Virgo Rising And Sun In Virgo Vision

Virgo Rising

Virgo Vision is most acute in Virgo Rising and Sun in Virgo people. Sure, Moon in Virgo and other planetary placements in this sign have the V.V., but it’s an optional upgrade.

But when the Sun or Ascendant is in Virgo, it’s a built-in feature. They couldn’t turn it off if they tried.

So what is Virgo Vision? It’s a penetrating style of seeing the world, people and situations. People with V.V. will auto-scan for nuance and connections that are missed by most people. And then they cram the data into a complex details matrix that assesses it at Warp Speed. 

Within microseconds, the Virgo or Virgo Rising formulates a multi-level analysis. They’re witty, informed and lauded for their ability to wisely parse complex circumstances. They streamline convoluted thought and design processes. They save people and organizations significant time and money via their V.V.

Virgo Vision inspires pertinent observations that are useful in management, tech, science, politics, history, marketing, media, academia and, well, contemporary living.

It’s an asset but also a liability. How could something so clearly a mercurial super-power be in any way the latter? Well, they can’t turn it off. Ever.

They Can Lose The Plot And Replace It With A List Of Continuity Errors

People with V.V. don’t have the comfort of overlooking something, to ease their passage through a stressful work week. Their mind is perpetually analyzing and making pertinent connections; if they are in an environment where people don’t care about those connections, the Virgo Vision doesn’t power down and go into ‘rest mode.’ It up-regulates into even faster operation.

If the person with V.V. can’t share or be understood, they gaze inward, running over every error, wrong step, miscalculation and poorly worded comment ever.

Details and data swarm their consciousness. They either freeze or default into a Saint Virgo stance. Without an appropriate outlet, the Virgo Rising or Virgo Sun person makes themselves the project. Every glance in the mirror is a call for a fix. Each meal a breakdown of the macros. They don’t view the scenery; they map it.

These people can lose the plot and replace it with a list of continuity errors and anachronisms.  They’re well beyond that old cliche about not seeing “the forest for the trees.’  People with Virgo Vision know the topography, soil components, leaf blight, mythology associated with that style of tree and the article they read on forestry four years ago.

When properly managed and understood, Virgo Vision is of vast benefit.




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suzie k

im both virgo rising and virgo sun and goddamn if this isnt right on point

Searching Soul

Thank you your explanation of V.V. explains a lot of my behavior- I have a Virgo rising. Gradually, I’m seeing the forest despite the fact I have a lot of art work of trees. I did laugh about it when I realised a year ago what I had done.


The familiarity was “gobsmacking” Ugh!!😳 – in a “been there, done that” sort of way…. Natal Virgo SOUTH Node in Tenth H …until I grasped Pisces Sun plus North Node Stellium in 4th & eventually found some peace🙏🏻


All I know is, people freak when I haven’t seen them or checked their birth chart in months and will quote a future event based on their Astro details. Not to mention doing their numerology while I am doing a massage. (I am a massage therapist, BTW) yeah.. it happens.


My Virgo moon. I credit it with my propensity for lists, planning, budgets, organization and analysis. I have a critical eye and can notice anomalies more easily than others. My husband is fascinated with my ability to read people and situations; he calls it “emotional intelligence.” It’s quite handy when interviewing people. I know who is going to be drama and can pick up informative non verbal cues. I notice things others don’t. Sometimes it’s because my timing is fortunate; I seem to be observing just as something key is occurring. I’m also an excellent proofreader 😁


I have Sun, Mercury, and Neptune (in Scorpio) in the 6th House. And Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo. So I relate to this post almost word for word.

This helped me step outside myself and make sense of a lot of things I do. Thank you.

Jackie Kent

OMG! I have never before understood my process mapping skills. I’m constantly frustrated.. . .cause others don’t see what I see!!!


