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Surreal art collage one eye over Moon scape

Personally, I think the Mystic Medusa Oracle is the best online oracle reading out there. But it’s about to be joined by the fantastic Oracle 2!

The Oracle is usually a Mega Mystic member-only feature but until Friday’s Full Moon, it’s open to everyone. Give it a go, if you have not yet, and share your thoughts.

I got the answer below which is annoying but correct. Pluto on the South Node did a number on me. I’ve been like a digital archeologist, painstakingly sifting through relics and snippets from ancient eras.

Mercury in Pisces – when you eavesdrop on conversations in other dimensions or that maybe never happened – has not helped.

So, what will Oracle 2 entail?  It’s going to be cooler to use than Oracle 1; more phone friendly and intuitive. You won’t choose from questions, you’ll choose from topics and then select symbols. I am in love with it already.

Originally, I wanted to replace Legacy Oracle with the new one but the outcry (aka sub-hysterical emails and social media messages) was too much.

We’re going to have two Oracles people! If you’re not a Mega Mystic member, use the Oracle as much as you like until Friday’s Full Moon.

And if are a Mega Mystic member, keep an eye out for Oracle 2 AND a vital Full Moon blast coming with the Daily Mystic for Wednesday.

Once Oracle 2 is up, I feel we’ll have the online oracle reading turf covered.



Online Oracle

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Leo-Scorp Grrrl



So excited for this!


I am excited for Oracle 2 and LOVE Oracle 1 <3

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

OMG I LOVE this Mystic~! topics and symbols! <3


Oh, I cannot *wait*. I love Oracle 1, I hit it up every morning for a few answers about the day ahead.


I have kept screenshots from the Oracle and had eerie messages come through. Love it. I consult it daily.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

omg me too. All archived by date.


Want Oracle 2.


Lol. Oracle 1 – ever the dry wit.

Wish Upon a Star

I will keep my eye open for it !

ha ha.

dark star

I think oracle one was a wise (cracking) Gemini in a past iteration.


TWO Oracles???!! Oh no, right in the middle of my heavy duty Saturn transit. (Soz, tautology, lol). I will have to shove a pillow under my doona so Saturn thinks I’m fast asleep, when in fact I’ve snuck out after lights-out to play with O2.


Tried. It says O 2 is coming soon.


O1 and O2 can it get any better? I think not. Love that image. XxXx

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