Is There Such A Thing As Karmic Bosses?

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Now that Uranus is properly in Taurus, Taurus career questions are more comfortable to answer. If in doubt, start a revolution.

Dear Mystic,

For the past couple of years, I had a fair share of “bad bosses.” One boss was a total looney. She was very vindictive that even some of her peers didn’t like her because she was forcing them to do stuff that they don’t want to do. She also made this comment about how she “didn’t make any enemies while in business school,” which I thought was weird. It’s as if she was trying to tell everyone how horrible of a person she is because it did not come off scary. The last boss didn’t care. He was a lone wolf doing his thing and would rather do that than “manage” me. I mean, I don’t need much management, just support, and constructive feedback.
This current boss has no idea how to be a boss. Instead of being supportive and provide constructive feedback, he goes on saying that I need to take grammar lessons because of his “cognitive dissonance” with my work. I told upper management about this because I am not putting up with this bs when none of my peers or bosses commented on my writing or speaking abilities. I do know I can do better each time I present or write because I like growth and improvement, but the way he was conveying his message was borderline discrimination against me.
So I want to ask you, is there such thing as karmic bosses? It seems as if in my past life, I was a horrible person, and all these bosses that I’ve gone through are giving me a message of some sort. WHAT AM I TRYING TO LEARN?? I know I am a nice and decent person and I’m confident in my past life I wasn’t some crazed ruler (or maybe I was and in denial).
Annoyed Taurus

Taurus Career Liability Number One – Being Obstinate And Dressing It Up In A Spangled Cloak Of Principle

Dear Annoyed Taurus,
Now that Uranus is in Taurus, if in doubt, start a revolution. But to answer the core question first, yes, why not? You could have been Atilla the Hun or one of his enablers in a previous life and are now doomed to be oppressed by capricious and inept bosses. But no, I don’t think it is that. Broadly, management and organizations are all in flux. Pluto in Capricorn and now Uranus in Taurus have done a number on established managerial principles. Call it neo-liberalism or the new normal of global finance, but this era’s economy is crazy.
And, as this is a Taurus career we’re talking about, screen for the classic traits of your sign. Could you be inadvertently blocking progress by adhering to something that feels right to you? Check for personal rigidity that might be bugging these karmic bosses of yours. Taurus work strengths are diligence and endurance, but you guys can sometimes frustrate via your obstinance. That’s especially so if you dress it up in a spangled cloak of principle.

Even If You Were Attila The Hun In A Previous Existence, You Can Morph This

Career astrology looks at the 10th House while anything that feels “karmic” is usually Saturn related. So look at the sign + planets in your 10th house first. The more you accentuate their higher potential, the better things flow vocationally. For example, if you have Mars or Saturn there, you’ll bump up against angry authority figures until you claim your leadership mojo.
Alternatively, if you have a Mutable sign like Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo in the 10th House, maybe get out of the hierarchy game? You’d do your best work when you’re free to make choices in the moment and not show your working. Or, like any colleagues, these bosses are a mixed bunch but your reaction to them is super-charged?
If, for example, you had a highly critical parent when you were growing up, you’d experience work feedback differently. In this case, it would be not so much about the work dynamic so much as that you default to some powerless position, and that’s what causes your stress?

Uranus In Taurus Means You Can Morph This

In this era of Saturn-Pluto conjunct, work politics and career astrology is everything. If it ever was set and forget, it’s certainly not now. Whole industries are being wiped out and rebirthing – or not – while new paradigms establish at Warp Speed. Ultimately, even if this was some karmic scenario, it doesn’t matter. You’re Taurus, Uranus is in your sign till the middle of the next decade, and you can turn around any scenario that you want to. It’s particularly potent in work, career and vocational realms.
Plan your revolution. Do you need to
(1) devise a way to be boss-free/your own boss?

(2) do what it takes to rise up in your organization/scene so you can be the one people are complaining about?
Or (3) pull off some genius employee miracle via therapy/upskilling, so you’re impervious to haphazard management?
What does everyone else think?
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Karmic business partners …. YES.


I see a lot of my younger self in Annoyed Taurus. I don’t like authority, had overly critical mother, couldn’t take feedback, threw a tantrum with upper management as a solution to everything. It wasn’t pretty and I ruined relationships and experiences that could have been very helpful in the future. It sucks, but life ain’t fair sometimes. Do your job and get out, or move on and get another job.


“So I want to ask you, is there such thing as karmic bosses?” Yes and it’s not just your boss who can be vindictive, anyone can. A few years ago I went through a really difficult work situation which led to me losing my job, via health (not incompetence) however my manager at the time orchestrated a series of events which specifically led me to that outcome. My lesson, to keep my side of the street clean, whistleblow her bad practice at the highest level (her boss and her boss’s boss were horribly corrupt), collate support via peers/union and try… Read more »


My advice… change jobs if you can. Having a miserable boss makes the best job in the world a nightmare. Who cares if “it’s you” as some others have said, oh well if “it’s you”. You can either adapt or move on, I’d say just move on, eventually you will find somewhere where you and the boss get along. Maybe it is just the type of work you do that attracts a certain kind/type of personality for bosses, maybe change your profession? If you are a good hard worker and they are just being asses give em the finger the… Read more »


While most bosses (myself included) are super annoying and idiosyncratic, Annoyed Taurus doesn’t seem interested in taking responsibility for how his/her work is received and evaluated or in incorporating any feedback from his/her bosses. Even annoying people can have good points. Or, even if the points aren’t particularly valuable or well-formulated, part of doing a good job is solving your audience’s problem. If your audience has “cognitive dissonance” and your job is to cut through to reach them? Gotta do your job. If not, then no surprise if there are no accolades. As soon as you take responsibility for the… Read more »


