fire.


me too. controlled fire.


controlled burns. purge.


Is this supposed to work for Qi vamps on other continents? Or do I need to salt my head….


I’m going to try salting my head. That sounds amazing.


Would a salt/rosemary scalp scrub work?


Swim in the sea if you can. Same same


To keep out the fuqery, are we talking processed to death table salt or is it time to go all in and buy that pound bag of Himalayan or Epsom salt to really make the statement? My house. My energy.


Just be mindful with Himalayan salt, as it is a finite resource that is mined in Afghanistan and causes a lot of environmental destruction.


Burn the African Vodoo thing. Make the whole affair into a ritual. Scatter the ashes at a crossroads.


I will be doing the salt though! Trying to decide whether the bedroom or the actual house door is best since I’m living with my ex boyfriend for the time being. He’s being a good roommate so far…


I share a halway with inhabitants of the flat next door and am pondering a similar dilemma – the threshold of the house or the threshold of my flat?.. I’m gravitating towards including the neighbours into my protection spell for practical reasons – salt seems best poured (and less noticed by muggles) outside vs. on the floor. In your case, however, I would absolutely not include an ex-bf, not because of any hard feelings, but because he is EX for a reason (I suppose), and sharing a house is intimate enough – at least SOME boundaries should remain.


Exactly my thoughts. Libraquarian, this posits a question for you : where exactly do your boundaries go re your bf? (should make for some interesting Scorpio full moon illumination!)


Librarius, could you try laying down some old newspaper underneath the salt and doing it in your own space? To make it easier to lift up and away when your done. Could also cover it with a layer of the same to make it less visible, say you’re touching up some paintwork if anyone asks..?


I didn’t get to do the salt this weekend but I have started to get closer to my birth religion and examine my spirituality in the wake of the breakup. I attended confession where I went over 10 years of my life and cried my little heart out with a very kind priest, which is like, super Scorpio.


This is exactly on my 8th house Taurus moon. Gah!

Gail Boyle

I want a man to come into my bedroom & fall
in love with me.
He’s a Taurus
Any thoughts ?


Omg yes! And wear velvet and wear a tiny amount of quality perfume!! (sorry, Libra speaking, progressed taurus moon. This got my pheromones going lol)

Wish Upon a Star

Red Roses !


Honestly, just chuck that stuff in the recycling. I used to get so obsessive with how I ditched things, needing full/new moons, sage, intentions etc, but eventually I realised that the effort I put into disposal seemed to bind me to it somehow. I learned that – for me – some stuff can just go in the bin without the excess weight of my overthink. It isn’t up to you to do the emotional labour of disposing of it with loving kindness. Hurl it from a moving vehicle if need be, just get it gone, and lie about it if… Read more »


Amen sister…. you must be an Aries, too! ❤️


Haha thank you for the compliment but no I’m not an Aries – I’m a wafty multi-Pisces but I have Pluto/Uranus conj in the first house. I have regenerated more than once. xx


Haha when a Pisces moves ON!


Lol! Yes!


Absolute WORD.

Wish Upon a Star

Just chuck it and swear like a sailor mid throw.

Very cathartic.

But I am Meddeteranian and Moon Progressed Aries.

Find and do what works for you !

p.s. Sorry my spell check is not working.


My first thought was -Mail the voodoo figures back to ex with some other random stuff so that you release the importance or hold they have on your psyche…not your problem, but I think bless the figures with love and bury them, maybe even on a special moon, mystic might have a potent suggestion here. Unloved self portrait? Chuck it and make no apologies or even say oh that strange thing, I can’t remember what I did with it. I have a neighbour that has a horrendous amount of garden ornaments, gnomes, painted bottles hanging from trees, painted rocks. You… Read more »

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