“Anna Delvey” Is At Least A Real Neptunian


Fake Heiress Anna Delvey in dark sunglasses. Black and White portrait.

Are you interested in the Anna Delvey astrology? You should be. She’s such a substantial case study.

The fake heiress and A-list grifter, Anna Delvey aka Anna Sorokin, just got found guilty of fraud. The New York magazine had the ultimate story on her and if you have not read it, do. But to summarize; Up until her arrest, she was a designer-fashion-clad, aspiring film-producer living an instagrammy life, jetting between fabulous destinations and living much as you’d expect any creative young heiress to live.

But her only asset was her tremendous bullshitting skills, and she ripped off multiple people. It was not minor. She even tried to steal from a hedge fund. And of course, you can see it as a Nancy Jo Sales/Aaron Sorkin movie. While Anna is in Rikers jail, Netflix has optioned the New York mag article.

She’s an Aquarius, Neptunian And Has a high-level Mercury

So her birthdate is January 23, 1991. The birthday is from the district attorney’s office of Manhattan, so I am assuming it is legit. There is no birth time, but this says she’s an Aquarius, with the Moon in Aries and Mars in Gemini trine her Aquarius Sun. She also has Saturn conjunct her North Node and is about to have Saturn Return. That Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 will be smack-bang on her North Node at the time of her Saturn Return. Prison for fraud is clearly a heavy Saturn Return. But maybe the current administration in the USA will put her in charge of banking legislation or something.

However, her signature aspect is Mercury in Capricorn, conjunct Neptune, and Uranus. The Neptune-Uranus is common to late Eighties/early Nineties born people. It reflects that mini-generations coming of age with social media influencer culture, the tech titans, gig economy and fragmentation of old media. Add in Mercury, and Ms. Delvey’s got a direct hotline into the pop-cult Zeitgeist. The phantom life she created was textbook late-stage-capitalism; the brands, the lifestyle lauded by a specific dimension of media and her Gossip Girl curated aesthetic.

She used her Mercurial mojo for ill, and any money she gets out of a book-movie deal will have to go toward repaying the people she ripped off. But once she’s done her time, she’s got definite scribe potential. She could emerge as a woman of letters with incisive social commentary or drift into a surreal twilight zone of reality television and micro-fees to appear at the opening of shady bars.

Anyway, here are the definitions from my Astral DNA birth chart report. Merged, as she has Mercury with both, it’s easy to see how her fabulist spell enchanted so many before it broke.

She is Mercury Conjunction Uranus

Uranus is the “Higher Octave” of Mercury, so when Mercury and Uranus are conjunct, Mercury (think communications, thought process, speech style, ideas generation) occurs at a different frequency to that of most people. Mercury-Uranus Conjunction people are Zeitgeist-tripping, genius malcontents. They’re Outer Planet people, and they know it. They are not just ahead of their time; a lot of them don’t even acknowledge time. The Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks was a classic Mercury-Uranus conjunction person. See also the architect Kyoshi Izumi who pulled stunts like taking L.S.D. and spending the night in an insane asylum, to understand how the patients experienced it. Sean Parker, the one-time teen hacker turned billionaire internet entrepreneur, is another Mercury-Uranus character.

And Mercury Conjunction Neptune

Purveyors of phantom goods, spinners of deluxe narratives that have their origin story in another dimension, lucid dreamers and transcendental comedians. Mercury-Conjunct-Neptune people are tapped straight into Source Vibe. They can have difficulty detecting the granite of reality from their ethereal embellishments. Pet Peeves: That people look to them for redemption or validation without even asking. That Unrequited Love inspires them more than the returned variety. That they can’t turn off their “seeing Ghosts” function. The photographer Annie Leibovitz, actress/writer/director/producer Issa Rae, and writer Neil Gaiman have Mercury-Neptune Conjunctions. Rudolph Steiner was also a Mercury-Neptune person, as was Ray Bradbury: “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

Image: Anna Delvey Instagram



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VeronicaMM Member

Has anyone listened to the Podcast”Who the hell is Hamish?”
Australian “investor/hedge fund advisor” Operating out of the northern beaches/ Aspen etc. Same style of Major confidence fraudster, potentially even more money swindled from wealthy people…really cruel in his deceptions too.

Lux Interior Is My Co-PilotMM Member
Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

WOAH….and how bang on was astral DNA


Wow, the story was just hard to believe, I read the Vanity Fair piece by the photographer she ripped off.
I don’t know why, but her constant wearing of sunglasses seems very Neptunian, too (illusion / a veil?)…

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Just to add to add to the 1st comment re,: Belle Gibson.
Yes I watched Belle Gibson in an interview after her fraud came to light.

I got the feeling that there was some sort of personality disorder. Either that or she is a really good actress.

But didn’t she beam with such well being and vibrancy. There is something child-like about her. You know the age when a child first learns to lie but is not yet aware of the consequences.

This is the 1st time I’ve heard of Delphy.

PorkchopMM Member

Perhaps not aware / thinking of the consequences is the ultimate ‘living in the present’ – high on the attention, being a media darling and finally being able to afford the porcelain veneers of her dreams lol.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Interesting Pork Chop.

That interview I saw was the first time I learnt about Belle.

When the interviewer finally honed in on wrong or right I was watching Belle’s eyes, there was no guilt at all, no darting of the eyes, no body.language. If you would have given her a lie detector test she would have passed because I feel she totally believed her bullshit.

