Astrology Report & Birth Chart Analysis Update

Futuristic fashion shoot with two girls holding satellite phone

Here is the need to know about the instant astrology reports and birth chart analysis offered here + some exciting news for impending developments.

All the personal birth chart and transit reports are now instant. They’re a birth chart analysis, featuring my thoughts and delineations for your natal aspects, transits or synastry. Or, obviously, for whomever you’re doing it before. The reports are instant download and also live on your member dashboard.

Within a few weeks, you will also be able to store birth data on there for yourself and multiple people (invisible to anyone but you) so you can click and get an astro-report without the hassle of having to re-enter data all the time. It was not introduced earlier, as I wanted to perfect the instant download process and fine-tune the Atlas.

But soon, you’ll be able to keep your birth data + that of your people of interest on there and not have to fill it out all the time.

Also, the Mega Mystic members discount is no longer a coupon code you need to remember or enter; the 50% is automatically deducted from any order of the instant birth charts/astrology reports or my Mystic Mp3 rants. You just need to be logged in for this to be applied.

Space-Clearing Soundtrack, Sorceress, Cosmic Spy, and A New Oracle Are All Imminent

And, Coming Very Soon.

A Funky Disco-Tibetan Bell Space Clearing/Cleaning Mp3 – I am obsessive about the magical impact of house-witching but have never found the right music for it. Official space clearing music makes me sleepy and maudlin. This is zesty and fantastic.

The amazing Oracle2 – it’s held up as is it is more visually appealing than Oracle1 – it has lava lamp blobs!  And one browser – Internet Explorer – is not loving them. But, it’s imminent.

The latest Instant Mystic Astro Report – Sorceress – a natal report featuring Herodias, Morgan, Astarte and the Via Combusta.

Cosmic Spy, my Mp3 rant on the ethics and how-tos of peeking at other peeps birth charts when they don’t know you’re doing it.

Witch art with owl, two cats, broomstick and Hecate symbol


Image: Natalie O’Moore – V Magazine – Another Girl, Another Planet 

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Mystic! The design for Sorceress is gorgeous and it strikes me as a spell to tattoo on myself, would that be ok with you and the artist (if you could ref them that would be excellent!)

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

omg the space clearing soundtrack sounds SOOOO cool.


Ooo… that owl (on the Sorceress cover card thingie) has the purty-iest eyelashes ever. I’m guess she’s a Libra. Can not wait for the new oracle! Bring on the lava lamp blobs!


What wondrous news to read first thing Monday morn before i boggle my mind reading what’s happening in the other world.


OMG cosmic spy, genius! So much more effective than looking someone up on LinkedIn


Exciting developments – can’t wait for the sorceress report and the disco house witching!


Pffftttttt who uses Internet Explorer?!!!!!! LET ‘EM BURN!!!


Funky disco house witching. Sign me up

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