This New Focus And Space Clearing Mp3 Is Sensational

This new Focus and Space Clearing Music is legit fantastic. I think it is the coolest thing I have done. It’s funky, motivational and works for clearing space, hatching ideas or focus-intensive work. But it is like astral amphetamine; do not try to use it to chill or before sleep. I was testing it late at night – it goes for an hour and you can just loop it – and was still buzzing around at 1.20am.

It’s cool music interspersed with Tibetan bells/chimes for clearing – your environment and your mind.

A sample is going to be posted on the page shortly and these are the notes from the Sound Engineer:

This hour-long mix is designed to encourage sustained energy, with periodic breaths between each of the 6 sections. The first section starts off a little slower around 105 BPM with the other 5 sections hovering around 120-125BPM. For each of the breaths, we use chimes with harmonically tuned tines to lift the energy of the space, as well as one of 4 different Nepalese singing bowls to ground the energy. Instrumentation is different for each section, however Disco-inspired drums kits were designed and used, as well as sampled vintage synthesizers, Wurlitzer and Clavinet; electric bass grooves were recorded as needed.

And, you can now listen to this – or any of the audio downloads – straight from the downloads bit of your member dashboard. Previously, you had to download on a computer and add to iTunes if you wanted to listen to it on your phone. But now you can download it or just purchase and play.

And, aside from the new media player on your member dashboard, you can now save your birth data on there, so you don’t need to re-enter it for any of the astro reports!

Let me know what you think of the Focus & Space Clearing Music!


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dark star

I was in a must clean before night activity harried slump yesterday on my couch, unable to move. Deployed mp3 and shit got sorted. Pure magic


I love this, thank you Mystic! Question: are there binaurals involved/do I need to use headphones to get the full energizing experience? Or, to the contrary, would it be better to blast it through the house full volume for the space-clearing effects? (a little tough for me to do with a baby at home, lol, but . . . maybe during a playdate?!)



I absolutely love this mp3! However, each time I try to download it, it stalls out at no more than maybe 20% of the download. I’ve tried multiple times on my iPhone XS and iPad Pro, both up to date OS. I did successfully download the mp3 for the Jupiter Money Meditation this morning. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks all, especially Mystic for creating and making this available. Happy June, all!


Yes, I’m able to play it through the dashboard. Thank you so much! It’s wonderful.


Can’t wait to try this! Just moved into a tiny room and I love organizing, clearing out stuff I don’t need, paring it down to the essentials…..I feel free and clear and calm when I live this way.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Looking forward to testing it out this dark moon. Love me a tibetan chime!


Thank you so much. Can’t wait to listen.


Unexpected! I love it – gives me the funky retro OST vibe – which I love! I was complaining earlier that 1. I had no new interesting music and 2.- I’ve been feeling depleted and need motivation. Solved!


Ok in the Bose ear casques now and love the bass, quite a golden guitar there too. Smooth as silk. Yup and funky it goes…yes it’s rolling. Yup and here comes the brass.
Killed it Myst. It’s moving and grooving in the right direction.
Must have dinner. Can hardly tear myself away! Listen more later or will leave it on in background. Love it. Feel like i’m having a private session in a hot exclusive club.


Weeelll, just got it, so surprised it said an HOUR, what value.As mac is running so fuqing slow, it started then cut out. It’s 6pm in South, so will try again later. Of course would love to give you feedback music and the voice is my thing. WORD SOUND POWER was a biz card back in the day.
Love you, am a proud Ma

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