Yep, it’s an asset but can (and has ) for me led to physical and professional burnout


I can relate. Virgo ascendant, conjunct mercury and the sun both in first house. I’ve been accused of licking the walls clean in my house, would take a math class in college for an easy A grade, was voted smartest doctor by my nursing staff( the Sherlock Holmes of diagnosis and treatments) can wear items out from washing them. But I never thought I was good enough for various reasons til I reached my late 50s. Low Pisces can drive me nuts, dont even mention clutter, smells, wide swaths of modern culture and pointless activities. ps. here’s a classic example… Read more »



Sean Raines

That is not to say i would not want to talk to a virgo. Virgos, scorpios and aquarius

Sean Raines

Such a turn on in a lady is their brain but can it beat aquarius? Capricorn here.


My Virgo Sun and rising friend is coming over to help me pack for my move. That will be well-needed help. I’ve been uncharacteristically disorganized around my move, maybe because retro-ed Mercury and Neptune have been sitting on my Pisces Mars/MC? I’m very stressed. Moving is messy, and I’m moving under financial duress to another town but I’m getting my wish overall, which is to move away from San Francisco. I’ve been living in the same apartment here for nine years, so it’s a big change but one I’ve wanted for the last couple years or so. I’m hoping to… Read more »


Good to “see” you, flowerchild, and good luck with the move!


Thank you, dizzarina!


25 letters in the alphabet, long time no C.
Sounds like a sleep inducing place.


Yes, I hope so! I’m exhausted!


Thank you! I love this, combined with my Gemini Moon and Chiron in Aries my mind is analyze, analyze, analyze. “When properly managed and understood, Virgo Vision is of vast benefit”.
Good advice


What a great look inside the virgo mind process! with much contemplation, Virgo has to be one of the most mysterious signs to me, this post helped a lot (I’m a Sag just fyi). I adore them haha. I’m just like; YEs please tell me your thoughts and tell me how you wonderfully execute your tasks and the cool things you know that can make the world and our lives better hahaha. #currentlycrushingonaVirgo


My nephew is a virgo and boy does he not miss a beat. Virgos just seem like human Angels to me, of course because of the virgin archetype perhaps?

Wish Upon a Star

So I have Virgo on the descendant, so how does that play out? Fairly new to astrology? Any suggestions peeps?


You’ll love this- For many years I worked as an RN IV therapist -so I worked all over the hospital – inserted iv’s(aka a path for healing- where there was no path before!- my definition!!) so I always would scan the area immediately for each patient room I walked into there was this like 45 year old male – he had a purple armband on- I mmediately said “you’re young and why do you have this purple armband on? He said what is it? I said this means you’ve decided to be a DNR (do not resesitate) he said what!!!?-… Read more »


Yes- but no harm came from it, so mostly just miscommunication – the RN would have made a note to the physician and I’m certain the patient cleared it up with the doc!! I was leaving out details in an attempt not to make my post too lengthy! The important feature I should point out in regard to your VV analysis is that the patient had been there for several days- which means many staff members were in and out of this patients room- but when I came in I automatically do a quick survey- just like you described- not… Read more »


Doctors are lucky, they bury their mistakes.
Architects can’t.

Wish Upon a Star

That makes my blood boil. That nurse needs to be in prison.


Virgo AC conjunct pluto with Sun/merc/uranus stellium in 1st house (but Libra) This is what I do for work but also how I operate at all times on everything. Constant monitor, evalaute, fix – every micro decision. The good thing is that my libra ‘weighing the scales’ is parsed at pretty much lightning speed so no one knows I’m actually indecisive. The bad thing – dating and relationships are assessed and analysed rather than ever just felt. Have recently stopped dating a flakey as **** Scorpio and started dating a Virgo sun. He can’t understand why I call three times… Read more »


I have Virgo rising and I just thought everybody overthought everything. I think of virgos as nurturing compassionate people… my thesis advisor was a Virgo and I loved her ❤️


Virgo Rising, Saturn and north node. I am incredibly curious, and i am very happy to have found astrology actually. I am not trained in math, and i love skanning and reading to find answers, but first i need the questions, and those nice circular charts can keep me happy for hours. So i am mapping my reactions to the astral territory. Strong feelings, thoughts that seem foreign to me, an interresting string of events, all have the added pleasure of astro analysis. I have usually turned inward before, often obsessed, and had a life long project of growing and… Read more »


Thank you for articulating how precisely I operate- with a Libra rising thrown in. Oy! My current career revelation is that I must extricate myself from traditional workplaces and set these V.V. skills to work as independent consultant.


