The Sun Square Pluto & Julian Assange

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How raw is the Sun square Pluto? Go ahead and zap yourself into coherence. Or, as I suggested to Leo, see below, turn assassin on your treacherous elements.

So, the Horoscopes are up – thank you so much for your patience and grace with the delay. I feel blessed. And, more inclined to follow my naturopath’s advice rather than try to wing it.

Also, Julian Assange. I don’t know enough about the whole sage to have anything particularly pertinent to say.  However, top marks to him for epic modeling of a Mars in Aquarius conjunct North Node aspect. Mars-Node is someone who bootstraps their life and is always in start-up mode. Add in Aquarius for the Chaos Merchant, Inventor, Promethean Hacker ethos and voila.

And, remember I was saying in the Saturn-Pluto rant that it’s all starting now? The timing of this suggests a merry little junket of revelations and intrigue gathering momentum all the way through to January/Feb. Regardless of where you stand on Assange, I imagine he’s got a secret trove of ultra-secrets ready to leak should anything adverse occur to him.

Julian Assange is not Sun square Pluto. He is Sun square Uranus. What’s the difference? A Sun-Pluto person would be more likely to infiltrate the system and gain power. Or like the Sun square Pluto Michael Burry (the guy played by Christian Bale in The Big Short) accept it like it is and short it. Sun square Uranus and with Uranus ruling, the North Node is more likely to enjoy a demolition job.


Leo Daily Horoscope



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Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

The scopes be bang-on for errrbody.


DEAD MAN SWITCH Assange has set a trigger to release files on the event of his death or vanishing. There was a large cachet of files released when he went quiet ages ago (lost his internet privileges), so that was a warning shot across the bow. Mars/NN is the General and in Aquarius this is an Information war. The question for his incarcerators is: do you feel lucky punk? (clint eastwood, mars/nn conjunct also).


Neptune conjunct the ASC – talk about ‘leaks’, eh?




Good point


Was just thinking i needed a Leo. I fuqing love Leo’s, their are really the balance of the Aries & Sagg energies, the hearth fire they both need. The fab Kathy Letts said he seemed to be on the autistic scale and says she knows as her son is. She the wife of Geoffrey Robinson, of the ‘Hypothetical’ TV show in the 80’s. Which would explain his treatment of the 2 women in Sweden, according to their statements. IT is said he cost HIllary the Presidency with the leaked emails. This is going to be a challenge to journalism big… Read more »


Not sure if you were implying that Julian Assange is a Leo but he is not a Leo.


It was a personal request for a Leo totally off tangent in my stream of consciousness. If i have confused you forgive me, i confuse myself more 🙂


Mystic gave a shout out to Leos in the post. You’re on it! Leos will always recognize attention when it is given, haha. And we need the Sag fire to keep us laughing when we feel like a big ol’ Emo lion. The lions and centaurs are def fire dancers.

Wish Upon a Star

I saw Assange on the news tonight resisting being forced into police van.

I felt sorry for him. Then he made the peace sign. Hope.

Sorry is my Venus and Mercury in Cancer showing?


Maybe your Venus or Merc cj his Sun or trine his Moon?

Wish Upon a Star

I don’t know, but I do know his cortisol levels are high. I’ve been there and it’s not nice.


Well, I am interested to see what happens next! My guess is he will be exonerated after giving over files that incriminate those who encouraged his incarceration. But I am assuming that there are good people behind the scenes with enough influence to do the right thing. Glass half full optimist that I am. All I know is between that righteous Moon in Scorpio and the Saggi Rising Pigginess, he will want to talk.


I think he has stuff on Trump. If so, that’s quite a chip. With that 12th / Scorpio Moon he wont divulge easily.


All I know for sure is that he doesn’t take “no” for an answer. For that reason alone I’d steer clear. It’s amazing how often one reads that high achievers/trail blazers/mavericks/entrepreneurs/innovators are high achievers because they refuse to take “no” for an answer. Don’t negotiate with tyrants. No means no. No one acts with impunity.

ok ko

he’s being sold as a jesus figure/cyber crucifixion..

is he a sacrifice or an actor who’s in on it – who knows?


Is it true that Assange, Manning and Snowden all have a moon in Scorpio?


Oh I would love that


Yes, it’s true!!!

Also of interest: Assange’s and Snowden’s chart rulers are both in the 12th, conjunct the ascendant. (no birth time for Manning)



Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto here. Reform from the inside my preferred modus operandi. Am watching Assange with interest. Jessica Adams has some interesting comments on her site. Governments hide behind veils of secrecy too often and as voters we have an obligation to remove these layers to make the systems more transparent.


Reform from the inside always sounds like a compromise to me.


