How Can A Multiple Scorpio Understand Her Libra Man?

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A Libra Man Perplexes His Multiple Scorpio Girlfriend

Hi Mystic,

    I hope you can shine a light on my little dilemma here. I am a quintuple Scorpio – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto trying to enjoy a relationship with a Libra man. By the way, I say “trying” because he drives me crazy.   

For the past five years, I have taken the road of self-care. I’ve done therapy, astrology, meditating and yoga to better myself. I’m trying to evolve from the live-for-drama Scorpio that I used to be. But why is that that my Libra man of seven years always finds a way to let me know that my evolution efforts are in vain every time he feels threatened? Or when I call him out on something? 

Is it because something is not structured right within my beliefs? A Libra Man – Scorpio Woman clash? Or is it his Saturn in Scorpio? 
  Also, I love, love, love your style and your work and am truly grateful for your words every time I read them.

    XoXo, SuperScorpico

Seven Years Is A Long Time To Be “Trying.”

Hi SuperScorpico,

Seven years is a hell of a long time to be trying. Have you considered that you may have more of a taste for self-knowledge or personal development than this Libra man does? You’re Scorped right up, giving you an innate desire to explore your psychological depths. Evolution is your baseline comfort setting. It may not be his.

And, yes you’re right about Saturn. Seven of the 88 soulmating links involve Saturn. You find strong Saturn ties between people who were meant to meet, learn something profound from one another and move on, wiser for the experience. You being you triggers his Saturn so without knowing much about what else is going on between you, people are defensive around their Saturn areas.

With Saturn and Pluto SO strong from now until well into 2020, you could be approaching fix it or fuq it flashpoint. It’s been seven years of this schooling. Do you want to stay? Is this a stable and healthy dynamic? Because with Uranus in Taurus preparing to oppose every one of your Scorpio points between now and the middle of next decade, you’re going to be wanting more evolution, not less.

Everyone has their Hiss Squad or phalanx of trolls. It is internal, as in an inner chorus of crap or merely external; critics, rivals, frenemies. But you are ideally not sleeping with any of them.

What does everyone else think?


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Multiple Libra with a stellium of planets in Scorpio too – and I have had the most lovely Libran men. They don’t all do ultra deep, because Libra is about balance and not all of us can do that depth charge on the regular. Sounds like you’re on different trajectories, and real talk: you get the man you choose, so perhaps accept him as is or give him the heave-ho. Sounds like he doesn’t appreciate the depth you’ve got sweet soul.


Can you tell I’m triggered


Soz libra men, but run! Learned the (VERY) hard way.. see the many previous posts over the years. Currently allowing a libra male into the outer boundries, he is more haute, but this is as close as he will ever get.Thanks for the lessons learned..


Nope, it ain’t you. Unless a Libra has some strong earth in his chart, they are going to be a freakin’ drama queen and/or narcissist. My mother, two-exes, brother and BIL are Libra. My mother is emotionally abusive, the two exes (one I was with for 7 years, one for 10) were physically (the first one is *still* having problems with this area, having been put on notice by Swedish police for threatening his baby mama, the second one killed himself), and my BIL is pretty much on the cusp of physical violence and at the very least has implicitly… Read more »


Dating a corpse….. is that the ultimate expression of being a love zombie?

Besides, he’d be a bit of a deadbeat now.


LOL I think it’s a bit true that he was trying to actually BE a corpse when he was famous–albeit a very glamorous one, no?

I know there are other crushes I’ve had that I would stay away from now due to the Libra Factor: John Cougar Mellencamp is one of them….

(P.S. Deadbeat never seems to prevent me from getting involved….LOL….Goddess help me…)


OMG OMG OMG and Bruce Freakin’ Springsteen. WHY WHY WHY!??!?!?!?!!


Multi Libran in fact is da Boss. I love Bruce.
Australian Songstress Sara Blasko is born same day. I love her too.


I actually love Libran singer-songwriter types. Two days after Mellencamp is Jackson Browne and John Lennon.


Unfortunately, I have a LOT of Libra…rising, 1H moon/uran/lillith conj….But I rest my case with Lennon. Total dick. I was an Aquarius musician artist married to a tortured songwriting Libra man. IT moved much the same way….controlling, jealousy, physical violence, theft, then everyone blaming me for breaking up his band and death.