My manager at work is a Virgo Sun and he fits the bill to a T! He will question everything, asking questions no one else even thought of. He is very detailed in that regard, more than most. He also never drinks and is a police officer part time. Very straight arrow but I actually like his preciseness.


Oh and please: which movie is this screencap/quote taken from?


Is this not the great great Richard Gere as American Gigolo?

Wish Upon a Star

Hi Virgos. If you feel like a laugh watch Sheena McQueen on Q & A. (Australian show).

Just thank God you are not like her.

On the flipside Roxanne Gay is grounded and intelligent. The contrast is mind boggling. You have to laugh.


Oh god please put my profile pic on top of this post. Virgo rising with Pluto in the first house. So the “will auto-scan for nuance and connections that are missed by most people” is defo augmented by Pluto, in a way that sometimes become uncomfortable. I wish I could switch it off because I know/get things way before the manifest and I know I would be living a much more positive and light life. Yes I do not have the comfort of overlooking. “If the person with V.V. can’t share or be understood, they gaze inward” yes this is… Read more »


Brilliantly written, Mystic. It strikes me that the VV autoscan is a natural affinity with patterning – an instinct for correct and healthy pattern that will produce the healthiest fruit. I think of Virgo’s connection to Demeter, the harvest, serving the great goddess, fertility and the land; and of the magical aspect of the pentacles/Earth suit. This connection to well manifested flow (aka pattern) definitely can backfire into relentless problem solving and, let’s be honest, low level panic / doom thinking when it looks like they can’t save the day or turn an apparently sinking ship around. There are some… Read more »

infrared ted

you always write negative things about virgos. Even the positives are negatives. or is that me ‘parsing’. Virgos rock. if you want something done well ask a Virgo. They turn up on time. They leave the place tidy and turn the lights off. They are great conversationalists, well turned out and exceptionally loyal and they prove it by doing things for you above and beyond.


And if they are born 28 / 29 / 30 they are out of this world cute


This is too FREAKY.
I got a friend request from a woman born Aug 30 just 3 minutes after what I wrote..



I’m 0 Virgo rising and thought it was both brilliant and positive.


I am Virgo rising and I think this post rocks. It says amazing things but it’s also very understanding about how tough it is to not have the chance to turn off the VV or how, if you can’t find an appropriate outlet (which I read as an invitation to find one but also a wish) you turn it inside and you get obsessed. Which is not like saying “virgo are obsessive”. I am Virgo rising and I found this article illuminating and very much understanding. Actually it gave me an explanation (the “not having an appropriate outlet” +”being in… Read more »


WTF?! I’ve always found MM’s description of Virgos to be annoyingly positive and she’s always praising their virtues. It’s lucky you’re not a Leo then.


Yes to all of the above. the key is to see the big picture before the details.


Not 100% sure but Gemini Gunslinger Boyfriend May be a Virgo rising. The Gemini sun augments it. Any tips for “proper” management?


Ask for their advice, and if you feel they know you well enough, take the advice:)

Nike Vk

Any thoughts on progressed sun in virgo for a very leo person (0 leo)?


Luv these comments… so funny and of course all relatable. Like a hidden family.

I lived on a ‘Sacred Site’ for a number of years… just me and the animals. It was such a nurturing and magickal experience for Virgo. Really chills and refocus’s our active mind. And your visionay skills pick up/see/hear/feel so much magick. It’s like living in the Dreamtime.

I had a vision of Virgo when I was there… that Virgo was the Spirit of the Earth.

Lovely Virgo…


Oh god!! Exhausting. Like a deep dive under my skin.

Compassion please, for us all. Turn up the Pisces? Darling Virgo needs that flow and ease.

Thank You


loves it <3

Year of the Phoenix

Virgo / Virgo rising here (with Moon in Scorpio for added nuance deciphering)

Yes it’ can hard to live in a world of people who seem to be blindly stumbling around but it’s MUCH harder to work with them

My Moon conj Neptune brings a magical realism to my private life (square Venus in Leo in the 12th …..cue drama)


It’s best to work with people who have their Asc, Sun, Moon, Merc, Venus or Mars in an Earth sign. If you have, as you do, Virgo energy.
My mechanic friend is a Sun, Moon and Mars Virgo. And l get this fellow to help me on 2 person jobs who is a Cancer Sun and Mars Cap; he is a great help.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I could not relate more.


