What Strange Planet Cycles Are These?

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An Aquarius-Capricorn-Gemini woman asks what the hell sort of strange planet cycles are going down? It’s jittery, existential and well, weird. The Ask Mystic questions are usually more concise and single-issue than this one but it’s so now, we’re going there.

Hi Mystic,

What is this Deja-WTF?

I can’t help but feel drawn to this time five years ago. Perhaps it is the impending Family reunion that was scheduled for this Easter five years ago. We were then walking into the first zap of the existential zap zone, of which I am sure we all emerged transformed.

When I draw a side by side comparison of Then to Now – I see radical movements forward, in all areas. But I don’t know why I feel so jittery (and it’s not caffeine, I haven’t had any of that for 18 months now).
Five years ago, my father had finally come out of the hospital having been suddenly taken very ill, and ending up in surgery. He woke up with a colostomy bag. At 77, he always looked 50. He’d preached about eating porridge every morning for good gut health. It was weird and unexpected.
At the family reunion, I spoke with my maternal relatives about his new alternative medicine regime, which three months later he stopped, as he claimed he felt super well and ‘healed.’ Two months later he passed. It happened to a man who had never stayed still long enough to watch a movie.

Healing Is Not So Much A Fix As A Path That You Choose To Walk

I went on a significant journey after that. It was a confirming experience on so many levels.  At the time I developed various mysterious health issues, which I’m still resolving today. However, I’m now so much further forward. Healing is not so much a fix as it is a path that you choose to walk. 
The ‘food I choose to eat’ paradigm has changed, and after my last boyfriend turned out to be a high functioning alcoholic, I haven’t had any desire to drink, not even just a little. I left him three years ago, and have had no desire to make friendly with another potential mate. 
Everyone has baggage, and most Muggles also have an agenda. I wouldn’t mind some ‘sacred sex’ now and then, maybe with a little ‘sex magick‘ thrown in. But I’m not interested in playing house or pretending. I’m a self-employed single mum, so I’ve enough on my plate.

Our family reunion has been a tradition ever since I was old enough to drink underage. I’m a first generation Australian, my maternal family line having arrived here post WW2 from Germany. My Uranian Astrologer Grandfather, Otto (Also a biochemist/veterinary compounding chemist) and his eldest son have a secret ASIO file, which I am unable to access. It was the thing the Australian Government did to all German immigrant men. Everyone was a suspected war criminal.

Most Muggles Have An Agenda

I’ve read the letters from my Grandfathers archive, where he describes a profound spiritual experience he had, lying wounded in a field of dead bodies. His deceased grandmother came and sat with him for the three days and three nights he lay there until some soldiers came through to do the ‘kick test.’

I have wanted to write a book about him, my family’s experience, and his Uranian astrology work. He was the Secretary for the refounding group (post-war) of the Uranian School. It’s still going today and is now worldwide. He never wanted to go to war but was sent off as a medic. In my book, I’d write about it as a choice between life or death, with Nazi’s burning the books from the astrology school, and asking each member point blank – did they want to die today, or fight for their future? Some chose to die.

My grandmother, with her three children at the time (she ended up with 8) was also rescued by Gypsy’s while my grandfather was off in the war. We often celebrate that with a ‘gypsies, tramps and thieves’ theme during our reunions, as obviously without that intervention, the rest of us wouldn’t be here.

 Someone usually has a guitar, and there’s often a fire pit under the night sky. However, I am acutely aware that I’m the black sheep in the family who holds similar ideas to my Grandfather. Conversations can often be challenging.

Strange Planet Cycles Or Zombie Resurrection

What is it that is making me feel that we’re on the precipice of something large, much like we were back then in 2014? Is it the same planet cycles re-occurring?

Is there another cross forming? The Uranian tango into Taurus? Is it a subconscious worry that my aging Aunts and Uncles may be the next to pop off the perch? I’m going to try and record some stories at this reunion if I can. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s ‘now or never’ to capture history.

The house I live in is up for sale, having been on the market since before Christmas (Uranus is in the 4th house for me). There’s been one failed contract so far, and another just went on the house a few days ago. I learned my Uranus lesson in 2015 when Uranus crossed my IC – I moved into the ex-boyfriend’s house, only to discover he’s an alcoholic, and jumped straight out again. I feel uncertain as to where we might land this time, or whether it’s just Uranus fuqing with me.
And I recently lost both my familiar’s after 15.5years. I still hear them, and if I’m half asleep when I get up, I go to the back door to feed them. I’ve since discovered two water dragons hanging out in the backyard, feeding daily on my compost. There’s a whole ‘return’ story with my cats; it was already their second time around. 
Is there any connection between now and then, Mystic? Perhaps an echo or shadow? Or a zombie resurrection?
Thank you for your fantastic site. I think I’ve been a member now for years. I know I’ve followed you since I was in high school, stealing the ‘Weekend Magazine’ just to get me a weekly dose of ‘sense.’

