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Soulmate Synastry
Soulmate Synastry


Soulmate synastry (that is, the links or aspects between two people’s birth charts) has fascinated me from the moment I heard about it. Who doesn’t love the idea of soul-sourced affinity? Of a magical connection that reverberates at levels beneath the visible hormonal-societal matrix? And who has not experienced the weirdness of a rapport that feels familiar to every psychic synapse?

But I’ve never done a Soulmating consult before, for three reasons:

(1) I did not want to enable Love Zombie benders. I’ve done my time in the treacherous mists of Love Zombie Lagoon, avidly searching for info on asteroids Lancelot and Guenivere. Or, god help me, the progressed Part Of Fortune. You can get more hooked on all the fervent yearning and ‘research’ than the actual person.

Still, I tested this out on multiple scenarios, and it is spooky-amazing. For example, I realized that my longest standing friend and I have super-strength Pluto interactivity, which fits our vibe. And my daughter and I have Lilith-Magdalene synergy, which also resonates. I ran it on love interests and partners whose astrological interaction with me I thought I knew off by heart; still, I found new factors.

High-vibe soul links can make for intense chemistry that would blow every circuit of ‘everyday life.’

(2) They’re super time-consuming and I didn’t have the astro-software to do it properly, or which would compare the 88 links that I think are relevant. Now I do! Soulmating scans the two birth charts for all of them and matches the soul links with my interpretations.

(3) Many people don’t realize that strong soulmate synastry does not necessarily indicate compatibility or in some cases, even a functional relationship. People with no or few soul links can be perfectly happy together. High-vibe soul links can make for intense chemistry or connection that would blow every circuit of ‘everyday life.’

So I tried to make my interpretations in Soulmating true to both the magic of the links looked at and yet also alert to the real-life limitations.


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I ordered one. And spooky accurate, PS. Loads of links between me and the Pisces/Scorpio/Pisces fellow who has 12th and 8th house heavy in his chart. His Pluto pings my Mars, my Venus pings his Pluto. Persephone in there too, an apt analogy for our ways of relating. As circumstances currently stand, we cannot be together. Perhaps could be one day, the affinity is so strong. Funny, I ordered the chart to process and grieve because I really had thought things were over, I was trying to reconcile still feeling his heartwaves/brainwaves/the nocturnal downloads of his life. Then boom, this… Read more »


I loved mine! I always felt crazy admitting it but the moment I first met my current partner was borderline freaky. We connected through a dating app and agreed to meet at a casual bar near my flat so I could decide whether he was a murderer-rapist or safe to take back home. The moment he walked in the door I recognized him even though his dating profile pictures were “action shots” of him fixing a gate or jumping off a roof, where his features were not easily discerned. He had a completely different hairstyle, too, as a recent change… Read more »




Ah yes, I’ll get this for me and my significant other! Seems a good way to re-romanticise a long-term relationship. 🙂
Also, love this movie (all three movies). Look at cheeky Ethan Hawk aw.


Reformed love zombie here. I would have LOVED this a few years ago. I will definitely order this when I am actually dating someone though – super exciting!


Me too. As a recovered but still wobbly multi-Pisces 7th house LZ I need to step away from this one for the time being. The consult I got at the time of my last love was eerily accurate, heartbreakingly so as it turned out. I sincerely hope there’s another ‘soul connection’ to come in my post-Chiron return life. Perhaps this one will be amphibious enough to also survive in the world of paying bills and going to Ikea. The soulmate consult sounds awesome, with so many layers – here’s to getting one when there’s a real Mr Right in the… Read more »


Glad I did it even w are not together it help see the meaning of the reunion and accept he separation


Oh, how I love this movie, and this scene!

I’m looking forward to getting Soulmating done, when my cash is not tied up in vet bills. :-/




I have ordered one and it was so fascinating that I want to order two more. Has anyone tried this report for family ties? I have two children. Also , my mother, omg , would love to read that one.


I really want to order one. Or two. Or three! Ahhhhhhh! Restraining my hyper delusional LZ episode is intense at the minute.


I’m tempted to order one for a past relationship but also feel like ew don’t want to walk through that boggy marsh…


Carla Gugino and me have wonderful synastry.
I just can’t understand why she hasn’t returned any of my 893 emails, 1,490 phone calls and 137 letters. I’ve also lost two pigeons.


Yeh, a week seems like forevaah when it’s Merc Retro, mate 😉


Merc Rx has nuthn, but absolutely nuthn, on Pluto and Saturn in ya 7th. Like trying to keep a Blue Whale in a bathtub. (No progress and ultra frustration.) All I do is nuke LZ episodes. My 7th Moon has atrophied.

The only synastry reading I’d get is my Natal v Progressed but l may as well take a running jump at a rolling donut.


I have 8 links with my luff of 15 months / 20 years. Some of the lines were actually literally accurate : ‘ louisa & xx know of each other for decades, forming a proper bond only when both are mature & able to be more measured with their attention…” We have Juno, vertex, Chiron, ascendant & Venus links. Annoyingly, there’s also a Iranian conjunction, so I can never relax. But I did love the words “High vibes” as this is how we are together: super high vibe & only wanting best for each other & the world. It’s exhausting… Read more »


Synastry is infinitely fascinating. I love how a random self-reflection about you interact in a particular way with a significant other human can be decoded. Perspective & understanding gleaned big time.


“True to both the magic of the links looked at and yet also alert to the real-life limitations.” Sounds JUST right! Very cool.


I see people with visibly conflicting charts (not 100% conflicting) managing to go on with their lives. I can only say I hope to try your synastry report at some point of my life; don’t have any prospects so far. But I agree with the LZ risk of over searching the stars while forgetting to actually look the person in the eye and see how it feels to be around him/her regardless of where the planets are set. After all this works also for personal forecast or birth chart reading: it’s not set in stone and you can decide how… Read more »

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