On account of their built in pisces descendant, I think I am better with virgo risings than Virgo suns. We connect over finessing words, fashion ideas, and the epicurean parts of life. Bitchy repartee is a delight too, but only if they have some solid Scorpio or Gemini emphasis !

Love Merkuri

So true, I see this in two of my Virgo friends. As for me I have Virgo in Mars, Jupiter & Saturn gifts me with acute sense of smell, attention to detail others miss and when I have to organise something, I will damn well organise all right…boarderline OCD.


I’m a Virgo sun and rising- this is so accurate!! An old coworker of mine once said to me , “Kim- you think too much”, of course I immediately thought … maybe you just don’t think enough!!


With you Kim!
Quad Virgo here…

Someone asked me once how I could do so much?

Yep I asked them how they could do so little?

Think too much?
Certainly but it’s our nature!

Wish Upon a Star

Great comeback

Reminds me when an airhead friend said that to me. I didn’t reply I just stared at her incredulously.


Having a Virgo Moon and switching on V.V. is so weird. On a surface level, I’m a jovial Sag Sun two steps behind an aloof Aqua rising, so I don’t seem to know or care what’s going on. But oh my God, I have lists, maps and flowcharts in my head. I have mapped out what everyone’s outfit means, the way they talk, the way they act around other people, what kind of car they drive, the list goes on. Even the most chill, egalitarian group of friends has a hierarchy mapped out in my mind. Works the same with… Read more »


“But in truth it’s just an effort at self- preservation. Virgos despise failure”. So true. I’m Aries Sun and Rising but have a Virgo Moon and can completely relate. Wish it was an optional upgrade for me but I came in hardwired with Virgo Vision.


My best friend is a V moon (aries sun and gem rising). This is her (or rather, an aspect of her) to a T. i adore her planning ability and I don’t usually have an issue with her ‘taking control’, because very often, she can do it best. However, when an issue does arise in relation to this, a direct approach along the lines of ‘Darlin, WTF’ jolts her out of strategic mode and into real life.


I own a Virgo and all of this is true. Understanding these features assists smooth operations.

Unicorn Sparkles

I had to have therapy for the continuity errors.

And the number of times people have looked at me bewildered when I list my observations. And I’m there, “ what? Didn’t you see that?”


Ha yes, relate a lot to this. Glad my other half is a good sounding board and actually loves my insights


This is me, mostly when it comes to words and communication – Mercury in Virgo in the first house…….


Editor in chief


I have moon, saturn and NN in Virgo and I often feel like the the Terminator (Arnie version) with the constant scanning. He had to be dropped in molten metal until his final little red laser point went out and I feel much the same. I even dream in HD Virgo #relentless.


Omg this is such a great description


Especially in dreams – there is no ordinary reality to distract


This I tried to argue against. But the fact is this is me. Having Virgoan Mars 0°, Pluto 2°, Vesta 5° & Venus 8° is a very strong Stellium, esp as three of them are the most Scorp bodies in the sky. And having natal Mercury SRx, cj Uran and square SD Jupiter adds to the fussiness. And boy was Neptune a pain opposite that lot. I still deal with that fallout. I can plead guilty in being way to ANALytic over a number of subjects. “If the person with V.V. can’t share or be understood, they gaze inward, running… Read more »


Cancer ☉ and moon. Virgo rising. I’ve been in health for a long time, mostly in mediation, bereavement and maternity. Now I’m looking into better laise for vulnerable people and how better to coordinate care. It’s a lot of questions and analysis but with feelings and person-centred. Add to this an experimental cherry pick of data based on intuition as well…. there is no rest. NONE unless forced; St Virgo is resting in bed today because health has tanked 8 weeks in. First client died last week. I’m also having apocalypse dreams. Virgo doesn’t know when it’s stressed until it… Read more »


Apocalyptic dreams. Ok so why are we feeling this just now? Pluto SN ? Because I’m feeling very on edge and just waiting for boom !