Feng Shui The House Up For A Fast Sale And Scram For Your Uranian Sanctuary

Dear Zapped,
Well, the Full Moon this Friday is a Zap Zone of a Moon. It’s making aspects to Pluto + Uranus (see the Horoscopes for more on these) that evoke the Grand Cardinal Cross of April 2014. It was also an Eclipse and strongest flash point of Uranus square Pluto, aka the Zap Zone.
But you’re also no doubt tuning into the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction. In January 2020 but forming now, it’s got similar deep Earth magic feel to it. I did an Mp3 rant re it here.
It’s not an energy to fuq with. But respect it and reap the rewards. My feeling is that you’re in transition between two phases and you’re really Pluto-sensitive. So you’ve felt the last four weeks of Pluto on the South Node with every fiber of your psyche. And that you’re not in the house you live in is adding to the restlessness. I say Feng Shui it up for a fast sale, by the next New Moon in Taurus and scram for your Uranian sanctuary.
And congratulations on the standards re food, lovers and all!  The sharp end of the April 2014 evocations will be done by the Full Moon on Friday. And then, we lurch into Saturn on the South Node. That’s just an aspect of the Capricorn Convergence, nothing to worry about so long as you have a coherent plan! But yes, this is a fantastic example of strange outer planet cycles.
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I want to buy your book! Had goosebumps reading your story.


I hope you write a book about your Grandad because that short paragraph intrigued me!


I actually joined Mystic’s Astrology Hacks School so I could learn more about Astrology (obviously) but specifically so I could talk about it properly when I write that story. I want to use astro as the foundation in telling that story, because I’m sure that would make him proud.


I would read that! Keep us posted!


Thank you for your Sage advice Mystic. I had been avoiding doing another MM inspired House Witching, as following the last one, the house suddenly went up for sale! lol.. It must need another shove. I agree re: Pluto – I hadn’t realised what transit pluto was doing in my 12th, squaring off the Natal Pluto and sextile natal Neptune. I’m glad that the whole Zap Zone reminiscence wasn’t just a figure of my imagination. Interesting stuff. Feels like my life can be traced back to two exact moments in time with my Grandparents. I have to say that picture… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Yes these times are Plutonic. I set out early this morning to pick up groceries. I ran into a sweet friend who does Bach flowers for me. She told me her brother died 3 weeks ago. I gave her a big hug. She is still in shock. Then I go to the fruit and veg shop and run into another friend. His beloved dog got hit by a car and died. The fruit and veg shopkeeper was in tears as she loved this dog too. A lot of people in this small town did. The death of this dog also… Read more »

dark star

Wish I had known about the zap zone April 14 when I was losing my mind 🙂


My flash point is last degrees Virgo/Pisces with nodes and Saturn and of course the cross Gemini/Sag with Mars 1 degree Capricorn. Since December 2018 we had Mars cross from Pisces into Aries; also Chiron; then Mercury with its three passes in Pisces; not to mention the Sun going through; and now also Venus; as well as 3 moon cycles since December 2018. That is 10 transits with Neptune leaking right through the whole But more specifically, 10 first quarter square transits to my natal Mars back at 1 degree Capricorn. This is making so much sense as I type… Read more »


There has been a Steiner thing going on in my life too, but it’s was not pleasant. My German Grandmother (mentioned above) went to a Steiner school in Germany. I love the style of education and approach to nurturing a human being.

I can also relate to your last paragraph.. sometimes coming on here and just writing a soliloquy seems to help. It’s almost like this is the digital ‘Western Wall’ and these comments, whether read or not is like stuffing a small piece of paper into the cracks. The dark matter takes care of the rest.

Wish Upon a Star

“small piece of paper into the cracks” Oh you are a delight. No our thoughts are not wasted.

Soliloquy, what an interesting word. I’ve got to google it.

At the moment I am listening to shamanic drumming on CD. It is the only thing I want to hear at the moment. Very calming and grounding.


I wish there was a *heart* icon on comments. I’d heart this.

Wish Upon a Star



April 2014 was the eye of the separation-divorce cyclone-shitstorm mixed up with dating the Weatherbeaten Virgo, who was great for exorcising particular demons but never a contender as a long term partner. BUT through him I met someone who has become a fab work-creative friend/collaborator. First time I was introduced to this person I actually heard the sound of an arrow hitting the target. Thwack. I knew right then that my transition fling with WB was about meeting that guy.


2014 was a pretty full on ‘frying pan or fire’ initiation. I seem to see all relationships like your synchronicity. My personal belief is that we’re all just ‘healing’ things from lifetimes past. Sometimes its a big wound, sometimes a small cut. Sometimes its finishing a story that never had the chance to play out. Sometimes it’s just pure energy and nothing more.

Calli G

I’m definitely feeling the April 2014 flashbacks. For me, that was when I got laid off from my previous job. Suddenly last week I found myself wondering (with no reasonable basis) if that was about to happen again. Reading about things here helped me rein in my paranoia, but lol be glad when we get past the full moon.