This is the current equation I am trying to solve. I love to criticize my boss and yet at the same time there are myriad learning opportunities to be had, often around the theme of my libra Node opposite Venus in my 10th. My current curiosity is in the areas of humility, learning to listen better (my Aries placements have a lot to answer for), the long term function of business relationships, etc. It’s a different feel from my cappy moon drive. More diffuse, but also more networked. In the least corporate-y sense of the word lol. I mean, the… Read more »


Hey, letter writer, best to view this as “Communicating with X is the issue, not my comms style”. Like a marriage, it’s less who is right or wrong, more like: how to relate with these idiosyncracies to get the job done? You give a bit of time to a simple discussion that creates a feeling of harmony and flexibility by asking qs, then you make some small tweaks. You get a great attitude by making just a few adjustments, allowing YOU to complete your work with less resistance. I am Saturn in Taurus 6th Manager. In a crunch, natural mode… Read more »


I love your thoughts Mille!


Hmm. To me bosses are essentially temporary. Let me reference the advice given to Queen E (if the Crown is even somewhat accurate) which goes along the lines of prime ministers go, but you, the monarch, remain. Whether they’re owner/CEOs, corporate henchmen, etc. etc. they each have their own goals with the overlords. Full disclosure: I was literally just laid off not even 3 weeks ago where the lay off itself wasn’t so much a shock as the fact that it was sort of a reverse lay off due to a) the corporate structure didn’t support my position (even if… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I like your big picture view and clarity.


Totally concur with everything you say! I am curious about your Leo – if you have any placements there – coz your words appeal greatly to my supernova Leo 10th H stellium (i.e. reference to monarch & general attitude 🙂 ). Though I am a Crab Sun like you if i recall correctly, and your “..intuitively & organically..” reflects more the Crab MO. To Annoyed Taurus: besides all the good advice already given by others, my suggestion would be to look at where your North Node is and figure out how you could incorporate that placement in your work arena… Read more »


Thank you for your feedback everyone! My NN is in Taurus (SN in Scorpio which is why I questioned this karmic thing in the first place). My 10th is in Gemini and I am the living proof of this having gone through 6-7 jobs in my 8 years of professional experience. My Sun is in 9th so it makes this placement SO much easier for me to navigate, explore, and move. I’ve learned a lot over the years how to navigate varying bosses, expectations, and what I would like in a boss so thank goodness I use my Virgo Vision… Read more »


Well then you are way ahead in the game. I didn’t think you were being literal when asking about karmic bosses – as i don’t think of Karma working in that way. If you knew for cert that you had been Attila the Hun/Horrible Ruler what would you do differently now? Would you change your ways & become more humble, yielding & receptive? Or be secretly proud of your previous ID & and continue with the ol’ ways? Or become paralysed by guilt & self loathing after all that lifetime of pillaging & bullying. My particular Neptune (Rising) vision is… Read more »


Darling skarab, love that my words vibe with you! I’ve Venus in Leo in the 11th house & Lilith, also in Leo in the 12th. I think that, coupled with Virgo Rising and a raging Aqua moon in the 5th pretty much only allows me to participate in any gainful employment from an imperial perspective, even while my work aesthetic essentially smacks of non-stop details & the diligent slogging us crabs do. Ergo in leadership roles, my mantra is to lead is to serve. I so agree with “learning from 10th house experiences”, as far as I’m concerned, it’s all… Read more »


Aaah – it’s that “raging Aqua Moon in the 5th” … that will always do it to me! Mine’s in Leo – so the two sides of the same coin. My MC/IC (Leo/Aqua) also believes in to Lead is to Serve – any other deviation just isn’t leadership. And of course Venus Leo.

What next, indeed? Also waiting right at the crossroads.
The joy of uncertainty. X

Wish Upon a Star

I have Sagittarius in the 10th house and don’t like heirachy. Yes I do prefer to make my own choices.

I have been lucky with bosses. I have mostly worked in Sales and have had old school male bosses who don’t micromanage me. But once I had a younger Taurus male boss who micromanaged this Taurus Moon to death. It did not end well.


I am too bossy and controlling for a “real” boss, they’re just to pass on the boring problems to. Neptune 5 off South node 10th Scorp


So. Nailed. It. Late stage capitalism aside, my Mars in Leo in the 10th (especially when Mars is transiting Leo) made every boss I ever had a small despotic tyrant. Once during a Mars in Leo return, authorian types just wanted to fight me based on how I blinked. I can’t have a boss. Looking at your 10th and transits happening there is critical, But I feel you, I’ve rarely met a manager who can actually manage. I love Mystic’s option 2! DO IT buwhahah!


Leo MC conjunct SN, no Mars there, but Mars shittery in terms of squares everywhere else! I appreciate a good boss, and manage the bad ones, and learn for my own Bossing from them all!


So as a Taurus sun I can morph ANY scenario in life that I want? Even with Pluto and Saturn on my ascendent?


Really?! Omg that’s the best news I have heard in ages!! Thank you It’s been ready heavy and shitful.
I understand that’s Saturn the harsh taskmaster and I am noting the lessons and doing the work, however some positives have got to come out of this too.
Thanks ✨


You are a Taurus Sun AND a Cap Rising ..kudos! Go out, get it and make it your own!


My daughter is a Taurus (she’s 4), and she was telling me the other day that when she grows up she wants to be “an owner”. I asked her what she meant by that and she says that she wants to have a kitty cat.

However, I definitely think that being “an owner” is a very Taurus profession.


Heheh cute, and also where’s her Virgo and 6th house placements?


HMMmmm… she’s Aqua rising, she has her Virgo in the 7th, but it’s intercepted—no house cusp.

She’s got Jupiter in the 6th in Leo.


I wonder if the cat will agree lol
Dogs have owners, cats have staff!

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