Also, btw, he HATED John, just as John would have HATED him. They were too much alike, Dumbasses.


“Not even if Marc Bolan returns from the grave.” I like you, SheRat.


I hate to say this but the minute I read ‘…why is that that my Libra man of seven years always finds a way to let me know that my evolution efforts are in vain every time he feels threatened?’ my instant thought was ‘Because he’s NOT very evolved!’ Seems to me a rather childish and unkind thing for him to say to you, and in fact pretty disrespectful, just because he’s feeling a bit of pressure. Best of luck with this. I know what I’d do, but that’s in light of what’s written on this page and I know… Read more »


I’m a 5th H Libra Sun, but w Virgo stellium, loaded 7th H & Mars in 3rd H Leo. Although my Gem moon was def flighty with matters of the heart when younger, I have evo-self devo’ed off the love seesaw. I too, have always meshed well w hi-Libra females, but have only known ONE Libra guy in my 54 years who was not a total asshat — we share the same BD (09/26). Re-thought my earlier post & recalled being stung badly by a douchebag trifecta — all born on Oct. 16 — yes, it took 3 rounds of… Read more »


Resonating with all this. Heavy cancer sign here with a Libra for almost 15 years.
I think about it like this, you’ve been stable enough in this relationship to actually do 5 years of self care.
And that can say a lot. That’s been my lesson. ☺️

dark star

I had a few similar vibing interactions with my libra sister and a libran friend/love interest ish/person. Yeah it’s hard. I make it a point to just do my thing and the results should speak for themselves. Boundaries there. Some people are better to share this kind of thing with. Also worked on reprogramming beliefs about respect and being heard


Interesting! If you are Pluto in Scorp generation and have been with him for 7 years you must have been relatively young when you got together, so maybe the relationship has simply had its day? Your reasons for getting together may be legacy reasons and not related to who you are today particularly after Saturn went over your Scorp stellium the past few years and the resulting self-dev. I’d also be keen to know your rising and where Uranus in Aries, and Jupe in Sagg sit in relation to that. Although Saturn could also prompt a review of time invested/what… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Chrysalis you articulated what I was thinking so well.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I guess it depends what is meant by
“But why is that that my Libra man of seven years always finds a way to let me know that my evolution efforts are in vain every time he feels threatened? Or when I call him out on something?”

I mean, if it’s just a simple shrug and he says something like “You love the drama, admit it” as you stab an ex-rival on the opening night of La Traviatta, he might have a point.


OH.MY.GODDESS. Lo-Libran men. I’d rather have a scorching case of herpes (almost, lol – from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). Have had the misfortune of becoming involved with several in my days & nights. Two of the most pathologically vain & self-serving were born on Oct. 16, interestingly. Anyhoo. I’m thinking your relationship status is likely to hit critical mass this year. The fact that you are here asking these questions lends itself to possible solutions, so good on you. I’m no expert but, your Scorp waters might just run way too deep for a shallow Libra – if he is.… Read more »


Hi SS,
the way this will play out? You’ll stay for a while, even though you know it’s ‘not right’. We all know Librans need to project disappointment into others, but let’s focus on you (on Scorpio): We, Scorpio, subconsciously use people to hurt us, disapprove us, deny us as a slow lane to compassion and inner empowerment. As a person who almost 100% matched your set up once upon a time, switch to the fast lane and finally back your inner convictions, the ones you already know: RUN! DON’T WALK!

Wish Upon a Star



Damn girl I thought I had a lot of Scorpio going on – I have the same stellium but moon in Cancer. I couldn’t help but have the same thoughts as Pi when I first read this – it’s hard to tell what you mean about him “letting you know” your efforts have been in vain. I might be projecting a little bit, but I know in my own journey of personal growth and self care that would have meant that I still have more work to do on myself and my reactions to things. For example, just getting out… Read more »


I also want to add that I mean no disrespect to Libras. Its just that I kinda had to get out of my own way a little bit in appreciating them. I think that’s true of any sign, but in the Scorpio-Libra dynamic, I’ve observed the above to be the specifics.


