Saturn Conjunct Pluto In 2020 Starts Now

Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto – formidable, rare and potentially fantastic – is exact in January 2020. But, it’s starting now. These two power-planets are in orb already. So I have done a 40-minute rant which you can instantly download here. (It is half price for Mega Mystic members so please ensure you check your email for the coupon code sent out a few hours ago.)

It’s fairly full-on as I am passionate about anything Plutonic and well, I was born with Saturn opposite Pluto. But it’s not like I have an overwhelming awareness of power dynamics or any sort of antipathy toward status-quo authority constructs. Lol.

The Mp3 is designed for astrology beginners and astro-fiends with info that I think will be useful for anyone. It’s the big-deal astro vibe of the next ten months along with Jupiter square Neptune. And then it reverberates well into 2020. Why? Pluto lurks on the degrees in question from now until the end of 2020. So in the Saturn Pluto 2020 Mp3, I am (1) dispelling some of the New Age gloom porn that is out there and making pragmatic suggestions for maximizing this epic energy.

Also, while we are talking about things you can download, if you are a Mega Mystic member and did not get your complimentary Neptunian Nights Binaural Beats Dream Enhancing Mp3 link – it was sent last week – please email [email protected]



Image: The Crack In The Cosmic Egg

Image Below: Hypnos – The God Of Sleep – also known as Somnus.

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Sooo….. this is happening square my Sun & Neptune both at 27 Libra and trine my Taurus AC.

But honestly, I’ve been experiencing a Uranus transit across several natal planets for SO LONG – now I’m breathing a sigh of relief about having Saturn join the party and bringing a bit of fucking stability for a bit.



A ‘timely’ reminder about clocking this energy in the right way Mystic. Yes… I am officially using chronos speak these days and clocking is becoming a favourite descriptor. These guys have my Venus/Moon surrounded at the moment. It might be a hostage situation to some eyes but I think that they’re guides and protectors and one is leading the way and the other is covering the rear as we embark on a new journey.

Thank you! xx


I have questions! This is happening in my 11th house, but mu 12th house starts at 24* Capricorn. Which house should I be paying attention to? Is it possible that it will span both houses over the time it is in effect?

Thank you!!!

Ellie M

I’ll have the cap convergence around my 26 cap descendant. Im very curious about what might happen. My relationships are very up in the air and unstable at the moment, nothing bad by definition. I’d like some stability, but I hope it just doesn’t come at some sort of price?! I’ll also have my progressed full moon next Jan/feb. one thing I’d be interested in mystic, is your opinion on how this summers lunar eclipse at 25 cap might tie in with so many planets converging at that degree next year!


Interesting… I will be the exact opposite. This will happen near my 26 cap ascendant the 12th!

Saturn in Pisces

another 26 Cap asc here!


I think there’s always associated costs Ellie. The price of staying when you know you don’t want to or the price of growth and evolution (big sweeping illustration non specific to you or anyone) etc… they’re just energy exchanges actually AND just maybe prices you’re very happy to pay so not a ransom or grudge payment etc.

Stella Polaris

This is just fantastic Mystic: thank you!
I especially like your take on using the time now to prep for then by not thinking in terms of ‘what will happen’ and getting scared and anxious, but rather about using astro knowledge and awareness of your chart/ sun sign astro to recalibrate your thinking and processes so as to collaborate with the energy.
Towards the end of the Mp3 you touch upon the issue of planetary aspects to the conjunction. If time/space permits, I’d welcome some expansion on these themes.


Thank you ! There is so much dark reading of this conjunction, I also know a lot of amazing people with this conjunction natally. So great to hear a more positive and inspired reading of this conjunction rather than all the fear mongering that is out there ! Brilliant MP3 xx


Just fantastic, thank you Mystic.

“New Age gloom porn” LOLOLOLOl!!! ….. you really have a superb way with words.


Totes, MM! <3


The 1982 Pluto-Sat conjunction happened at 27 Lib. Exactly ON my Asc.
( I was 2 yrs out of uni, drifting around beaches and working at odd jobs with no idea what i was going to do with my life.)

In fact Pluto-Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Venus & Jupiter were all lined up in The Via Combusta! I can only imagine that the “New Age gloom porn” must of been super hard core, LOL. And yet here we all are, alive and kicking.

Saturn in Pisces

Any experiential tips for this conjunction close to your ASC?? I was getting so upset by all the “New Age gloom porn” (love Mystic as always!) that I’ve been forcing myself to take long breaks from astro content in general (though I’ve been thriving with both Saturn and Pluto in my 12th when I started “doing the work” a couple of years back – taking this time to reprogram my subconscious, to use its power to benefit me rather than defeat me – with rigorous daily work in that department – has produced massive tangible and internal results. Really I should be… Read more »


I wish i could give you experiential tips, but i can’t because i just floated through without even knowing it was happening. I was too busy being young – trying to keep afloat while playing and trying to find out what i wanted to do with my life. I didn’t have a clear vocation – just a nebulous wish list (Neptune Rising lol). The thing i do recall is that that’s when i started seriously looking inwards, to the esoteric, to Jung, and to the East and questioning everything i had been taught. I guess you could say that was… Read more »

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