Sounds like it will be an interesting Easter this year! I was supposed to be working the next 2 weeks and possibly public holidays as well, in a contract that unexpectedly got pushed into May instead… I was looking forward to 3 weeks of good income to pay off my credit card. I was feeling super jittery and had free floating anxiety until last week, but now I’m calm and new schemes are popping into my head every day, some from years ago that were not realised. I’m waiting for a message, a windfall of money, a lightning bolt… something… Read more »


Uranus just crossed my IC this year and is slowly moving into my 4th house – in late 2017 when it was passing through the 3rd house my family had a fire that led to my brother’s arrest and it’s caused a huge rift with my family (right when Jupiter changed signs), in 2018 when Uranus was approaching my IC I found my long-lost half-sister (adopted at birth), moved in with my boyfriend, then last June I went on a trip and came back to find my father had passed away. It’s opposing my natal moon, Saturn, and Pluto at… Read more »


I’ve had opp to you. Sat n Pluto in my 7th and Uran detonating my career/MC


I just checked when Uranus moved into my 4th and it was around the time I moved countries as a child then lived in a succession of awful houses. Astro freaks me out sometimes.


Uranus transiting the 4th is a sensitive transit – it’s been transiting mine since March 2012. Since then I’ve left my marriage (early 2013), moved house 5 times, one of the moves was into a bf’s house only to discover that he has rage/anger/reality issues – and like you, Zapped, I moved out after having only lived there for six months, with the downward slide caused by his bad behaviors beginning at the Grand Cross of April 2014. With Pluto/SN/Saturn inching up to my 2nd house I’m feeling the financial pinch and it is bringing with it an existential angst.… Read more »


I am in the same situation – living with a boyfriend who has turned out to be much angrier and resentful than I realized before I moved in. This all started at the end of February and I am waiting…watching…planning. Been realizing that I’ve been shying away from directing my own life hands-on by going with whatever anyone else thought at the moment. So much so that I do not know myself anymore, or at least it feels that way. Contemplating a return home to figure this all out.

Stella Polaris

Libraquarian, I grew up with an angry father. Rest of us on tenterhooks and suppressing our feelings in a vain attempt to keep his anger at bay. Never worked because his anger was his to manage. That didn’t stop us trying. It is like you bonsai yourself and that can takes years and good therapy to process. With Saturn-Pluto in sight, a first step is to recommence directing your own life hands-on. Good you have realised you are doing this but Saturn loves a plan, as Mystic keeps reminding us. Would a visit ‘home’ give you space for devising your… Read more »


Yes – I am Aqua rising, and yes I am taking the time home to communicate with my dad(no angry father issues here, more of the controlling mother kind) and see how I can pull off an escape. Plans are still taking shape, mainly because it’s hard to recognize what is and isn’t authentic after years of being directed by others.


“Bonsai yourself”….that is so true. My neurotic, almost psychotic, imposing bisexual narcissistic stepfather complete with violent outrage (expressed every 19 minutes) made us freeze and retard.


It’s hard, but I hope you can find a way out. Nothing worse that stifling ourselves for so long to only find a fragment staring back in the mirror.

Wish Upon a Star

Interesting comments PM and LA. For quite a few years I have had a feeling and very much lately it has been very strong. It is like being at a fun park. There I stand with my fairy floss watching. There are people going up and down on the roller coaster screaming with delight and fear. And an assortment of other rides, a variation of the theme. All trying to attract me with their music and glamour. Then I see the merry go round and I am in a trance. I am temped then a girl from the roller coaster… Read more »


I get the feeling that you describe, but I am also a consummate Libra, addicted to the chase, waiting eagerly for my next turn on the merry go round. I do think I have to focus more on “who am I and where do I want to be?” than on external reflections that I scour for validation. It’s a work in progress.


When I get to the ride the operator says it’s shutting down. But l protest I just got the ticket. “Too bad, son”


Thanks PM. I hadn’t realised how intense the Uranus transit actually is. It takes such a long time, so it’s like just grumbling in the background and you tune out the noise until there’s an abrupt crescendo and you trip over a shadow. Reading the comments here, I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this. Pluto in the 12th, I didn’t realise what it was doing either, and has been squaring my natal pluto and natal neptune – queue deep intensity. I like your idea about adopting dragons. Maybe they’ll follow me if (when) I move from here, Khaleesi… Read more »


Yes, Uranus transiting the 4th is painful – literally unsettling. It doesn’t help that I have Chiron conjunct my IC, and my Chiron return is incoming; currently Chiron is one degree away from my IC. So all that has hurt me is coming back around again, to be healed and released, or reinjured – my choice. More evolve or die stuff, lol, love it. I am looking forward, however, to Uranus beginning its transit of my 5th house, which should begin in the next month. Hope that means new love incoming! Or at least a recharging of my creative self… Read more »

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