That’s my observation anyway. Either that or again she is a really good liar/actor and could be employed by the KGB to never reveal secrets even under extreme death/torture. LOL

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

I am not capable of your so called “ultimate” living in the present.

When I am super attuned and clear in mind and body andif II have bad thoughts about someone I get instant karma by stubbing a toe. And I never use the word karma loosely.

I wonder If their is something in my chart that explains that.

So it makes sense for me to totally avoid muggles. Thanks for reminding me of this.

Just too sensitive. I must nourish and protect that sensitivity.

libraquarianMM Member

It is childlike. I would love to know Gibson’s exact time because I have some suspicions but you are on point with this. I think she gets wrapped up in the process of creating to a point where she loses touch with herself and reality, into the rabbit hole that she herself has built, like a child lost in their imagination. Then it turns into a game, like children play, of “who can I bring into my illusion” and “how can I continue living in this imaginary world I have created” which is the reason many children become defiant towards… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Yes I would love to know the astrology. related to this

I don’t want to sound like an old fogey but doesn’t the digital age totally support and cater to her genre of creativity. Awesome (sarcastic tone) for her but not for the vulnerable people she betrayed.

AlouettaMM Member

I’m thinking psychopath, but one that’s shining a bright shiny mirror on the capitalist dream – just keep running while the world crumbles behind you. So interesting.

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Or sociopath.

SheRatMM Member

and clearly not the high-functioning sociopath we all love in Sherlock. LOL. Alouetta is SPOT-ON and I’m going to paraphrase both her AND the late, great Hunter S. Thomson: When the going gets psychopath, the pyschopath turn pro. I have to tell you, I have had many discussions with many friends since the Zap Zone really kicked in in Sept. 2012 about “Who fuckin’ gives a shit? We might as well set up a scam, everyone else does!!” Like, setting up a shell debt-collection company to send fake threatening “you owe us money” letters just to everyone in the business… Read more »

cynthiaMM Member

What an amazing experience of her years in her twenties. I mean is she an initiate or something to be so super extreme smart/manipulative/deceptive/powerplaying? Yes I get that it is mercury/Uranus/Neptune and Pluto in Scorpio, but this is no ordinary chick as she was in her nowhere high school years in some backwater near Cologne. My theory is being usurped by an entity. Playing the game in the slippery hall of smoke and mirrors, as one of them and duping those who needed to awake from the trance. Well we can all see it now in the clear light of… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star
Wish Upon a Star

Interesting thoughts Cynthia.

PorkchopMM Member

She has certainly lived a very big life and had more experiences than most people ever will, and her story is likely to end up in a book and on screen. Kind of impressive!

emgMM Member

Catch me if you can


What I was thinking.

Vox Magdalenea
Vox Magdalenea

Not that I agree with her actions, but these ‘elites’ she has been pillaging through fraud, are we to believe that they themselves should not be facing sentencing for their own Neptunian sacrificial rites. Her buddy that she was hanging with the architect, his daddy designed the Occulus, over the dead bodies of thousands of people. Probably need to look into this Architect family, fast scan shows 42 ties to Egypt.

SheRatMM Member

Okay, so as an anarchic Plutonian Aqua, I TOTALLY endorse this fuqing with power thing and kinda exposing the 1% for the vapid tards they are. But mang–am I the only one who thinks she is annoying? And should probably be just dropped off on an organic farm outside Detroit to help make sure the rest of us have organic wine to barter for when the revolution comes?


Very true.
She also reminds of Billy McFarland, the creator of the Fyre Festival concept where the rich were so extremely thrilled to pour their money into for the most exclusive of all experiences. Pluto in Cap is really exposing the rotten ground underneath the so called ‘authorities’.
They really are ‘vapid tards’ and one can only imagine how they made their money.

woowoocappyMM Member

Had to laugh at “Prison for fraud is clearly a heavy Saturn Return. But maybe the current administration in the USA will put her in charge of banking legislation or something.” Otherwise I’d cry

amazonalisonMM Member

You must live here in the United States as well, because I also laughed at that statement. All things considered, Trump will likely pardon her, and put her in charge of his re-election campaign.

Unicorn SparklesMM Member
Unicorn Sparkles

Maybe created a false identity to protect herself from a reality that made her feel like nobody. Could have gone Beyoncé Sasha fierce on it but chose the sham scam instead.

Amazing how many people allowed it, excused it, accepted it and for how long.


It’s not always what is said, rather, it is how it is said.

SheRatMM Member

Probably a very natural actress (as Aquas are rumoured to be) but didn’t wanna go through having to wade through the miasmic, incestuous and/or nepostistic bullshit that would have gone with her trying to get her foot in the door.


Thank you, I am obsessed and was desperate to know the astro. Both her and Elizabeth Holmes fascinate me!!

PorkchopMM Member

Loved Bad Blood! 🙂

JacquiMM Member

Probs get a master’s in something while she’s in the big house, and an Insta worthy spider web tattoo


Reading the New York article, she reminds me of Belle Gibson. Both lived these flash lives, ripped people off without a second thought, think they never did anything wrong, have never taken any responsibility for themselves. I think they both have the same kind of personality disorder but not sure which one it is.

Unicorn SparklesMM Member
Unicorn Sparkles

She’s the first person I thought of too

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