Yes emg, I’m thinking it’s the SN on Pluto. It’s a major clear-out. (Chthonic as MM would say..)

Squared Virgo

Yes! so on point, thanks Mystic for explaining the Virgo Vision. You’re genius. Will forward this to my family and friends, as they sometimes (often) look at me: “What are you talking about – considering the macro AND the micro? at the same time? ALL the time?” lol.

Rainbow Brite

This is ridiculously on point! I am a Virgo Sun, Libra rising, and Gemini moon (for a double dose of the Mercurial curse!) Couple with that lot, also being an artist AND having ADHD.
My ability to hyper-focus is beyond a super power — it’s High Priestess indigo Ju Ju other-worldly abilities stuff… BUT can be completely crippling in almost every facet of life. It seems to be especially debilitating within the realms of ‘real life’ romance.
It just seems sooooo much simpler, spending four years therapeutically (and obsessively) dotting ink on a page, all in the name of Art!


Yes! fellow virgo obsessive artist here, and so much better for ones loved ones when all that vv and energy is being channelled into that! Are you doing a P.H.D by any chance?

Rainbow Brite

No, but I would love to!
I am an art teacher for a day job & often talk to my students about how ADHD is excellent for helping me see super big picture, but also break each task down into manageable steps. (I’m not sure my principal or the parents would be that ‘into’ me schooling kids about their astro signs 😀 ha ha!) Vv is a fabulous super power in education…so…much…relentless…admin…


Do it.
I lined up a girl’s hs soccer team according to their signs. I filled in for their nirmal coach and knew nothing of their team makeup. So I asked their birthdays of the ones I didn’t know.

2 Gem wingers, 2 Fire signs as strikers. 4 Earth midfielders. 2 Scorps as backs and Cancer keeper. They won 3-0, their first win 3 years.




I like your elements strategy. Pity astrology didn’t work for Raymond Domenech, French national soccer team coach. He had a real problem with Scorps – didn’t trust them – didn’t play them even if they were key players. He also didn’t trust Leos to do the team thing coz he felt they’d be looking more for personal glory.
Obviously he didn’t get very far with his team – they ended up rebelling & he ended up being the most loathed man in France.


I think that people should look for commonality and the good, not division.


I’ve done research into tennis, cricket and Aussie Rules. It’s as freakazoidal as musicians and film types.


That’s actually my fave anecdote from you. Combo of sport, girl power, alterna-coaching, a change of fortune, and outright victory


The girls thought it was a hoot to have a teacher who was passionate. They said most male teachers were very timid saying enjoy the game and don’t get hurt which really was similar to what most female teachers were saying to them. Its really the constipated system which teachers work in that causes them to be risk averse. One girl asked what happens if I break a leg. I said I’ll call an ambulance. This was after I referenced Sun Tzu and Tobruk.

Rainbow Brite

Ha! Amazing! I am so an Arts nerd & sports in definitely not a strong point! But I actively include ‘risk taking’ opportunities & ‘developing confidence’ behaviour, in all I teach! It’s kinda along the lines of…well…at the rate technology is changing these days, the future these kids will exist & work in is likely to be completely unfathomable to us…”So you’d better get good at creative problem solving & learn how to think outside the box champs!” (also…I love encouraging kids to incorporate their astro identities into their work if they are already interested!) Thanks for the enlightening &… Read more »


My neptunian omnipresence is totally different to my Aqua mans moon pluto Uranus Virgo mash up. He’s got this on top of a touch of spectrum. He reads situation in an instance and sees stuff I’d rather float past. And you can’t watch anything in peace without his continuity assessments. Spoton

Wish Upon a Star



Bam! My superpower and at times my curse. What a great description Mystic!


Saturn and south node in last degrees of Virgo here. Quote – “Not a hair of his head shall be lost.” I find them all (mine), usually on the carpet having resisted the vacuum cleaner and then I sacredly cast them to the four winds. I am being literal here. It is a pastime of mine especially when moon passes through Virgo and I’ve done all the laundry and wiping of household surfaces. If I absolutely run out of hairs then it’s weeds in the garden. It’s only a problem if I see it as one. If I see it… Read more »

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