The difference in their “taste for evolution” sounds just on point. I have been in relationships where I’ve not noticed I’ve actually outgrown it, and it hurt to finally notice it at some point. But after a while, it hurt way less to not be there anymore.


It sounds as though you are performing a great deal of emotional and mental labor that he is not reciprocating.


You nailed it, Mystic. It’s Scorpio vs. Saturn. He’s not going to change, and the Scorp is – constantly. If all he has in Scorpio is his Saturn, then he’s holding you back. And anyone who dismisses your evolution is definitely threatened and, frankly, being emotionally abusive. That’s not love. That’s fear. Keep being your beautiful, evolving self, SuperScorpico. If he can’t take the heat, he’s not fit for your kitchen.


Hear here.


7 years is too long to put up with being put down. I don’t like the “yes men” cheerleading type that goes with every single thing I attempt, but I certainly need at least a semblance of enthusiasm, support and understanding, especially when it comes to dealing with the potentially dark areas of my psyche/past.


Yuck! Libra men! Dated 2 (at separate times) in the far past. Both the biggest Di%Ks I ever dealt with in life. This post doesn’t surprise me. I just can’t believe you guys lasted that long. Do yourself a favor & RUN!


I wouldn’t have thought libra and scorpio were a match regardless of planet placement

Unicorn Sparkles

I know half a dozen libra & scorp pairs. It’s always surprised me too.

Stella Polaris

One thought: Seven year itch perhaps?
Also I’ve worked with a couple of Libran males on innovative projects. They do my head in (I’m Gem Sun, Aqua Rising and Scorpio MC/Neptune conjunct ) because I’ve found them to be brilliant at puffing themselves up, seemingly at my expense because of either an explicit or implicit comparison. I’ve learned to see through this game, but after this current project is completed I think I’ll be astro screening all future work collaborators…


Libran men just do your head in. Period.


7 year itch crossed my mind too – and Uranus, the 7 year itch sign – just changed signs…


My Libra Dad TOTALLY does this. My Libra rising and south node totally goes along with it in the moment, too, until my Scorpio stellium has finished processing.


Well, is it moi or is it obvious in the name already i.e. Uber Scorp? As someone else asked, not sure what qualifies as “evolution efforts being in vain every time he feels threatened”..but is this not the usual M.O. of the less evolved, that is to make YOU question your own evolution? I mean, are you aiming for sainthood so that you may ascend each time you’re faced with Libran fuqery? I’ve dated Librans before (full disclosure: with no intention of settling down with them) and have mercy I am SURROUNDED by them right now, from sister to assistant… Read more »


Once I stopped looking for external validation those comments cracked me up. It’s like I got the joke. If you like him well enough just don’t look there for that kind of support? It’s not good or bad, he’s not good or bad, it just is.
If it really annoys you, move on but recognize that any disrespect is perceived and will come up time and again but with a different face? That that is a Scorp thang?


you don’t have to answer this here if you don’t want to (of course haha), but what do you mean when you say “finds a way to me know that my evolution efforts are in vain every time he feels threatened?” as in, when you guys are fighting he accuses you of being a controlling sociopath or something? (this is just an example obviously, i was trying to think of an air sign rebuttal to a scorpionic desire for relational depth and accountability)


I think it means he puts her efforts down

So Much Scorpio

I dated a string of Libran men who were born in the first six days of October who were left-handed. All met in very different circumstances so sourced quite randomly. I married the last one. It was a tumultuous, difficult, verbally abusive relationship. But I wanted it to work!! When I finally left, I was a different person. Or should I say, an improved and more honest version of myself. There are lessons I would never have learnt about myself and people generally if I hadn’t had that relationship. It was a vital relationship for me to have, but equally… Read more »


“It was a vital relationship for me to have, but equally important for me to leave it.” THIS. <3

Sweet Sanity

I’m dating a Libran born on 3rd October who is left handed. How strange! I’m all Aqua, so the dynamic is all different but he has a super close best friend who is Scorpio which totally confused me but now I see it’s an actual thing. Fascinating.

Wish Upon a Star

Hi Super Scorpio.

So what is it that is keeping you together for so long? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Really think about this and you may answer your own question.

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