I was born in the same year and month as Julian .. 4 days apart in fact. I consider him a legend for creating a decentralised system of uploading unredacted and unedited documents, that basically protected any whistleblower who decided they’d had a gutful of their corporation or government shafting democracy. How can you have a democracy when all the information is so carefully curated, corrupted and basically hidden? He’s pissed of a LOT of people …. not just because of the leaked intel, but because he took their POWER away and outsmarted them. I bet you Ecuador got paid… Read more »


I hope a Shorten govt will bring him home


I wished Wong was the leader.

I don’t think Shorten would ‘wear a ball’ for anyone or anything. I think he’s in the Thesaurus as a simile for Machiavelli.


Ecuador said his ‘stay’ cost 9 million, dunno if pounds or dollars.


I have my Sun int he 8th and a Scorpio moon conj Pluto. All I could think while reading this article is “oh how FUN!”

Recently applied to a job in another city after reviewing my current career + relationship arenas. It would be a GREAT opportunity that I’m super suited for. Fingers crossed.

I apologize for all the CAPS, the Sun is opposing my Mercury which is also being squared by transiting Saturn and Moon.

Glad you’re back, Mystic!


Natal Lilith/Pluto in Virgo- 11th. Bringing the house down with meticulous details- mass communication.


Totes off topic, Mystic but tell us, how do you manage to get back to work so quickly after quite a nasty reaction and be so super productive, day in day out? You barely missed a beat! Is it your Mars in Virgo? I want me some of that, whatever it is! Wonder if there is an astrological signature to people able to be successfully self-employed and keep up the energy it requires day in and out…


N Node conjunct Sun(<1°) near Mars (<3°)in Taurus opposite Neptune. Aqua rising. Assange is the sterotypical of the aqua don't give a crap what they think. Where's his 4th house cause he's been there a while. Does he get cabin fever?


I have the same n node conjunct Mars in aqua and am sun conjunct uranus. Don’t like Assange much but do live on growth, change and truth even when it’s brutal


His Scorp planets in the 12th! Yes he has ammo, for sure. Prob why Trump claims he doesn’t know ‘anything’ about WLs.
Plus that Mars opp his Leo MC, opposition from powerful men with compromised agendas.
And a Cancer Sun sq Uranus? He’s just gotta be nutzzz and driven to the hard truth, no floss for him.


Definitely no floss…or showers according to friends.
“Whiffyleaks” was the classy highbrow heading in The Sun yesterday.


Did you watch the doco – The Family? Apparently he was one of the children from there
I don’t know how much truth there is to that, but you can watch for free on this site with a participating library card.

I think sometimes we come into a life driven by an unrelenting force. Olympians have it, they pursue the goal without question. They become single focused. A nurturing sun done in unconventional ways. He probably takes great comfort from exposing facades, most Uranian people do (I know I do).


When asked recently about his core values he responded he stated that he was inspired by his father. ‘Capable generous men do not create victims they nurture victims. I’m combative, not so big on the nurture but you can nurture in other ways. By policing perpetrators of crime.’


Very interesting article. One the most interesting non-elected political players ever.


The Global politics of transparency. That whole Russian thing is total BS. He leaked just as much about the Russians as he did the Democrats. I’d say it’s Hillary with a Vengeance.


Yes, I’ve got into trouble for calling stuff. I try to be ‘mature’ but that’s for normal people.


To me Assange represents the dark side of Uranus energy – unleashing chaos and taking no responsibility for the consequences. What about the Chinese and Afghan dissidents whose lives were put at risk by his desire for absolute transparency? What about the boost he gave to the Trump campaign? Bringing down a system, even a rotten system, is not a pure, abstract act. Done with no regard for the human level it will cause huge suffering. Yes I am Sun-Saturn square Pluto and I would rather reform a system than blow it up 😉


As a Lunar Scorpio like him, but with Saturn square Pluto, I believe order and chaos must dance. It’s not comfortable but order must be based somewhat in truth and the ability to trust. Personally I dislike revolution and disorder, unless we constantly keep a check on corruption we allow it to fester and eruption is inevitable. Nobody is able to control situations perfectly, plain faced truth has to be a player? Other wise we are all collateral damage..


I love that your freudian typo was sage.
“Bring it down from the inside” is always a decent motto.


One for the sages

Paetra Tauchert

Totally. And I think there may be more to the story, it might not be as dire for him as it first appears. Wikileaks has never had to retract anything it’s released, btw. He is a truth teller in this haunted era and I hope that Jupiter in Sag protects him and helps him to come out on top.


Esp as Sagg is his 1st

Wish Upon a Star

I’m Sun sq Uranus and I understand the term Demolition all too well when it comes to bosses doing the wrong thing.

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