Good News About The Astrology Mp3s

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It’s so nice to announce fantastic news about the Astrology Mp3s with the Sun/Mercury conjunct (or about to be) in Gemini.

As you know, there are instantly downloadable Mp3s on here – the Mystic Rants and the Binaural Beats/Hypno-Beats.

The downloads work fine and they also live in your member dashboard if you ever lose one. But previously, people have been unable to download them onto their iPhone or iPad.

It’s a limitation to do with iTunes and Apple, not the MP3s. But by the end of this week, there will be a little media player on your member dashboard. It means that any Mp3 you order does not need to be downloaded, you can play it off your phone and listen to it right away.

You can still, obviously, download and save it elsewhere but you’re not limited by needing to download it on an actual computer, add it to iTunes and so on.

And, this is the best bit, it applies to all previously purchased Mp3s. So if they’re in your downloads section of your member dashboard, you’ll be able to click a little icon to listen to those also.

Image: Textron Ad Art

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Redlipstick Virgo

Yay – thank you for this


Great news – can’t wait to try it out. Thanks Mystic


Yay, this does help iPhone users. Thanks, Mystic!


That’s great news! I can’t wait to start listening to the Jupiter Spin and Pluto practice.


That’s great news thanks!


Fab thanks!

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